The Secret To Training Puppy Ears To Stand Up Without Tape

– This is the key to
perfect ears right here. (dog barking) Bolo has an ear problem and not an ear problem that
you’re probably thinking. It’s that … see if you can
get him to put his ears up. Ready. Set. Ready. You can kind of see. One is up and one is down. Now, I don’t normally care too much about whether puppy’s ears are up or down. And some of you are probably thinking why do you even care at all? Just leave them the way
that they’re supposed to be. And some people have very
strong feelings about that. Cool. If that’s how
you feel, that’s great. Me, they need to match.
It’s just how I feel. So I’m going to see if I
can do some crafty work to help Bolo have matching ears. So the process of getting
the dog’s ears to stay up is not really that complicated. And I have a method that
I’ve used the last few times that has been really, really successful and really easy in comparison to some of the things that
I’ve done in the past. So I’m going to be using
Breathe Right strips today and that might sound a little bit weird, but they’re actually the perfect
thing to use for dog’s ears because they’re lightweight. They have really sticky
stuff on the back of them. And then there’s this little
metal bar that goes up the middle of them that helps sort
of secure the ear in place without weighing it down. So they’re just awesome. Now, before I put them in, I have to make sure that
the dog’s ears are clean. So I’ll just sort of
clean the dog’s ears out. Make sure there’s not a lot of hair, so that I can get the Breathe Right strip stuck to as much of the skin as possible. And then I just stick the
Breathe Right strip right inside. And I try to stick it right
where the crease would be where the ear would bend. And that sort of allows the ear to stay perfectly straight up. And then after a few weeks, the ear starts to get used
to being in that position and it starts to get stronger. The muscles in the ear
starts to get stronger and then they start to stand up a little bit more on their own. Now, the trick is to make sure that as soon the Breathe
Right strips falls out, because it only stays
in for a couple days, that you put it right back in immediately so that you don’t miss any days. Sometimes, it just takes a few weeks. Sometimes, it takes a little bit longer. If the Breathe Right strip doesn’t stick, sometimes we’ll have to
use like a bit of glue. There’s special glue that we use to put inside the dog’s ears so
that it’s safe for them, but it’s really not that big of a deal. And Bolo already has one sticking up, so I just have to deal
with the one that’s floppy. And just hope for the best
and hope that it works. (gentle music) This is exciting. I get to
go meet baby Parker now. My good friend, Meg, had a
baby boy earlier this week. And I get to go meet him, which I can’t tell you how excited I am. This is such a big deal. Meg and I have been friends since we were like in
grade 6 or 13 years old. And it is just … I
can’t wrap my mind around the fact that we are leaving
one portion of our life and going into the next where everybody’s getting
married and having babies. And it’s crazy town. I can’t even explain. But in saying that, I’m excited that I get to be Auntie Kayl even more. My best friend, Jamie,
also has two little girls. And I have been Auntie Kayl to
them since they were babies, since they could talk. And playing the aunt role is really fun. I’m looking forward to when
my little brother and sister have children as well. Not yet. Lexi’s getting married as we know. Yeah, it’s super exciting. So I’m going to head over
to Meg’s sister’s house and hangout with the whole Robinson crew, their families, their kids. It just brings it back to old
times when we were younger and we were all getting up
to shenanigans together. So it’s going to be a great afternoon. (gentle music) Hey, Meg. It is graduation time and I have a little surprise for you. You got all excellents on your
stays and on your recalls, so I have a small portion
of that … actually, no. It’s not me at all. It
was all you and all them, but they’re going to show
