The Making of ‘Off to the Vet – and Other Cat-astrophes’ Book OUT NOW

I’m Simon, and I am just putting finishing touches to my new book ‘Simon’s Cat Off to the Vet and other Cat-astrophes’ I’ve always wanted to do a vet book, Because at some point we all have to take our cats to the vet, and there is such rich picking there for comedy, even though it’s such a stressful time for the cat and the owner. One of the challenges for me is to actually pluck out some of those comedy moments that we can all relate to, being cat owners. The main chunk of the book is the cat being taken to the vet and all the trouble he get’s up to, when he gets out and meets all the other inmates at the vets, but there is also a large chunk of the book to do with the garden, new creatures and a new neighbour that he meets and other adventures. Well, I’ve created lots more characters in this book, that are all brand new and people have never seen before. I had great fun developing the angry neighbour character, who is a very keen gardener and obviously doesn’t take to the cat going through his garden and I think there is loads in here that a lot of Simon’s Cat fans will love. which allows me to put loads more character into those drawings and the backgrounds and get those extra details, and of course, some of the animals are crying out to be coloured. You got the colourful Cockatoo with his yellow plume and the little cute hamster with his sort of white belly and his little white face and the rabbits, so it’s nice to get a bit of colour included in the book. Well, I also like to get loads of variety in my books, so I do this by having some really simple images, which are basically comic strip forms, which tell a little tiny story, then there is others, which are full of detail, so again they have their own charm and hidden things to find so it makes the book more interesting, I think, to have these different types of kind of pages and things to enjoy. We had a great time creating this book, and I think there is loads in here that a lot of Simon’s Cat fans will love. But you don’t have to be a Simon’s Cat fan. There is loads of slapstick gags in here that anyone can enjoy.

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99 Responses

  1. The Dino says:

    the book will be released in italy?

  2. Reita Sutcliff says:

    Simon's cat look like my cat 🙂 A big white ball, who make me sometimes mad, but he is too cute to tell off him <3

  3. Tanya Arya says:


    You skipped down here to see what the point of this is.
    You didn't realize that I spelled one of them like "panguin"
    You're looking for "panguin"
    You're confused because you didn't find it.

    Get rekt

  4. Candyfloss says:

    Does Simon's cat have a name?

  5. Rodrigo Sepúlveda says:

    I want that book…now !!!!

  6. Rosy lopez herrera says:


  7. BellalovesMarla1 says:

    Perfect Christmas gift for my mom :))

  8. TheKrokomaster says:

    this is really nice and cute :3 hope it does well

  9. Vielka Andrea Vizcarra Meza says:

    I live in Cusco and i don`t know how to buy your books!, i love your work! I am a cat lover <3 ! and I feel totally identified with everything you narrate..! That remenbered me funny moments with my cat..!

  10. Madame Lucy says:

    Will the book come to germany too? I would buy it then 🙂

  11. Cynthia Jaramillo says:

    en mi opinión me gusta mas como se ve sin colorear ^-^

  12. Cynthia Jaramillo says:

    ya quiero ver el libro!!!!!!!

  13. Cynthia Jaramillo says:

    creo que sólo es la costumbre
    pero haz el libro como quieras es tuyo
    y es devoción tuya de como lo hagas

  14. Cynthia Jaramillo says:

    me encantan tus vídeos!! x3

  15. Michael Taylor says:

    Genius. But I have to say I prefer the lack of colour. Keep it simple, Simon!

  16. Marloweninja says:

    I'm having one!

  17. armpitfuzz says:

    I love Simon's cat, but i have to be honest….(vet scene, If hamsters WERE that big our cat would NEVER have ever gotten through two in one sitting !!)

  18. Carmen Navas says:

    I love your videos!!! I named my cat Simon because I thought at first that the name of the cat was Simon lol… Do you have any store on the US… I really want to buy the 2016 calendar and the diary and a lot of things hehe … but the $20 on shipping discourages me… PLEASE LET ME KNOW… Thanks

  19. Arielle Abraham says:

    do a how to draw for the fox and the bird and the gnome plz!

  20. xXSilentAgent47Xx says:

    How they never made animated Simon Cat with colors?

  21. Emily says:

    Ist this coming in a Video too?

