The World’s Most Pampered Alligator

ANGELA LANCE: I am not sure there’s other gators that are getting foot massages and
manicures and seem to enjoy it. COMM: The thought of being in close contact with an alligator might be terrifying for
most people, but not for this lady. ANGELA LANCE: I am Angela and this here is LillyGator. She is pretty close to being the
most pampered gator in the world. She is definitely spoiled. She does have a tiara. She has sunglasses.
Dressing her up and painting her nails is more fun for me. So, I am going to put Lilly’s
brand new dress on her. ANGELA LANCE: You are all right. It’s all right. ANGELA LANCE: Stop. Stop. Stop. You are all right. ANGELA LANCE: Good girl. Good girl. ANGELA LANCE: There you go, Lilly. ANGELA LANCE: Hey, Lauren. LAUREN SHIVE: Hi. Hi, Lilly.
ANGELA LANCE: This is Lauren. She is Lilly’s…Lilly is her GodGator. She helps take care of her
whenever I have to travel. LAUREN SHIVE: You are looking very pretty in your dress, Miss Lilly. I prefer to stay on this side. LAUREN SHIVE: She trusts her mother at the other end. ANGELA LANCE: She has no desire to eat you or me or anyone else. She has never bitten
anyone. At her age if she were to bite, it would definitely like say crush the bones
in your hand. She would death roll just by instinct. LAUREN SHIVE: I don’t get close enough to be scared of her biting me to be completely honest. COMM: Ever the snappy dresser, LillyGator causes a stir wherever she goes. LAUREN SHIVE: We do go on walks with Angela when she puts her on the leash and she goes
for walks. ANGELA LANCE: I get some crazy reactions when I have her outside on the leash. Obviously,
most people are afraid if they hear her hissing. ANGELA LANCE: Most people think that alligators cannot be domesticated. And they are 100%
accurate, but they are also can be very docile and I do disagree with the conception that
they can’t have feelings. COMM: But far from being an advocate for alligators as pets, Angela uses Lilly to discourage irresponsible
owners. ANGELA LANCE: I have always loved alligators and about 6 years ago I happened upon some
teenagers that had a alligator. Its conditions were horrible. So, I rescued it. Got it back
to health and eventually I did have to take it to a sanctuary. COMM: Angela knew that she wanted another gator and she bought Lilly as a tiny hatchling. ANGELA LANCE: I got her when she was two and half days old. She turned four in August and
she’s been like my baby since. ANGELA LANCE: When I first got her I used to just lay her on my chest here and rock
back and forth with her to make her comfortable and it’s something that seems to calm her. COMM: Angela’s own parents have grown to love Lilly too, seeing her as part of the family. ANGELA LANCE: There are times when I know my father is at dinner with colleagues and
I will get the text , ‘Send me some pictures of my GrandGator.’ And he showing her off
in her little outfits. COMM: It’s legal to own a pet gator in Angela’s state of Pennsylvania. But there are other
practicalities to consider, not least the fact that Lilly won’t be so little forever. ANGELA LANCE: She will continue to grow. Because she is a female and in captivity, she won’t
probably not reach the 10, 12, 15 feet. ANGELA LANCE: But Angela is confident that she is doing the right thing. ANGELA LANCE: Lilly does have a better life with me than she would if she were just wandering
around in the wild. There is no predators here. She gets a lot of attention and affection
and I really think she likes that.

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100 Responses

  1. Edmister Enterprises LLC says:

    I feel bad.. The whole time I was hoping she would get bitten.

  2. Pitbull Gamer81 says:

    That last is a wack job

  3. Insight Dog Training / Erin Goris says:

    Okay when do these videos start to promote animal abuse and irresponsible animal ownership?

    This video of this women dressing this gator in human baby clothing makes me sick! Someone else is going to see this video and think it’s okay to own a pet gator. Then you will have people releasing pet gators into the wild and then they will come up to peoples boats for food; and will be shot dead.

    This gator should be ripped from this women’s arms and be put in the hands of true experienced gator handlers. Unbelievable, these are wild animals not your new version of a purse dog with scales 😡.

  4. Lone Wolf says:

    that poor gator

  5. Santi Bio says:

    The food isint that hot

  6. Walter Condi says:

    Someone needs to get out more and date.

  7. Steven Haire says:

    I have Crocs and Gators and caiman but I don't believe In dressing them up…God painted them awesome as is no need for extra

  8. alyssa_ carcelli_ says:

    Why would someone dress up a wild animal? This seems wrong to me. I mean why dress her up? And paint her nails? I mean, why?

  9. jonathan wright says:

    I applaud the bond, but "not all of the lights are on upstairs".