off their diplomas for you. Here they are everybody.
Yay. Good. We missed ya. (gentle music) So I’m just heading into the arena. I have Jamie’s and Angela’s
gifts with me right now. And I’m going to give them to them. They don’t know they’re coming, so hopefully they’re surprised and happy. – [KAYL] Hey, girls. I have prezzies. – And you’re vlogging us for this too. – [KAYL] Yeah. – Oh, geez. – [KAYL] The vlog already saw
me buy them earlier this week and package them up. – Oh, god. – [KAYL] So now, they will
also see the unveiling. Ready? – Ready. – [KAYL] She’s nervous. (laughs) – Go ahead and lie down. – [KAYL] So there is two
things for the competition, one thing for the plane ride,
and one thing for the hotel. I have all of your bases
covered my dears. Are you ready? – Yeah. – [KAYL] Okay. This one’s for you. – Okay. – [KAYL] And this one’s for you. – Should we open it at
the exact same time? – [KAYL] But you have the same thing. It’s just slightly variations, so that they’re more
personalized to each one of you. – Oh, oh, oh, it’s
jingling and it jangles. – [KAYL] It jingles and it jangles. – Oh. – Oh. – [KAYL] So this is a double whammy. – Lie down. – [KAYL] You can a, wear it as a bracelt, or, b, you also can
put it on your shoelace at the base of your shoe. So when you go in the ring,
you have a little reminder. – Oh, I want to wear it as a bracelet. – [KAYL] So what does yours say, Ang? – Make it happen. – [KAYL] Yeah, it says make it happen. Because that’s Ang’s
attitude when she’s in class. She’s like that’s it, I’m
going to make it happen. – Yeah. – Make it happen. Yeah, it is. – [KAYL] And what does yours say? – It’s in the wrapper. – [KAYL] Jamie’s like,
oh, wow, I just got beads, but no saying. Thanks, Kayl. – Awe. (laughs) – [KAYL] And what does yours say? – Never give up. – [KAYL] And not that
you normally give up, but it’s just going to give you that extra little fire to fight on. – An extra non giving up. – Non giving up, won’t do it. – So you can wear them- – So this is for the competition? – [KAYL] Yeah, you can wear
them at the competition. Or, those things also
can go on your shoelace, at the bottom, if you want. – I’m going to wear it as a braclet. – Me too. Go and lay down.
It’s nothing for you. – And my next thing is big. – Me too. – Okay. (laughs) – Oh. – Oh. – [KAYL] So this is awesome. So it’s a traveler wine glass, but in the bottom, there is a wine opener. It’s all in one go, girls. – Nice. I like it. – So what is this for? – [KAYL] This is for the hotel room. – Okay. – I mean, and for the show
site if you really want, but- – Very good. – [KAYL] Yeah. – We’ll be using that. Lie down. – [KAYL] Also, by the way,
while this is happening, tired dogs are hanging out. And our good friend,
Kaylee, from Paul’s therapy is giving Ms. Winkadink a
little session before she goes. – Oh, I love this. – Oh. – [KAYL] So these are
just good for the go. – They’re excellent. They’re good.. – [KAYL] You can never have too many. So if you already some, what’s one more? – Do you think that we could put this in the crate while they travel? – [KAYL] Like in the
plane? No, I wouldn’t. – No. – [KAYL] I would like put
it in like your go bag. – Okay. So it’s like good to go? – [KAYL] Well, you could probably, but Jamie’s dog would eat hers. (laughs) – Mines not going to eat it. – [KAYL] This dog right here. And I only say that
because I have its sister and she would do the same thing. (laughs) – This is for the plane. – [KAYL] That’s for the plane. And I had to get Jamie peanut butter. – Yes. – Nice. – It’s essential. – [KAYL] That’s it. That’s
all that’s in there. – Thank you. That is very nice. – Yeah, very thoughtful. – [KAYL] You’re welcome. I’m
sad that I can’t come with you. – Well, we’re sad that
you’re not coming too. – [KAYL] But I feel like
it’s going to be really good and I’m glad you guys get
to go and have each other. – It will be a lot of
fun, but we will miss you. – [KAYL] Yeah. – Shall you hug us? – [KAYL] Oh, I shall. – For the vlog? – [KAYL] Yeah, we’ll turn the vlog around. – It’s a kiss circle. (laughs) – Oh my god. (gentle music)

