The Purebred Crisis: How dogs are being deformed in the name of fashion

It’s the thrill of winning. It’s the thrill of showing the world really good quality, healthy bulldogs. Love is blind. People see these dogs, they love them, they want them and they buy them. And then you’re faced with those problems afterwards. And it’s heartbreaking. Interesting. Wow. They got the tongue and the soft palate of a dog three or four times their size crammed into their throat. And they just can’t breathe. The modern British bulldog, which struggles to walk, which struggles to mate it is not, in any way, able to fulfill its original function. I had 30 minutes to make a decision. To let my dog live, or to put my dog to sleep. Instagram loves these dogs. And everyone in this story does, too. But they’re facing a health crisis. And no one can agree how to save them. I love French bulldogs because they’re the most amazing dogs I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. You speak to any French bulldog owner and most of them have some kind of issue. Karin is my name. Karin Anderson. I have two French bulldogs. Stella is three years of age. And Boris is 16 months. Stella has had breathing issues since the day that I picked her up from the breeder. And, right from that moment I was told — even by the breeder: ‘That’s just French bulldogs. That’s what they do.’ So it’s pretty stressful when you see your dog wants to play, wants to run, but every time she does she needs to stop and vomit. Stella ended up needing a tracheostomy. She now breathes through a hole in her throat can’t bark and can’t smell. Stella cost me $4,500. First round of airway surgery was $2,000. And then the tracheostomy, that was a further $5,000. So, a very expensive dog. So, we find just about every dog that is flat-faced has some degree of compromise. And nearly all of them benefit from some level of corrective surgery. With these little guys, it’s so overcrowded that the teeth become infected and they often don’t erupt properly. And if you don’t get them out and they form a cyst then their jaw literally — it breaks but it doesn’t crack when it breaks because there’s not enough bone to crack. It just falls apart. It’s devastating. Something as simple as: a trip up to the coffee shop, going to the beach, can be enough to overheat these dogs People didn’t know what they were doing is dangerous They come in collapsed and they’re cooking from the inside. And their organs are overheating. And there’s some you can save in the ICU but there are lots that you can’t. They’re gone too far. We don’t want that to happen to any more families. The Australian Veterinary Association joined up with the RSPCA to launch a campaign. Love is Blind seeks to raise awareness of some of the health issues that are associated with breeds with exaggerated features. Breeders need to accept that they exist and breed away from extreme features. What Bronwyn wants changed is a document known as a Breed Standard. It’s what they use to judge purebreds at dog shows. Most of them have been updated over the years but the one for British Bulldogs is pretty much the same as the day the UK Kennel Club published it back in 1873. Up until about the Victorian era, when it started becoming fashionable to have certain dog breeds those original grandfather stock of these breeds they had nice long legs, they were quite lean and they were fit for function. There’s no exercise test, rather they’re purely judged on a very superficial aesthetic. Thirty years ago, the UK Kennel Club changed the bulldog Standard. But Aussie clubs voted not to. And the peak body for purebred affairs, the ANKC has launched a counter campaign to Love is Blind. I’m Sharon Edmonds, I’m an all-breeds judge with the ANKC I have bred British bulldogs for 30-plus years. I love them. There’s not a show in Australia I don’t think my kennel hasn’t won. The first bulldog I bought lasted three months. I was heartbroken. I did not ever want another dog to die on me so I have been adamant in my breeding that I choose sound, healthy dogs. A good breeder will always breed away from genetic trouble. They know the background of most dogs in pedigree so they’ll breed away from that. But vets argue, even if neither parents have genetic trouble if they both have exaggerated features like the Breed Standard calls for then their puppies will likely have a specially exagerated features and develop health problems. So what I’ve got here in front of me is the ANKC Standard for the British bulldog. For a breed that already struggles with giving birth naturally we think this is just encouraging the problem. C-sections… Look sometimes they’re just a necessity. But it’s not just the short-faced dogs that have C-sections. It’s across the board. It’s the bitches, they just don’t push. Come on, mate. Hurry up. Ideally, I would like to not hear the dog breathe at all. But, it’s easily rectified. Not all dogs have their soft palate done I have not had a palate done in my yard for probably six years. If that dog presented to me in the emergency room I would be recommending that he went and saw one of the surgeons and had his nose trimmed and had his soft palate shortened. The dogs that are cross-bred, have more anatomically normal features. So, pugs that are crossed with Jack Russells they tend to have longer noses and less problems. Possibly. I’m not God, I don’t know. I’m very happy with the Standard the way that it is. The problem I feel with the RSPCA is they’re all textbook, they’re no common sense. I recently went to a pound and I did not see one purebred dog in the pound. Most of the dogs I seen were crossbred dogs. The RSPCA’s got a vested interest in the pounds. They have to make money, they have to be able to support everything. We certainly don’t make money from selling dogs or cats from our shelters. Although we do charge an adoption price on most animals — a meagre amount in comparison to the amount of work that we put into these animals. Bulldogs, Frenchies, Pugs, Boston Terriers… They’re the ideal dog for a small backyard for a family that’s busy, that really want a little pet that want to love it to pieces. I haven’t met a breeder who doesn’t absolutely love their dogs And I think it’s about understanding that some of the physical features we see have gotten to the point where they are doing their dogs harm. Something needs to be done to protect these dogs because there’s so many health issues. It’s crazy.