  22. Dora Baldassare Sailor Black Butler Moon fan says:

    I just love all of your videos so much that I can't get enough of them and I love laughing to all of your videos. I have one of your book sitting on my book shelve in my room.

  23. Gaming Kanal von Ju-lia-ZoSa alias Lusi Ludo says:

    Nice! <3

  24. jaouen verley says:

    J'aime vraiment simon's cat . Bravo

  25. Dima Flash says:

    Thank you very much. I, and to much like your creativity. Such attention to emotions and trifles is praiseworthy. Coincidence to real situations simply admires. It is very lovely, and it is amusing. Good luck to you, thanks, and all kind.

    Большое спасибо. Мне, и многим нравится ваше творчество. Такое внимание эмоциям и мелочам достойно похвалы. Совпадение с реальными ситуациями просто восхищает. Это очень мило, и забавно. Удачи вам, спасибо, и всего доброго.

  26. Blam Guy says:

    I toke my cat to the vet and he bite me. I tryed my best at tricking the cat. I hide, the cat goes in the cat cage, I zoomed to the cat cage and close the cat cage quickly and then I done it.

  27. negar n h says:

    عالی بود👍👍👍

  28. Fox TV says:

    I have the book

  29. The8bitFreak says:

    I thought it was supposed to be an animation.

  30. Buyachysko says:

    Will you release the book for Poland? I would like to see it on mine bookshelf…

  31. MrCervantesent says:

    Love the cover of the book. 🙂
    You guys need a new soundtrack. The one you've been recycling is getting old.

  32. Забава Путятишна says:

    Ваш рассказ о книге не менее интересен самих "Историй о коте Симона". Поведение кота Симона очень реалистично и живо во всех сериях. Если надо поднять себе настроение всегда смотрю хоть одну. Вы с ним лучшие ! : )

  33. camilainthesky says:

    I wish I could draw like this

  34. Sarah H says:

    Love all the videos! Have you considered a coloring book? I am sure both adults and kids would love it.

  35. Freddy Clash says:

    А с чем делаете мультик ! если рисуете ?

  36. 1GeekQueen says:

    Good luck with the book!

  37. KitsUnefox says:

    где можно купить

  38. SpikeXtreme says:

    Asking for it as a Christmas present 🙂

  39. Soßen Fetischist says:

    Off to the vet will only be a 12min clip??? Wasn't it ment to be in the cinemas one day as a full movie? Waiting day by day since so long for theannouncements in my local cinemas to buy some tickets.

  40. Joshua Lorenzo says:

    Is the book available in Asia? Since I live in Indonesia.

  41. MissNefertiti81 says:

    I love this cat.. he looks like to my cat!!

  42. Sally H says:

    I understand how tough animation is, and the frame by frame, but $250,000 and a few years for 12 minutes by a team? Crazy.

  43. My Lovely Little Pets #MLLPETS says:

    I love your cat !

  44. MeerschweinLisa says:


  45. Brandon Grider says:

    fuck off lachesis

  46. Cecelia M, says:

    B-b-but…. Th-the anim-animation?

  47. Shadowlady says:


  48. Quick Beam says:

    Lolz sucks for you my cats r sooo good in the car, they actually enjoy it!!!!! They roam around the car and they sit in our laps in the office. Our cats r really chill

  49. TAXI CĂLĂRAŞI says:


  50. Charlotte Vango says:

    When will the long film of it come out?

  51. William Hennessy says:

    Screw this I did contribute my money to the production. I NEVER RECEIVED ANY NOTIFICATION. This has become a rip off.

  52. Roberta Martins says:

    Could you add a ptguese caption?

  53. Sakurany says:

    grandioso un libro sul serio ? 😀

  54. BETTYCBR says:

    I love your cat Simon!!! Thank you!

  55. виктор мазилов says:


  56. Shy Dragoness says:

    Ive never imagined simons cat as a white cat its always been black in my head XD

  57. WildChildontheRoad says:

    I have the first and second books and my favorite drawing are those that happen in the garden, because I love countryside and the different animals of the campaign. Also it is full of details. I am a French fan.