  10. Bradley Handicappuccino says:

    My friend and I met this woman a few years back on a flight back from Baltimore. She sat in the seat next to us. Sweetest, most friendly lady, but we thought she was nuts (in a nice way). She showed us a million pictures that were on her phone of her alligator and gave us a business card of a website that we could purchase items (mugs, shirts, pins, etc.) with pictures of her gator on them. Again, nice woman, just a little bit nuts for going that far out for the gator. lol

  11. Leonardo Luna says:

    Esta mujer está putamente jodida de la cabeza

  12. Mister Toad says:

    is she dead yet?

  13. Missie McMissus The Mysterious Light says:

    I feel so bad for the gator😫😅

  14. B Moore says:

    I want one

  15. Sean says:

    This is so sad to watch poor alligator.

  16. Informacion Natural says:

    This lady is out of her mind

  17. Star Gazer says:

    Kinda funny how humans can go out and climb mountains but be scared of hissing alligators!!!Like what sissies!!!❤️🐊!!!

  18. Tara G. says:

    A pink tutu?! A pink sweater??? This poor alligator. Half the video is the alligator trying to escape for crying out loud!!

  19. Dyf Panda says:

    pretty weird lookin dog

  20. Indiana Creek Walker says:

    survived an ice age, out lived dinosaurs…didn't escape this lady…. for god sake what is wrong with people

  21. Indiana Creek Walker says:

    now i just need to see a snapping turtle as a pet and i've officially seen every animal on the planet turned into a human prop

  22. psychic Lies says:

    You shouldn't own wild animals unless they're a rescue

  23. CeeHoff says:

    0:08 "….. help…."

  24. Hồ sơ mật X-Files says:

    keep in house is ok, but should build a cage clean with grass like the wild, if they sleep in pillar they will be weak

  25. Ciro Ferrara says:

    In a alternative universe:"The World's Most Pampered Human"

  26. EpicEd27 says:

    That alligator is going to out live her

  27. Aaron Seguin says:

    I feel sorry for this gator not only that this chick isn't playing with a full deck of cards… It's like lights are on no ones home. I feel like this chick has imaginary friends as well. Smh the lady's for sure single no one could deal with a basket case like this.

  28. BulletN3ctar says:

    But what happens when the alligator fully matures? I only see bad things, despite this "bond"… bad things.

  29. dabber86 says:

    Her: Good girl, good girl
    Me: Poor gator, poor gator
    The gator: Help me, im getting tortured

  30. ANTHIMOS A says:

    The masturbation goes cloud

  31. tiffsaver says:

    When this little gator grows up to be a huge adult, will it still be safe and loving toward humans?? I know that mammals can return affection, but I'm not too sure about reptiles. It kind of reminds me of a guy who really loved his rattlesnake and thought it loved him. But one day it bit him, and now his wife and children are without a father.

  32. Venomous Roo says:

    She is sick

  33. Ronald McFondle says:

    Ugh. Sick sick sick

  34. XxRoblox_lollychipchop_Roblox_x X says:

    You said they have feelings wont it feel intimidated wearing stuff and walks…. besides it should be in a pond with gators si it doesnt get lonly

  35. Evan Dinosaur says:

    Let's hope that nail polish isn't toxic!
    Actually, forget what I said.
    I just realized everyone uses *SQUEAKING* nail polish.
    God, I'm an idiot.

  36. Phillip Damron says:

    I'M SHOCKED!!!??!!!! BUT AMAZING 😍

  37. vinukabest3 says:

    Ok I have seen people having bears as pets but this is a prehistoric killer!

  38. Yasatan says:

    what a cruel women that’s horrible to see that beautiful animal in such horrible environment

  39. king ayrton says:

    I feel sorry for the alligator

  40. Tomáš Malý says:


  41. Billy Russo says:

    Women – paints its nail, puts a tiara on its head, put sunglasses on em, dresses up an alligator

    Alligator – Never asked for any of it

    Women – she is so spoiled

    Alligator – O.O

  42. Leon Kring says:

    This is bad for the crok. She is crazy it is sad for the crok. I Hope someday it will bite her in the face. 😡

  43. Zx Semon says:

    Дуры 🤦‍♂️

  44. Zx Semon says:

    Poor alligators

  45. dantecarp says:

    Do you realize that your bonkers

  46. dark0ssx says:

    There is no way an alligator brain can like any of this

  47. Sommy Bunny says:

    She should move to Florida

  48. Omar Sheikh says:

    Although I don’t REALLY mind her having a pet gator I don’t agree with one thing. I think sometimes it is good for aligator to be put in the wild and learn how to hunt. I don’t think alligators are animals that would love affection and being pampered. I think this woman should have just gotten a dog because those can be dressed up and they are domesticated.

