The Sims 4: Raising YouTubers as PETS – Ep 1 (CAS & House Tour | Cats & Dogs Expansion)

Hey guys! And welcome to The Sims 4 Raising youtubers as pets series! So, this video is coming out two days before The Sims 4 cats and dogs pack is released to everybody. And that is thanks to EA sending me an early access code Thank you so much! You have no idea how excited I am! I have not made a pet on this yet This is gonna be my first pet! Creation video and as you can see my sim is back in all of her beauty however, I have changed her everyday outfit slightly. Look it! I have paw print pants ! Yay! You may notice that Bobby is not joining me. I may add him later like I did for the first series, but I want to see how this goes because I’m very new to Adding pets to The Sims 4. So we’re gonna see how just I handle things for now and I’m gonna get right into starting to make my pet animal since /Youtubers in animal form and I’m going to create them in the order that they were created for the first season of raising youtubers, which means that we have Yammy XOX up first. And I’ve decided to make Yammy a cat. Oh my god! It’s so cute! What is it wearing? It’s wearing a hoodie! Oh my god. I didn’t know they could have clothes. Oh my god. It’s sushi. OH MAH GOD I’m gonna die guys think it’s too cute. She’s a friggin taco, so we are starting all of the animals off as Babies, oh mah god, which is probably gonna make my house chaos, but that’s okay. That’s the whole point what the heck is this oh? It’s so cute oh my heart oh myl God oh my god, so Yammy owns two dogs But she just got a kitten named Astrid who is a ragdoll cat and looks exactly like this So I am gonna make yammy a ragdoll cat as well however She is gonna be a super colorful ragdoll cat so that it looks like yammy in animal version Oh my gosh, so she can either be super fluffy or not so fluffy kind of like the not so fluffy for her Yeah, its properties closer you get to her hair color I’m just gonna speed it up from here. I think All right, and here is Yammy as a ragdoll cat I made her fur even more like the color of her regular hair And then I gave her the ragdoll markings that Astrid has and then They don’t have brown eyes for cats so I gave her this orange-y color cause that’s like on the dark End of the scale I guess and yeah I gave her her cat eye eyeliner because you had to you had to for yammy give her the cat Eye, eyeliner, and she is so cute like this is her sitting. This is her standing up This is her on her her back. Oh my gosh. She’s so cute, okay? What traits can I put for a yammy cat I’ll say playful woo a prowler. Oh, I’ll say Curious Yes, all right moving on the next person I made was Scott now Scott’s a tricky one, but I think I’ll make him a dog oh my god Scott did you just poop I Didn’t even know they could do that or a puppy. Oh my god alright What kind of dog would Scott be perfect a Scottish terrier because Scott’s name is Scott Scott? It’s from Scotland, and his user name is dangthatsalongname. This got the Scottish terrier We got tail options. I guess I’ll leave the one that comes with a normal Scottish terrier Also, if you’re wondering about the outfits puppies can’t wear the clothing It’s when they get older that I’ll give them outfits time to be teal puppy, and I’ll speed things up now (music) I’m going to make Scott fluffy only because when he becomes an adult. He looks like this. It is so cool He looks like one of those Dinosaur Things from Jurassic Park that shoots poison Yes Scott. Yes. He’s gonna be a fluffy little thing. This is way too much fun (music) Alright and here is Scott the Scottish terrier He’s teal because Scott has teal hair right now and got blue eyes cause Scott has blue eyes And you may be wondering why I put this on It’s because I mean I’m continuing the joke from the first series of Raising Youtubers that Scott is the wrost and I mean, its paying tribute to the dog that I started out with when I started making him that pooped Right on the create-a-sim screen, but look. It’s a kawaii smiling little poopy. It’s cute. It’s cute Scott What are Scott’s traits? I’ll say friendly Scott is friendly. troublemaker of course and vocal yes Are you so cute the next one? I’m gonna make is Lizzie Who of course is gonna have to be a cat kitten? That is I’m trying to find a cat that looks like bunnies I mean a lot of them look like bunny, but I don’t know what breed buddy actually is I dunno. I kinda like this one alright. Let’s speed things up (Music!) All right, and this is Lizzy kitty. I gave her a little bit of eyeliner And I put these little hearts on the back because for some reason I thought it looked like Lizzy It’s like My Little Pony, cutie marks. Yeah, she’s so cute All right