The Truth About Royal Purple Engine Oil for Your Car

Rev up your engines,
coney says, how do you feel about royal purple oil and long does it need to be changed like
5,000 miles, ok royal purple oil an excellent oil, I have friends who race cars, seriously
on race car tracks, and the use royal purple oil they swear by it, it’s good oil and I’ve
used it, it is an excellent oil, now it’s expensive it’s a very expensive oil there’s
no arguing that, now if you do normal driving you can change it every 8-10,000 miles, the
race car guys change it after every race so it doesn’t really matter, but it is an excellent
oil, if you don’t mind paying that price it’s a good oil, but on the other hand, you could
get that Amazon full synthetic oil on Amazon for half the price and it lasts just as long,
and it work quite well, so it’s your choice there’s nothing wrong with the oil,
waffle counsel says scotty is it harmful to keep synthetic oil in your engine after 6
months if it only has 2,500 miles of use and it’s rated for 7,500 miles, no it doesn’t
hurt anything at all, most of the good synthetics even say you can change your oil once a year
or every 10,000 miles, I believe in changing it every 7,500 miles but once a year is totally
fine if your driving that little bit the synthetic oil isn’t going to be hurt, it is a much purer
oil and it lasts longer and flows better when it’s cold outside, it protects better at higher
temperatures so no you can do that, there’s nothing wrong with doing that,
one broadcast, scotty I got a gm 3400 v6, when I start it up warm sometimes it takes
longer to crank than if I start it up cold what could it be, well that’s a very common
problem with an older vehicle, when you start a car cold, cold engines need extra fuel,
so let’s say you have fuel injectors that are old and maybe they drip a little too much
fuel into the engine, a cold engine loves it, ahh more fuel I’ll start right up, a warm
engine only needs a little bit of fuel to run, and if those injectors are dripping,
when you start up a warm engine that actually floods the engine out, now an easy way to
tell that is, when you do finally get it started warm, rev it up and look out the tailpipe
in the back, if you see blackish smoke coming out, that’s exactly what’s happening, it’s
flooding it out, it’s a typical thing that happens with those things as they age, now
if it does start and it doesn’t get any black smoke out of the back, that means you’re not
getting any fuel, and in that case it could be the fuel pump starting to go out and you
could pressure test that, viral says scotty, as I speed up my car makes a winning noise
and when I up shift it sounds like something is winding down, could it be my transmission
fluid is low, car grinds in second when it’s cold -30C, it’s grinding so obviously it has
some kind of transmission problem, I would check the fluid, probably change the fluid
and filter in it and then pray, cuz most of the time when they grind they have a serious
problem inside, and the transmission is starting to wear out, they way things are these days,
automatic transmissions are really complex, very few guys know how to rebuild the correctly,
and when they start grinding and clunking and making noises internally, now you want
to make sure it’s the transmission making the noise, so I’ve got a video, finding the
source of car noises, just type that in google, finding the source of car noises scotty, type
that in you’ll see the video and you can do that to pinpoint the sound for sure, you always
want to pinpoint a sound, something wrong haha that’s a old joke, I got an 84 fiero
and need help finding reproduction parts, I want to go this route because I feel the
materials will be better quality any advise, there’s a site and it’s called the fiero store,
yes the fiero just go there, it’s all they sell, talk to people there you can
learn all kinds of stuff about it, those are interesting cars you know they had the engine
in the back, but they did have the radiator in the front, it’s a wedge shape so the radiator
had to be at an angle and man if those radiator fans ever break under the hood, the engines
overheat and blew up, they had lots of problems with that, so make sure your cooling fans
work, on a car like that myself, I would put a toggle switch on it, whenever I was running
the car I would turn the toggle switch on to turn those fans on so it never overheated,
I mean you don’t have to do that in the winter when it’s cold but in the summer,
franky says scotty I’m thinking about investing in lithium mine companies what do you think,
well if you pick the right one, lithium you know they use it in lithium batteries, they
use it in a lot of stuff, lithium itself you know I mean they even use that stuff as an
antipsychotic drug, there’s all kinds of things it’s used for, you got to invest in the right
company though, it’s like anything else, it’s just like now, marijuana is legal in Canada,
some states it’s legal, and everybody is jumping on the marijuana bandwagon and their investing
in companies, who knows if any of those companies are actually going to make a profit, so if
you are going to invest in lithium companies, my advise is invest in one that’s got a track
history that’ been out for a while that knows what their doing, don’t just jump on the bandwagon
and say, oh here’s a new company oh those new companies a lot of them are fly by night,
they take your money their gone and you never see it again, I know I’ve lost money on the
stock market so take my advice and stay with a regular company that’s been doing it a while,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that bell!

