The Sad Reason Why This Cat Keeps Hiding In The House, Trembling In Fear Is.. | Kritter Klub

Salgu~ Went in the fridge before Salgu! Gurrrrllll Salgu! The washing machine this time..? What’s up Guardian : Used to be sweet, and come when called But little by little, she started hiding… Far from social life.. From the closet To the ceiling +_+ Stay in the room! Now even Hides in the litter box Get lost! Even attacks..! What’s up with you, Salgu..? Nah! I don’t wanna talk to anyone! Guardian : Cats are normally clean So it’s hard to imagine for her sitting in the litter box like that What is Salgu so afraid of..? While mom’s gone… Meowwww!! Salgu’s being attacked.. The one who chases after And teases Salgu… is Liz Salgu’s childhood friend But now.. They fight to the death They became an enemy… Guardian : Liz was adopted when she was 3 months old, but was abandoned again That’s when Salgu started hiding… Since Salgu came back home, their relationship changed Guardian : I can’t give up on Liz I hope that Salgu and Liz get along And live long together… How to fix Their broken relationship Vet arrives to help Salgu Liz attacks That freak again I would rather hide man.. Vet : It’s similar to autism as she has kept being cast down from the continuous attacks She’s daunted The solution for Salgu..? Vet : Preparing a safe space for Salgu will help her relieve the stress and anxiety Remodeling for Salgu! Until she regains confidence, Salgu needs some alone time Can she go back to usual? A few days later Finally Salgu reunites with her friends Fortunately, they welcome her back

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100 Responses

  1. Kritter Klub says:

    Salgu : Don't bully your fwends!

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  2. Rose Thorn says:

    Not to be rude but that is WAAYYY too many cats in a VERY cramped small space..of course they are fighting…not enough space for them all

  3. Ayo Joy says:

    When they are fighting always spray water in the aggressive cat face – the one that started the fight. It really works. It will make the cat stop attacking the other cat. Use a spray bottle and spray into face of only the aggressive cat. It will stop it from attacking. Keep doing it until each time it fights and it will gradually stop the habit of fighting.

  4. Fazira Sirat says:


  5. Umatsu Obossa says:

    I have one cat that sometimes gets mean with the others. I stand up for them myself against him because he's so much bigger than them too. I don't hurt him, but I see him starting, I get up and say in a low growling-like tone for him to stop fighting. MOST times he'll look at me and get the hint. If he refuses to back down, I'll make a loud noise, clap or something similar. That's USUALLY as much as it ever takes. But if he's being REALLY stubborn I'll go over and give him a push away from the other cat, and that's never not been enough. He'll grudgingly stand down and then for a long while will get along and be nice again.

  6. Mr. Cool says:

    หมอเก่งมาก อยากเป็นหมอแมวบ้างจัง😁😁

  7. syaoran sakura says:

    That docter from creamheroes too. When claire take her child, She go to that vet Man too

  8. Hesril Yusuf says:

    Mantap boss ku

  9. Apay Dado says:

    Aku suka ramen

  10. You Mee says:


  11. pratiksha dhote says:

    Ohh that common doctor in cream hero's channel

  12. Akash Sharma says:

    The poor cat was not just bullied by other cats but the owners as well for thinking they can keep so many non related cats in such a confined place and then she says she doesn't want ro lose any of her cats
    They will probably get another one if they came across one helpless cat

  13. Occam's Razor says:

    If someone grabbed two handfuls of my skin, I would avoid them like the plague. You do not know how to care for a cat like this.

  14. Cinzia Arturo Esposto says:


  15. Ирина Лазаренко says:

    Показуха, КИ НО!

  16. Business AsUsual says:

    One day the cats will gang up and eat you 😊

  17. ท้องฟ้า สีคราม says:

    I will hit both cats with a small stick. When they chase and tell them not to bite again. When I touch the small stick the cat will stop immediately.

  18. Witchayapron Prasarntree says:


  19. Sabine Reimann says:

    Tooomany cats in a to small Apartment,the cats dont like That

  20. emi x says:


  21. irene100001 says:

    monha gata tb era fusurada na irma ainda bem q ela se foi primeiro

  22. أبو تيم says:

    صاحب القناة هل انت عربي من إي بلد انت ولماذا لايوجد ترجمة لهاذا الفيديو

  23. Cappuchino Latte says:

    It start when i feed 2 neighbouring cat(it got collar). it stay and breed 4 kitten but only 1 survive since idk where she put the kitten when i found their first hiding place (its my first time). Now its been 2 year. I have try not to give them food for 1 day but it broke my heart. Idk how the feeling of cat owner when she missing. I feed it because of how cute is it. Is it my fault?

  24. Asian Chloe says:

    It was actually a relief seeing Liz come back being friend with Salgu

  25. Sarva Yoga says:

    Well the reason is clear: cats are territorial, that means you can't have more than 2 in such a tiny space. The owners should not be allowed to have cats again, they don't understand how cats function.

