The Voice Dog (Remix) By Timbu Fun – feat. Walter Geoffrey The Frenchie

Walter You’re getting me in trouble Walter Stop enbarassing me again And I will always love you will always love you I will always love you And I will always love you will always love you I will always love you Subscribe Timbu Fun

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100 Responses

  1. Timbu Fun says:

    Siga: @TimbuFun

  2. Shelia Smith says:


  3. Christopher T Munro says:

    Is it wierd to dream that I'm a dog myself singing this song???

  4. mary Vita says:


  5. Andrea lee says:

    I cant get over this 😄😅

  6. Bianca KBPS says:

    faz do bolsonaro falando dos novayorkinis :DDD

  7. Nina says:


  8. Ecc Pecc says:

    Thank you! i knew someone must have done it, just couldn't find it till now 😀

  9. Ruby Anderson says:

    Too funny! I love watching Walter!! You go Walter!

  10. Ciara says:

    This is my favorite video now. Hahaha thank you…a year late.

  11. katia gois says:

    Ficou muito bom!!

  12. Hiller Hutson says:

    Óia lá, Óia Óia, Óia

  13. studlygrish says:

    I love how he screams and throws a fit then stops to look both ways to see if the cops are coming

  14. THAT'S GAY says:

    this fucking kills me every time i watch it holy shit

  15. Jay Jay says:

    I love Walter Geoffreys name . He sure is a character.

  16. luke platts says:

    LMAO 😂

  17. carmen Morales says:

    Omg!!! 😂😂😂😂that is hilarious!

  18. Joselma Sousa Silva says:


  19. Birb that loves memes says:

    Finally youtube showed me something good

  20. Jen Dagesse says:

    l love this dog

  21. Allison Stadelman says:


  22. Shawn Benjamin says:

    Talent to great for the internet. This is amazing

  23. Gustavo Garcia says:

    Pqp.. parabéns rs

  24. the animator says:

    The clip cutting is perfect. Nice job.

  25. Tom Allen says:

    How can I get this on mp3? Need this in my car

  26. Augusto Santos says:

    Canal BR espalhando a zueira na gringa. kkkkkkk…

  27. kc Diaz says:

    The first time i saw walter i followed right away at ig im back to this song again cause im singing it in my brain. Unforgettable. Hahaha i sing along.

  28. Jesahi Perdomo de la Cruz says:


  29. D T says:

    Omg Hilarious 😂😂😂👍👍

  30. red tomatoes says:

    Ha ha good job.

  31. Aurea Castro says:


  32. CrashFlames says:

    Now this is a lyrics I can get behind.

  33. Олива Нсп says:

    The best thing what I saw 😆❤️

  34. Amilyn Ocampo says:

    This is the best song remake

  35. Antonio Araújo says:

    Melhor musica do mundo

  36. Jayna Marie Arsenault The Certifiable One says:

    Lol this is fantastic great job.

  37. Eric Faith says:

    Walters great!

  38. Névoa Rosa says:

    Se era pra fazer rir demais, conseguiu.

  39. Andrea Dodd says:


  40. Denise Medeiros says:

    Amo esse vídeo!! É impossível não sorrir!

  41. Amrapali Rajput says:



    Seus vídeos são fantásticos , mas esse é o MELHOR DE TODOS DA INTERNET.


    Faz mais vídeos usando bichos ficou muito legal.



  45. Daniel Marroquin says:

    Walter I’m right here but noooooooooooo ha ha ha
    Edit:omg thank you

  46. Tia Marie says:

    Lmaoooo he’s got a whole album

  47. Sally Miller says:

    Better than anything I've seen on TV or heard on the radio lately

  48. Dayene says:

    Que esse vídeo nunca morra .
    Patrimônio da internet ( assim como o amigo disse abaixo )..

  49. Isaac horta em apartamento says:


  50. Eavy Muturuh says:

    That was………….. Awesome

  51. Danielly Ribeiro I.S.A says:

    Alguém de 2019 agosto assistindo?

  52. ka symoni says:

    Legal 😁😀😁😀

  53. Sandra Sousa says:

    Sensacional! !!!

