The Loud House | ‘The Pug House’ Karaoke Theme Song Parody | Nick

[CHEERING] – Lori!
– Hi, Bobby. – Leni!
– Get it off! Get it off!
– Luna! Woo! Luan! Lynn! – Hee-yoo!
– Lucy! Aah! Lana! Eeh! Lola! Lisa!
– Hahahaha! Lily! Li-Li-Li-Li-Li-Li-Li-Li-Lincoln! Woo-hoo! [THEME MUSIC] THEME SONG: Running
through the crowded halls. Playing fetch with tennis balls. Gotta stay awake till lunchtime. Leaping into laundry piles. Breath that you can
smell for miles. A pug’s gotta do what
he can to survive. In the Pug House,
in the Pug House! Bark, play, growl, and sleep,
and then we eat some treats. In the Pug House,
in the Pug House! Good boys, good girls
livin’ in a doggy world. Pug! House! Pug! Pug House!

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100 Responses

  1. Maria Almanza says:

    So funny but little boring

  2. Random Stuff Guy says:


  3. Patrick Gaming says:


  4. Patrick Gaming says:


  5. Patrick Gaming says:


  6. Patrick Gaming says:


  7. Tigerchu Plusle says:

    Laun x Lynn

  8. hatsune miku says:

    Omg jaajajajajaja it is very cute???

  9. The Derpy Pug says:


  10. •Marinx•Green• says:


  11. Alolan Maniacs says:

    Pure beauty (also you guys should make an episode about pugs)

  12. Peter McPherson says:

    no dog bex

  13. Diana Espinosa says:


  14. Santiago Ortíz says:


  15. spooka770 says:

    Make this a show on Nickelodeon immediately!

  16. Настя Верхоланцева says:


  17. Official Rainder Kaira says:

    Dog Biscuits

  18. NekoGamerWolf says:


  19. Five nights at Summerfest baggar says:

    I love puppies

  20. KoolAid Man says:

    I would watch this if this was real

  21. Minegamer says:

    Why am I just now discovering this……?

  22. Jared The Soviet Tank Commander says:

    I feel so bad for the pugs.

  23. oswald el conejo afortunado says:


  24. Constantine McDonald-Cardona says:


  25. BlitzElectric says:


  26. Thunder Dome says:

    they all have l in there name i just now saw it! prob for loud

  27. oKyod says:

    I am Frankie

  28. Jimmy Timmy Bio says:

    It is like pug a lodone !!??????✌?️✌?

  29. Amanda VArgas says:


  30. Anna Chhay says:

    Poo poo

  31. Renata Erika says:


  32. Jose Alfredo Garcia Marquez says:

    Lincoln Lincpug

  33. Jack Vlogz says:

    I’m questioning this so much. Those dogs didn’t want to do this. #BANTLH

  34. Mihnea Nicolae says:

    Lory, Leny,Luna,Luan,Lynn,Lincoln,Lucy,Lola, Lana,Lisa,Lily

  35. Marcus Tamari says:


  36. Pavle Nasoku says:

    so ima

  37. Bean / Heidi Lavender Animals says:


  38. Oscar C. says:


  39. Unitedpotato plays says:


  40. Unitedpotato plays says:

    Make a dog one

  41. -_sTaR_- -_Bs_- says:

    this is cute lol

  42. WendyWend Wend says:

    Put it on 0.25x it sounds so hallarious

  43. Jez Harrison says:

    spong bob

  44. Samara Karachaeva says:

    Play market это

  45. Ilka Jensen says:

    Awww lola as dog so cute voice

  46. S alle says:

    I wish the Pug house was a real show

  47. Leonardo delos Reyes says:

    my dog is a pug hahah

  48. Carol Cortez ramirez says:

    wow 1 voy 10 bros

  49. Hunter Swor says:

    Pug pug pug pug pug pug pug pug pug?

  50. Carla Flores says:

    Liusi love

  51. Lorelai Grace says:

    Aww the Lola one was sooo cute

  52. Kristine Balida says:

    0:44 Hahhaha

  53. Leonardo Nava says:

    This pug house t

  54. Marcus Murray says:


  55. theodd4sout says:

    Why does lana love dog biscuits because she is a dog ???????? funny

  56. WA12 Games says:


  57. Tomer Magen says:

    זה ממש קולי קולי קולי , מאוד .

  58. Kimberly Mosqueda says:

    Yotengo un pug

  59. AnubisWolf says:

    The pugs are like get me OUT OF HERE

  60. Jaderbug 800000 Yaa says:

    I love that show!!!???

  61. Alejandra Martinez Chontal says:


  62. Alicia Valle says:


  63. sailor Queen says:

    Jajaja ??

  64. Солбон Коногоров says:


  65. Vishakha Katukurunda says:

    It's cute
    I love Nickelodeon

  66. poopa doopa says:

    This is so cute ?

  67. Sandra Araceli Serna Ramírez says:

    Que mono?

  68. Luis Luna says:

    Que hermoso son ?

  69. ლSPINELლ says:

    This is the most CUTEST thing I never seen thank you Youtube for recommending this ??

  70. luciano 777 says:


  71. Janet. Abigail Busatamante zuñiga says:

    Que. Adorables. Pugs?

  72. retrogames 117 says:

    I love you pugs???

  73. Reylli Velasquez says:

    SPOT THE SPIDER ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  74. Efrain Casiva says:

    My pet is pug

  75. andreina espitia says:

    Dog laud

  76. King Simba :3 says:


  77. STARION KAWAII :3 says:

    Que kawai ?

  78. Armando Pérez Galán says:

    Quiero que saques más de the pug

  79. Melay Pangeeet says:

    Who wants to pet all of them ;-;

  80. Rey Arce says:

    me encantan los pugs

  81. Joseph Lowry says:

    Aw they're cute as Pugs ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️???????????.

  82. Oliver y sus Aventuras show says:

    Hahahahhaha , is very craisy :'v

  83. Jean pool the video maker says:

    the intro is localization

  84. Julian Davies says:

    This made my day thanks

  85. Клевер Удачи says:

    0:33 когда дастал шоколадку и нечаенно хрустнул

  86. KhornCoriolis Chin says:

    smjdgc6fffg fedA

  87. vijjeswarapuss ratnakumar says:

    Pug house or loud house get it hahaha

  88. vijjeswarapuss ratnakumar says:


  89. Oliver Cardoso says:

    I’m speechless

  90. Don Turner says:

    Bark play fall asleep and then we eat some treats makes no sense man no sense

  91. Ayr Ornellas Baptista says:


  92. Thor Odinson says:


  93. Jessa Mariano says:

    Hahahaha it was so funny and creative ????

  94. Porfirio Diaz says:

    Goodall job

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