  49. A ziatsky says:

    im pretty sure its proven that alligators dont have feelings..

  50. Gian Navarro says:

    Sorry but they can get up too 16 ft tall can weigh up to 600 pounds has a bight force of 3000 pounds and its been 2,3 years since that video…
    Anyone else think she got eaten by it already??

  51. Stephen Doty says:

    Her mom, "When are you going to meet a nice guy?"

  52. Prashant Rawat says:

    am i the only one who is laughing and feeling sorry at the same time

  53. Henry Mahan says:

    Title:Most Pampered Alligator

    Dinosaurs:We Didn’t mate for this

  54. Hookers n' Cocaine says:

    King k rool’s wife.

  55. noah says:

    What a wierdo. They have no brain and cant train them. Some people are just plain stupid

  56. Pøtátø Bêrry says:

    Next thing u know she doesn’t even have a pond to go in

  57. Young Majin Buu says:

    The Gator: "I swear, Karen, someday…"

  58. Neon wolf says:

    I have. a alligator. as a pet =)

  59. Clippers Auxalious says:

    I knew what I was about to watch and yet still wtaf!

  60. Rachel D.B says:

    This lady does not deserve any pet especially not a wild animal like this you can tell that the poor thing don't like clothes

  61. Rona Boltova says:

    Somebody save the crocodile!

  62. Tys totally radical toenail says:

    Anyways if you wanna see people treat a pet gator with the respect and care it deserves go watch Snake Discovery.

  63. Noah Hunt says:

    Angela: "She has no desire to eat you or me or anyone else."

  64. LuLuDawg7113 says:

    That poor alligator. o-o

  65. peachy baby says:

    i’d be terrified

  66. Ramón u. Montero says:

    Don’t brush her teeth , don’t paint her nails it’s torture

  67. Ivan Terrible says:

    Its just waiting for the right moment

  68. The Predator Dillon You son of a B***h says:

    I can't imagine what Lily is thinking

  69. shanae alexandra says:

    Idk that hiss at the beginning

  70. melvinn says:

    is disgusting me

  71. Tyler Russin says:

    What an abomination.

  72. BlakeOUT says:

    Die alte hat doch nen Schuss…sowas nennt man auch Tierquälerei!

  73. Mason Dunn says:

    Thicc and prehistoric, my favourite

  74. Kris Tina says:

    а баба то чикане

  75. SOL WOLF says:

    She's gonna get eaten within the next decade. Put my money on it

  76. Alicia Cadeddu says:

    this lady needs a boyfriend or hobby

  77. Jack Parkhouse says:

    the fact that she says that she doesnt beleive alligators have no emotions is just stuipid it can't feel affection towards you and uses you as a food source. All reptiles lack the pre frontal cortex which controls emotion making them emotionless and have no affection to you.

  78. georgeNconrad says:

    What does she feed it?

  79. georgeNconrad says:

    How come you never see black people on these kinds of shows?

  80. RK & L says:

    ya man! most of the American came from a different planet.

  81. Orkideh M says:

    Alligators are not house pets 🙄

  82. bolmz says:

    Humans……. its not natural and the alligator is not supposed to cuddle with humans and dress ut up, its an alligator ffs. You can clearly see he dont like it, i feel very sorry for him

  83. WojanMC says:

    I don't usually hate on these types of videos, but you can't keep an alligator, those are meant for the wild.

  84. Stall Ion says:

    This Woman is crazy.

  85. Apple_Ant says:

    I find it sad that this alligator is living a life like this.

  86. Renee Boston says:

    i’m officially scarred for life 😥😥😥😥😥

  87. Paige 1996 says:

    “And seem to enjoy it” gator hisses 😂😂😂

  88. Mike Titz says:

    the fat on this woman's arms is something else.

  89. Jen says:

    The pink sweater is flattering…😂 Not the ruffle one mama!

  90. Dorina Muresan says:

    En un dia te va vomer preparate .

  91. Øath betrayer says:

    Yeah….don't paint it's nails you psycho…

  92. James Rosano says:

    She has no desire to eat me you or anyone else ……. YET

  93. Ron Roberti says:

    Efen weird, not the gator the humans. Future food for the gator.

  94. Luka Milot says:

    this is straight up animal abuse..that alligator does not look happy..

  95. Wing Ding says:

    She is controllable now but there is going to get to be a point where the alligator is to big for her.

  96. Anastasia Schenkel says:

    I'm sorry but when people act like this, I laugh when they get eaten. 🐊

  97. AsderNEET says:

    Idk why everyone is hating on her

  98. Jaxson Canniff says:

    it does not like you it tolerates you. this gator is not healthy she is 100% depressed i can understand having a enclosure for it with a pond but the poor thing cant even swim this shouldn't be legal

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