The Present – OFFICIAL

Hey Sweetie! Sorry I got home so late… … but I had to pick something up after work. It’s such a beautiful day outside,
you should let some sun inside. – Telephone ringing – Why don’t you stop playing and open your present? For me? Yes Sir, I don’t know why you didn’t get the papers. Woah! Cool! She’s gotta be kidding me! GET LOST!? MUM! WE’LL BE OUTSIDE!

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100 Responses

  1. Tanya Brown says:

    This would have been a very good video if it did not show animal violence in this video which was quite upsetting. You just did not need to go as far as that in this video

  2. jerwin toleng says:

    Soo boringg

  3. Cole Andricksen18 says:


  4. Matthew Caterson says:

    did anyone notice that both the boy and dog had lost a leg

  5. Matthew Caterson says:

    da boi plays xbox and the game hes playing is mortal kombat 1 (#spoiler)

  6. Chance Osborne18 says:


  7. Chance Osborne18 says:

    kid is cool

  8. Khalil Rogers says:

    Nigga me and my class died when that nigga stood up ? ??

  9. DYLAN BOLEY says:

    hahaha the dog got kicked

  10. hallowrela says:

    I can't believe I cried!! ?

  11. Rosa Jesus says:

    Lucky enough to even get a dog

  12. Aniyah Cotton says:

    Awww why would he do that 🙁

  13. Jacob Cohen says:

    Just because of this video I subscribed

  14. 4funds says:

    Didn't see that coming… caused impact to my heart

  15. Ev Violin Gacha says:

    The irony

  16. Erick Mutuma says:

    Beautiful ?

  17. Untouchable 88 says:

    Awwww my heart

  18. PaxTon says:

    Anyone know the song at the end?

  19. Carlos Miranda says:


  20. RinoXD says:

    Epic gamer moment

  21. Harputero「VFX」 says:

    He was playing tetris

  22. Weda Darmayuda says:

    Yang from indonesia like

  23. rahmad wahyu says:

    Ke sini gara gara ig

  24. Fernando Facio says:

    Every teacher always shows this at school and we got that one girl who cries

  25. nathan says:

    awful short film, just pulls all the sympathy cards and i end up feeling nothing. actually got a bit pissed when the dog got kicked but more pissed by the fact that the message is so painfully obvious and vague. why tf would he kick the puppy if it had no leg like him, no human being would actually do that. and if they would then they wouldnt end up playing with him after.

  26. Chris Batacan says:

    Imagine playing kickball and you aim for his left leg

  27. anh nguyen says:

    I want a 3 leg dog too.

  28. XxAceVerizer xX says:


  29. Iruno Irukiyama says:

    song in the end??

  30. darkkartist says:

    who's cutting onions here

  31. RNG Neil L says:

    Me 2019 !?

  32. KATOP says:

    pls summary in 5 sentences

  33. KianPlayzz1 says:

    . Hello Blue Coat.

  34. Max Bott says:

    No one:
    absolutly no one at all:
    the present and all of the other boomers : GAMES BAD!

  35. Caiden Perkins says:

    bruh hes gay cuz he uses xbox

  36. Wartew Gaming says:

    Yey !

  37. Ghost Wolfu says:

    awwwww the adorable story of empathy

  38. ricky_ 5152 says:

    can someone please tell what themes are explored and how it reflects social commentary????? for a assesement

  39. musant Notre says:

    여운이 남네

  40. SOnar says:

    I haven't frends! i wanna die

  41. The grand priest goku. says:

    that was sad it touch my heart

  42. Sofia Pellacini says:

    Im actually crying right now. This was so beautiful

  43. Derek Driscoll says:

    I'm going to make a fanfiction where the dog has his leg chopped off in an alleyway by the 580's, a violent gang.

