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Cats already run our houses, so shouldn’t they have their own kingdoms to rule? Here are some of the best cat cribs ever made. When this guy moved out of the city, he wanted to introduce his very indoor cats to the great outdoors. So he built them this epic catio. So they can get in touch with nature… and blow off steam. All in the safe, luxurious environment they’re used to. And when they’ve had enough of nature, all they have to do is pop back in through the window. Frances’ cat is a prince, so she built him and his brother a house fit for royalty. There’s a lot of swing bridges because it’s funny watching them use swing bridges. I was really inspired by the architecture of early European castles. I kind of intended that top part to be a single residency area, but they just cram in there together. Frances thinks this castle fits Prince Peach’s personality to a T. He doesn’t care about the masses. He’s just like up there being like, “Yo, let them eat cake!” I’m standing in the middle of the living room. This couple turned their living room into a cat super highway. We call this Cat City. They have 18 cats, many with special needs. Oh, big stretches! And all are either rescued or adopted from local shelters. So they decided to create a space where they could explore, relax and just be cats. They even eat up there. Gizzy Lizzy on the wall. Gizzy Lizzy, do not fall. This lady had an old bookcase that she wasn’t using, so she decided to turn it into a deluxe house for her cats. She designed it on her computer and used a special machine to match her drawings exactly. It has a scratching post and spots to relax. And the cats seem to approve. Hey, Dodos, this is Mark. Thanks for watching the video. Be sure to, like, comment and subscribe. And if you have a crazy cat crib, let us know in the comments.

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100 Responses

  1. Jordan Taylor Scaife says:

    MTV Cribs is really upping their game this year.

  2. Ronda Smith says:

    These are fantastic cat condos😄. What a great life for these beautiful felines😍

  3. Sandra Chamberlain says:

    Absolutely Amazing!!!!!!, Loved it!!!!💝💝💝💝

  4. sherine says:

    The best would be to combine the first and the third. And don't forget to add the second or the last. It'll be like giving them the best free and private spaces whenever they feel like it.

  5. Marie Carter says:

    If I had the resources I'd do this for my cats and bunny both 🐈💗🐇

  6. Juptier XIV says:

    3:03 imagine having guests over and one of your cats just drops and ambushes them from above 😂

  7. Coraline García says:

    Nice voice yours narrator, i love cats🐈💟

  8. Bonnie Forman says:

    Mark, I love your voice as narrator – I don't know why. Wish you could narrate more videos. Bravo to this one.

  9. Angelica Sanchez says:

    Que bonitos los gatitos como juegan

  10. Dicey says:

    I saw the dickbutt.

  11. Lisa E says:

    Castle's too flimsy. Outdoor area is just a cage. Homemade rafter system, you'll never see your cats again. Bookcase best idea. Cheap, easy, safe, effective. Use a jigsaw and sand the cut edges, or skip the front piece and just turn the bookcase backwards and use the back to cut openings.

  12. Rayvon Ali says:

    Gosh I wish I was one of them

  13. ShortbusMooner says:


  14. Lapis Eye says:

    Only thing a cat needs is a bullet

  15. Deliah GachaGaming says:

    Ok but these look amazing 0.0

  16. litestreamer says:

    Love these examples. Bring more!

  17. D. Mills says:

    What people don’t see in these videos is the complete disaster cats make of everything. I have 13 cats and a Catio, cat walk, large climate controlled cat house, and two cat runs all connected. They shed, barf, pee, and spread their food and litter. It’s a disaster most of the time. I certainly wouldn’t allow such in my home, I’d be cleaning constantly. And don’t even get me started on how long something made of cardboard would last 😆

  18. Voltaic Fire says:

    I love the cardboard castle, it combines the cats' love of boxes and their superiority complex lol. The gibet hanging off the side was a nice touch too. 🙂

  19. Voltaic Fire says:

    The bookcase cat house was a marvelous idea and really well executed.

  20. Kate Soloman says:

    Awesome video . . . Thank you.

