The Loud House Funniest Moments w/ PUGS! 🐾 | #FunniestFridayEver

[music playing] ♪ In the Pug House
In the Pug House ♪ ♪ Good boys, good girls
Living in a doggy world ♪ ♪ Pug ♪ ♪ House ♪ ♪ Pug, Pug House ♪ Poo-poo. [laughing] Now who wants to have fun? [cheering] ♪ In the Pug House ♪ This is Captain Loud to ground control. I can see Uranus from here. And boy, is it gassy. ♪ In the Pug House ♪ Hey, guys.
I’m a backup dancer! ♪ In the Pug House ♪ How can you eat that broccoli when you know how much it suffered
to get here? – Uh Lucy, broccoli doesn’t feel pain.
– Oh, no? Listen to the broccoli screaming,
Lincoln. Listen to it. [screaming] ♪ In the Pug House ♪ I recently implanted a tracking chip
in both our parental units. A tracking chip? You didn’t put those in us, did you? No… ♪ In the Pug House ♪ ♪ Time for me to go solo ♪ ♪ You know what they say ♪ ♪ Yolo♪ Uh! Come on, Luna.
What are you thinking? This is for Mick.
You just used the word ‘Yolo’! ♪ In the Pug House ♪ Lori, tell Lisa she can’t harvest
my kidney. Tell Lincoln he only requires one! ♪ In the Pug House ♪ [groaning] [yelling] ♪ In the Pug House ♪ You listen to me, bub. No one makes my daddy wash dishes! He’s done with your stinky job
and your stinky restaurant! And another thing! ♪ In the Pug House ♪ Something about yoga farts. OK, that was the floor boards. ♪ In the Pug House ♪ Hey Lynn. Do you wanna read
the latest Ace Savvy comic with me? A: comics are boring. B: put on some pants. And “C” ya later. ♪ In the Pug House ♪ [sighing] Oh, thank goodness. I got in here to show Lily
my fashion magazine, but now I can’t get out of
this baby prison! [crying] – Upsy-daisy.
– There you go, Leni. A-goo. ♪ In the Pug House ♪ Ah-ha! Poo-poo. Hold it!
Are you nuts? Come on, Lincoln. No one in this family ever willingly
lets me do experiments on them. Lisa, she’s a baby! I was going to give her
a sucker afterward. ♪ In the Pug House ♪ Clearly we’ve got a rat. Ew, where? ♪ In the Pug House ♪ Who wants pizza bites? Abort.
Abort. System shutting… down. ♪ In the Pug House ♪ Yeah, I’d say we really got her gloat. We put her on a gloat-en free diet. Unless she’s a gloat-en for punishment. ♪ In the Pug House ♪ Lana, you can’t scratch your butt! What?
It helps me think! ♪ In the Pug House ♪ ♪ Backup, backup ♪ No, no, no, Lenny.
You don’t actually sing the word ‘backup’. You sing what’s on the page. Oh, got it. ♪ What’s on the page ♪ ♪ What’s on the page ♪ ♪ What’s on the page ♪ ♪ In the Pug House ♪ Lisa!
Move your big butt! Move your own oversized posterior! ♪ In the Pug House ♪ Forget that pitiful plunger, Dad. This is a class five clog. You’re gonna need Big Bertha. ♪ In the Pug House ♪ I know who the rat is. And her name rhymes with granola. Lisa? No, it’s Lola. ♪ In the Pug House ♪ I also need a stool sample. For your security system? Uh… sure. ♪ In the Pug House ♪ It’s time to put
Operation Distract My Sisters So That I Can Get to the TV First
and Watch the Special Live Season Finale of Ogg and Think of a
Shorter Name for This Operation into action. ♪ In the Pug House ♪ Black and white are my favorite colors. ♪ In the Pug House ♪ Hey Lisa, I saved you a trip downstairs
and got that stuff you needed. The lactose, criticum protein,
sodium chloride, crystals sucrose, and gallus gallus ovum? Uh, you mean milk, flour, salt,
sugar and eggs? You say ‘tomato’,
I say ‘solanum lycopersicum’. ♪ In the Pug House ♪ ♪ Pug ♪ ♪ House ♪ ♪ Pug, Pug House ♪ Poo-poo. [laughing]

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