  44. Khara Gillock says:

    Aw it only has three legs poor guy

  45. Khara Gillock says:

    Im getting toothless and hiccup feels right now

  46. Janelle Eddy says:

    my ela teacher:shows class this me:starts to cry me:watches at home me:cry agian

  47. Andrew Morris says:

    this was epic I still feel bad for the dog in the start tho ;-;

  48. YodelingPickle10 says:

    Max audio dog running into the cabinet

  49. xd Scorpion225 says:

    I have two things:

    1. Wow he's an asshole

    2.How does this have like 50 awards

    3.What game is he playing I need to know

  50. Niamh Masters says:

    that boy is mean at the start

  51. SeerOfTime says:


  52. RC Throwdown says:

    He left the door open

  53. yoboi - says:

    I only found the comic version be4

  54. Deb and Yo Phontipsavat says:


  55. Robson José Costa says:

    Moral: do not judge people that have same problem like u

  56. Hayden Maurer says:

    Ur mom gay

  57. Jack Amos says:

    Bohunt clan

  58. Bionic - Brawl Stars says:


  59. GameBall says:

    *leaves door wide open for all the bugs

  60. Jason Linehan says:


  61. XxkirawolfyxX Clegg says:

    I saw it at my school??????

  62. Mee Waffeles says:

    Me And My Children Watched This We Reteled This Story Because I Once Had A Chiwawa Pug Named Jimania I Had Her Passed On by My Latest Uncle That Passed Away Over 12 Years Ago As You Can See Im Still Pretty Young,But The Thing We Didnt Like Is The Attitude Of The Young Man In This Short Film Presented In 2014 Is This Animal Abuse? If Is I Would Delete This Video Not Forcing I Just Am Worried About My Childrens Animals I Have 2 Parrots A Cat And A Chiwawa Pug.s

  63. Jaylin Black says:

    we watched this in class and I cried!!!!

  64. Carlaleeeyy says:

    This needs to have a part two!

  65. Chris YT says:

    Who’s here in 2019 <3

  66. Taylor-Ann Doodles says:

    What an idiot animal abuse isnt ok. Xx

  67. Vishwam Soni says:

    I would pay anything for this dog

  68. The Juicy Theory says:

    Mom’s a dick for buying her one legged son a three legged dog like wtf mom

  69. Mattilynn LoVullo says:

    great video have watced it before

  70. Micah Muscato says:

    That was so sad the dog was so cute

  71. Colin Prendergast says:

    so sad im crying

  72. Jack Jewett says:

    so sad i'm crying right now in school

  73. Micah Muscato says:

    I am litarlly about to cry i am in school

  74. Mattilynn LoVullo says:

    starts crying from sadness then he gets on hes crutches than gets happy tears lol

  75. Sadboibassist says:

    No kid would deny a dog like that this video is fucking stupid, also this is stolen from a comic

  76. Caden Gendron says:

    in class

  77. Aiden Eddy says:

    in class rn doing a project

  78. Bruce Brandow says:

    i am going to cry

  79. Emily Skinner says:

    So adorable! ❤️

  80. Sharada Bangamuarachchi says:

    Best video I have seen.

  81. Kenton Klekar says:

    like this vedeo

  82. Kolton Peterman says:


  83. 뀨뀨 says:


  84. sand min says:

    Nice video

  85. 배고파맨날 says:

    뭐여? 하고 보다가 심장 찔린 느낌..

  86. DANN YANG says:


  87. Jackson Stewart says:

    *Mom walks in * honey are you ok?

  88. 수선화 says:

    댕댕이들은 어떤 모습을 하고 있건 다 천사야…

  89. Cortez Smith says:

    Okay wait he's using an Xbox 360 controller to play on an Xbox one

  90. The Reverse Master says:

    Part 2!!

  91. Ethan Gibbs says:

    gamers bad amirite

  92. Xamiel Medrano says:

    Ugh sad antes good waaaaaaaa sobre cure ???????????

  93. yarely rangel says:

    that was really sweet!!!!!

  94. Ya Nan says:

    this nigga playing xbox

  95. Corndog Sauceman says:

    this nigga playing xbox ?

  96. Corndog Sauceman says:

    I ain’t gonna lie his Mom got that wagon

  97. D says:


  98. 권혜성 says:

    oh f*cking man~~~

  99. 「PokiiFoxo」 says:

    Did anyone else's teacher show this at their school?

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