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29 Responses

  1. McCann Dog Training says:

    Do you have a preference? Prick ears or floppy ears? A combination of both?

  2. Mandolina Moon says:

    Nice video.  What is the purpose of the machine (suction?) that is being used on the dog at the end of the video?

  3. pretty money says:

    Dang… Did it work or what 😮

  4. Julia E Brown says:

    Be VERY careful if you use breathe right strips- the glue irritated my boston puppy's ears. I switched to nexcare cloth tape instead (3 layers) since it's breatheable and doesn't irritate them.

  5. Marie Gunsolley says:

    Is this a collie? Aren't they supposed to tip at the top?

  6. x13years says:

    there is a ton of hair on the inside of the ear.. did you shave it?

  7. Natalia Quiles says:

    My mal just turned 1yr has one floppy ear would it still work?

  8. Bailey Pup says:

    This method is useless and does not attach well. Do not attempt this method or waste your time.

  9. Andrew Routh says:

    Man that’s really smart. Thanks for this

  10. Sarah Weaver says:

    I have a black pittie lab mix… She has pittie ears that aren't SUPPOSED to stand up.
    I don't want them to stay up lol
    However. She looks like a bat when they sometimes stand up when she lays down, etc, and so for Halloween we are gonna make her a bat.

    Do you think it might be ok to do this for her ears to stand up for just a few hours for a Halloween party?

  11. NatalieRae says:

    I'm going to attempt this on a year and a half German shepherd I recently adopted, one of Thunders ears stands up perfect, the other one floppy, I'm just hoping that with his age that it's not too late to correct it. Is it worth a try or too late to try this? Thanks

  12. Ale Pampena says:

    Hey, I have a husky pup who is 7.5 weeks and one ear is completely floppy and the other depends on the day. Is it too early to try this trick or should i give it some more time ?

  13. Jaelinn Charboneau says:

    I have a almost 8 month German Shepard and one of her ears stand up and the other doesn't is she too old to do it?

  14. Katie Robinson says:

    What age should you tape their ears? I have a frenchton pup she’s 10 weeks old

  15. shania mcintyre says:

    What age is best for tapeing a border collie puppy's ears using the breath right strips

  16. CerulianSins says:

    I adopted a 1 year old Yorkie and i was wondering if this would work for her ears she is prone to ear infections and its hard to keep them pin back since she keeps taking it off.

  17. Jean Herrera says:

    Ken I need help! My husband and I have a 3.5 month Blue frenchie and his ears are half stood up. We love him to pieces but I know my husband is pretty bummed they haven't stood. We need your help! Is he too old or could this work? ANY and ALL advice WELCOME! 🙂

  18. hurstfamily6 says:

    What kind of glue are you using that you said was safe?

  19. Dianna Casey says:

    Hi! I’m watching your video about the floppy ear. I’m like you and want them the same. We are about to adopt a Frenchie. He is 1.5 years old. He was a stud that was going to be put down bc they were done with him. So sad! Do you think the breathe right strip will work since he is older? Thank you!

  20. Linda Dennis says:

    Love your posted video!

  21. Michelle Rojo says:

    Would this work on a malamutes ears , his got a lot of hair on the back of his ears and his ears are a bit to floppy. His only 5 months old though

  22. Oaktree Lady says:

    What is the glue to stick the Breath-right strips back in? Why is it a secret, is it just Tear Mender by VAL-A CHICAGO, INC? All the other sites recommended it.

  23. michele garcia says:

    what kind of glue did you use 🙁

  24. Honey Bunny says:

    Why don't people like there dogs the way they are…..

  25. Icepawz says:

    My collie's ears are a mix of both. He always flops them in opposite ways. He used to just stick them up without anything but now he puts them down all the time. It upsets me, but I don't mind too much because his ears aren't what I love, it him.

  26. Stephanie Rojas says:

    I have a german shepherd 11 weeks bit ears have not stand up yet when does his ears stand up??

  27. Sarang Sonaye says:

    My 6 month old pom has one ear is half Stand

  28. Ronny Golden says:

    This is working great for my Husky/Border Collie! Thank you for the help!

  29. Kieran Basra says:

    Does this work with dogs with cropped ears?

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