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100 Responses

  1. Pinky Pie says:

    This is an awesome video! Soft Pallet surgery is a huge problem especially with pugs and bulldogs even Shih Tzus. Any brachycephalic dog will have some sort of breathing issue in its lifetime but it’s up to the breeders to collectively rewrite the standard and stop breeding/showing dogs with excessively short muzzles and large heads or breeding to achieve that. Even the Shih Tzu standard states no shorter than 1 inch of length is required from stop to end of muzzle anything under is considered a fault/dangerous for the health of the dog. I’m not breeder bashing by any means I 100% support responsible breeding it’s a great thing to preserve purebred dogs. I just feel that more breeders need educating and need to be less concerned with ribbons and titles and more concerned with the quality and lifespan of their dogs.

  2. RocketeerRaccoon says:

    I wouldn't buy any dog that's been bred to have these deformities as a means of fashion.

  3. jhunt5578 says:

    These animals are not toys. These people do not love them, of they truly loved them they'd care about their interests. The inbred, genetically sick pure breeds should be anti-natalisded.

  4. Lily alpha says:

    I own a French bulldog and she is very lucky to have actually been born with a slightly longer snout and has very minimal breathing problems but unfortunately if I was to enter her into dog shows she'd loose straight off the bat becuase of it and I believe that that's wrong and breeders should aspire for at least longer snouts – and has anyone ever seen the video where the guys frenchie fell into a chacuzi and literally just sank (it was fine and was rescued by the owner quickly) but these dogs are so top heavy that they can't even swim which is a natural instinct for a dog (again my frenchie is lucky and can swim quite well) my mum still obsesses over British bulldog and I try to lead her away but it just doesnt work so I hope she gets lucky as we did with our current frenchie

  5. floof_hair says:

    If you think that dogs that sound like a diesel engine on a cold day are cute you have serious issues

  6. Zed Eon says:

    That's not even a dog , that's a abomination , this what happen if human trying to be a God , except we are suck being a God

  7. Sunkissed Showers LPS says:

    I love bigger dogs like guard dogs that are actually bred to be HEALTHY. I love dogs that actually aren’t dying 👀

  8. Nick C says:

    What a vile woman

  9. Riley says:

    Adopt, don't shop, people. If you want a dog purely because of how cool/cute it looks, you shouldn't have the dog.

  10. Becoming Godsize says:

    American bulldog is how a bulldog is supposed to be powerful and athletic not these disgusting obese midget hogs

  11. LittleGameDev says:

    damn, it's crazy how dogs have been bred to have all sorts of health problems just to look cute. I also find it crazy how the lady spent roughly 11,500 over the years on her dog just to get it to have a normal life. it's sad.

  12. Chris M says:

    It's funny how they call them "purebred".
    In reality, their gene pool is so fucked up they're basically overgrown tumors.

  13. jami lyn says:

    breeding out health problems will inevitably create more health problems. thinning the gene pool fairly quickly necessitates incest. the only viable solution is mixing breeds. this is basic genetics, people.