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  1. Scotty Kilmer says:

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  2. konsent21 says:

    Royal purple HMX for my 2005 G35 with 155k

  3. Mike Campbell says:

    If you read Amsoil's "White Paper" on engine oils, Amsoil wins of course, Mobil 1 does great, but Royal Purple and Lucas Oil don't even pass some of the basic viscosity tests.

  4. Louis Sanchez says:

    Wrong title for video

  5. Earl Francis says:

    I been using havoline oil for years nothing but a clean engine

  6. JigglyPuffins says:

    Loved the snoop dogg edit that was clever haha

  7. War Draven says:

    Weed is only legal for medical use only if you dont have a medical license you can grow or sell it. And you need a prescription to use it if you dont have any of that and get caught its a felony. And you will get locked up.

  8. Erik Lehnsherr says:

    That guy "grinding" has a very disturbing look on his face. 😨

  9. Jason says:

    When I speed up..the whinny noise is my wife..sorry.. was my now ex-wife. One big baby she was.

  10. bliztix says:

    Come for the learnin
    stay for the memes

  11. chas sisom says:

    I always question how someone can make an evaluation of motor oil unless someone used it exclusively for at least 100K and then did a tear down to measure tolerances. Other than that, don't tell me such and such oil is bad, good or great.

  12. Charles Stull says:

    Castrol gtx high mileage I've never had a problem. I changed my oil about ever 7000 miles

  13. Dewey Fosworth says:

    The place for killer memes and some car advice.

  14. Helladamnleet says:

    I use Castrol GTX….

  15. bob kuboske says:

    Every viscosity test I've seen usually puts royal purple just above supertech conventional. I only run mobil or Schafer synthetic instead of throwing away money on royal purple.

  16. bill lee says:

    royal purple is 100 % synthetic were full sythetic is not it uses a petroleum base and not a synthetic base.

  17. 4033793939eog says:

    Royal purple is crappy expensive oil.

  18. boss hog says:

    The she shed commercial makes me dislike black people

  19. Gary Maris says:

    Royal Triton oil sold at Union 76 stations in the 60's, nothing new!

  20. Michael Thomas says:

    Kerr McGhee oil company in Oklahoma use to produce blue velvet 40 wt. motor oil. As the name implies it was blue. I run it in 67 rebel rambler with 232 cu in engine. It was very good lubricant.

  21. Michael Thomas says:

    Kerr Mckee oil co.

  22. SRV1 says:

    i cant take it!! to annoying!

  23. Ken Call says:

    Im a retarded I mean retired mechanic, For something to do I change my oil every Saturday morning.

  24. Osman Reyes says:

    Scotty I got a 2004 Toyota 4Runner with 250000 miles on it just start taking care of it myself what oil do you recommend for those miles I want to keep this thing running for a long time I don’t mind spending money in oil I think is better spending money in oil instead of fixing engines

  25. ItsMcGamer says:

    Oil changes do not hurt the vehicle . If you question your oil at any time just change it and the filter for 30$ish at Walmart ( do it your self , YouTube your vehicle and follow as so )

  26. Wilson Mar says:

    Amsoil #1

  27. masterseman says:

    ROYAL PURPLE ENGINE OIL – nice to know.. thanks Scotty..

  28. Juan Abdul McKenzie says:

    Fiero = Fire Death Trap

  29. MR Hyde ONO says:

    I swore by royal purple, had to try castrol oil once because i couldnt find 7qts. And never went back. My lifters quieted up and it isn't burning up every 2500 miles

  30. Jose Rotary says:

    Great info scotty. 💯👍👍👍

  31. D man says:

    Motul 300v

  32. Ethan Bickford says:

    Change it and then pray I love that best quote

  33. Lord Vader says:

    The pictures in this video……epic

  34. John Sneen says:

    Amsoil all the way!!!