  26. кити лэнд says:

    Это. Хорошо🤗😇😄

  27. кити лэнд says:

    Hello. Hi. 🙋🙋🙋

  28. Susana Farroni says:

    A los gatos no hay que agarrarlos como los agarra esa chica,si e gato se esconde es porque le está pasando algo evidentemente,creo que no saben tratarlo bien,puede estar enfermo,celoso o con algún problema emocional

  29. Susana Farroni says:

    Me alegro que lo pudieron solucionar

  30. mikinonono98 says:

    Is Salgu me? 😂😂😂

  31. florence clement says:


  32. BellowD Gaming says:

    cats that don't get along isolate them and then show them to the other cats through through the clear mirror or just peek, if they're still hostile keep them apart still till they get along, it's pretty much territorial scent and dominance.

  33. ゴモゴモ says:


  34. shahi Ambika says:

    Babies y u r fighting with each other….live happy together….love u babies muahhhhh babies…always stay blessed happy healthy😍😍🤗🤗

  35. Janusz Magda says:

    OOO Kurwa a tutaj jestem Zly !!! Po co pokazywac koty, ktore sie nie lubia ?

  36. Tuana'nın T'esi says:

    My favorite channel❤️

  37. Sadie. *Oh Arthur* says:

    I would get rid of the other cat tf..

  38. Hui Hui says:


  39. Chio Aviles says:

    Que bien que lograron congeniar de nuevo y vivir en paz.

  40. Eduardo Teodoro Dantas says:


  41. The Card man says:

    I'm so depressed with this cat hider.

  42. BaPe Juice says:

    Never EVER pick up a cat for the sides. That actually hurts them

  43. test account says:

    Soul is missing


    Bad energy

  45. Brother Esquire says:

    No.. this will not stop. They will keep coming back to fighting, it's a territory thing. Maybe even hatred. Liz saw you treat that cat better and got jealous. You figured it out to late
    And he was being beat for months. Takes time to develop that habit of fear and hiding. Pay more attention to you pets. They fought in front of you and you didn't pick up on it. This is your fault Liz needs a spanking not a doctor. She would have learn that fighting means getting 3 pops. And it would have stopped.

  46. Gaesae Ho says:

    I hate liz

  47. Ken Redington says:

    Looks like a territory issue, as they get older one chases off all others in their territory.

  48. Anis zaharah Yaacob says:

    Normal at first they are fighting a bit..slowly they will be friend..actually i understand how the owner long she love n take care of them..i think theres no wrong way or right long those cats happy n healthy..for me as a mother for more than 10 cats inc 1 kitten also including strays im happy seeing those cats in good condition and clean..

  49. Cat Roxy Potyike says:

    Aaawww.. so happy that they are friends again..❤❤❤❤❤

  50. Endang EsEr says:

    Stupid owner thats too many cats

  51. Dan Li says:

    Territorial claim. This is natural and the instinct for a cat.

  52. Justin Time says:

    The way this woman handles that cat, little wondef it is afraid.

  53. Roki _Rix-a says:

    Nie bierz tego kota za skure to go boli !!!😡

  54. Vasiliy 999 says:


  55. Mike fishead says:

    Owner is hoarding cats and dosen't treat the poor cat with love shouldn't be allowed to have pets, or kids

  56. ItsyNibbles says:

    had to stop at 00:56. no wonder this cat is scared.

  57. Susan Young says:

    She handles that cat like a sack of potatoes.

  58. Evil Brynn says:

    Autism is not like that…

  59. Наталья Наджафова says:

    Мои пушистые кошки так гоняли сфинкса.
    Хотя все они у меня подкидыши или найденыши.

  60. Ken Lee says:

    Too many cats in a small space but even accommodating these cats could be possible if they created some high spaces for one or two of the cats to own as their space. Where are the high spaces such as shelves/platforms for the cats to walk – there are none, no cat tree in sight, and the place is cluttered. Of course, lots of playtime for the 'aggressive' cat to tire her out so she doesn't need to pick on her fellow feline.

  61. Marilene Maia says:

    Ufaa graças a Deus terminou bem á história parabénssss pelos donos ter tomado essa atitude pra ajudar os gatos Deus abençoe a vida deles

  62. RUмяна says:

    как-то слишком быстро и просто все прошло…

  63. Urvashi Dubey says:


  64. Yerlan Samarkanov says:

    Ваша проблема в том, что вы мыслите человеческими взаимоотношениями. Но кошки это хищники, у них должна быть своя личная территория, и рано или поздно проблема снова вернётся.

  65. Arelya Çiçek says:

    Vay edepsiz liz vaaayyyy

  66. Reporter Morcego says:

    this is bullying :

  67. Furkan Taşgur says:

    Yaratma lafı öylece kullanılmaz.

  68. TOP TUBE says:

    00:52 Noooo please 😣😣 do not raise your cat in this painful way 00:52, do you not know how to carry it from under its stomach as all people do?
    Anyway thanks for adopting all this cats and share with them your little house 💋👍😘.