What are Lizzie’s traits. Tryna pick different ones from Yammy . Lets say Affectionate matches the hearts on her on her butt free spirit, and I’ll say fluffy Alright so next up is Joel aka smallish beans, and I’m going to make him a dog And I’m gonna try and model him after their dog marry So I forget exactly what kind of dog Mary is but this one as an adult looks similar So I’m gonna go with this one which is a German Spitz and because I’m having so much fun having rainbow-colored pets I’m gonna make Joel’s green to simulate his minecraft character {Music} And here is Joel. He’s so cute He’s just like a big fluffy green blob with brown eyes all right and Joel is gonna be I’m gonna start picking random categories so that I can start getting used to all the traits say adventurous a Hunter and smart like I went down and straight down in a room. there you go Joel next up We have Vixella! who I’m going to make as a dog so that I can model her after her husky All right, and here is Vixella Puppy look I gave her like a little heart for a mark I don’t know what to call it and of course it gave her a tiny bit of eyeliner-ish and now for her traits I’m gonna put. I’ll keep active cuz I know Huskies are active. Let’s say jumpy I haven’t done that yet and go right next up is one I’m particularly excited to make because it’s SeapeKay and SeaPeKay’s alter ego is a fox which you can make I mean it’s technically a dog, but it’s a fox Oh my god And the best part about this is I don’t really have to do much to him so his tail is gonna Look a little weird. Just until he grows up once He grows up it will become fluffy, and they have actual fox sounds. What does the Fox say? Oh? God now I don’t really need to change anything because I want it to grow into a regular Fox But SeaPeKay does have blue eyes so I will do that there we go and because he’s a fox They automatically added troublemaker and stubborn I’ll leave those and I’ll put hunter cause foxes are hunters perfect next up is Ollie who is also particularly interesting because Ollie’s alter-ego is a panda which I can’t make however. I did learn I can make a raccoon look it oh my god It’s so cute. I mean kind of scary, but cute and now I’m gonna make this raccoon look kind of like a raccoon Panda All right and here is raccoon slash panda version of ollie It’s so cute But weird and look it even makes raccoon noises and raccoon traits are mischievous and territorial Annnnnd lets say Glutton and lastly of course we have Joey who I have to create in another household and I move him over like last time Joey is going to be a Husky, too because of all of the Huskies that he owns in real life I’m gonna make him a fluffy husky though to mimic his fluffy hair And I’m gonna keep the basic Husky layout of his fur but make it brown like his hair now Joey has a lot of Huskies that have different color eyes For each eye, and I’m going to mimic that so he Joey has greenish blue eyes in real life So I’m gonna make one of this Huskies eyes blue, and one of them Green cute and I found this little Bowtie stamp in here which I want to give him to mimic last season when he was wearing a tuxedo the whole time Yeah he’s so cute! Oh my gosh, I know I think there’s like a way to make them wear a tuxedo outfit But I can’t do it while they’re puppies. I gotta wait till he grows up. Oh my gosh. She’s so cute And I’ll keep active Let’s put playful Let’s say he’s independent. Oh my gosh They’re all so little look at them alright So we have made it to our house as you can see I am down here with the whole crew Joey included now, and you guys might be wondering Where cupquake is so last season when I added cupcake I started experiencing some Glitches that was making it hard to play I played around them But I think it was cuz I had too many characters on a plot Which the mod that lets you add more than eight warned you about so until I can get a feel for the animals I already Have one over what I’m supposed to so I’m hoping that doesn’t happen or else I might need to take one away I’m praying that doesn’t happen because I’m not going to be able to cuz they’re all so cute But we’re gonna see how it goes with just this crew and yeah, I hope people aren’t too upset about it But anyway does this look familiar it should cuz it’s the YouTube Residence that I used for the raising youtubers season one however I have modified it to be more animal friendly instead of child friendly kitty cat mailbox And we have this training course out here and some toy boxes And then when you go through the doors to the left is this cute little living room area. I’ve updated and there’s these Adorable cat planters with succulents and this might look like a cow But it’s not it’s a dog another