  14. alexander ishmagi says:


  15. poop says:

    We have one 3year old englishbulldog and he always runs and plays around much i even run daily with him and we have never had any breathing problems etc and hes never breathing like that making weird noises

  16. A Imperial Guard says:

    If you compare old dogs from a race to the current dogs of the same species, well…

    We need to cease and desist RIGHT NOW.

  17. Joe Mahn says:

    those dogs are ugly. wtf

  18. Rizu Chan says:

    "Ideally I would not like to hear the dog breathe at all." This is coming from the dog breeder who said she loved her dogs.

  19. Sketchalater says:

    These types of dogs need to either go extinct or change the show standard and breed in healthier traits (For example the retro pug). People who are obsessed with these dogs are not right in the head. Like why would someone ever want some squished face ,overweight, and asthmatic canine?

  20. HellbirdIV says:

    The breeder should honestly be taken up on charges of animal abuse. Any animal breeder who breeds for looks to the extent where their animals start to suffer health problems should be prosecuted. The only reason we get cows that can barely walk and dogs that can barely breathe is profit, and if you think your money is more important than ending needless suffering in animals you're just a piece of shit.

  21. Ya Gurl Venus THA Wolfe says:

    Nobody cares how cute they are, it just matters that they can breathe, smell, etc.

  22. ɹǝpun uʍop uɐɯ says:

    Ofc her name is karen.

  23. Mattuiop says:

    This is why I'd get a function based or mixed breed dog.

  24. Teejay Kaye says:

    I really hope French bulldogs can get a treatment like what people are doing with the Retro Mop Pug: breeding away from the horribly crippling physical detriments and returning them to a state where they can actually live and thrive without suffering just by trying to breathe.

  25. Mr. Karl McYoda says:

    I'll never understand the "cuteness" of bulldogs and pugs

  26. Frostbite The Bat says:

    I never really liked these kinds of dogs- Especially because of how they suffer, and that a lot of then exist just to be some dog fashion accessory.

  27. empty_01 says:

    It's so funny to see these physically abandoned and deteriorated women breeding and buying deteriorated dogs just for the sake of fashion regardless of how much harm they do to them.
    This is what humanity has come to, we have too many resources and waste it on fucked up dogs and fat people.

  28. DeathBySeaToast says:

    Imagine having a lineage so incest ridden that your face looks like its been smashed by a frying pan.

  29. Annabelle says:

    It’s selfish to breed dogs for their appearance instead of for their health. Humans know how damaging inbreeding is, yet the AKC and the west minister club doesn’t care. Allow mixed breeds into shows or help reduce the wrongful stigma against them. Mixed breeds are healthier and Hatfield’s dogs that live happier and healthier lives. Adopt don’t shop. Help break this cycle of genetic abuse

  30. Dark Destiny3 says:

    I'm a breeder, and I breed great danes. That being said, I agree with some things in this video.

    For example
    1. Smooshed faced dogs like boxers and bull dogs have respiratory problems because of the structure of their face and honestly I hate that. We shouldn't be breeding for that.

    2. As a responsible breeder, one must selectively breed with the upmost caution. Your objective is to IMPROVE the breed. Not breed because you want too.

  31. שת בנ־אברהם says:

    Just let this breed die. Let nature run its course.

  32. Lord Thanksalot says:

    stupid humans made nature's creatures into dysfunctional monsters.

  33. g yz says:

    adopt don’t shop x100000

  34. Kinga Jackson says:

    Good Lord these poor dogs…

  35. Ines N says:

    You want a good example of how bad this is? Look at Charles II of Spain. It's just the same thing but with dogs.

  36. Karesinda says:

    Just adopt 🙂 shelter dogs will love you just like a breeders dogs will!

  37. grumpyotter says:

    There's too much money to be made in breeding these types of dogs. Ban them from shows and see how much the breeders only breed them because they "love" them.

  38. hey dud says:

    I myself feel hard to breath looking at these bulldogs

  39. AnNa _MaC says:

    Maybe this lady like bulldogs cause she looks like one? You know dogs look like they’re owners..

