The Untold Truth Of Selena Gomez

From her childhood stardom to her mental and
physical struggles, this is the untold truth of Selena Gomez: 13. The Basics Selena Marie Gomez came into the world in
Grand Prairie, Texas in July 1992. Her father’s name is Ricardo Joel Gomez,
and her mom’s name is Amanda Dawn, also known as Mandy, Cornett. Her mother was only sixteen years old when
she was born. Discussing her childhood, she later said,
“[My mother] was really strong around me. Having me at sixteen had to have been a big
responsibility. She gave up everything for me, had three jobs,
supported me, sacrificed her life for me.” Selena was named after the late actress and
singer Selena Quintanilla-Perez, who was lost in 1995. Gomez was raised in a Catholic household,
but her family didn’t do anything overly traditional. She stated, “We do everything that’s Catholic,
but we don’t really have anything traditional except [that we] go to the park and have barbeques
on Sundays after church.” Her parents got divorced when she was just
five years old, and she stayed with her mom. Selena gained a half-sister through her mother’s
marriage to Brian Teefey, named Gracie Elliot, and she got another half-sister, Victoria,
via her dad’s marriage to Sara Gomez. In 2010, Selena received her diploma through
homeschooling. Her mother was an actress, which inspired
Selena to opt for a career in entertainment at a young age. 12. Start To Acting Selena began acting when she was still a child. She auditioned for numerous roles, including
for Barney & Friends, which is when she met Demi Lovato. The two were both chosen to act in the television
series in 2002. Gomez played the role of Gianna, and it was
her debut in the acting field. Selena noted later on, “I was very shy when
I was little… I didn’t know what ‘camera right’ was. I didn’t know what blocking was. I learned everything from Barney.” She portrayed her character for a total of
thirteen episodes of the famous show in two years. But, Selena was ultimately let go because
she was “too old” to continue. 11. Disney Channel Even though Selena had to move on from Barney
& Friends, she found work on the Disney Channel. In 2007, she got the recurring role of Mikayla
on Hannah Montana alongside Miley Cyrus. While she was working on this series, she
also appeared the television films Arwin! and What’s Stevie Thinking?. Selena then auditioned for the Disney Channel
series Wizards of Waverly Place and got the starring role of Alex Russo. After she was picked for the character, she
and her mom moved to Los Angeles, California. In the new magical show, she played a teenage
girl who is a member of a wizard-filled family that had a seemingly-ordinary restaurant in
New York. Selena gained a significant amount of recognition
through this role, which moved her into the Hollywood spotlight. She even recorded the series’ theme song,
“Everything is Not What It Seems.” 10. Musical Beginnings Perhaps Selena Gomez is most well-known for
her musical career, which began while she was still working for Disney. She assisted with a cover of “Cruella de
Ville” for the DisneyMania 6 album and recorded a song for the Tinker Bell movie called “Fly
to Your Heart.” Selena also did three songs for Another Cinderella
Story, in which she starred, including “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know.” When she turned sixteen years old, she signed
a contract with Hollywood Records. She then recorded a song with Demi Lovato
for the television movie Princess Protection Program, which came out in 2009, titled “One
and the Same.” That same year, Gomez formed the group Selena
Gomez & the Scene via Hollywood Records. Their debut album came out in August 2009
and sold sixty-six thousand copies in its first week. In 2010, her band’s second record came out,
called A Year Without Rain. 9. Solo Although Selena initially announced that she
would be taking a break from pursuing her musical career in 2012, she noted in October
of that year that she was working on some new stuff. She released the song “Come & Get It”
as the single for her debut solo album, Stars Dance, which came out in July 2013. It became number one on the Billboard Hot
200 right away and sold almost one hundred thousand copies in the first week. After signing with Interscope Records in 2014,
Selena began working on her second album the next year. During that time, she and Zedd collaborated
for the song “I Want You to Know.” Later that year, she released “Good for
You” as the first single off her new record, which sold almost one hundred eighty thousand
copies during the first week it was out. Then, Selena dropped Revival in October 2015
and put out “Same Old Love” as the album’s second single. The third single was “Hands to Myself.” All three were at the top of the charts. In 2016, she and Charlie Puth put out the
song “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” which also reached the United States top ten. Gomez has been working on her third album
since 2016, but it hasn’t been titled or released to date. In 2017, she released the single “It Ain’t
Me” along with Kygo. More recently, she put out the song “Back
to You.” 8. Pets Selena Gomez is well-known for her kind heart,
which she has shown partly by rescuing animals. She loves dogs and decided to adopt, not shop
– an excellent choice for anybody out there! But, she didn’t stop at one. This talented singer has numerous pups. Her first one’s name is Wallace; he had
parvo, a disease that can be fatal, when she first got him. But, he overcame the illness with Selena’s
help. Her second dog’s name is Fina, who was discovered
alone in a parking lot by Gomez’s mother. Apparently, Fina refuses to go to sleep without
a special blankie and pillow and is nicknamed ‘Diva’ because of it. Selena’s third pooch is Chazz, who once
appeared in Wizards of Waverly Place with his now-owner. The fourth is Baylor, a husky mix who she
adopted while in Canada with her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber. Number five’s name is Chip, who Selena also
got from a shelter. Lastly, she has Willie, a Labrador retriever
that was left when his previous owners moved. 7. 90 Voices You probably know that Selena Gomez has been
in several animated films, one of which was Horton Hears a Who in 2008. But, do you know how many voices she did in
the movie? Well, you probably wouldn’t have guessed
ninety! That’s right. Gomez voiced ninety characters. She played the parts of the Mayor of Whoville’s
daughters… and he, apparently, had a lot of kids. Selena spoke about the task, stating, “I
