There are different breeds of thunderstorms each with their own characteristics There are single-celled storms often weak and short-lived Multi-celled storms sporadic and unorganized and and squalls organizing into dramatic lines they can stretch hundreds of miles But the mother of all thunder storms is the supercell Supercells are the least common mode of storms and Their defining character is a deep persistently rotating updraft called a mesocyclone Super cells are often referred to as rotating thunderstorms This rotating nature enables them to generate torrential rainfall and severe winds Intense and continuous lightning activity Enormous hail And it’s super cells that are responsible for producing the majority of the world’s violent tornadoes Supercells can occur all over the world but in one location they turn up with alarming frequency Tornado alley in the United States Fewer than 30 percent of super cells produce tornadoes And scientists are still trying to understand why one supercell produces violet tornadoes And another does not Supercells come in three different classifications. The low precipitation supercell or LP The classic supercell And the high precipitation supercell or HP where heavy rainfall shroud much of the internal storm structure They often form as one mode and transition to another Once a supercell is on the roll it can dominate the atmosphere persisting for hours and hours Sometimes the atmosphere generates mixed modes Storms with characteristics of other storm types Squalls with super cells embedded in their lines or hybrid cells with both the squall and supercell structures No two super cells are exactly the same With their explosive energy and wind shear sculpted beauty Being in their presence can be captivating or terrifying. Or both. They are a dream scenario for nature photographers And time-lapse photography truly captures their beauty the mesocyclone twists the supercell into dramatic sky scapes. A storm that resembles stacked plates With tiers like upside down wedding cake Or the alien invading mothership With the most powerful supercells time-lapse photography isn’t necessary to capture their intense churning The clouds move so fast the storm doesn’t appear from this world

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  1. Dean Haynes says:

    I can 3 star it.

  2. Juanita Smith says:

    1:08 well I guess the sky is having a party

  3. Juanita Smith says:

    And storm chasers who have a job where no bad storms happen will be happy with supercells

  4. Donna Hewitt says:

    Oklahoma: meh it's a daily twister. ??‍♀️

    Me: pls send help imma die

  5. I am cornholio says:


  6. Christopher Dunn says:

    Who pissed Thor off this time?

  7. Wolfie says:

    Supercell? Well thats called owner of brawl stars now XD

  8. "I'm Batman" says:

    Supercells, just a taste of The Lord God's Awesome Power and Glory!
    Our God is a Consuming Fire✝️
    Jesus Christ is Lord of LORDS and king of KINGS.

  9. Gold Gamer says:

    One week in New York….. through the intire week there was 7 super cells

    1 storm per day

    One on Thursday produced a ef1 tornado

  10. Amh Sweet says:

    "If the heavens ever did speak, your the last true mouthpiece.."Hosier

  11. rohan pisharoti says:

    I have a question will a fighter jet be able to fly through a tornado

  12. V1 Squad on XBOX ONE says:

    Very huge pictures?

  13. Clinton Friar says:


  14. Scott H says:

    NWS – Enhanced Doppler Radar National Mosaic Loop

  15. Kathryn Kenyon says:

    Cud hav listened and watched a LOT MORE of this! WOW!

  16. Hazel L. says:

    Some are tornadoes

  17. Cappa 8 says:

    When mom finds out you didn't like dinner

  18. Jesse Riker says:

    Oof I'm in a heavy thunderstorm rn ??

  19. Antonio Ocanas says:

    I wonder how much amount of data is used for this one single almost 3 min video.

  20. MrRedeyedJedi says:

    The father of all storms being the hurricane. I wonder if you can get a tornado in a hurricane… Or as its pretty much just a giant tornado in the first place, maybe that isn't possible

  21. HercMerc says:

    1:20 for a split second I though he fired off a 2-round burst on an M240 and the shattering glass sounded like bullet casings (about the same frequency)

  22. Kenndal Wendling says:

    I LOVE HOW There was a tornado siren on the radio and he was filming the tornado and I’m like well you would have to be blind not to see it

  23. Faucheur says:

    Supercell is also the mother of clash royale clash of clan

  24. Laura Schulz says:

    ??? Ich hab Angst ?

