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Keep it down! Nazis. And it’s none of my business. I’m a Basque. They are everyone’s business. – The man is wanted. He can’t cross the border as we do.
He must cross over the mountains. This man, this man,
who the hell is this man? His name is John Bergson
and he is a very creative man. The Nazis hate him, because he
has written the truth about them. A man with fancy words. No, no, no, it’s more than words. He is a scientist and the
Nazis… will use him to protect their
damn war machines. And believe me,
the Nazis are capable… of extracting knowledge
from a man, no matter who he is. This man is very important, eh? Yes. Tell me. Why me? Well… everyone says you know
the mountains best. They do, huh? Everyone knows
about Echeverria. During the Civil War,
you escaped with his help… What good did it do him?
Damn, if they killed him anyway. We want to pay you
two thousand pesetas. Do you know how long it takes
to cross the mountains? Four days. Who the hell’s going to
look after my sheep? Three thousand. You came prepared
to pay more, huh? A man’s life is
more important than money. For you maybe, not to me! My sheep
are important to me. I tell you what I will do. I will give you.. four days. Just.. four days. And you pay me… five thousand. In advance, alright? Ok. But, we have to leave,
right now. We shouldn’t be seen
in France, together. I will go to Saint Amour, and wait. Renoudot, will meet you
at the train station in Toulouse. Why the hell Toulouse? Because that’s where he’s hiding. Alright, I have to feed the sheep. You, uh, help yourself to some soup. Don’t worry. No extra charge. Yes, all this and
all in one day, huh? Your papers? – Do you have a pass?
– Yes for sure. Why are you here? I came to buy some
tools for the farm. I always buy here. Alright, go.
– Thank you. Wait here. All set? We have everything. But please
make other arrangements. It could be the end of us. Heil Hitler! – Professor Bergson?
– Yes. We are friends that can take you
over the mountains. The last train in Toulouse will
be leaving within two hours. I’m looking for a man. This man. I’m John Bergson. This man will be guiding you
through the Pyrenees. My wife, Ariel, my
son Paul, and my daughter Leah. Is this the man?
The important man? Yes, that is the man. Are you a climber? I’ve done some climbing,
but many years ago. These mountains that you climbed,
uh.. um.. could they kill? The only things that got killed
in our expedition… were the trout
that we caught for dinner. A fisherman! And you expect a fisherman to
climb over the Pyrenees, huh? That is what we have
paid you to do. We understand your problem… and we promise to be as little
trouble as possible. A little trouble, heh? You’ll be no trouble,
because you’ll be dead. We? What the hell do you mean? We? Can I help you? We’re looking for this man. You said one man and I agreed
to take one man… over the mountains. But now, here it is four. It’ll take weeks and my sheep
would all be dead. Come on. Let’s be honest. Is she?
Well, is she able to climb a mountain? Maybe you do not understand, but,
we are a family, and we have faith. Now we are using faith to
move mountains. No, not to move mountains. But, with God’s help,
we can cross them. Yeah, I forgot about him. It wasn’t the deal, but,
give them a chance. They have no chance.
They will all die. No, not now,
with you as our leader. The SS are here. They’re searching the building.
We must leave at once. I’m going to give myself up. – I don’t want them to catch you. We are a family, John,
your family. The family will be perfectly all right,
the moment that I give myself up. The Germans will do
nothing to you. Your wrong, Mr. Bergson. They lived in attics and cellars, they can’t know what has
happened in the last few weeks. If the Gestapo gets your wife… there’ll be no news
what would happen to her. Come on, kids. We go together. Hurry, hurry, please. Quickly. – Open this door! – Open up! Go to the station,
I’ll meet up with you there. You, stop! Get in! She can’t even climb steps, how
can she climb a mountain? Stop! Stop picking on her. Oh, I made you angry, eh? That’s good. That gives you strength.
You may make it. – Animal! Come on! Come on! That’s better. Come on! Halt! – Out! – All of you! Hurry, hurry! Come on!
Come on! Move! Wait!
Stand back! And you! Go on! Move! Whatever happens,
they have to make it through. I’m risking my life for you. We are not asking you
to risk your life. We are a burden to you,
we just hope it saves us. Then where will we be? I think you’ve gotten
yourself into a bit of trouble. I’ve been examining your papers. Your name is… Alain Renoudot. Yes. You’re a baker? Yes. Do you know how
to bake a strudel? Yes. You should try my pastry. You French and your pastry! You’re not a baker, are you? You’re with the Resistance,
causing trouble, smuggling wanted men
across the border. Resistance? No.. that is a mistake. Mistake? I think it’s possible. Tell me, do you think us
Germans make mistakes? Well, we’re all human.
