The tiniest dogs in the world – small dog breeds

Small dogs are highly sought for when company,
fun, love and tenderness are required. They are much more energetic than large dogs,
hence their need to exercise and take long walks so they don’t succumb into the canine stress. These are the smallest dogs in the world. Chihuahua: it weights around 2 kg and can be up to 21 cm tall. It loves playing and also interacting with
people. Its origin is very remote, back in the ancient
civilizations of North America. Since then he’s been recognized for its attractive
craftiness, astuteness and tenacity. One of its more particular traits are its
pointy ears, looking too big for its tiny size. Bichon Frise: it only measures 20cm and reaches
a maximum of 4kg. It has a rounded appearance and a fluffy afro
hair style. Its face reflects a continuous joy and also
has a very long history. Initially it was a dog of royalty, but soon
was forgotten until after the 1st World War. Yorkshire Terrier: in its beginnings in England,
this dog was used for hunting and getting inside lairs Actually it is a treasure for the fiends of
tiny races. Its weight doesn’t exceed 3 kg and it is characterized
by a brindle look on his face. It has overabundance of hair, so no respectable
Yorkshire goes out without a special hairdo done by its owner. Shih Tzu: dog of Chinese origin. Its name in Spanish means “dog-lion”. With a height of 25 cm and a weight of betweeen
4 and 7 kg, it loves life with humans, and spoiled all the time they are. Their fur is very delicate, so it requires
continuous maintenance. Pomerania: its abundant hair makes it look
bigger and heavier than it really is. Its maximum weight reaches 3kg, with a height
of 22cm. They’re home dogs exclusively, and they are
very timid and cautious with strangers. It is not only the world’s smallest but also
figures among the most intelligent breeds.

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