cat one, and then this is the same but over here I’ve replaced all of the tables with bowls, and I have a bowl for each of them Then I put a little paw prints on the walls. There’s a little treat jars on the tables paw prints all over I changed this little mudroom area that we didn’t use until like the leash area And there’s little dog calendar and some paw prints and then over here They have added a robot vacuum cleaner, and I really want to test it out I wonder if the animals ride on it and the bathrooms so I used to have three bathrooms on this floor I now have two litter box rooms that are super cute And then a regular bathroom for sim me to use and then back out here We have to play areas down here the first is right when you walk in behind the bar This way says no dogs allowed And it’s the cat room look how cute I tried to simulate outside to trick them? But this is the cat room filled with awesome cat stuff for them to play with Then if we go back out and over here no cats allowed, and it’s a dog room But there’s really not much in here I put like a ball and some papers or here’s a little dog plushie and toys And that’s just the indoor playing areas, and then if you go through here and upstairs You reach the second floor that looks pretty familiar to all of you Here’s the bathroom that I will be using my room is pretty much the same except I changed out the dressers to these little paw ones. I kept up my little fan art custom content There’s a little dog cat statue and then I turn to this bathroom into a kitty litter box room as well And then I separated all of the animals beds into the three different rooms so over Here is the other room as i’d like to call it This is where the Fox and the Panda are gonna sleep the Panda raccoon That is and then in here is the cat room and this is where Yammy and Lizzy are gonna sleep and in here is The dog room which is Joel Vixella Scott and Joey and then another robot cleaner oh It’s not in its station is it cleaning and then you might be wondering what this room is this is the fish room so I? Learned that I can name fish, and I think I’m going to fill the fish tank with popular Youtubers and see if the cats and our dogs try to eat them I thought that would be kind of funny, so like wobbly Jake Paul fish and like a PewDiePie fish eliza Koshi fish well So we’ll see how that works out and as you can see there’s no more stairs so the upstairs I don’t know what to do with because it’s literally just me I can’t control any of the animals I can only interact with them and do stuff via my sim That’s it so like I don’t need any of this pretty much all my needs are covered by this floor and the one down here So I’m not sure what to do with this upstairs space if you guys have an idea let you know in the comments But otherwise I’m just gonna leave it unaccessible And we will use these floors because it’ll make it much easier to track all of my animals And then if you look outside I have this whole training course setup, which I don’t think they can use until they have grown up more But it’s all out here so that we could give it a shot when the time is right and as you can see Person Vixella and person cupquake are still out here I have them roaming around the world so you will see them from time to time just wandering around, but oh my God look how Little they supposed to be like three weeks old. Oh my God look at my face Look happy you just got a ton of animals there you go Yeah, look at the cute animals look at all the cute animals pick up Oh God You just don’t you stepped on yeah me. Oh god. It’s so noisy already. Oh my god There’s people stepping on the animals animals get inside. Well yeah. He’s the first one inside there. They come yeah Alright guys. I am so sorry that I have to end the episode, but don’t worry I will be releasing the next episode on Friday when this pack is released to Everybody just to hype it up some more, but as always guys if you made it this oh my god. Oh my god She’s so sad. Oh, my god. Lauren pick up fix Ella Already vixx Allah is always the one that I like bond with immediately in the series I don’t know Why anyway as always guys if you made it this far in the video? And you’re as excited as me for this new series. I just oh my god It can’t make sure to leave a like on the video before you go leave me comments below letting me know who turned out to Be your favorite and if you have any ideas suggestions and Whatnot subscribe if you’re new to the channel. I put out new videos every single day, and I mean you have to be around now to check out how these little guys grow up. And if I can keep them all alive and as always I will see you guys soon!

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