Things You Didn’t Know About Feeding Time! – Simon’s Cat | Cat Logic #7

Hello I’m Simon, welcome to Simon’s Cat
Logic, we will be finding out from a cat expert why cats behave the way they do.
Today we’re talking about ‘Feeding’. Well, food and getting fed is such an important thing in a cats life that I had to do a film about it. The one thing I love about this film, it captures a lot of the little mannerisms that cats do when they’re
getting fed the way they get under your feet they get in the way, they’re so
impatient to be fed. That there’s loads comic value there to use in the film. Like most animals cats are very clued up into the things that happen immediately before they’re fed cats thrive from routine and they’re very clued into our routines, particularly around feeding time. Some cats are so clever, they can make
associations between particular noises and the association of food, there’s one cat
I can think of for example that knows the particular sound of tuna, so the
owner had lots of other tins that were larger tins make a different sound on
the work top, compared to the tuna tin that makes a different lighter sound. This way the cat knew when the
owner was getting the tuna out and would come running. Nowadays though it tends to be the sound of opening a pouch or rattling the biscuit tin. Many owners wonder why their cats
jump up on the kitchen worktops. In the video Simon’s Cat – ‘Feeding’ you can see Simon turn his back away from the cat whilst he is desperately trying to get the cats food prepared. Meanwhile Simon’s Cat is desperately try to get up there to try and get to the food you can see the frustration on Simon’s Cat’s face and it’s often because that’s where we prepare their cat food, so that’s why the
cat’s so interested. Equally we may have other items up on the kitchen worktop such as a freshly cooked chicken that’s just too tempting for that cat. So what I would recommend is actually
preparing the cats food in a different location perhaps even on the floor close
the cats food bowl to stop them jumping up on the kitchen worktops. Cats have an aversion to citrus, so be careful with the sorts of things you use to
clean their food and water bowls with and also most cats really don’t
like air fresheners particularly citrus scented ones. You can make feeding much more fun by
giving them items like feeding enrichment. Now this is where we
introduce enrichment toys if you like, ways of giving cats food other than
in their bowls so it’s much more interesting for them so they can use
their brains. Now we want to start off nice and simple like buddy here, he’s got
a cardboard egg box, as you can see it uses the cats different senses and also
provides mental stimulation and of course you can see this has got dry food
in it, so part of their daily allowance this is a really easy one to start off
with, and you can see here that Buddy’s got the hang of it straight away. You can
then build up in complexity of the enrichment items so from there you could
use a toilet roll pyramid. This is where you’ve got the sort of inner cardboard
tubes from the toilet rolls and you sellotape them together to form a
pyramid and then you put some of their dry food into the tubes. Now with feeding
enrichment it is important to actually show the cat how to use it, so just pop
your fingers inside the tubes pour out the biscuits, give it to the
cat, you do that for a couple of minutes and sit back and let the cat, sort of
tip their head and put their paw into the tubes, it is a lot of fun trust me it’s worth it. Just yesterday Jess was so impatient to
get fed, as she’s got a bit older she’s got more greedy, she wants food all of the time and she’s started jumping up onto the counter to almost snatch the
food before I have a chance to put it down. This happened after I made the film, it
was like seeing my films coming to life which is very strange.

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100 Responses

  1. lara collard says:

    Thats my cat Tinkerbell, tuna, when my hubby was making a tuna sandwich and came through with it,he said "did you hear the siren?!)(thecat!) Hear it i couldnt miss it !She loves tuna

  2. RockstarBruski says:

    I love these educational videos mixed with Nicky and Simon and cats. I think I will try Nicky's fun feeding tips. Great video cheers! 😎

  3. Aurora Griffin says:

    I'm taking care of another litter. Four this time, three weeks old. I'd love to see a pic or little animation in your style of four
    baby kittens, asking for a feeding the way you do them. x)

  4. Cindy Romero says:

    Luckily my two little babies are not like this they are actually super patient.

  5. Lovely Oppomist - I'm Still Here! says:

    This explains why my cat gets excited. Mine loves it when I bake her chicken, salmon, cook a bit of buffloo. From what I also notice some cat foods won't always have everything that satisfies the animal's taste either. When they beg their trying to tell you that their not getting enough from a brand your feeding them for good reason. They might need to have that food brand switched over if you want them to beg for food less.

  6. Lavendirt says:

    I have a enrichment toy for my cats it’s pillars that are different hights and then you fill them halfway so they scoop it with their paws

  7. TheJezqu says:

    I swear I learn so much from these videos ♥ Of course I need to learn more and other ways, too, but still… can't wait for that time when I can use all this information I've got – can't have cats in this apartment where I've moved 🙁

  8. Sierra Fleeman says:

    My kittens know it's time to eat when they hear the crack of the paper plates I feed them on

  9. Shining Sakura says:

    my dog molly (an english setter) does the same thing with the sound of a can of tuna or chicken, she knows the difference and will run from wherever she was from and sit until she gets it (at least dogs can sit instead of being impatient like cats are usually). We always give her the water of tuna since it's not as useful as chicken water and she goes nuts over it. She will lick it out, then pick it up and walk off to her favorite spot and deep clean every morsel of water from it before bringing it back to us to recycle. We swear she is part cat…

  10. MATRIX says:

    Love these videos!