  35. Murdoch Barnett says:

    I have a 2012 BMW 750li xdrive. Every 600 miles I’m always have from the top my oil off it’s driving me crazy can you please Help me out

  36. jesus hernandez says:

    My mazda ate the royal purple in a week went back to castrol and no loss of oil at all

  37. Tony Davila says:

    How long do you guys in the comments leave your full synth oil in for? I usually wait 5,000 miles. Everything else seems to excessive, one of my customers 2013 328i with the f22 4 cyl, after you reset the oil life it starts a 12,000mi countdown. That seems to excessive to me doesn’t it? First oil change I did was full of bearing material, don’t know how long it was actually in their for but he uses the recommended castrol gpx full synth

  38. Russell Marsh says:

    Investing…tons and tons of research in ALL companies, months and months even. Do not become biased, you are there to either make money, enter the business, or have a nice fund for a child.

  39. Yao Kouei Saetern says:

    Invest in cronos group

  40. Josh Hudds says:

    Good advice, like you say just stick with synthetic oils and change more often..

  41. K. R .J says:

    I LOVE ROYAL PURPLE and EBAY the Royal Purple filters too

  42. the mustache mechanic says:

    Full synthetic oils have better detergents in them which take longer to break down which is why you can go longer between oil changes.

  43. celik pelik says:

    sum ting wong🤣😂😂😂


    The very best oil is amsoil then royal purple.

  45. Oscar Gonzalez Jr says:

    I’m so glad I found this guy

  46. ussling says:

    Right now, ugh, Walmart has Mobil1 oil in the five quart bottles on sale for $22.88. That's $4.58 per quart. No parts store can touch that.

  47. 8 Ball Bowler says:

    In my experience, valvoline max life is the best.

  48. James St. Clair says:

    Don’t buy Tesla, buy Toyota, got it.

  49. Randy Vinson says:

    I find this odd.i have 4 cars and trucks ranging from 225000 miles to 322000 miles and always use wallmart brand

  50. Juan Abdul McKenzie says:

    I once used Royal Purple oil in my Harley. The motor sounded like crap, everything rattled. I went back to Castrol GTX and, everything calmed down.

  51. William Schuman says:

    Royal Purple the best oil in the world, Scotty says, nuff said motor on.

  52. greg l says:

    Royal Purple in a 1979 Gmc truck to clean out possible sludge?

  53. Critter87 says:

    Royal Purple oil and a Fram oil filter…

  54. LS430.3uz says:


  55. LTI says:

    The generic oil works well now the motor is seized up , I can take cab 🚕

  56. LTI says:

    I’m ready to pop the question, hi honey iv bought you some generic oil from the Ozark mountains you can thank me later

  57. Edwyn Hernandez says:

    And then prey jesus christ made my day

  58. Jose Peralta says:

    I had to watch videp twice the first time i couldn't keep my eyes off the cat

  59. chad six says:

    Synthectic oils will turn acidic when a vehicle sits alot. Including Amsoil

  60. Josh Papineau says:

    Waste of money. Use VR1

  61. 1redrubberball says:

    There has been a lot of total baloney written about motor oil and filters and there is no objective truth on the subject. The US Army is the largest motor pool operator on earth. They bought and use more oil & filters than anyone else. They used to have a "military qualification number" on oil that met their standards and they freely used it, regardless of manufacturer, sometimes with 2 or more products in the crankcase simultaneously. They had no problems. I have used a number of good manufacturers oil over 5 decades but I don't believe in running any oil beyond about 7500 miles. I like oil filters from WIX, PUROLATOR, BOSCH. I've never had any issues with internal engine dynamics and oil.

  62. Rollina Joint says:

    Indeed the purple oil is
    A fine oil as are many others. People debate
    oils, all oils are great.
    Detergent oils are important. I have no
    perferance myself. Those that do are welcome to what makes them feel warm
    and fuzzy. The thing with the purple stuff is
    that it goes in looking dirty. Fine oil nuf said

  63. Nathan unknown says:

    ProjectFarm. Look him up. He does the experiments.

  64. J mags says:

    Lithium with captain crunch picture! LMAO!!