  25. _Skully _ says:

    The Dayton one in Ohio gonna be history 13 tornados lighting after lighting every second f1-f4 tornados I’m lucky to have just been missed

  26. Bass Boosted Memer says:

    Clash Royale: I love u mom
    Clash Of Clans: I love u mom

  27. Mehaja.fatehi fatehi.bibesi says:

    الحمد الله

  28. Louis Cipher says:

    That vehicle at 2:50 is like, "oh hell no!!"

  29. Ye ti The Cool Guy says:

    I got this in my recommended because I watch clash royale?‍♂️

    But great video I’m glad I found it

  30. michaelboond says:

    My wife would like you the one telling us the story of the super cell to come to England uk to read her a goodnight story so she can fall asleep as you have a very calming voice. So she says lol ??

  31. lifelesskids says:

    Mother of fucker

  32. Anitanne Rupe says:

    But what is the father of the storms

  33. Genericslavman25 9 says:

    Mother of storms

    Floridans oh really how bout Irma huh

  34. Preksha bagga says:

    No ghosts don't scare me

    Tornadoes do

  35. Monetization says:

    supercell = deadly tornadoes i think

  36. kristy kun says:

    i feel like this needs to be bought by and ditsribuetd on Nat Geo and Discovery and stuff. so well shot, edited and narrated.

  37. Baby Dragon says:

    The mother of all storms


  38. KFJ68 agent says:

    "The finger of God!"

  39. Sara Moon says:

    I’ve seen a super cell once it was gorgeous. Terrifying. But gorgeous.

  40. Some High Voltage Channel says:

    Not enough people respect the beauty and power of storms, big and small. I mean come on!! These are thousands and often MILLIONS of tons of water vapor, floating! And if the conditions are good, the friction can cause voltages of +1,000,000,000 and 40,000 amps! That's Gigawatts of power! And oh yeah, we can't forget, these can become beasts and drop down up to a recorded 8 INCH ICE BALLS AT +100 MILES PER HOUR! And sometimes, if they are feeling frisky, they can drop swirling tubes of condensate, drilling around into the ground like a blind construction worker with a saw.

  41. Ed Jimenez says:

    Terrifyingly beautiful. Jaw literally dropped during the first super cell examples!?

  42. Giacomo Rapuzzi says:

    so this is what i saw this year in august: first storm: august 2 green hell severe wind with little rain. next storm: august 7 big black cloud and all of the sudden you see only leaves and branches then its over and you see a supercell. damage was 4 trees down in my yard then hundreds more in the area a wind turbine exploded and an aqueduct collapsed. next storm: august 12 caught us while shopping green lightning hell and forced everyone around to stop, basically the same as august 7 but this time you could see more. damage was few trees down on the roads the rest was on farmland. the rest of the month was really quiet after that sudden spike of severe storms.

  43. Zing Official says:

    That is why you get into the circle and get the victory royalleeee

  44. Red Amber says:

    I felled like i watched a tv show omg

  45. Rylie Magouirk says:

    2:51 …. um what is that in the field …?

  46. Ghost Platoon Media says:

    This video is awesome, good job

  47. Ethan Riggins says:

    Hurricane enters chat:I heard mother of all storms

  48. QkPatrykosQk says:

    New game from markers Clash of Clans

  49. baraksmash says:

    I thought its a song by THE SUPERCELL

  50. mister b says:

    1:37 bad thing about it….cant see it very well….

  51. Cherokee StormChaser says:

    Another fantastic video. One of these days I would love to come out there and play some music with you and your band.

  52. stein1385 says:


  53. Bigbluewhale_gaming __ says:

    We get those in Texas annually

  54. Flatulence The Unending says:


  55. Georg Andexler Andexler says:

    Pecos Hank, another very, very interesting video. I don't know how I became unsubscribed, but I corrected it.

  56. Tanya Roberts says:

    This is crazy. I want to know more

  57. Fireflies TM says:

    the hail is just trying to get away from the tornado just like everyone else

  58. 0 Subscribers with 1000 videos says:

    2017-no sir.
    2018-ahhh no.

