– Men everywhere are crying. (upbeat music) We’re here today for the condom game. Four types of condoms, three events, one winner, zero babies, zero STDs. Let’s do it. We’re gonna tape a condom to
the spout of this water jug, and then we’re gonna tip it over, and we’re gonna see how much
water the condom can hold before it bursts. It’s sink water, don’t worry, we’re not wasting purified water. (screams) Man, I screamed every time. Magnum definitely won though. – [Man] Oh yeah. (screams) – We’re here for the friction test, we’ve got a cucumber with a condom, a drill with a fork, we’re gonna stick them together, and then we’re going to
drill it into this sandpaper. One, no tear. (screams) Oh, we got a break, numero seven. Ah, my hair. There’s a hole, a little baby hole, but baby hole means baby cucumber. (baby cries) Okay, here goes Durex. Oh, only two rotations. Ah, five, big old hole. Time for the final test, we’re gonna clamp a
condom between these cars, and then I’m gonna drive my car that way, and we’re gonna see how far it’ll stretch. Almost clamped my hand in the trunk. Oh wow, it ripped right off. I’m trying to go slow to build suspense. Classic middle break. So, the condom games are over, and based on our point system Magnum has been declared the winner. Who guessed it? Everybody, probably. I think I don’t want to hold
anymore condoms for the day. Ow, (laughs). This is probably somebody’s fetish, right?

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  1. Rasta Hornelas says:

    can we try bb???

  2. golam rabbani says:

    Yyyyy the views of the vid is 6.9 m views!?!😂😂😂

  3. sharpaycutie2 says:

    Semen is acidic. It dissolves latex. So…be mindful of that people.

  4. RGV says:

    U r looking very strong

  5. Seif Aldin says:

    Why is magnum has so much like ice cream magnum cigarette magnum and condom magnum

  6. Amin Esfandiary says:

    خرید کاندوم از داروخانه دکتر صدیق

  7. Tbh-iNoDaWay -onGawd says:

    I was just watching the trojan games… u should also watch it…

  8. gabe Evans says:

    Nothing like watching a girl play with condoms

  9. kim joung un says:

    Well I'm so unlucky
    Everytime I put my rod in a hole, the hole owner say it's too long and you can't penetrate..🙁🙁

  10. Shandi Kenney says:

    condom fails are sad

  11. its ectoplasm says:

    Sink water is actually better than bottled..
    True story.

  12. Naveed Said says:

    Western countries and states public only concern on sex and vulgarity I right???

  13. BB ki vines says:


  14. Puffen Pufferfish says:

    wOw We HeRe At BuSsFeEd LeT a WoMaN hOlD cOnDoMS ArET wE CoOl

  15. Hugh Jarsol says:

    No Jonny = AIDS

  16. Daniel Hesse says:

    Right, because reliability is everything. Sensation is irrelevant.

  17. Pavol Mudri says:

    I legit thought that was a feminen man at the start lmao

  18. Pavol Mudri says:

    They have extra sensitivity durex so they are a lot thinner. No suprise it only survived 2 at friction.

  19. Pavol Mudri says:

    This is total bs because they were using too many diffrent kinds

  20. Mbekezeli Mhlanga says:

    Hence the name , "Magnum Dong."

  21. lilowra X says:

    I think Danielle Cohn needs to see this

  22. SS AA says:

    Yeaa man, my gf's vagina is made of sandpaper…

  23. GdayGnight ! says:

    When your board

  24. Deewakar Tiwari says:

    Chut me dalva le condom

  25. Tumelo Mabeta says:


  26. A Tropical Cephalopod says:

    Why did I watch this I’m a lesbian

  27. Serg Illar says:

    Я б ее трахнул

  28. PRANJAL [Animations] says:

    Ooo babe

  29. Marco Freire says:

    Crap tests and crap content.

  30. Ryan Chung says:

    Ur expecting us to unload 3 gallons

  31. RegalViewer - says:

    god why am i watching a buzzfeed video

  32. Gaming G says:

    Not everybody can fit a magnum😰

  33. Dev Gaming says:

    Tujhe dekh kr chodne ka MN kr rha…..Nyc video it's help full….

  34. INSPIRE says:

    Magnum is the best!!!! Hands down no breaks, and I always do the Magnum test after, always passes.

  35. Yannmergez D says:

    I only searched on how to get stronger

  36. Bryce Kilby says:

    Magnum only held up because it's meant for bigger sizes

  37. changchen09 says:

    Which one is cruelty-free vegan condom?! I'll prefer that more 😁😅

  38. ABHISHEK Anand says:

    Ur 🔥

  39. Harrison says:

    I really needed watch this see how strong condoms are

  40. Blixer says:

    Whew…I thought the condom text was gonna be something quite different ya know….

  41. Aditya Kashyap says:

    Tap water or purified water , it does not matter water is still being wasted .

  42. Vera theBanana says:


  43. Paesthedic says:

    "Baby hole means baby cucumber!"

  44. nate says:

    Explain, how does sexual intercourse have anything to do with "multiplayer"?

