*music* The best way to get involved with the
program, because usually when you say I want to involved, you want to hang out
with the dogs. Well you have to be a handler to do that, so the best way is to go
ahead and take the AVS courses. So you’re probably going to see our dogs all around campus. We have two different types of dogs that you might see. For
hearts of gold purposes all of our dogs wearing red capes are in training, so
please don’t touch them. And all of our dogs wearing blue capes
are visitation therapy dogs, their job is to walk up to you and get love. So, please
love on them as much as you can. Heart Of Gold is a non-profit under the umbrella
of human-animal bond and we’ve partnered with WVU, we actually teach classes here
at the University. Our main focus is education research and community
outreach, we focus mainly on placing with our veterans we train for psychiatric
and mobility assistance and thanks to a grant we were able to provide those dogs
free of charge. A lot of our students have expressed a loving miss of their
dogs, I guess, so they’re all really homesick they’re missing their dogs and
what better way to kind of get a little bit of extra loving in they need to go
scruff on a dog’s face. So their job is to just be cute and loved and they’re
always up for visitors. *music*

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