  40. Ірина Захарук says:

    Breeders create deformed dogs
    Deformed dogs are glamorized via social media
    Millions of people continue to buy deformed dogs
    Rinse and repeat
    It's not just the breeders that's the problem, but everyone participating in the industry.

  41. homebody says:

    I would like to say from personal experience that not all breeders are like this.

  42. kush is my real name says:

    I did not pay a lot of money for my baby. She’s a French bulldog. If I’m honest, I didn’t want her at first. My sisters did but she was so sweet and scared. We found out that day that she had parvo even though the breeder said she had all her vaccinations. I loved her after she had a 50/50 chance to live. I had to save her, but I feel so horrible that I contributed to this…but I love her to death.

  43. Caleb Roehrig says:


  44. Laura De Jong says:

    I studied to become a vet's assistant. All vets are very against this way of breeding, in my short time of working at a vet i saw multiple bulldogs come in with serious breathing issues, teeth issues, they are so unhealthy it's insane people still buy them. Those cute spaniels are sad too, their skull is too small for their brain so some have constant headaches. Other spaniels have such heavy ears they suffer from earinfections constantly and many turn deaf. German shepherds suffer from hip and elbow dysplasia, saddest case i saw was a german shepherd that was 9 months old that had to be put down because she suffered from so much pain. Boxers too, and they have breathing issues too. Just get yourself a cross breed, much healthier overall and they are just as cute and fun as full breed.

  45. --minttea-- says:

    Two minutes in and I’m crying

  46. Everblue 22 says:

    Idea- selectively breed flat faced dogs to have longer snouts.

  47. Max Vieralilja says:

    the problem is also extended to tiny breeds such as chihuahua, pinscher, etc. at least where I leave, there's this mania for teeny eeny dogs, the smaller the better! so much that there are greedy "breeders" who will happily sell "teacup" and "toy" sized mutts who only look like the breed, and have a slew of health issues. just yesterday I saw the ugliest chihuahua EVER. it was too small, completely disproportionated (it was too long and had minuscule legs), with a merle coat, with enormous bulging and strabic eyes and an inverted bite so bad that the tongue stuck out of the mouth. also, it was as fat as a pig. to think that someone bred it on purpouse….

  48. Voeris says:

    "common sense"… lol … lady pls

  49. dojokonojo says:

    wow what a shitty person

  50. Hiraeth Dreamer says:

    Don't buy

    "I wanna a pure race dog"
    You are like a dog lover version of Hitler or a cry baby that lives for status?….

  51. missjo1988 says:

    As a licensed vet tech, I actually don't like seeing these dogs come in. If they come in, an extra hand is always needed, since their necks are so short and fat that its hard to get a good hold on them for restraint during simple procedures like vaccines or blood draws. And if you hold them with too much pressure, you can make it hard for them to breathe. Most of them are obese, making getting blood drawn incredibly difficult. Most dog blood sticks are in the jugular vein, as we try to save their forelimbs for emergencies. They have to be placed on their chest or stomach at all times or they have trouble breathing during surgery. ET tubes, that are placed in the trachea during surgery to send oxygen to the patient, must be kept in longer. The standard for most dogs, is to remove the tube when the dog starts licking. Bulldogs or any short muzzled dogs must keep the tube in till they are chewing on it and most don't want you to pull it. They actually fight you to keep it in, since they can actually breathe normally, which is heartbreaking. Also, for most dogs, the tube for their trachea is measured by placing the end of the tube on the nose and seeing if it fits between the nostrils, but in these breeds, we have to go a full size smaller. Let that sink in. Its airway is not even the right size for its body to begin with. Both males and females can't naturally breed either. That means that the breeders have to obtain the animals sperm from the males and the females have to be artificially inseminated. The breeder in the video disgusts me. A female bulldog cannot physically push out the large heads of her puppies due to her hips being so narrow(something in the breed standard). Acting like the dog is being lazy is disgusting since shes forcing these dogs to give birth for her profit, which is really all she is after. Profit. I guess this is the part where I go on to say that I work in a spay and neuter clinic out of a humane society. No one in rescue is in it for profit. We're in it to help animals in need. She says there are no purebreed animals in shelters, but they do show up quite a bit. It's usually the females that breeders like her just don't have a use for anymore.

