THESE Are The Most Dangerous Dog Breeds EVER

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  1. Chrystal Frost says:

    I don't think this list is accurate (other then the caucasion shepherd). Domesticated dog breeds that have the tendency to be aggressive towards people that they don't know are breeds known as flock guardians, but its because they are bred and raised to protect flocks and property. The reason most people don't know about flock guardian breeds is because they aren't commonly kept as family pets because of their protective and aggressive instincts, and the fact that they need strong leader minded owners who have experience with dogs.

  2. Lucky Illusions says:

    i'm surprised Dobermans aren't on here, i have one and he's the SWEETEST, but very protective, and does have a bad reputation, it's hard to find a place that will allow him.

  3. Wendy h. says:

    my mom got atacct by a chow chow

  4. Stevie C. says:

    What about Corgis? Those little shits are mean. (Jkjk I love corgis)

  5. BluCat says:

    It's so true… for some reason every smaller dog I meet is the most aggressive thing in the world, two exceptions (who also happen to live in the same household.) Although I know a part German Shepherd, maybe 50 to 70 pounds, and she is the sweetest thing in history. I feel bad for her because her owners got a new puppy about a year ago, soon as he entered completely dominated alpha status.

  6. Lucas Fernandez says:

    Huskies are dangerous???? My friends have a husky and it either lies around or steals food off of plates

  7. CJ says:

    – Human aggression and dog aggression have very little to do with eachother. Most dogs with dog aggression have zero human aggression.
    – Using "pack leader" training on your dogs can lead to aggression. It's an outdated training method, and it can be downright harmful. Don't do it.
    – People that purchase huskies and german shepherds often do so because they think the breed is beautiful, without actually researching the dog first. They are a dog that needs a lot of exercise, training, and mental stimulation. If they're aggressive, it's because they were poorly bred, or they are mentally and physically stimulated enough.
    – Pit bulls (aka Bully Breeds and bully breed mixes) do have a genetic propensity for dog aggression. But very low instances of actual human aggression. You don't want your fighting dogs to turn on their masters.
    – Chow chows are dicks.

  8. paul bultje says:

    i think you forgot wrought wilers

  9. I Need Coffee says:

    The comments to this video are a great example of why logic should be a mandatory subject in all schools. Good God.

  10. TheFarmanimalfriend says:

    pitbulls are really fucked up. I bought pepper gel to deal with my neighbors dog.

  11. xHelloAprilx says:

    There is no such thing as a dangerous dog just a dangerous human

  12. xHelloAprilx says:


  13. EightDiamond831 Gaming says:

    I like dogs

  14. mista juan says:

    HOLY SHIT!!!! You read an article?!?!?! NOW YOU'RE AN EXPERT

  15. ozzyrrv420 says:

    Dog breeds are not dangerous. Shitty dog owners make dogs dangerous period.

  16. heyitsme says:

    No such thing as a bad dog just a bad owner. I've got two beautiful Rottweilers and they wouldn't hurt a fly

  17. Kavkaz says:

    yay for the shoutout to the Caucasian Ovcharka! Those dogs can grow to be over 200 pounds & the Soviet army would use them to hunt BEARS!

  18. matthew forgie says:

    Please do your own research on each bread before you push dangersus asa breed I have worked with pits for years as well as meany other dogs pit have always been the most dasial shame on yall for pit basing

  19. Erin Sawicki says:

    Ok, have you ever watched the puppy bowl? Its so cute!!! <3

  20. Kevin Campbell says:

    john's estrogen level 1000

  21. coucamaya says:

    You'll forgot the akita

  22. Harry Hall says:

    Any dogs will be aggressive if they aren't raised right. My neighbour has a small cute dog and it try's to attack my dog when it sees it.

  23. Ela Mongrella says:

    Chow Chows are also called one-man-dogs because they tend to only bond with one owner and may be aggressive toward anyone else, when not raised/trained correctly. I knew someone who had a Chow Chow, that was perfectly sweet with her, but would aggressively bark and snap at anyone else, even the owner's daughter, who was 1 year old at the time I knew them. Two years later I heard that she had to have the dog put down, because it attacked her daughter so badly, that she almost lost her arm.