  45. Ritiq Srivastava says:

    What has this world come to. Do we consider this entertainment. A dumbo stretching out condoms. WTF BuzzFeed. We really are moving towards our doom

  46. Ellie X says:

    Uhmmm why was this in my recommendation and it’s also like 2 years old😂💀

  47. I'mgonnashitinyacheerios says:

    This video has as much to do with condom durability as the price of tea in China has to do with anything

  48. Pao’s Vloging says:


  49. Vizen Senju says:

    Wet n wild should of won 😏

  50. Azka Halilintar says:

    Why u gotta do it with an ugly girl??

  51. ajeet yadav says:

    0:58 I'm sure you do 😂

  52. Jason Signor says:

    2:22 Legend has it that aftet filming she forgot the condom was still hanging and that condom was flyin' free on the expressway.

  53. Zahid Hussain says:

    I’d fucking anal her so bad

  54. Big Chungus says:

    When In doubt, Pull out

  55. forlorn says:

    You look like you could kill me with those arms mine are just noodles

  56. Hopeless YnZ says:

    Trojan it is then

  57. Danny Hustle says:

    I can't understand with women that want abortion just use condom eat pill you idiot you guys like to have sex but lazy to buy 1 condom.

  58. iValarie says:

    lol I'm 13 wth am I doing here

  59. Flying Boi says:

    She's kinda hot tbh

  60. Blitzkrieg 2.0 says:

    She's hot and thick

  61. PvPmaster08 Gaming says:

    Omg thanks for the condem video now i can finally know how to put it on and not get disese

  62. okhstorm says:

    Jesus Christ

  63. KC B says:

    Whats the girl's name tho? 😂

  64. Alex T says:

    Most unscientific testing ever. Real world scenarios would have made more sense. No one is blowing a 10 gallon load, boning a sandpaper v with rotation, or using there rubber as a tow strap. For the volume test, they could have at least put a valve on the water jug. Last time I checked, no one bones with rotation into a sandpaper vagina. Would have made more sense to connect a dildo to sawzall ( yes, this attachment exists on Amazon ) and use it on a fleshlight. The car one is pointless, but the only one that is really measurable.

  65. Kameron Rockwell says:

    The sandpaper test was way to variable,she changed the weight applied each time

  66. Mariel H says:

    I did not know Wet n' wild made condoms! 😂 I know it's probably not the same company but even the font on the package is the same or at least very similar

  67. Arabella Fronk says:

    Am I the only one who saw she had a hickey on her collarbone had to point it out it was bothering me

  68. Laferrari Kruger says:

    I feel better now

  69. Guys being dudes F says:

    0:28 yeah I come like a Horse

  70. Bill Badoni says:

    Who uses condoms??

  71. Rzlick official says:

    Respectable what does it mean because I looked it up and I still don’t know how it applies

  72. Rajono Statybininkas says:

    this is super unaccurate it depends on how much u push it on the drill and other factor lmao

  73. Sunil n says:

    Hii I am from in Mumbai 😐Jo bhi ledy sex k liye problem me h o hi whtsap kre 9892807517

  74. WolfyLovesCake2009 says:

    Hmmmm, but what if I don't WANT my guy to wear a condom?

  75. fat noodle nut says:


  76. Awsome Gamer . . . says:

    Is that a hickey

  77. iphone X says:

    So when are you coming to have safe sex with me ❓☺️

  78. Sachin Mangate says:


  79. Rachel Fendrich says:

    (Kids) See’s title
    (Kids). puts on headphones

  80. Bloopet says:

    I searched "using a wireless keyboard to mess with people" and this popped up. WTF BUZZFEED!?!?!

  81. Zoom Zoomed says:

    Plot Twist: Trojan Man is a virgin.

  82. CanadaMMA says:

    "Men everywhere are crying."

    I'm 1000% sure if you put THAT inside any woman, she'd be in tears….

  83. rajat guha says:

    Caution: pls don't use longlast condoms its has dangerous chemical in world benzocaine. For further pls Google search "are extratime condoms safe" in quora see Sandy roy in quora see answer

  84. evileli327 says:

    Buzzfeeds people are full of muscle girls an gay skinny guys

  85. a bottle of cranberry juice says:

    No thanks ill just have sex at night when the sperm is asleep

  86. karan kumar says:

    So sexy 🤤 girl I want to do sex with you

  87. a r o m a t i c says:

    Does she have a hickey on her shoulder lmaooo

  88. Sagar Nahar says:

    Aap ny kabi condom ling par dalva ka sex kiya

  89. Sagar Nahar says:

    Aap ny kabi condom ling par dalva ka sex kiya

  90. Balake :p says:

    Can only concentrate on her hockey on her left shoulder

  91. Вадим Филипов says:

    Ведущей – огурец в одно место (можно и в два) за такую ку*ню!((

  92. FrankieOnSBSIn144p! says:

    seeing how long it would last at full speed on something like plywood would be better than how many spins it lasts on sandpaper.

  93. CRINGE GOD says:

    Why the hell am i watching this

  94. Lawrence Gale says:

    Kamasutra excite 6 flavours condom Unboxing

  95. Sam Gaming says:

    i like you

  96. Hakimshani Shani says:


  97. super roast says:

    Samjh nahi aya condom dekhu ya ladki🤣🤣🤣🤣

  98. Zalamedas says:

    If you are seeing this comment, remove this video from your watch history and dislike the video. We can only hope the view count would go down. Thank you support.

  99. KING VID says:

    Thumb nail she look pretty! But when I start the video she look like a man

  100. wait n watch says:

    Style in tasting nice girl

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