  52. Bryn Young says:

    This is a slippery slope, simply because if we continue to buy these animals, the breeder continues services. However, they need to live their lives happily and freely, so buying them helps them individually. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

  53. Jonathan Jandourek says:

    "I'm not God, I don't know." She is literally playing God by breeding those dogs for specific features…

  54. onda Tasboy says:

    We are Human not gods stop making these abortion of dog breeds.

  55. Vantaul ONtumblr says:

    I… immediately didn’t like this bulldog breeding woman. The first thing I thought of while listening to her was that I was 100% certain that comments were all against her. If not then like her. Look at that I was right.

  56. aditya narayan says:

    I just hate that we have dog shows where these dogs are judged purely on appearance. And this purebred thing needs to stop. I would much rather have a healthy crossbred dog without its”original features” than a purebred dog with deformities.
    I feel so sad for these dogs who have to go through such problems.
    That breeder does not even care for these dogs😔

  57. Fabiola Menéndez says:

    "And no one can agree how to save them"
    Well, how about make breeding ILLEGAL?

  58. Alsina Kiria says:

    I've never found these dogs attractive. I find no joy or beauty in suffering. I don't think they're cute. I feel nothing but disgust for anyone who would pay a breeder to abuse these dogs.

  59. tristanne says:

    Push your nose down and try to breathe. That is the kind of breathing those poor puppers have to do every day

  60. Mandu says:

    People who want certain breeds of dog, or exotic pets, it's almost always about them. They think it says something about them, a status symbol kind of thing. I can understand if you want a certain breed of dog for a certain use, like a bloodhound for hunting, but most people don't do that. All I know is that a mutt can give you the exact same companionship and love as a blue ribbon breed.

  61. Fredrika Jacobsson says:

    The wellbeing of the animal should always be highest priority, not human esthetic preference. I love these short snouted dogs and think they’re so cute. But at the end of the day, this is wrong.

  62. neoculturetea says:

    shouldn't this be banned?

  63. Kiera Myatt says:

    "Healthy Bulldogs"… well that's an oxymoron if I've ever heard one…

  64. Mak Ahern says:

    There are already so many unwanted and unloved dogs and cats in the world, why breed more?

  65. linh vu says:

    I agree… more awareness is needed for these type of dogs. My baby is 40% pug and died due to heatstroke and he was only in and out of the garden where it is fully shaded off that day. 😭

  66. not enough coffee says:

    BREED FOR THE BETTERMENT OF THE BREED! not for money, stop supporting puppy mills ask for health checks on the parents of any pups your interested in before buying a pure breed of any kind this will help change things even if it's only a little bit at a time also to you who say we shouldn't breed pure breeds at all yes we should why lose such an important part of our history and damn entire breeds to extinction because of your foolish desires. of course we shouldn't inbreed these animals, if it means keeping them healthy bringing in a different breed Is a must and also making sure not to breed in any defects that is recessive

  67. Silly Green Fairy says:

    Dogs with flat faces
    Their eyeballs pop out of their head
    That is terrifying

  68. no one says:

    Some people are just plain evil.

  69. Turk Willingston says:

    its called supply and demand. dont blame the breeder blame the consumers.

  70. Luca Pasa says:

    If your dog sounds like a pig, it’s not healthy.

  71. BlondyIronBlood says:

    Dude, the silence the breeder drags out, when the interviewer asks her if she is happy with how the breed currently is.
    That's a bloody red-ass flag, she's in bloody denial about the health-issues.
    Someone call Gordon Ramsay.

  72. whacckk says:

    Do your research on the breed u are thinking about getting. Pay extra attention to the health problems of the breed. Ask the breeder about any genetic problems about the parents.

    Stay away from flat-faced dogs :/

  73. ExistentialOcto says:

    “I’m not God” is such a dishonest reply. She’s a dog breeder, shes an expert in this field. She DOES know the benefits of the alternatives but she’s choosing to ignore it by pretending that it’s impossible to know. You know you’ve got someone who’s selfish and dishonest when they start dodging questions like that.

  74. joseph M says:

    Adopt a human , and give them love – maybe one day they will become rich and successful because of the love you gave .