  24. sillysallyceli says:

    i will say as a owner of two tiny-eeny chihuahuas, it ca be hard to socialize our dogs bc ppl find it cute, and entertaining to provoke them. and i'm like having a heart attack bc i see my dog getting frightened then becoming aggressive and they are laughing… and only when they push it to far and the dogs wont calm down with a simple command, that they feel harassed do they stop. no, dude you have pushed the dog to far, if it were a big dog, you'd probably be in a hospital.

    I've seen it far to often. so often chihuahuas also have a bad reputation. yeah, its tiny and cute, but its still a dog with dog wants and needs.

    also kids and lack of proper dog etiquette- although this is problem runs across the board and into adulthood, kids can easily become unsupervised and have come at a straight run at the dogs, or they will be to rough, with such little dogs, (i.e. break bones, yes, it was an accident) but ppl think bc little dogs are cute, that they shouldn't be given the same respect, and space as bigger dogs.

  25. Fausto Moh says:

    I'm not saying its true, but from what i read long ago, chihuahuas are the most natural aggressive dogs

  26. Katie Blake says:

    I've got a German shepherd and he is so friendly.

  27. 2Far says:


  28. Christopher Hancock says:

    lol My pitbull is just lazy and likes to sleep out on the warm porch all day.

  29. Christopher Hancock says:

    Number one should be the Caucasian Mountain Dog. Russians use those things to hunt bears, and as security dogs.

  30. FireSnek says:

    actually there no bad dog breeds there's only bad people and owners :/

  31. Luna042682 says:

    i got bitten by a staffordshire in 2013 the scar hurts when it is gonna rain!

  32. Jaelyn Alvarenga says:

    It depends on the OWNER. No dog breed is dangerous or more aggressive than the other.

  33. AlbinosaurusR3X says:

    All these comments about, "Oh, I have <supposedly aggressive/dangerous breed of dog> and he doesn't do anything wrong. He's a saint! It's all about how you raise them."

    This point was stated copiously throughout the show. It's like people didn't even watch it.

  34. Dylan MacFarlane says:

    You don't know what you're talking about a Siberian Huskies are playful and smart and a great family pet and they are not aggressive I've had five and they are the best dogs I've ever had. You should go take a long walk off a short peer

  35. Ali Kittens says:

    It depends on how it's trained and how the owners/previous owners treat it

  36. Chris East says:

    stupid mole what do you expect of course we are gonna breed dogs for a purpose go fuck yourself.

  37. norminahsharmony says:

    I work at a pet grooming place and all these dogs are my favorite to groom they are super sweet espically pitbulls , and the Caucasian shepherd it like a cousin of the great Pyrenees and those are my favorite dogs. I had two and they would always protect me from my goats and they were so sweet. They were however really protecting of me towards the goats and towards people . Like my friend was playing and acted like she was hurting me a she tackled her. So like there sweet but they are protective and loyal.

  38. bohdilama says:

    Top 2 dogs with the best temperament. #1 Labrador #2 pitbulls FACT. LOOK IT UP.

  39. kingwolf1948 says:

    I have a 4 Month old German Shepherd and he is very aggressive and protective. He is also stubborn which is bad news for his breed.

  40. Eugene says:

    we have 3 pitbulls and a small terrier …..the terrier is the only aggresive one so the whole pitbull reputation thing is bull shit …but understandable 😛

  41. Emma Munson says:

    Dogs like WTF are you doing to me

  42. Le' Anthony Shane says:

    lol. . . my pit bull is such a baby. . . and super lazy

  43. Bchara Raad says:

    the huski is one of the dumbest dog breed

  44. The1cn wnGamer says:

    My grandmother actually has half pitbull half pointer (which the pitbull in him shows much much more) and he is basically a big teddy bear because he could not harm a fly. If you show disappointment to him a say bad dog then he goes to a corner a gives you a guilty look, it's too adorable

  45. Gabbi DiMura says:

    everybody is flipping out. omg they aren't saying that they are bad dogs, they are just saying that they have more of a wolf-like instinct than other breeds. As a proud German shepherd owner i can completely agree with what you said about them. He is extremely protective of me and my family, but absolutely adores new people, especially children. when you adopt/buy one you take it to a special class, that teaches dog owners with these type of dogs to control there instincts properly. my dog is extremely large weighing 110 pounds, and his nose is as tall as our kitchen counter, can seem vicious at times, but he is just a hyper-active sweety-pie on the inside, or at least when he stops barking! 🙂

  46. Michael Cuevas says:

    Chihuahua's are the devil.