voiced all of them. I had to change up my voice to do higher voices,
and then bring it down to do lower voices. All of the Mayor’s daughters look different,
so I play many different characters… I had never done animation, so I thought it
would be cool to try something different.” 6. Films In addition to her ninety roles in Horton
Hears a Who, Selena Gomez has been in several other features. In 2011, she starred in Monte Carlo with Leighton
Meester and Katie Cassidy. The movie follows three friends who go on
vacation to Paris; but, when Selena’s character is mistaken for royalty, they’re taken to
Monte Carlo. Gomez also played the part of Faith in 2013’s
Spring Breakers with James Franco; the movie is a crime and drama film about four girls
in college that rob a restaurant to pay for their spring break shenanigans. They find themselves in jail shortly after
but get bailed out by a dealer… quite a change from Gomez’s previous work. Selena also voiced Mavis in the Hotel Transylvania
animated film series and acted in Getaway alongside Ethan Hawke and Jon Voight in 2013. In 2016, she got the role of the Phi Lambda
President in Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising. That same year, she portrayed Lisa in the
drama film In Dubious Battle with Nat Wolff and James Franco. 5. Relationships You’ve probably heard about Selena Gomez’s
ex-boyfriends, but let’s take a look back at her relationships with these fellow stars. She and Justin Bieber went public with their
romance in 2011 at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party. In late 2011, Bieber even rented the Staples
Center to have a candlelit dinner with Selena on the basketball court… the two also watched
Titanic after their meal. A year later, Gomez broke up with the Biebs
due to distance and trust problems. But, in 2013, rumors began circulating that
they were back together. Even though they were seen getting up close
and comfortable during this time, they didn’t actually start dating again until September
2014. Just a couple of months later, Selena and
Justin called it quits again. In March 2015, she dated Zedd for a short
time. There wasn’t much news about her love life
until she began seeing The Weeknd at the beginning of 2017. But, these two split up in October, and Selena
was seen once again with Justin. After a very on-again-off-again relationship,
the duo seemed to be keeping their distance in March 2018 and officially broke-up in May. 4. Lupus One of the most challenging things Selena
Gomez has dealt with during her life is lupus. For those who don’t know, lupus is classified
as a “chronic autoimmune disease.” It can affect any part of a person’s body,
including their organs, joints, and skin. The illness causes problems with the immune
system, which makes it harder for the body to ward off various ailments, like the flu
virus. Selena had been dealing with the disorder
for a few years and was experiencing various symptoms, such as anxiety, panic attacks,
fevers, and tiredness. She even canceled portions of a couple of
her tours to deal with these issues. Then, she began receiving kidney tests which
eventually showed that she had lupus nephritis, meaning it was affecting her kidneys. So, she was told she needed a transplant. Luckily for the singer, her best friend, Francia
Raisa, decided to donate her kidney to save Selena’s life. The star later stated, “…it got to a point
where it was life-or-death. Thankfully, one of my best friends gave me
her kidney and it was the ultimate gift of life. And I am doing quite well now.” She added, “Not everyone is lucky enough
to have a donor, and something as monumental as an organ transplant shouldn’t be the
best treatment option available.” 3. Charities In addition to speaking out about lupus and
trying to raise awareness about the disease, Selena Gomez participates in a lot of other
charity work. In 2008, she volunteered for St. Jude’s
“Runway For Life” fundraiser and became UNICEF’s spokeswoman for their Trick-or-Treat
campaign that year and the next. At seventeen years old, Selena became the
youngest ambassador for UNICEF in 2009. She became their spokesperson once again in
2010. Selena is also a part of RAISE Hope For Congo
and has helped Island Dog in Puerto Rico, “Disney’s Friends for Change,” and the
Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The “Good For You” singer also spoke out
about safe driving in State Farm Insurance commercials. Gomez also participated in WE Day in Los Angeles,
California in April 2018 and introduced a young girl who had an uncommon kidney disease. 2. 13 Reasons Why More recently, Selena has received a lot of
recognition for the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. Originally, she was supposed to star in the
lead role as Hannah Baker for a film based on the novel. However, they ultimately decided to make it
a show instead. Nevertheless, she played a large part in its
making as one of the executive producers. For those who haven’t seen it, 13 Reasons
Why deals with some serious issues, including self-harm and bullying in school. So, it received some backlash after people
watched through to the end of the first season. But, Gomez noted that they “stayed very
true to the book.” She added, “That’s initially what Jay
Asher [the author] created, was a beautifully tragic, complicated, suspenseful story, and
I think that’s what we wanted to do; we wanted to do it justice.” 1. Breakdown & Bieber The most recent news surrounding Selena Gomez
is her emotional breakdown. She checked herself into a treatment facility
for mental health in October 2018. A close source to Selena told US Weekly, “[She]
is resting. It had been a couple tough weeks leading up
to this. She is definitely improving every day. She wants to better herself every day. That’s her priority.” Part of the reason she had an emotional break
is due to her ex, Justin Bieber, and his new wife, Hailey Baldwin. A source of Justin’s stated to Life & Style,
“Deep down, Justin knows [Selena] still has feelings for him and that his marriage
to Hailey would’ve upset her.” He was recently spotted crying in the car
with his wife and, allegedly, “won’t stop blaming himself for her breakdown.” Apparently, he and Hailey have even started
seeing a marriage counselor, which is really early in their relationship. But, it wasn’t all because of Justin’s
relationship. Selena was experiencing low white blood cell
counts and had to go to the hospital; it was during this visit that she broke down. The issue could be due to her kidney transplant. Let’s wish the best for this young star!

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