  75. Purple Dawn says:

    I get so mad when breeders and other so called "breed lovers" just brush these problems off and say stuff like "oh, you can just give your dog a little procedure!"… if the majority of a breed needs surgery, then you've fucked up!

  76. Juan Caraballo says:

    That lady was inbred to look like a bulldog herself

  77. Afrodisiac says:

    Folks go to prison for chaining a dog to a pole, but these breeders will literally spawn wave after wave of horribly inbred, deformed animals for profit and clout amongst their peers. Disgusting

  78. CumberCube says:

    "Are being" you mean already have been right

  79. CumberCube says:

    Is there no way to breed these problems out over time?

  80. KEK Follower says:

    Breeders already make me sick, let alone one who breeds dogs that live agonizing lives. I my self have a dog mixed with english bulldog, pug, american bulldog, and pitbull. thankfully she is mix bred so she can breathe a little better but I still have to tend to her sometimes.

  81. Cristina says:

    I am so happy to see this is discussed and hopefully many future dog parents will opt for a shelter dog!

  82. BurntNoodles says:

    have you seen retro pugs? we should aim closer to retro pugs and try to turn bulldogs towards that goal.

  83. mutantmaster1 says:

    You should be able to hear a dog coming because it barks or the nails click-clack, not because it's making hard breathing noises

  84. Lelduck says:

    Of course her name is Karen.

  85. Dekunutcase says:

    A big problem is that we used to breed working dogs who had to be healthy, but now we breed for looks only and we're creating unhealthy dogs basically on purpose.

  86. Oliver Barron says:

    Jesus Christ Bulldogs are already deformed enough this just makes me more sad for them

  87. Meeka says:

    Stop pure breeding these dogs it’s similar to inbreeding by the fact that there are going to be health complications and mutations.

  88. Lucy Towey says:

    "I've never met a breeder who didn't love their dogs" vet who loves the money she gets from surgeries, are you insane? Most breeders, with only few exceptions, despise dogs. They treat them as disposable status items, and as scum. Dog breeders are infuriating, despicable, cruel, remorseless, antiethical and antisocial people.

  89. Ashley Flynn says:

    Stop. Breeding. Dogs.

  90. Ashley Flynn says:

    All this money they're wasting on bringing the suffering animals into the world when the shelters are full to bursting.

  91. Some Guy says:

    This is why I don’t really like cute little wrinkly pupniks
    I’m more of a German Shepherd kind of guy or basically any dog that still has some resemblance to wild dogs they descended from

  92. Some Guy says:

    My Perfect dog standard

    Relatively large
    Decent sized bodies
    Athletic body
    Longer snout
    Less wrinkles

    Or basically make the dog have a strong body that can support its own body and organs

  93. ayior says:

    In Germany there have been efforts to revert back to healthier pugs, called Retro-Mops (Mops German for Pug), specifically to combat this issue. I hope this trend will continue for other breeds.

  94. Realist Reset says:

    Current breed standards for these dogs make them ugly as sin. It's like people have some perverted attraction toward grotesque aesthetics and want to breed such abominations in these dogs.

  95. Spyrofury767 says:

    Remember kids: HYBRID VIGOR! Get mutts, hybrids etc because it doesn't perpetuate purebred notions.

  96. Doglover2019 says:

    No one can agree how to save them? How about give them their original looks back and stop inbreeding them. It’s ok for a dog to be brachiocephalic but if the face gets so flat it can barely breathe that’s a problem. Breeding dogs like that should be illegal

  97. Caity says:

    this is eugenics, plain and simple. it’s utterly sickening and should be illegal. if your dog is struggling to breathe and walk and it’s YOUR FAULT because you bred/bought from a breeder you shouldn’t just sit back and shrug your shoulders.

  98. Notmyrealname - says:

    Can this happen/does it happen with other dogs too?

  99. Notmyrealname - says:

    “I’m not god I don’t know” interesting how she says this when what these people are doing are trying to play god how can any human think they have the right to interfere with nature for these selfish reasons

  100. Hooveswrinkles Fivelittletwinkles says:

    This was hard to watch! My mom has a Frenchie and she breaths like this all the time! I breed Shar-Pei but I wouldn't want to compromise the health of my dogs if they had to live like this!

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