Are we not? I recognize that some Germans
do sometimes make mistakes. However… I am SS. Should we start again? I know all about
Professor Bergson. I’ll bet you know where he is. Himmler wants him back. Bergson?
No.. I’ve never met this person. You’re an intelligent man! Try to act like one. Madame Alda should really be
more selective about her ———. All my life, I’ve always
started things and then… never finished them. My family wanted so much… I gave them so little! Families! They think we owe them a favor… just because they brought us
to this world. Did you know that I was the first
to become a General? All the men in my family… became, Colonels or Generals. Wehrmacht! The regular army. They can’t understand
the New Order. They can’t understand that I am
part of the New Empire. They look down on me
because I wear a black uniform. They do not understand… that what we have built
in 10 years… has to last for a thousand. It’s so much easier this way. Bergson is on his way to Bayonne. Bayonne?
Beautiful place. Yes. He wrote to take them… Them? Wife and two children. A boat will meet them,
take them to England. Whose boat? Our instructions were… I was told only what
we needed to know. Of course. It’s painful, isn’t it? Well, I got work to do. Bayonne, you say? Yes. Now that we are on
the same side… perhaps you’d care
to join me for dinner. Excuse me. Ariel, you want some? No, thank you. Bergson? No thank you. May I have some? Papers! You! Quickly. Quickly! Your name is Courtness? Yes. This is your wife and family? – Yes. – You with them? – Huh? – You? Are you with them? I’m by myself. I think you better come
with me, Monsieur. All of you. Come on! Get out! hurry… Paul? Paul? Paul! Paul! Paul! Paul? This is all your fault! I hope you’re worth it. Well, that’s the second train
of ammunition this week. Heavenly food. “Goulash.”
Fit for a king. More salt! Here we are.
Yes, definitely. More salt. Well, I’ve done better. But,
I’m sure you’ll approve it. Would you like a taste? Pity! You know, you French
have no interest… in other peoples cooking? Why do you think it’s worth it,
to cook in France? It’s obvious.
They’re after their good recipes. After all this was an
unnecessary persuasion. It was very good of you,
to partly tell me the truth. I should be waiting for
Professor Bergson… and his family in Saint Amour. I just love a happy reunion. I lied. Yes, you did. But how can I hold it against you?
You’re still going to get dinner. By the way, this Basque guide
you talked about. You don’t remember, do you? Probably pre-occupied at the time. And I was looking forward
to meeting him. The final touch. Secret’s of a “Master Chef.” Believe small details
can make all the difference… between an ordinary dish
and a great one? Now! Hope I haven’t forgotten anything. Ah, yes!
Of course! Chop, chop. Chop, chop. Chop, chop. Chop, chop. Everybody told you to leave. Your husband did too, but
you didn’t listen to him, did you? – Why didn’t…
– Paul, please stop. Leah, please. I’ve always encouraged Paul
to say what’s on his mind. It’s your fault. I blame this on you. You got us in this mess, what are you doing
to get us out? Nothing. If we depended on you,
mom would be dead… Leah would be dead,
I’d be dead. You think I’m wrong, don’t you?
Well, I’m not. If you were my son, and you spoke to me like that… I would kill you. He does nothing. He left me back there on the train. He saved you. I wonder why? Get over here,
we haven’t got all day! – Who are you?
– A shepherd. Why don’t you go back
to your sheep? Are you going to Saint Amour? Saint Amour? No, god, no.
The place is full of Germans. They think it’s a train wreck
or something. The Germans are blaming people.
They arrested everyone. Until it calms down,
the only safe place to be… is in the country,
where we’re going, Into the woods. What are you following me
around for? What do you want? I want you to take us
to Saint Amour. Us? They your family? They’re a family. An American family. I think we should take them. Go and look after your horses!
Like I told you! Listen. I’m willing to pay you.. How much? Five hundred pesetas. For a man to risk his life and
for the life of his family as well? Two thousand. One. One and five hundred fifty. One. All right everybody, we are leaving!
We leave now! What he say? We all get a ride. He paid that gypsy. It is not only the Jews who
are killed by the Germans. Those are my people. We also are an inferior class. One day we should all wake up
and get together. Then, we shall stop them. See?
We are stopping them, already. Halt! Halt! Out!
