The Real Reason You Don’t Hear From Martin Lawrence Anymore

For much of the 1990s, actor and comedian
Martin Lawrence was one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, with a popular long-running
TV show, a hit stand-up album, and a string of box office hits. But Lawrence’s ascent started to stall toward
the end of the decade, and his star power has been fading ever since. So where did he disappear to? Here’s a look at what Martin Lawrence has
been up to over the years. Early fame Martin Lawrence began his entertainment career
as a stand-up comedian, but it wasn’t long before his act caught television producers’
attention, and he made his TV debut on the series What’s Happening Now!. In 1992, Lawrence was chosen to be the first
host of HBO’s Def Comedy Jam, and from there he found himself on the fast-track to fame. Not only did he land a role in the Eddie Murphy
comedy Boomerang, he also put his talents front and center with his very own Fox sitcom,
the aptly titled Martin. The show proved a major hit with audiences
and made its star a household name. That was enough to land him a role opposite
Will Smith in Bad Boys in 1995, and the rest, as they say, is history. Meltdown On the heels of major box office success,
Lawrence kept himself busy—maybe a little too busy. With his first post-Bad Boys role, the actor
set out to reaffirm his leading man status while proving he could write and direct, too. But the pressure of carrying a film almost
entirely on his own may have proved too much: weeks into filming the dark romantic comedy
A Thin Line Between Love And Hate, the actor had a meltdown on the set and was hospitalized
for exhaustion. Rather than take some time off, Lawrence continued
to book new work. In 1996, he suffered another episode, this
time stalking the streets of L.A. with a pistol while shouting at passing cars. His second bout with exhaustion led to another
hospital stay. This time, Lawrence got the message and stepped
away from the spotlight to heal. Personal drama While his professional fortunes skyrocketed,
Lawrence’s private life grew turbulent. The comedian spent much of the ’90s struggling
with personal issues that threatened to derail his career. He became engaged to Saved By The Bell actress
Lark Voorhies in 1993, but the relationship fell apart before year’s end. He rebounded by marrying former Miss Virginia
Patricia Southall in 1995, and the pair had two children together before divorcing in
1997. Big screen return Lawrence eased his way back into Hollywood’s
good graces in 1999 with a couple of successful comedies in Life and Blue Streak—but he
also found his way back into the tabloids while prepping for his next film, Big Momma’s
House. Lawrence collapsed while jogging in 100-degree
heat and ended up in a three-day coma. “And I just picked the hottest day of the
summer next thing I know I was asleep.” The production was delayed while he recovered,
but the time off didn’t hurt: when the film finally arrived in theaters in 2000, it raked
in close to $180 million worldwide. Just like that, Martin Lawrence was back on
top. Box office flops Unfortunately, Lawrence followed his Big Momma
success with a string of genuine misfires. What’s The Worst That Could Happen?, Black
Knight, and National Security all underperformed, and in spite of solid box office returns for
Bad Boys II and a Big Momma’s House sequel, he hasn’t managed to right the ship for good. With his movies continuing to miss the mark,
Lawrence tried to return to the medium he once dominated: television. Unfortunately, TV has proven a struggle as
well, as Lawrence has seen networks pass on his pilots. And the one series that did get picked up— Partners— lasted
just 10 episodes before getting the axe. Bad Boys bust No role seemed better suited to get Lawrence
back on track than a return to his big-screen breakout as Marcus from Bad Boys. “Now back up, put the gun down, and gimmie
a pack of Tropical Fruit Bubbalicious.” “And some Skittles.” After an extended period in development limbo,
Bad Boys III—a.k.a. Bad Boys For Life—got some good news when writer/director Joe Carnahan
came aboard. “It’s real, they workin’ on the script and
it it all looks good.” But just as things got cooking, the pieces
holding the sequel together fell apart. Carnahan left the project, and the studio
eventually pulled the film from its release slate. Like that, Lawrence’s big-screen comeback
was over before it even began. Semi-comeback Lawrence decided to take his talents back
to the stand-up stage in 2016. Martin Lawrence: Doin’ Time premiered on Showtime
and marked his first stand-up film in almost 15 years. Sadly, the Showtime special didn’t put Lawrence
back in the spotlight. Doin’ Time arrived with little fanfare, and
was met with critical indifference—but as with any other creative venture, there’s also
the possibility that he just needs to get warmed up again. It’s always possible that we’ll be seeing
a lot more of Martin Lawrence in the future. “Thank you very much.” “Break it down!” Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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100 Responses

  1. Looper says:

    What other actors should we feature next?

  2. PuI2ePLaYaZ says:

    Actually Bad Boy 3 out soon

  3. Bebop Rocksteady says:

    He has no acting range.

  4. Kayvee TheGoat says:

    We don't have to hear from him anymore. He certified.

