The Rise of the AVOGADRO (ft. Minus the Cat)

Hello everyone this is me and… Um this guy named the Avogadro, I don’t know who he is. He’s probably some Acquaintance at school who is playing a prank. But anyways, he made a video on me and Two of my friends as well He said three will turn into two will turn into one. Um, so I think someone is hunting me down and Im a bit scared actually. I don’t know. I don’t know what’s gonna happen to me. AHHH im just kidding This isn’t serious honeslty. I I don’t really I don’t really know this intentions are but uh hes probably just gonna Leave it alone. Or something. Um, but I yeah, I just wanted to cover this So yeah lets watch! Whoever you are you are terrible at being creepy Like maybe try again someday You know when you’re like about ten years older then maybe you can be creepy. Uh but not right now Wonder where he gets the name, the avogadro? Hm I guess we will never know very mysterious Who is going to be first who going to be second and who is going to be 3rd? Who’s gonna be 3rd? I want to know I want to know please I Want to know who is going to be first who’s going to be second and who’s gonna be third? Now to combat the inevitable death That will probably be caused by avogadro I have a little battle cat I would like to show you (hold on) (angry meow) Um, this is my battle kitty he is going to be defending me from the avogadr- LET ME GO He is very unsteady right now um FUCK YOU Dont worry you can fight against the avogadro I know your very scared FINALLY AH I think thats going to end it for this video uh bye, and to the avogadro My cat is coming for you Go get him mino! NO I IM NOT FUCK YOU Avogadro I know your address ok (i dont that was a joke) (gibberish)

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