  54. shemar scafe says:

    This is a work of art!!!!

  55. Marie Trini77 says:

    Love it

  56. Geraldo Johann says:

    I pay internet for these things!

  57. grettel sanchez says:

    Mi amor perrito.. Canta hermoso.. ❤ Lo ame.

  58. K P says:

    I cant quit laughing….brilliant

  59. Marie Mackey says:

    You go Walter, lol. 🐕👍

  60. Artis Williams says:

    How is there 445 people that have this video a thumbs down?

  61. Jay Jay says:

    I love Walter 🤗

  62. oni chan says:

    omg that is beyond adorable

  63. Alan says:

    This is definitely the best thing on internet right now. Thank you TimbuFun! What is the name of the other song you using in this clip? Not the “I will always love you”.

  64. Tina Stanley says:

    Catchy. I can not stop watching this.

  65. cerolina herrera says:

    Iove him so much

  66. Alcina Mendes says:

    😍😍😍😍Muito fôtinho!!!👏👏👏👏🇧🇷🇧🇷

  67. Gus Walker says:

    By FAR my favorite video of all time! I've watched it now about 20 times and sent it to everyone I've ever met. lol

  68. Eduardo Tenorio says:

    Is he toothless?

  69. Angélica Maria Rangel says:

    Esta en Spotify?
    Amo esta canción

  70. A Grumpy Twin says:

    I have never laughed so hard!!!

  71. Karl jr and Gram says:

    Best video I've ever seen I watch this every morning right when I wake up. I shared it with all of my friends

  72. Ash S says:

    If only humans could be dogs. DOGS MUST BE ABLE TO VOTE!!

  73. DimoraeS Funk Antigo says:

    Rindo muito kkkkkkkkkkkk

  74. Aaliyah victoria Rodriguez says:

    Better than every singer

  75. Lauren Delaney says:

    So how do I make this my ringtone though??

  76. Zato says:

    This is your best work to date. Awesome job.

  77. This Is My UzeHerName says:

    It's weird if I am singing this throughout the day?

  78. Pundertale Fan says:

    Walter. "What." You're getting me in trouble." Walter. "What?" Stop embarassing me again! "Oh yeah?" (Sings his heart out) XD

  79. Pundertale Fan says:

    My mom and my brother love walter, and this made their day. It's been kimda a rough day for us, and she says it's the best thing ever made. :03 Thanks.

  80. Cell Chaos says:

    Walter is da best!!! 😂😍😂😍

  81. Ditte Datte says:

    This song gives me life, oh ja…🐶

  82. Julie Seo says:


  83. Kay burger says:

    I laughed so much. This is the cutest video I saw in a long time. Can't you just adore those doggies? And that doggie's mouth. Ha ha. Animals always make me feel better.



  85. MANSINI says:


  86. numberjack1980 says:

    I love this! This is the best thing on the internet

  87. spicecrop says:

    When Walter goes on tour, he gets a lot of tail.

  88. Chaz Nonya says:

    The day the internet was broken. Walter can't be beat.

  89. Teresa Valdez says:

    I never get tired of seeing Walter!!!

  90. LOYAL ROYAL says:

    This is so great 🤣😆….why fudge the publishing date ? So unnecessary.

  91. Lena Silva says:

    Ai meu Deus!! Como que eu nunca tinha visto isso?!?! Kkkkkk. Muito bom!

  92. Marcelo Silva says:

    E é bom

  93. Antony Tpz says:

    I demand this to be played at my funeral!!!

  94. Mike Clinton says:

    Funny, as hell.
    Walter you are the man

  95. Raquel Brum says:

    Boa noite a todos 🙌

  96. Dayana Araujo says:

    Ótima musica pra começar bem o dia HAHAHA

  97. Владимир Дмитриев says:

    Я чуть не задохнулся от смеха :)))

  98. Luka Lameiras says:

    what's the original song ? the one in the first minute

  99. Sylvie de Komen says:

    Feel sorry for the dog!!! Fucked up for life!!

  100. LISA MARIE says:


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