  5. Garito Cledanor says:

    Martin Lawrence your fans love you bro

  6. Big Father88 says:

    Wait what?! Bluestreak and National Security are both hilarious. Those are the the type of movies we use to watch sitting at home during summer vacation, just flipping through channels. To be fair, I can admit that Blacknight & what’s the worst that could happen were both solid B- movies ??‍♂️ Martin Lawrence is easily an A-list celeb though

  7. Mads says:

    Who seriously gives a fuuuuuck?

  8. Superfly Dean says:

    smells like bullshit 2 me, how many people do u know that run around with a pistol naked in the streets screaming "They are gonna get me!" out of exhaustion? come on now-_-

  9. TappatopShotta says:

    Bad Boys 3 is on its way. I can't wait!

  10. Wolverine Scratch says:

    Bad Boys forever

  11. Steven Baksh says:

    National Security was amazing and funny

  12. narcissist boxing says:

    black night was a fuking good movie

  13. kindley fernand says:

    Kevin Hart is the greatest comic of all time

  14. D C says:

    I miss Martin. I used to watch Big Mama’s House all the time and The Black Knight.

  15. Go CPNG says:

    Running In Sweat Pants Should Tell Everything…

  16. Ant Morales says:

    "And some skittles"

  17. Ely Dot says:

    Everybody loses their F*cking minds once you have enter the gates of Hollyweird.

  18. cold chillin says:

    life and boomerang

  19. Patrick Traynor says:

    He will always be one of the greatest of all time funny is fuck I got your back Martin can't wait

  20. Tamera Pratt says:

    They're currently filming Bad Boys 3 now in Atlanta (I live here)

  21. Majestickilla13 says:

    National security is great

  22. STONEY BURK says:

    Yaw know what happened those demons in hellywood. messed him over dont act like you mtfs dont know how they mess over blacks in Hellywood.

  23. Jay 2Death says:

    We can't be friends if you ain't fuckin wit Martin he is a comedian legend n definitely a king of this stand up thing.

  24. Krazyk Bammon says:

    All his movies were fie idgaf what them white folks talking bout

  25. Black Pill says:

    Tisha a dude

  26. Dorothy Torrey says:

    Forget that Martin Lawrence still the man we love Martin Lawrence you're wonderful Martin just glad you gave Will Smith to play his partner if Will was some what like you not being weird liking men Oh yell no secret you two can be the talk of the town Bad Boys third going to blow you up again I just hope Will keep his side kick out the way when your fan praise you Jada is Will down fall we don't wanna see her just the men it's a man thing unless she got a dick too You should have stay single Will marrying a bull dragged looking like a transvestite

  27. A. C. Morris says:


  28. vanilla rock says:

    Nothing to lose is the best

  29. BEATZ4DAZ Global says:

    Clone breakdown

  30. Teresa Fuller says:

    Blue streak and life is my movie actually life is one of my favorite movie ever

  31. lexbogie1 says:

    He tried to break the Illuminati code and they punished him for it

  32. DOLO BROLIC says:

    You missed ….do the right thing and house party…..?

  33. Basir Abbas Gardezi says:

    Martin Lawrence – Will Smith – Kevin Hart — Bad Boys 3

  34. Lashunte Riley says:

    I love Martin I love everything about him and he too funny

  35. steven wright says:

    The only actor that cracks me up other then a couple others but all his movies are funny as fuck

  36. Aidengboy80 says:

    The real reason Looper makes theese videos. because of ad revenue

  37. Mikey Lewis says:

    Bad Boys 3 is coming out ?

  38. Vincent Costello says:

    Love Martin Lawrenceville…brilliant actor / comedian ??

  39. Vincent Costello says:

    Big Moma was so funny ??

  40. mendez campos says:

    Is he alive.

  41. Hero • says:

    Now hes gonna be back in Bad Boys 3 aka Bad Boys 4 life

  42. Gregory Jay Alexander Sharp says:


  43. Demontz DEMONTZ says:

    The reason you don't hear from Martin Lawrence, is because of his BIG! ego, like his huge ears!?

  44. VeeZie NhamoRuhwande says:

    Blue sreak and Big Momma's House are the best

  45. king quad s says:

    If a white girl tells a story about black man you know bias is the order of the day

  46. Ded Eyes says:

    They're filming Bad Boys for life now

  47. Abi Jake says:

    Hanky panky by virtue scripts a real feel good track under the radar summer feel to it

  48. Jake Cruz says:

    I want partners back with kelsey grammar and martin lawrence

  49. therealslimwhitie says:

    I think he stepped back like dave chappelle did he saw alot wrong with Hollywood and did not want to be part about it

  50. Francis Turner says:


  51. Eye Project says:

    Martin lawnrence has opened a lot of doors for a lot of actors, and actresses. Since his show in the 90s. People still mimic him in 2019

  52. John Kuch says:

    I wish, he is still acting;I love this brother.

  53. Bizo Letu says:

    My favorite actor Martin

  54. Football Videos says:

    Life 1999, is the most underrated movie ever.. Martin, king of comedy

  55. DahHell MusucVideosAndCovers says:

    So they not making Bad Boys 3 now damn.

