The Spy Who Licked Me (March 2019 BarkBox)

Spies have infiltrated this month’s BarkBox! My Mission: sniff them out and rescue the treats. I am hot on their trail! They escaped! This never happened to that other fellow… Beagle Baby Beastie is Special Agent Beagle-07 in The Spy Who Licked Me March 2019 BarkBox Intel says it’s “Dogs Playing Poker” night at Casino Royale… but I will need a disguise to get in. Anybody know where I can find any spies? Asking for a friend… Special Agents get the best gadgets. What do these do again? Zoom In…and Enhance. Target: Acquired! “Careful, Beastie!” “Some things in here don’t react well to beagles!” I love it when a plan comes together! That ‘dog’ is acting suspicious. He smells like a spy! Time to teach these creepers Beagles Are Forever! Mission: Accomplished! Thank you for watching! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to see more of my adventures! See you again soon! BEAGLE-07 WILL RETURN

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6 Responses

  1. Dachshund Columbo says:

    That one big adventure 🐶

  2. Taz The Yorkie says:

    On Her Majesty’s Fuzzy Service

  3. Smudge the Beagle says:

    Thanks Beast! Smudge feels safer knowing theat BarkBoxes around the world are being protected 🐾

  4. Fluffy Dog Vlog says:

    that was a fun way to show the bark box!

  5. ごんたChannel says:

    Thank you for showing me very nice video and pretty your beagle dog 🐶

  6. Lexy the Shepsky says:

    Great Vid! Greetings Lexy

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