  65. JoJo JoeStar says:

    Scotty's thumbnails give me car anxiety

  66. bottom text says:

    Scotty wtf did you look up to get a pic of a naked old man taking a bath in oil

  67. Kenny Martin says:

    I change my oil every 6 months no matter what

  68. Lil Zeke says:

    2:13–2:14 Balls retracted for a quick sec…?

  69. buvva11 says:

    The best oil in the world its “ MOTUL”👍

  70. midnightmodder says:

    I had a co worker in 90's who was taking lithium!
    He got off of it, and decided to play pretend cop, pulling an old women off the road, and busting her window, and breaking her arm with a steering wheel club!
    Because she wouldn't show him her ID and registration after cutting him off in traffic!
    Lithium🖒 Great Stuff! 😂

  71. Spencer Yancey says:

    I put some graphene spray in a crankcase.

  72. Spencer Yancey says:

    What is synthetic oil made of?

  73. Spencer Yancey says:

    What do these tuners do that cost a lil more than a few hundred bucks? Diablo programmer tunners? Good bad?

  74. adam s says:

    RoyalPurple RoyalRippOff

  75. Brian Nielsen says:

    What do you think about Motorkote?

  76. BR549 says:

    Your videos always intermittently buffer for the first few minutes. Don't have this problem anywhere else. Are you aware of this situation?

  77. Dan Bugenhagen says:

    Lol at 2.19 buick lesabre in flooded area, I drove mine through deeper water In a flash flood it was coming over the hood,kept giving it the gas it kept going like 200ft till it got to dry land and never leaked or stalled, all i did was clean radiator when i got home, ran like a dream, best car ever made, part submarine? Remember always keep on the gas in floods.

  78. Pawel U1987 says:

    Buy most expensive oil and change it every month that's what they want us to do $$$$$$

  79. U S says:

    I work for a large oil company we started using Royal Purple in or thousand horsepower pumps because they would run up to 50 degrees cooler

  80. Buster BROWN says:

    HI my mechanic changed my oil pan gasket and said it had a lot of sludge in it.what oil should i use in it now ?its a 08 gmc 4.8l.thank you

  81. Marietta dash Cam says:

    That cat pillow though

  82. Frotax Frotax says:

    1:22 Broadcast. Hot weather girl.

  83. Mc007Queen says:

    I bought that full synthetic Royal Purple in my 2013 black top Dodge Avenger

  84. SARGE BULLDOG says:

    Sorry, but you're using a Fram filter and actually giving advice ????????
    GOD HELP THOSE WATCHING THIS. I build racing engines that start at $18,000, don't even think about correcting me in regards to the orange death filters. NOT INCLUDING THE H.P.1, different filter ENTIRELY, even though it's from the same company.

  85. Eric Wing says:

    When an automatic starts grinding and clunking, junk it and buy a standard.

  86. Brian Day says:

    What about walmart super tech oil have you had any good luck

  87. Chris montgomery says:

    I jumped on the marijuana bandwagon in the 80s.

  88. bobby lee says:

    I'm in New Zealand and love this oil but all these oils cost an arm and a leg to freight here.castrol regularly changed works fine and a fraction of the cost

  89. bobby lee says:

    The fram silver series is the only filter made good by fram .don't touch the other frams they are junk

  90. 3finger10 says:

    Royal purple is the best……

  91. Jose Ortiz says:

    Is the best oil around.

  92. Jose Ortiz says:

    Cooking oil work fine as well.

  93. mark magruder says:

    Why did the oil get dark after 2000mi?. Mobile1 syn..thanks

  94. Charlie Smith says:

    Can't stop looking at the cat pillow

  95. ABOXofMONSTERS says:

    R Purple will clean the hell out of your old motor you leave it in after 1500 miles it’s going to be filthy It can last 8000 miles but not with 5 lbs of engine sludge added to it.

  96. Tim S says:

    Scotty “killin it” Kilmer. Awesome vid. Should do stand up!

  97. Bert Clayton says:

    Who remembers the STP Oil Treatment commercial where they dipped the end of a flathead screwdriver in the oil treatment then get to hold it between the thumb and forefinger where it always slipped?????
    I tried it, you can't do it.

  98. lemon diesel says:

    No point when you can get Mobil 1 5 qt. for only $25 at Walmart

  99. Nicky Borrosino says:

    Doesn’t pouring Royal Purple into Fram filters cancel each other out?

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