Out! Out! Get them out of the wagons. Out! Everybody out of the wagons! Come on, out! Line them up here! Who is the leader? I am. Why do you stop here? The horses need resting. Papers. Who’s that man over there? It’s my brother. You. Me? You! Who are you? His brother. In the future keep
the roads clear. There’s someone in here. It’s my father.. he’s sick. What? Show me. He has a fever. Old man, come out!
Out! – Come on out!
– Please leave him rest. – Come on, out of there!
– Please, he’s dying! – Come on, out!
– He’s of no use to you! Come on! Hey! Hey! Come on! Alright. What’s your name? Petra. Only children and women
have any courage. First, the shower. We must remove
some of that gypsy dirt. I advise you undress yourself, or is he going to do it for you? I have the feeling that
you’re unhappy with me. Everyone in France is
unhappy with the Germans. They think they
we took away their country. But what right do they have to it? The French are Gauls
who took it from the Celts. And the Celts in return took the
British Isles from the Britons. The Anglos and the Saxons
who are cupids for Germans… took Britain from the Celts. And the Normans and French… they took Britain from
the Anglos and the Saxons. And now the Saxons,
or the Germans… if you prefer, are taking back grounds
from the Norms, who took it from us,
in the first place. Turn around. So, why should they
be unhappy with us… for taking back,
what’s rightfully ours? Pretty face. No, no, no, don’t!
Don’t dry yourself. Petra. Boots! Take those off. Please. Turn around. Petra? Have you seen this before? Well, it is an old photograph. Completely different hair,
much fatter. A certain loss of innocence. It happens to us all, doesn’t it? This distinguished genteman,
you’ve never seen him before? – Never.
– Never! How stupid of me to… expect you to recognize a
photograph… of yourself! When the daughter is caught,
can the father be far behind? I was distracted. I knew you weren’t a gypsy. You’re not even a woman! Be quiet!
Shut up! Come on, get dressed. Damn you, you lied to me!
You knew there were 4 people. I did not know about four people. I swear it. What do you want me to do? The woman will never make it. If she can’t keep up,
you leave her. Listen, within two days,
my sheep will be dead! Just keep up with me, come on! That is the mountain. Captain! Where are they? I didn’t know it was you,
who saved me in the train wreck. I’ve been acting like a fool. You’re not a fool,
it’s very clear… it’s just a part of the process
of growing up. I’ve been blaming you because
you aren’t more… like our friend up ahead. Without our friend in the front,
we would all be dead. Leah… you wait down there. Aren’t you afraid to die? We must all die, some day. Ah! A philosopher. I never met a Basque before. One hears the most terrible things,
about the Basques. Everything they say, is true. Perea! Catch! Are they really that bad? Worse. It’s quite hard for me to be
laughing, at a time like this. I suppose it was because
I was so close to death. I was willing to
do almost anything… even with that animal,
to survive. To survive, huh? At any price, huh? At any price. Come on, help. Well, I’ll ask you
for the last time, philosopher. Where is the Bergson family? Where is this man who is
supposed to be your brother? Go to hell. Come on! You will tell him nothing! There was five of them. Shut your mouth! Where have they gone? They went with the Basque. He’s taking them
across the mountains. I’m sorry I’m going so fast.
But, we must! Now, you said
you’d let my father go? Oh yes, I always
keep my word. He can go exactly where
he told me to go? Hell! Father!! You always get nauseous
when you have to fight? No my master SS. Father!! All I need now, are four men. And someone who knows
these mountains. There’s a local man
in the village… who used to be a professional
guide before the war. Good. You know… I think I taught the Resistance
a very valuable lesson today. What a good guide you are. I’m sorry… What do we do now? Exactly the same as
Professor Bergson. Walk. Out, out! What makes you so sure that
they come this way? Intuition? No. This is the way
I would choose. Well, I hope for your sake,
your right. My wife is tired.
Very tired. Can’t you give us
a little break? I warned you.
I would leave you. And we can’t keep
stopping like this! Kill me! Please! Get her on her feet!
The Germans can’t be far behind! Leave her alone, damn you! You get her up, or I go! I estimate they are two, unfortunately,
three hours ahead of us. But, we should rest here and
get the best start in the morning. We can overtake them
some time tomorrow afternoon. I never trusted you Frenchmen. Don’t think that I do not know
you’ve been trying to lead me astray? Aright, on your feet.
