The Smartest Dog Breeds In The World

It’s hard to measure a dog’s intelligence
because there are different kinds of smarts. A dog can be good at herding but not so keen
on retrieving, and his ability to learn based on environmental cues can also depend on training
and the bond the dog has with its humans. Long story short, there are a lot of arguments
that can be made about how to tell when our four-legged friends are truly intelligent. But here are a few breeds that most animal
lovers agree tend to show some wisdom most often. Australian cattle dog If you’ve seen Mad Max 2, you know what an
Australian cattle dog is. They’re also called blue (or red) heelers,
and they’re a sort of the all-around genius of the dog world. They’re a fairly new breed who are believed
to be part Australian collie and part wild dingo, but no one argues that ranchers on
the Outback were trying to create a dog that was smart and tough enough to operate as sort
of an independent ranch hand. Australian cattle dogs know to keep quiet
and work without needing much guidance, and they can entertain themselves. Border collie Also big in the brains department are border
collies, which boast what’s called instinctive intelligence, or intelligence that’s been
passed down for generations. At the same time, you may have heard of a
famous pooch named Chaser, who knows more than 1,000 words, understands basic grammar
concepts, and can use the process of elimination to figure out new words. You probably know people who have a more limited
vocabulary than that; so, Chaser is a perfect example of what some dogs are capable of if
we just take the time to teach them, especially in this breed. Labrador retriever Like a lot of our smartest dogs, Labrador
retrievers became popular because they were bred to do a certain job and excelled at it. The earliest Labrador retrievers were put
to work alongside the fishermen of the North Atlantic as a sort of adorable deckhand. They hauled in fishing nets, fetched gear,
and retrieved the occasional fish. Thriving through the 1700s and almost extinct
by the 1880s, they were rescued by English families who valued the dogs because they
were sweet enough to be a family dog and smart enough to earn their keep by learning almost
any task they were presented with. You see Labrador retrievers all over, and
that’s because they’re high flyers with adaptive intelligence. That’s the kind of intelligence that helps
dictate how good a dog is going to be at learning completely new tasks and solving problems. That means they are great at learning everything
from search-and-rescue and explosive detection techniques. And let’s not forget … “God they’re adorable!” German shepherd German shepherds have retained the instinctive
intelligence that makes them efficient at their original jobs of herding and protecting,
which was what they were first bred for in the late 19th Century. But it’s their adaptive intelligence that
puts them at the top of other classes, too, from police and military service to assistance
and even acting. “Are you even paying attention to me?” There’s a reason so many canine actors are
German shepherds, and it’s because they’re not just a pretty face. Rottweiler They might have a reputation for being terrifying,
but when raised properly, rottweilers can be laid-back, affectionate, and devoted to
their family. It’s that devotion and sense of protectiveness
they were bred for, and that’s exactly why they need to be intelligent. Early Rottweilers were bred to herd cattle
and pull carts and were among the first to be recruited into service as police and military
dogs. And in order to be such alert, observant dogs,
they need to be one step ahead of anything that might pose a threat. They’re always waiting, watching, and assessing
situations like the good watchdogs that they are. Jack Russell The dog world’s foremost example of big things
coming in small packages, Jack Russells have been around for centuries. They’re believed to have originated in England
as fox hunting dogs, and once people started hunting less, their big personalities kept
them popular as household companion dogs. Their particular kind of intelligence is channeled
into their personality, and since they honestly love whatever task you might set them to,
they’re the embodiment of the philosophy that if you do what you love, you’ll never work
a day in your life. They’re smart and energetic enough to love
just hanging out and joining in whatever you want to do. And it’s no coincidence you often see them
in movies and television, either, because they’re easy to train, quick to catch on to
new things, and super eager to please. There’s one big, super-intelligent bit of
wisdom we should all adopt from the Jack Russell’s point of view: love your life. Thanks for watching! Click the Grunge icon to subscribe to our
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26 Responses

  1. Grunge says:

    Which dog breed do you think is the smartest?

  2. aloof alpaca says:

    why would you use that scene from oitnb. we all know what happens next.

  3. joey dubbs76 says:

    This video could've been labelled "Potential candidates who are more qualified to run the country than Hillary Clinton"

  4. Jon Jonzz says:

    All of these breeds are awesome, but make no mistake about it, hands down, bar none, smartest breed overall is the border collie. Pain to have as per if you can't keep them occupied, but in terms of brains? Unmatched.

  5. Jonathan says:

    Any dog you have good bonds with.

  6. Tamu Malone says:

    Poodle and Pitts🐶😍

  7. Tamu Malone says:

    That thumbnail 😄😄😍

  8. Tamu Malone says:

    Jack Russell's are good ratters 😲 farmers use them to get rid of rats🤓

  9. Saul F says:

    I have a Doberman German Shepard mix

  10. Nick The Dad says:

    I have always found that breed has less to do with intelligence than home environment and training. I have 3 dogs, all of which are very intelligent and well-trained. One is a chihuahua and the others are shih'tzu mixes.

  11. Robert Weiland says:

    The American herding dog, the Australian Shepherd ( Aussie ) I have three and they are too smart for their own good sometimes.

  12. andan04 says:

    I dunno. I have a lab and she seems like an idiot.

  13. Eight GOD says:

    Pittbulls are smart dogs I really hate when people cast them out.

  14. Waaba Boi says:

    Love the channel but you guys really missed one the poodle it's II None to the smartest dog breed in the world next to Border Collies and German Shepherds

  15. Galloe says:

    I think I have a pomeranian mix and to me, she is the smartest dog in the world. Almost 10 years into her life and I don't think I have ever loved a dog as much as her.

  16. CyberSketcher 11 says:

    I have a Labrador retriever

  17. W H says:

    Rhodesian Ridgebacks, super smart, which makes having one a challenge. Most hounds are smart. A dog doing exactly what the human tells it does not make it smart. Not by my definition. Hounds figure things out on their own and remember. Again, making then a pain in the ass sometimes.

  18. Sean Joseph says:

    Jack Russels are ratters, not Fox Dogs.

  19. Mike Boaz says:

    Jack Russel Terriers? Really?

    They are pretty good at learning tricks and are eager to please but when it comes to small dog breeds they don't hold a candle to Papillons when it comes to intelligence. It only takes one or two times to teach them a new trick, they remember a trick for years, and they can learn a trick by watching another dog do it.

  20. Colorado Cyber says:

    You show the Rottweiler yet omit the Beagle and Corgi. Rottweiler like Boxers are just slobbering destructive muts. Beagles and Corgis have an ability to self train and are very human friendly and protective.

  21. Renee Lee says:

    Why were poodles not mentioned at all?

  22. Crazy Horse says:

    Well, it's definitely not the English mastiff…we love ours to death, but OMG!

  23. Mimoza Burwell says:

    Sorry djde unliking all vids that dont include bichons

  24. Simon Simon says:

    Jack russel is the smartest, happiest, most confident and friendly dog alive

  25. Musiclover says:

    Every knowledgeable dog site mentions poodles as the second smartest breed. You haven't done your research.

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