  47. KrypticReality says:

    I'm surprised the cane courso isn't on the lisy

  48. doeboyelsancho says:

    I have a German Shepherd and he is the sweetest dog towards ppl, but is agressive towards øther dogs…

  49. Elderscrollsswimmer says:

    Seriously… it's not about breed. Most dangerous dogs are rabid ones (because owners neglected vaccination… Read Stephen King's Cujo for details) and badly trained ones. Strays would either avoid people or beg for food…

  50. Capri Girl says:

    when I was in third grade my dads cousin owned a coyote, Natalia, and a black plains wolf, Baby, (this kind of wolf is actually illegal to own because they are "untameable"). When my dads cousin started having kids, they realized that they need too split up Baby and Natalia because they were to violent when they were together. We ended up getting Baby and he was the most mello dog ever. Because we were so young, we weren't allowed to walk around our town unless we had Baby with us. (Baby was a really intimidating animal he was about 6 feet from tail to nose and weighed about 140 pounds. His be was a king sized futown mattress folded in half.) I remember when we were camping my sister and I (who was 4 at the time) were walking Baby around the campsite. A dude with two dovermans walked by and his dogs went crazy, they were barking and trying to run for my sister. Baby stood infront of my sister and all his hair stood up on end, he showed his teeth and and barked qnd snarled so loud at the dogs. The craziest thing is that it seemed like Baby knew that he couldn't go after the dog because if he did, my sister would have been dragged along. My sister just sat there with the leash as Baby stared down the other dogs. The dogs owner said that he had never seen his dogs whimper or fear like that ever. Baby had never bit a human though.

  51. algodban says:

    chow chow  hahaha this is p s

  52. jalen o’connell says:

    A chow chow killed my dog ☹️

  53. Gybbson Lesly says:

    refernce to some wayin video around 4.25. cute dog pics and videos as well as many other animal videos

  54. mr hades says:

    Funny part is pit bull bites recorded for biting is as much as golden retrivers

  55. ȤЄƦƠ ƓƠƊԼƖƝЄƧƧ says:

    I've got a beautiful tri-color rough collie, he's so sweet

  56. Sierra Jones says:

    Rottweilers should be on here

  57. The king revenant says:

    I love hunky so if I treat them right I hope they won't hunt me

  58. Stephen Allatt says:

    So sad how they want to ban pit bulls in places like Montreal

  59. Lenajae Wesley says:

    my pitbull was really nice but one day she got out and bit my neighbor boyfriend. idk why…

  60. Andrea Davis says:

    No dog is dangerous. Only the master who train it is.
    Strength of the animal would be a better study.

  61. Tabitha Keizer says:


  62. Keeley Brown says:

    My Nan and grandpa have a sprocker spaniel. Which is a springer and a cocker cross. He misbehaves a lot but he is still a puppy. So guess that kinda gives him an excuse. But he needs to behave. Does anyone have any tips on how to sort this out and make Charlie ( which is the dog ) more obedient?

  63. Absolute Garbage says:

    i have a Chinese Sherpe named Vino. Now his breed is meant to be a fighting dog but my dog wont hurt many people unless he knows its real danger. He is smart enough to never hurt kids, smaller animals, guests, or his owners. The most he does is play fight with older people to play or just jump when he gets exited. But he doesn't really try to hurt them. P.s. he also has anxiety when people leave the house. like he NEEDS to be with people. I love him so much. He's so sweet. But i had a friend who was scared of him because he looked threatening to him and sorta looked like a pit.

  64. Lucy Regina says:

    What I'm getting from this video is that I have a lot in common with dogs. I am insanely protective and I don't like strangers. I don't bite strangers, though. That's gross. I just avoid eye contact until they go away.

  65. Akone Manaba says:

    The pitbull is not fucking dangerous

  66. Terrance The Tentacle Monster says:

    Often it's less a matter of bad dog and more a matter of bad owner.

