The Pet Exchange Register is now open!

For the love of our pets the pet
exchange register is here. A love story to the little ones we all
love. Our cute friends that keep us human. To the crazies, cuties and beauties that
make our days. To the walkers runners and snugglers, the chillers and the unfazed.
To being there when we need them most. So you can find out where your pet comes
from the Government has introduced a new online database called the pet exchange
register all advertisements to sell or rehome dogs and cats now require a
microchip number and a pet exchange register source number. When buying or
adopting a dog or cat you can now search the source number or even report
advertisements without a source number or microchip number. Find out more about the
pet exchange register at animalwelfare Authorised by the
Victorian Government 1 Treasury place Melbourne

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