The Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds In The World – Most intelligent dogs

10. Australian Cattle Dog These beautiful dogs are a unique crossbreeed of blue merle shepherds imported from England and the native Australian dingo. High energy and hard working, he thrives in an active home doing intensive sports like agility, rally obedience, herding trials, and flyball. 9. Rottweiler Ancient Roman cattle herders, cart pullers, and guardians, the rottweiler is renowned for his gentleness with family and friends, and strength and bravery in defending them. Though known for his docile nature, thorough training and socialization is an absolute must for puppies to mature into solid canine citizens. 8. Papillon The Papillon is named for their graceful feathered and raised ears. Royal portraiture shows small spaniels resembling the papillon as far back as the 16th century! They are active, companionable, and highly trainable—the smartest of the toy dog breeds. 7. Labrador Retriever The most popular breed of dog in the US 23 years in a row, the labrador retriever is named for the cold waters off Newfoundland where they were first bred. A short thick coat, webbed feet, and a heavy tail help the lab swim long distances in cold water. In addition to their hunting prowess, labs are popular favorites for canine water rescue, therapy work, and assistance dog training. Labs excel in the canine sport of dock jumping. 6. Shetland Sheepdog The shetland sheepdog may look just like a miniature collie, but they started out as a local variant of the Icelandic sheepdog found in the Shetland Islands. These little spitz shepherds were then bred to rough collies to create this unique breed. Playful and energetic, the sheltie is equally at home working on the farm or in the burbs, showing off in agility, flyball, and obedience. 5. Doberman Pinscher The doberman pinscher was originally bred by a German tax collector for protection on his rounds. Modern dobermans are far less aggressive and make wonderful family dogs that love to play and are extremely loyal. 4. Golden Retriever Originally hailing from Scotland, the golden retriever breed was started in 1865 out of a lone yellow pup from a litter of black wavy coated retrievers cross bred to a local type of water spaniel by Lord Tweedmouth of Guisachan in Scotland. This gorgeous, friendly dog still excels in retrieving, as well as agility and obedience, and as service dogs. 3. German Shepherd The modern German Shepherd was standardized by breeder Captain Max von Stephanitz in 1889 with a goal of “utility and intelligence.” As Germany modernized and the need for working herding dogs seemed on the decline, von Stephanitz worked with police and dog clubs to develop a set of protection and obedience tests which today is still practiced and known as Schutzhund (protection dog). 2. Poodle More than just a foofoo haircut, poodles were originally bred in Germany for bird hunting and water retrieving, and have been excelling at that task since before the invention of guns. Their storied history includes many occupations and locales, from herding sheep to crossing the battle field to bring supplies to the wounded to the performing arts. The poodle is remarkable for its loving nature, trainable intelligence, and sense of humor. 1. Border Collie Originally known as the “Scotch sheep dog,” the border collie hails from the highland border of England and Scotland. Bred to think independently and at long distances from human shepherds, they have the problem solving intelligence and strong working drive to maintain control of the flock. Chaser, the dog who knows 1,022 toys by name, is an amazing example of her breed.

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  1. Евгений Беляев says:

    This will give one the best chance of having a happy life with new pet

  2. Ascer Aymaletdinov says:

    Some breeds are definitely smarter than others as a result of their heritage and instinct.

  3. Sebastian Angulo says:

    Just like people, dogs differ in intelligence

  4. khalil khan says:

    gosh she shush

  5. Amy May says:

    what about Jack Russell Terriers they are very smart and intelligent dogs😐

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  7. Lockmoo says:

    lol i have 2 border collies there awesome

  8. Mia Wallace says:

    i have a golden doodle but hes black

  9. Grace Wilde says:

    Labs are as smart as the goldens

  10. markg546 says:

    no shiba inu aka doge then this video is not true

  11. TG&D. Ratcliffe says:

    Border Collies ARE the most intelligent. But Rough Collies are the best to live with

  12. Mary Jane says:

    you missed basenji

  13. Raja M. Yassin says:

    super interesting

  14. Krystal Delta says:

    Shetland shepherd: Playfull and energetic….. looks over at my Shetland shepherd ….. right…..

  15. wd40 ducttape says:

    Mutts are generally most intelligent and best health

  16. Game Hakers says:

    labra door is more intelligent than germansheopard

  17. DUDES OF COVAI says:

    i like gsd but beagle is good for napartments and has intelligent asgoood

  18. kalyan bose says:

    very smart lab

  19. Sutapa Biswas says:

    wrong information

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