Come on. I’ve got a good feeling
about this one. The last time I had
such a feeling… we took Poland in a week. Come on! Come on, keep going,
you will make it. We’ll stop here for an hour.
Then we have to move on. What is this place? It’s a hut for climbers. Just a few more steps,
then you can rest. You want food, take it. It’ll be all right. Momma, you’ll be alright. Remember that time
when we went camping? You were up and about before
any of us, making breakfast. I was still asleep in the tent. Thank God the worst is over. Today was a Sunday walk, madam. The worst is yet to come. With the pace we kept today… the Germans will catch you. We had a good life together, John. That’s the way it’s always
going to be. For sure. You’ve been wonderfully brave. You don’t have to be brave. If you tell yourself you are,
then you are. So simple. And yet it took me
all my life to learn. I want you to try and sleep. Yes, sleep. Sleep, my darling! Mother! I can’t find mother. Mother. Mother! Ariel! Paul search that way. Mother! Momma! Mother! Ariel! Mother. Ariel! Just stop!
Your all wasting your time! I’ve got to find my wife! Your wife’s gone. I saw it. You saw her go,
and didn’t tell me? You let her go.
If she’s dead… wait until I get my hands on you. You’re a murderer, and I’m going
to kill you, basterd! If you let her die, I would have… I’m going to kill you… She’s dead. We have to leave. I can understand. Can you? I lost my wife. Last year. The Germans will be here
in one or two hours. You go ahead. I will stay. You’re crazy. True.
I have a job to do. Get going. Sir, we must go. Hey! Catch! Alright, gentlemen. I think it’s time to start up. I should see them by now.
Show me that map again. The map! They are here. I’m sure there must be
another way. There is an Army,
of Frenchmen posted… down there, by the border. It’s crawling with Germans.
It would be stupid. I’ll betcha you’re right Frenchman,
it is stupid. That’s exactly what
they want us to believe. Come on! Quick, get out! What the hell is going on here? You! Why did all this happen? During the last watch, there was an attack
on my command. Did they get through? Yes. We were taken by surprise. Surprised! An old man and his children! And why didn’t you go after them? That is Spain. We maintain diplomatic
relationships with Spain. It would cause an
international incident. One moment Captain! I don’t think you realize, …Major. The SS has jurisdiction where ever
and when ever it pleases. Move.
We are coming through. But I’m not an SS.
I am a citizen of France. It’s forbidden for me to
cross the border. He is correct. I can not let either of you to cross. May I have your permission
to go home? Of course. Give me your pistol, Captain. “I’m sorry, my Fuhrer,
I was not aware of,
” “any secret arrangement between
Herr Hitler and Franco.
” “Of course, my Führer.
” “Orders from Himmler, release
Captain Von Berkow.
” Okay. He wants me and not you… so I’ll give up myself. Never! Keep going. Listen, go to those
trees and you wait. Where are you going?
You’re unarmed. I’m the one he wants. And I say, he don’t get you! Will you hurry. Go on! Sieg Heil. Sieg Heil. Sieg Heil. Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Come on. Come on. Achtung! Come on. Schwein! Seig Heil! The German? He’s dead. My house is down the hill. Come on. How far away is this village? – About a quarter of a mile. – Don’t you get lonely? I have to live with it. Your sheep are alive,
that’s one good thing. What’s wrong with this one’s leg? Never grew as long as the other. – Your son likes animals. He learns quickly. He learned to handle a gun quickly. And that scares you, huh? On the contrary it brought us
closer together. He always felt quite wrongly
that I. wasn’t interested due to
lack of interest… in anything that I tried
to teach him. That we’re equals. We’re both killers. Now I.. we have to try to live
with what we’ve done. Mister… people like you should hire
people like me to do your killing for you. No, no, I didn’t mean that. You misunderstanded me. Actually I regret,
all the deaths… that I have personally caused. That’s not why I am saying it. She was a very fine lady. Bergson, Bergson! Stay there! Alright. Who’s going to be the first? You’re going to kill us? Not you. The others. Stay there! Why do you care about
these people? They used you! Take me. But, I’m asking you
for their lives. – You’re not going to kill anyone. You’re a dying man. In a few seconds… you’re going to be dead. – You are dying.– You’re not going to kill anyone.You haven’t even the strength
to raise that gun.
You are dying.– I killed you all.– I killed you all.– You haven’t killed anyone.– It’s all in your
sick imagination.
You haven’t even got the strength
to raise that gun. – You’re a dying man. In a few seconds… you’re going to be dead.

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