  69. Inés says:

    It is not responsible to have so many cats in a so small place… that house is overcrowded, looks like a prison…

  70. Inés says:

    That cat is looking for an own territory…. he is in stress…. poor cat

  71. Vanessa Santa cruz says:

    Hola yo también tengo varios gatitos y hay uno que lo queremos mucho, pero siempre que puede pega a una de las gatas…probamos muchas cosas y no resultaron y sinceramente lo mejor es estar pendiente de que el gato no pegué…y disciplinarlo cuando lo hace, pienso que así entiende que no debe hacer eso.

  72. Артём Заречнев says:

    желаю лиз и салгу больше не ссорится а также счастья, любви, заботы, удачи, мира и спокойствия

  73. Redness43 says:

    How about subtitles????

  74. Alex K says:


  75. mr.Zvereff ! says:

    Все красавцы!Я рад,что у них мир!

  76. Валентина Хлабова says:


  77. Super Nova says:

    Too many cats in that small space and seems like she only has 1 litter box for all those cats ! Also she needs to clean out the poop from the litter box! I’m sure it stinks of pee in the house! That can also stress the cat if they are constantly smelling other cats piss. And she also sits in that box which is not clean
    I hope they can all get along together and not just for the “show” that cat was terrified

  78. Emma Poli says:

    Non ci ho capito nulla … non potete mettere nel video anche una spiegazione dei dialoghi ? Sono iscritta al canale … guardo …ma ancora non comprendo giapponese e cinese …grazie

  79. Nargis Ahmed says:

    Wouldn’t it be common sense to remove one of the cats, she’s clearly being bullied by the other cat but I’m glad you sorted the problem.

  80. JURAGAN QUMEL says:

    😢…always together please.
    I so said…

  81. Raine Raine Go Away says:

    Awwww i am SO happy she has stopped hiding and being bullied!!! That was so hard to watch!!! What a sweet baby she is!!!!

  82. the Celtic Crone says:

    As soon as I saw the other cats, her So Desperate to HIDE that she’s in a Washer, Too of the Closet & Even The USED Litter Box…..I KNEW She Was Being BULLIED!!!
    Finding out that it was her childhood friend, (I’m right @1:33), I’m Wondering…
    Are they Both the Same Sex (the cat looks like a she to me) & have they Both been Spayed/Neutered?????
    I’m wondering because a Female Cat who’s IN HEAT, CAN Become AGGRESSIVE Towards “Rival” Females & dame with Male Cats who have Matured.
    (I’m unpausing to see if I’m correct)
    Ok, so I was Wrong about the cause. I’m American and have never heard of Autism being Attributed to Cats, nor have I ever heard of or seen that Purring Technique. I’ve got to admit…
    as a Rescue & Foster for Neonatal/Feral Kittens & Cats….I’m going to TRY That Out!!! I LOVE It when I can Learn Something NEW!!!
    So, from All my Future Fosters (who may not always Get Along), MANY THANKS!!!!! 😻😻😻

  83. Анастасия Сазанавец says:

    Маленький его обижают поэтому, он прячется 😢, рада что их отношения налаживаются.

  84. สุทธินันท์ บุญเรียง says:


  85. Gogi Jo says:

    Ну нашел ты русский комент. Миссия выполнена.

  86. Afitiya Lestari says:

    Docter cream heroes

  87. luis alberto amarilla jimenez says:

    lo mejor es que tenga otra casa, por ejemplo tu suegra o madre y asi tiene su propio espacio, tanto gato y con tan poco espacio es normal las peleas

  88. Carlo Martin Parmisana says:

    At the start of the video i already knew that the cat is being attacked. Upon seeing those grey cats, i knew that the hiding cat is being constantly attacked. I got this feeling that these owners dont know how to take care of their pets and dont even bother observing or studying the behavior of their pets.

  89. White DeeJay says:

    A really good video. I'm suffering the same situation with two of my cats which actually is a mother and daughter relationship. I'm going to try this method for them. And I'm pretty sure lots of cat owners have the very same problem.

    Thank you very much for this video!.

  90. Fred Smurf says:

    Cats are very territorial and need space. Good job of the veterinarian to give some good advice that was followed.

  91. Anne Cote says:

    Knitter Klub can you please tell me where is the ‘CC’ Button for English subtitles???

  92. павел никифоров says:


  93. Angela Tsatsoulis says:

    Dear lady you were far too rough with the poor scared cat!! YOU DO NOT PICK UP CATS BY ITS FUR/SKIN!

  94. Genoveva García says:


  95. Fuji Tafevi says:

    too many stuff

  96. Fuji Tafevi says:

    too many stuff

  97. UR says:

    Such a sweet cat. And her owners and the vet are really trying to help her/him.
    It's a good idea to separate a cat that's being bullied by other cats for some time and give it a place where it feels safe. And to ask a vet for advice.
    The owners are good people who care for their animals.

  98. Amalia Villanueva Gonzalez says:

    A mí me parece que Liz no lo acepta, mejor sería encontrar un nuevo hogar para uno de los dos, por los ataques que veo no me extraña que Salgu esté aterrado y se esconda, eso no es vida para él ,pobrecito 😔,

  99. SOURAVE MEL says:

    So you telling me the grey cat had to do some time lol he caught a bid lol

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