The Poodle Is Revealed | Season 1 Ep. 4 | THE MASKED SINGER

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  1. The Masked Singer says:

    Catch up on last night's episode HERE!

  2. Lon Tanner says:

    Always loved Margaret Cho. She's awesome.

  3. Tammy Kirk says:

    Boring show

  4. memeulous our lord says:

    This tv show are furries on the next level

  5. Marvee Sirleaf says:

    That can never be judge Julie! I can bet my life..!

  6. RL Dabomb says:

    chow cant even guess his own korean people.. lol

  7. Toni Hall says:

    Do all of you compare things with different concepts or what? Are there any people here who came to comment on what happenes in the actual clip?

  8. Comfy Cozy Are We says:


  9. Jessica Sharp says:

    I’m sorry who?

  10. Boi2.0 says:

    Ha gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  11. Augustinus Aurelius says:

    There are pros and cons, but the Korean version of the show is a tournament format, so it seems tense and more exciting.

  12. Stevie Nines says:

    Aside from Terry Bradshaw and Antonio Brown I haven't know any of these people

  13. Christian Paelma says:

    What's the background song when she was taking off the mask?

  14. Ashley True says:

    I’ve never heard of any of these people lol. If it was actual ARTISTS I would know right off the bat.

  15. M&M says:

    She is hilarious and a legend! Love me some Ms.Cho

  16. Rainy! says:

    Everyone be talking about the Korean and American one but personally, I like the THAI version the most :')

  17. Tehrah Creasey says:

    I like this show can't wait to see show at 900

  18. Joe Emond says:

    I think it is Margaret from dr.ken

  19. Rere Isme says:

    love these❤❤❤

  20. Yehoshua says:

    Does anyone know the same of the song as they are about to take the mask? Pls help

  21. Rhino Rhino says:

    Everyone did Terry wrong and Margaret.Both of them should’ve been replaced with The alien and unicorn who are already gone by now

  22. aldy gosal says:

    I love when the judges fail!

  23. Jimmy Ardie says:

    Need Ryan Reynold as Unicorn here

  24. Noon Ice Moon says:

    When i first saw her i thought it was letoya jackson…

  25. jw s says:

    This is the point. They did not realize the race of poodle until this moment.

  26. Crystal Diaz says:

    I love you ?❤️?❤️ ❤️?❤️❤️❤️?❤️❤️?❤️❤️?❤️❤️?❤️❤️

  27. Casey Cook says:

    Can kids do it

  28. Jo Youngblood says:

    Margaret cho ???

  29. THE RUT says:

    Nick, why the head gear every show, I mean is there a meaning behind it? Hate them, looks ridiculous dude. Why? Hiding your hair, trying to emphasize a religion or culture wth ?

  30. Cassandra Costantino says:


  31. fakenuggets says:

    I wish they would’ve stuck to the Korean format. This one really sucks.

  32. Anastasia Amsden says:


  33. James Davies says:

    I think Thailand The mask singer is Better ?

  34. hunishiru says:


  35. The Official Andy Saenz says:

    All of their guesses were way OFF!

  36. The Official Andy Saenz says:

    She’s so adorable! ?❤️

  37. Premiercare eg says:

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  38. Rebecca Rich says:


  39. Bella The Sheep says:


  40. Blossom49451 says:

    Ok. The original version is better!!! We get it!!! ? And the American version has a few flaws. I'm not going to ignore it but they still did a few things right in my opinion. So if you don't like, No one is begging you to stay and watch!!!
    Haters get lost!!!

  41. Crayza says:

    Why does it look like they’re struggling to take of their mask

  42. Brandon Ball says:

    She has a beautiful voice

  43. Mjuhu Bbko says:

    Asians when they see each other

  44. Mjuhu Bbko says:

    Shit they Forreal look like siblings

  45. girlbye123 stars says:

    Who gives a shit if the korean version was better watch and enjoy

  46. Bay Katz says:

    this 1 was a shocker

  47. Bay Katz says:

    I guessed this one wrong.

  48. Bay Katz says:

    My guess was Maya Rudolph ??‍♂️

  49. Tammy Newkirk says:

    Lady Gaga

  50. Reflective 7 says:


  51. Muffin and Gloria says:

    No idea who she was

  52. Andrew Huynh says:

    2:22 Margaret!

  53. KAIDEN GARDNER says:

    I think you should do the poodle

  54. Stardust Pie says:

    I laughed so hard when the Poodle was revealed 2 b Margaret since I recognized her from Dr. Ken. needless 2 say, nobody is gonna let Ken not recognizing her down ?

  55. Czarina Garcia says:

    Wow I love her even more now

  56. Piu-Piu Monstro says:

    Whats name this music?

  57. Jed Morris says:

    WTF is this what the world is coming to

  58. manda e mo says:

    I like Margaret Cho's standup comedy.

  59. Gavinsings says:

    The alien should’ve left instead of her

  60. Pleb Potato says:


  61. CatKatKit XD says:

    For some reason I feel like it’s a boy (I never seen this I just am watching)

  62. Gacha Boo:p says:

    I think it was Cardi b

  63. Josh Imaginus says:

    OH SNAP!
    How did we get this wrong?!

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