  58. Jacky&Bowie says:

    I'm a fan of simon cat you are my inspiration so i decided to make mine

    Thank you . Simon

  59. Darek Olesinski says:

    dziękuję za polskie napisy

  60. Suzanne Rider says:

    Where are they being sold in Canada?

  61. Олег Волегов says:

    где купить?

  62. Олег Волегов says:

    кто делал русские субтитры? респектище!

  63. Justin Chan says:

    how much?

  64. Freddy says:

    please subscribe, подпишитесь пожалуйста

  65. Sebastian Reichmann says:


  66. Dulce_Tfboys says:

    ahí alguien que hable español xD donde podría conseguir el libro 😭😭

  67. mão nominus says:

    Quem aqui fala Português?

  68. Barbara Scully says:

    I love your Simon Cat drawings.

  69. Tris Prior says:

    I just LOVE IT!!!! I want it. What a shame I got no money.

  70. Liguorienne says:

    I will never get bored to laugh like that😂😂, even when i will be a old lady dying on her bed, you are still gona make me laught like crazy😂😂, love you for all this 💖
    P/s sorry for my english, i'm french, try to do my best

  71. High Ten! says:

    I got my x2 signed copies today! Many thanks Simon.

  72. MisterGimmick says:

    i write the message in french, becose is most easy for me becose im french

    j'adore ton travail Simon, mais ce livre, on peut l'acheter en France? par internet?

  73. Saharay Pérez says:

    hola, me encantan tus comics, y quisiera saber cuando estara tu libro en México? saludos.

  74. Fiona! says:


  75. Jt Zoonie says:

    you always gave me the impression that this would be a video.

  76. Danytza CatLover says:

    Pero, donde esta su gatitoop???

  77. Yumena :v says:

    lo quiero !!!!!!!!! 😻😻😻😻😻😻

  78. I'msobored says:

    This cat is so adorable! I like the neighbour!
    Come and enjoy me video "what's up 2"

  79. Юля Нудьга says:

    Supper!!! :3

  80. bink !! says:

    where is the actual video of off to the vet .-.

  81. Лариса Гордиенко says:


  82. Bartek Wilkosz says:

    Can you translate this book to Polish ?

  83. Ecro says:

    You should make a tv show

  84. Летающие Капустные Щи says:

    Stop! That is not a cartoon coming out?!

  85. Sasu Rajaniemi says:

    02.30 i got the same chair

  86. Lilly Pan says:

    Hahahaha I fully agree

  87. Nya Roch says:

    i love all your work in Simon's cat <3 i love your cat, it reminds me of my cats jsjsjs
    thanks for your work ^-^

  88. kid fiuri 89 says:

    simons cat???????????😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩😎😎😎😎😎💩💩💩😎😎😎💩💩💩😎😎🙅💩💩💩😎😎😎💩🌷🎹🌷😘🌁🌁🌁🌁🌁👪🌷🌷👪🌵🌁⛳🌁🌁🌁👪🌵🆓🆓🆓🙆🙆🎸🎸⚽🙏🙏⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪🌵📼🌵🌵📼🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵📼🌵🌵📼🌵🌵🌵🌵📼🌵📼📼🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸🌵😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸

  89. Billy Batson says:

    i wana read it😀😀

  90. Billy Batson says:

    yo también

  91. Jimmy Keffer says:

    So that's what Simon looks like

  92. •ʏᴜᴍɪ sᴛᴀʀ• says:


  93. The Feral Sage says:

    The charm of your cat is that you have him act like a cat.
    Lately you've been humanizing him a little.
    Please don't?! I loved Garfield when he acted like a cat, then lost interest when his creator "humanized" him. Thank-you.
    ~ a fan.

  94. ERIC MOATS says:

    I think this book was one of the best simon's cat book ever

  95. StoryMing says:

    Looked it up in my amazon app. And was greeted with the message that "this mobile application does not currently support digital downloads". 😕

  96. Варвара says:


  97. Grissel Chaves says:


  98. Pavel Kabanov says:

    Кто русский лайк❤️

  99. myst mysterious says:

    Ура русский перевод

  100. Elisabeth says:

    I ADORE Simons cat and cant wait to buy your book. Ive already bought a sweatshirt and a few tshirts and other various items. Still waiting for them to deliver.

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