  67. Alyssa Gall says:

    My husky is not dangerous at all

  68. Danny C says:

    I have a German Shepard and yes he is alert

  69. Whetsit Tuya says:

    7:20 I knew they were dating

  70. Michael Castaneda says:

    John and Hannah are too cute. I just love their silly facial expressions. I really enjoy watching Think Tank and the Young Turk's. Good stuff! So timely and thought provoking.

  71. Sword in the Darkness says:

    My inlaws have a Pit Bull that is adorable. When they vacuum the carpet she lays on the floor and rolls over on her back because she loves having her belly vacuumed with the upholstery brush.

  72. Lucid Ludicolo says:

    Never met a dangerous husky before anyone else?

  73. Kaylah Glasgow says:


  74. Robert Iams says:

    this is one where you to just shut up, because you don't know what you are talking about. I owned a Husky, a German Shepard and an English Mastiff. All were great dogs.

  75. Ava Manganiello says:

    They are so uneducated

  76. TheProfessorDank says:

    so i own three Rottweilers they were originally bred for cattle herding and guard dogs. if you properly socialize them at a young age and you train them correctly and you give them jobs they are the best dogs ever.

  77. Broken Quill92 says:

    Gimme that puppy

  78. Landdrin MC says:

    what about rottweilers

  79. L Anne Boivin says:


  80. lil humb's bee 69 says:

    you woun't pack a stadium to wach puppies play with pillows there's is the internet

  81. Angie 06 says:

    I own pitbulls and there the sweetest thing ever

  82. speed150mph says:

    Look, I'll settle the argument that keeps popping up over and over again in the comments. It's a combination of both breed and training people! Yes certain breeds can be more aggressive then others, but barring mental disabilities, and if you train it properly, then any dog can be a safe and controlled dog.
    You need to look at a dog as an individual as well as a breed, and figure out how to best work with his personality.

  83. Mel c says:

    the caucasion shepard dog kills bears sometimes

  84. Sasha _H says:

    This is my baby German Shepherd I love her

  85. I-Am-A-Fangirl Be_Afraid says:

    I had a Husky, it Is a lot of work training them but in the end it's all really worth it. Adopt a dog who fits your personality. If you're not active, don't pick a dog that needs constant activity ya know?

  86. Kiana Katana says:

    That was not a pure bred pitbull in the picture that is an American bully! Two different breeds!

  87. Markyohana2008 I love egypt says:

    that is not a pittball it is an American pittball

  88. RoseCitytid16 says:

    my 70 lbs female dog will treat apart any don't that isn't in the family that comes close to the or house or her

  89. RoseCitytid16 says:

    when my mom sees small dogs that are aggressive she said it has small man syndrome lol


    I got bored lol..

  91. NotA Mermaid92 says:

    My dad has a chow chow mix. He's an asshole. We got him about 10 years ago (or more) and he was an adult dog then. They got him from a shelter. We have no idea what his background is.

  92. Mae Foran says:

    My family had a chow and she was definitely aggressive, we had to give her away because my family feared shed hurt the small children in our house

  93. TheWaffleState says:

    Dog Fights Are Exciting, But I Still Want Them To Be Happy, Poor Dogs… 🐶

  94. Amanijo says:

    I used to have a german shepherd … named Samantha  she was the  was so sweet…and I had a pit bull named blue he was the biggest baby he never attacked nobody

  95. DuramaxRepublic says:

    I have a chow chow and he's super fucking aggressive to anyone but my family

  96. DuramaxRepublic says:

    I have a golden retriever/Aussie shepherd and a chow, the retriever is way more aggressive than my RESCUE chow, it's just the owner.

  97. Skippy Banana says:

    I have an Amstaff Pitbull and a Shih Tzu, the Shih Tzu is extremely aggressive for like no reason.

  98. AceCannonball7 says:

    I have a half chow chow and half german shepard and a full german shepard

  99. Gavin Coleman says:


  100. Papi Harpy says:

    Huskies dangerous? 😂😂 I've got two , they love running and stuff but bloodthirsty ? She can't even kill a fly (except the time she accidental sat on one)

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