  21. Randa’s World says:

    Yo let them eat cake 😂

  22. Laura Roberts says:

    The last one with the bookcase shelf.I love that idea!!💕🐱

  23. Darcy Gilio says:

    Cardboard castle looks like it was made for guinea pigs

  24. Loxx Malo'Duende says:

    My cat is just happy with a fire place and a box two sizes to small.

  25. MsRainbow Brite says:

    two claws up

  26. Chrisia Breeden says:

    I need to be creative like this

  27. Monica Molina says:

    Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow that's sooo cute awesome i want one for my babies kittys too😍😍❤❤😚😙😙😋😋😋😉😉💛😗😘

  28. Victoria M says:


  29. TimeforThinkers says:

    Cat-tastic ! You folks rock. Works of art all.

  30. Lily Perreau says:

    My heart has exploded


    giant ass cage that is actually fun for the "dogs" as the tags call them despite clearly being CATS…
    big ass castle that seems genuinely fun for the "dogs"…
    big "Cat-shelf" that they can eat from…
    a shelf described as a "deluxe house" for these so-called "dogs"…
    a small cage/bed hybrid where you can barley explore and every damn thing is a choking hazard for human BABIES?

  32. Mikel 666 says:

    great video

  33. Bobbi Sue says:

    2:10 why would you want to destroy your house like that

  34. Kaylen Is smol says:

    I don’t mean to be mean, but the narrator isn’t great. He sounds so uninterested in the topic.

  35. bnenomore says:

    Pretty sure that 2nd story was a troll 😂

  36. Denise Llamas says:

    thank you for sharing your videos

  37. Margo Sparkle says:

    Do the cats ever say thnk you mom or dad? i.e. do they realize this was created for them?

  38. Mr. Smith says:

    That lil bebe peeking out at the end 😺

  39. Enviroment Forever says:

    I want that.

    Does first guy still live there? Need a roommate? House for sale?

  40. JiaYi Lei says:

    The cardboard castle one is cute tho~ but what if my cat is fat? Everything will be destroy~😳😂😆

  41. Joe Russo says:

    I have 14 inside cat, and I so wish they had all this.

  42. Charity Mack says:

    I was thinking this would be more like MTV cribs 🤔

    I can appreciate that most of these DIY builds were practical

  43. D'ArcyTheGreat007 says:

    Awesome! 10/10

  44. Edie Koller says:

    I liked the first outdoorsy house and the 3rd one too. The Cardboard castle was cute but too flimsy.

  45. Logan Brennan says:

    Cats don’t deserve luxury they are crazy little demons from hell

  46. Shasha8674 says:

    Makes them feel like they are outside, but if you did this to humans they would not be happy. Pets need grounding/exercise/sunlight/variety etc… Nice houses/ to see. Have fun! God bless!

  47. D Berd says:

    I like the bookcase cat house the best! Good job!

  48. Jane says:

    The cats are still not gonna use them

  49. Ryn 2011 says:

    Click bait

  50. Tiffany Grey says:

    Yay! Cat cribs!

  51. megalopolis2015 says:

    I have an old shelf I'm not using. That idea is brilliant.

  52. I FEEL GOOD app - Listen to your heart and body says:

    What a cute cat house !!

  53. David B says:

    Such crazy wonderful owners

  54. Mohammad Yurisa Paatianto says:

    for the dodo admin, you should come to Jakarta, Indonesia, there's a
    Muslim woman she helped a lot of dog and keep them, it's very inspiring

  55. colorbar.s says:

    why does everyone in this video sound so unenthusiastic? it's kind of disturbing

  56. Punpun LS5201986 says:

    Whys his voice so boring is he new or something?

  57. E L L E says:

    Please pay attention!
    A baby cow has been born without a nose and with only one eye in Bangladesh.
    You guys will find more info in internet.
    😪I think he is sick.
    But people are thinking he is rare😥
    Edit:is it normal though?

  58. Zombie 9 4 says:

    wish i had a cat to own my life

  59. Loulabelle says:

    Did anyone else see dickbutt lmao 3:19

  60. Greg Grimsley says:

    Getto castle needs more support.

  61. Kawy Thowy says:

    Enjoyed this video. All cats and animals should be treated so good.