  59. Airnest najlepszy says:

    Brawl stars
    Clash royale
    Clash of clans

  60. StaRVostAk Official says:

    Clash Royale

  61. Animationen usw. says:

    1:58 …and scientists are still trying to understand why supercell produces violet tornadoes, but not cool games! XD

  62. Human Candy says:

    We had a supercell 1 month ago

  63. dylan galvan says:

    when you are in oklahoma but there is a supercell lol

  64. peanutbutterbasketball Bell says:

    You should work for National Geographic Wow!

  65. Strangerthingsfan 365 says:

    My precious storm family ??️⛈️

  66. Toshy says:

    Clash of clans intro starts up

  67. linda stonier says:

    My theory is the faster the cell is turning, the more likely the tornado. If you really look closely you can see storms with fast and destructive tornadoes are rotating at a faster pace.

  68. Changing of the guard says:

    Yeah just survived two of them 3 days ago. Beautiful footages

  69. Justin Flack says:

    I love ❤️ tornado s ?

  70. [BS]Faruk_ Gaming says:

    Supercell;Hi brother
    You are know other supercell

  71. フィンランドのゲーマーFinland Gamer says:

    Brain: Just a tiny storm. It couldn't hurt us.
    Body: You're wrong.
    Supercell: ssccccccrrrreeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  72. Borley Nun. says:

    That was superb. The filming, photography and commentary is amazing. I love thunderstorms but in England, we very rarely get supercells.

  73. NojmanovskyYT says:

    Brawl stars

  74. Chukz says:

    Supercell clash of clans lol

  75. Raphael says:

    You got me to subscribe with just two videos. Keep it up.

  76. Gacha Flaze says:

    When I see tornadoes i can’t breathe

  77. Johero Padilla says:

    I thought dis was clash of clans

  78. Keira Suggs says:

    Bye.. bye.. bye … BYE

  79. Cody Burke says:

    I’d rather have his voice rather than Siri’s voice

  80. Mr. Kevin says:

    That shit made Clash of Clans? :0

  81. strawberry day says:

    supercell wants to know your location

  82. NerryCherry_ Haunted2004GirL says:

    Your reading this comment in ur mind Am I right?

  83. Katherine Grimes says:

    No need to find out why some supercells create tornados and some don't…..i have the answer.

    Mother nature is a bi-polar bitch!

    You're welcome

  84. Ricarduolingo E says:

    I've never seen such a big storm in my life because I live in Ireland and we are getting raped by Lorenzo and that's a smaller one so fuck these big monsters

  85. Revan says:

    Reasons #492724 not to live In the midwest

  86. forbidden pollo says:

    I wish there was a supercell everyday, I find them soothing

  87. Griffin Lee says:

    Kansas: It’s supposed to get a little breezy today. Watch out Greensburg. (Google it)

  88. Doug Mertz says:

    What if that's what SuperCells are? Alien mother ships using the natural Earth landscape and weather phenomenons to just soak up what they can? Tossing the debris and leftovers as a way to stay unknown…

  89. Smooth Move says:

    Hanks Awesome.

  90. Person Person says:

    This is why my science teacher is scared of tornadoes, and thunderstorms.

  91. The_Only _Shiny_Umbreon says:

    Looking up at a forming super cell is like staring death in the eyes.

    And you're just helplessly trapped as it stares back.

  92. Jake Knight says:

    Storms are unique masterpieces made by nature

  93. The Wendigo says:

    What are those streaks of green light at 3:47? I kinda think I know what they are, but I don't want to sound stupid.

  94. RedBullMan says:

    3:43 at the top of the supercell look for sprites you can see some really cool, I think I might of saw one and that’s it

  95. bob 2.0 sg says:

    Wow thats a dark cloud

  96. Operation Bugs says:

    I tell my friend from California all the time that these storms are my favorite thing about Kansas. Most beautiful and terrifying things ever.

  97. Stormy Jones says:

    I love your videos brother they way you tell the story of the storm you feel like you are living it thank you

  98. Ella Mcg 3000 says:

    I have super bad anxiety about tornados even tho I’m in Australia so I probably shouldn’t be watching this

  99. Cooking Mama says:

    Love stuff like this to watch , ?

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