  56. Living with Los says:


  57. Patricia Bradley says:

    All of Martin's shit was a nice and is good. Fake news

  58. williecopafeel ! says:

    How about talking dirty after dark

  59. williecopafeel ! says:

    Never heard of him pointing a gun at people in 96????!!!!

  60. Tiffany Williams says:

    Martin Lawrence ? is a LEGEND ?

  61. AeVerna Whitten says:

    Good luck to Martin Lawrence

  62. Rashad Sims says:

    To be honest I really think he has an ego problem like when Martin was good it was good but then he started mixing business with pleasure which is a big no no to begin why Fuck your money up for a piece of ass that 90 percent won't work out at all

  63. mattnova18 says:

    Martin was a great show. Bad boys was decent too

  64. THAT KID J THE DON says:

    Only person I can say I seen all your movies

  65. T Thomas says:

    He never lost Star Power…smh ?❤⭐

  66. Tom Woodman says:

    This didn't explain shit. "Why is he gone? He's not he'll be back lolol". Misleading title

  67. j blah says:

    These channels are garbage foh

  68. TRICE KLOVE says:

    I love everything Martin has done yes black knight as well everything this man is a legend for all his work he been going hard since the 80's mo money mo problems big said it best I rather continue being myself then to let Hollywood into my life

  69. Tony Stonee says:


  70. frank bean says:

    What was he yelling at the cars…..
    They are trying to kill me

  71. Etamot1 says:

    You forgot house party

  72. Jdwest6 says:

    “…eased his way back into hollywood’s good graces." The lady doing the voice over sounds like a tool.

  73. Ashley Castillo says:

    Yall forgot house party

  74. Janice R Handy says:

    We love tou Martin!!!

  75. Evangelist Betty Bailey says:

    Martin you know you can say some things and draw out some stuff to make the crowd die with laughter we love it !!! How can you think of all that hilarious drama? No I know that's your CALL in life you are anointed to bring a smile to other people face. I have listened to and watched your CD jokes and you are none stop on the things that comes to your mind. Martin you have done us proud over the years through your "Martin Sitcom Series" the "Big Mama" movies and so many more thanks and I applaud you. My brother we love you being the inspiring celebrity that you are because others are pulling from your humorous strength keep that trait active and alive. God said to let you know that he loves you Martin regardless to what you face or how you feel. God bless you from your sister in Christ in Hammond, LA.

  76. theresa webb says:

    Hate he disappeared from show business. Still watch his show.

  77. RNLovely Russell says:

    I love Martin. Hook up with Tyler Perry

  78. Dean Beith says:

    Martin claimed the Illuminati was out to kill him. They typically make people look crazy who bring attention to the secret society.

  79. Godshizz T.V. says:

    As soon as I heard her voice ?

  80. Christopher Matthias says:

    Would love to see bad boys 3

  81. Hulk Smash 24/7 says:

    They may have flopped at the box office, but "Black Knight and "What's the Worst that can Happen" were excellent movies. Perhaps Martin should go back on tour.

  82. Tim Deepdog says:

    Who feel like they personally know martin

  83. stimulusmaximus • says:

    Martin, you still the man. No worries. I loved Black Knight and Blue Streak. Trust your fans.

  84. Johnny Appleseed says:

    you don't see him because he smoked it all up . Said the wrong shit to the right producer. lol

  85. Johnny Appleseed says:


  86. Dwayne Choyce says:

    they cloned that boy

  87. David Perez says:

    They need to bring that show Martin back…

  88. Wimble Dan says:

    Because he's not funny

  89. Jesse Mendoza says:

    All his movies are good. The directions might have been a miss on some of them but he’s dope I man com on. It’s Martin.

  90. Jae West says:

    This whole thing is inaccurate. He was when he shouted in the streets. Him and his ex wife only have one child together.

  91. Savannahthickness says:

    We love you Martin ? a true legend you are!

  92. Joseph Brandon says:

    Make a new one because they keep asking Martin if he's back "oh i think he's back" Keanu voice

  93. AussieBlokeGordo says:

    I find when he's paired with someone he's brilliant, but when he's the lead role I don't really like him

  94. King Murphy says:

    Y'all lying you have no idea. Stop telling false Information. Where are the white folks at and all the cocaine they do and the pedelophiles!!! If you gonna talk tell it all. Don't just dog out African Americans

  95. MsYasmin016 says:

    Maybe because he’s stinking rich?

  96. Craig D Jones says:

    First of all. National Security was absolutely hilarious and they should've made a part two.

  97. liam devlin says:

    No one mentioned wild hogs…that was proper funny, and had a great cast.

  98. Kirk Miller-Lewis says:

    What about Spike Lee's Do the right thing and House Party 1 and 2

  99. Bike Life 4Life says:

    I completely disagree with most of what she says. I never thought of Martin having a flop film just some funnier than others.

  100. Dethia Dungan says:

    I wanna say martin I have enjoyed u from the beginning, this is 2019, I am 60, n when I don't have a reason to laugh YOU provide it, as a black women I think you were n r a genius of black comedy, thank you

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