  62. Erngles0801 says:

    Why does this guy sound like the guy that voices “daily dose of internet”?

  63. Ji Hoon Lee says:

    these cats have a better life than me

  64. Brittany Padgett says:

    History buff here. To the lady who built the box castle; that was a nice Marie Antoinette reference you threw in there.

  65. 2Handsome says:

    Too much effort into pampering these cats imo. She needs to get out more

  66. Stephen Arling says:

    Cats can get used to harness and leash for walks outside with their staff. Our cats loved such walks, in forest and park. They especially loved walks at the beach.

  67. Ronald Fields says:

    Let those cats outside of that cursed cage!😤! Looking at nature through a fence…REALLY👎👎

  68. Shelby says:

    cats love when you make them stuff 🙂

  69. Don Corleone says:

    My cat's house is my whole house. Im the one whose homeless now.

  70. ShastaHawk says:

    I love the bookcase cat tree because it's so cool and so simple at the same time.

  71. TempleOfChelle says:

    “I made swing bridges, because it’s funny watching them use swing bridges”

    Mood 😂

  72. •Halø• says:

    Cat crib?? MORE LIKE A CASTLE! 😍😍

  73. Ronda Meier says:

    So cool, the first one and the living room highway one are my favs… The other two are also cute and clearly cat approved!

  74. D MP says:

    I’m more of a dog person.

  75. Mr. Finklshmit says:


  76. PhonyPhoner says:

    when im watching the dodo, i will be called a dodo, and other channels do the same sh.. come on..stop that sh.. it makes me feel like someone wants to manipulate me! its annoying

  77. Creative Gacha times says:

    I loveee cat city, my 6 cats would love it too

  78. Jesse Engram says:

    The second cats look meannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn but they are probably nice.

  79. Gussie Goop says:

    3. A sky view while eating… awesome!

  80. ThisIsARubbishName says:

    Peach!!! And Choco!! Omg I never thought I'd see them on here!

  81. FluffyPuppies Meep says:

    that first one our cat he is only an indoor cat so maybe we could make him one like it

  82. sono un truffatore ma non dirlo a nessunoజ్ఞ‌ా says:


  83. Spyder Dog84 says:

    When the cat has a better home than you

  84. Zahkirah Jubilee says:

    me : mom wares the cat mom: IDK me: oh shes on THE INSIDE HECKING ROOF

  85. Anders Forsberg says:

    I Love it❤️👍🏻

  86. Bella the equestrian says:

    My cat is so annoying sometimes!

  87. XxCatherinexX says:

    “They have 18 cats”
    Normal people:that’s so many
    Me with literally 25 cats (Seriously) Okay that’s normal

  88. Ashlee Caterson says:

    Hey I am trying to convince my dad to get me a cat. Hey doesn’t like cats because they kill wildlife. I have tried to explain to him that they can be kept inside but he won’t listen. Everyone else wants one except him. Does anyone have any advice how to convince him?

  89. derek Fehrman says:


  90. iiDeerieii iiRosieii says:

    the castle is great for light-weighted animals like baby animals or small creatures like ferrets! 😀 these big fluffy cats broke it within seconds :V

  91. Sheness J. says:

    "So they can get in touch with nature"
    Me: "Literally"

  92. Sharon Jasso says:

    Number 1 crib cat that goes through the window is big doe…

  93. Dabbing Unicornsksksksksksksk says:

    0:46–0:48 it’s pole dancing

  94. Shelilla says:

    Catio is such a good and underrated idea. Rather than irresponsibly letting them run around to kill native wildlife or get killed by coyotes or birds of prey, they can be comfortably happy and safe outside without bothering other animals or people

  95. Victreebel Overlord11 says:

    Guy: so they can get in touch with nature
    Cat: touches nature

  96. Sabrina Marie1130 says:

    The card board one was badddd lol

  97. Tortoise The Cat says:

    3:18 no one going to ignore the thing she drew with the 3d printer?

  98. Jared Ascencio says:

    These people are amazing😀😀😀😀

  99. Udaia Jones says:

    If my cat had a cardboard castle he would tear it apart into Pieces!!😆😆

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