  11. Maryna Skrypnyk says:

    Thanks a lot for a feeding pyramid idea. Have collected the tubes and now have lots of fun watching my cat eating.

  12. janine harrison says:

    Why do cats run to kitchen when a can opener sounds and you have never opened a cat food can with a can opener?

  13. Teresa McMurrin says:

    Cats can be slick. One time I'd picked up some Taiwanese-style sushi at the night market. One was a long, skinny roll with several veggies and a strip of surimi (the fake crab) in the middle. My torbie, Xiao MaFan ("Little Trouble") came bolting across my lap at top speed, then my other cats started chasing her. Thought that was odd. I turned back to my sushi, and discovered a tiny hole where my surimi used to be. She'd managed to snag it and snake it out without pausing a millisecond!

  14. Jonathan says:

    We taught our cat to stay down and he know that as soon as he jumps up we so preparing so he behaves all the time.

  15. Rachel Garber says:

    Now I know how to keep my cats off counters and tables:citrus.

  16. Alieide Fonseca says:

    muito bom,qual programa você usa para animar?

  17. Le Batteur says:

    Love the videos, they're very informative and fun to watch! As a person who's had plenty of cats as well, they're really accurate and give some very insightful tips on how people with cats can co-habitate successfully and positively.

    I do want to point out, though, that if you have a cat whose appetite changes, especially if they are an older cat who seems to be hungry all the time, you'll definitely want to see the vet. My childhood cat lived to be about 18 years old, and in the last few years she was present, I noticed a very strong change in her feeding time behaviour. She was a very mild mannered, patient, sweet cat, but she had begun to act very strongly and impatiently about being fed. She would also vocalize very loudly every time someone entered the kitchen, as if to indicate that she was hungry even though she had already been fed.

    I thought it was odd, but she didn't seem distressed or unhealthy in any other way so I decided to simply ask about it the next time I saw the veterinarian. A few weeks later she was having constipation and I'd noticed her vomiting more often than the occasional hairball, so I took her to the vet. I asked about the feeding time behavioural changes, and it turned out all of the symptoms were connected to the same issue. She was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, which, in her case, was basically her body's reaction to aging and the lack of energy that accompanied the process.

    She was put on a medication regimen, and I gave her a pill to manage her symptoms every day in a squishy treat called a "pill pocket"- for those of you who have to give your pets medication, definitely look into these if you haven't, they're very useful and reduce the stress of the whole ordeal for everyone.
    Her symptoms improved and she seemed much more comfortable afterward- she did eventually pass away due to kidney failure, but being cautious, observant of her behaviour and proactive with treatment bought me a few more years with my wonderful companion, and I would definitely encourage everyone with pets of any kind to do so as well. Cats in particular are very good at hiding when they don't feel well, so it's always a good idea to pay close attention to their behaviour so that you can take care of health problems and keep your furry friends around for as long as possible.

  18. Abby Carlson says:

    I have found this canal recently but I used to woch it years ago then fregotabot it till acopol days ago

  19. Fluffy Unicorn says:


  20. zircon phoenix says:

    I have a small white squeaky cupboard where we store the food, whenever it squeaks the cats appear for out of nowhere it's really funny!

  21. Marion Farrell says:

    The slightest sound of a tin opener and my sister's cat would appear as if she'd teleported.

  22. Julie Biddle says:

    We had a cat who learned different phone rings. Our phone system in our condo had a separate ring for calls from the entry system and regular phone calls. The cat figured out that when the phone gave that special ring it meant someone was going to come to the door. Now he was also rather timid and didn't care much for company, particularly our friends who arrived with their guide dogs! But he also knew that many times someone would come to the door and bring food – like pizza (he loved pizza) or chicken. So when the phone gave that special ring he would go to a corner of the living room that was close to the kitchen but also close enough to the couch and then he would kind of lean out so he could see the door. If it was company he would dash under the couch, but if it was food he would be waiting at the table before we could get it there!

  23. kerry evans says:

    My cat knows I have taken a can of tuna out of the cupboard before its opened. He reads my mind.

  24. kerry evans says:

    Thank you cats protection for my cat Jerry.

  25. LEGENDARY & EPIC says:

    that lady in blue is totally hot I love British accents and brown eyes

  26. Bee Quinn says:

    Its like you write your stories about my cat Buster, he was rescued by me ten years ago. We are currently doing battle to keep him downstairs. Love your work

  27. Максим Косых says:

    I love simon's cat

  28. Mad -Pac says:

    There are always a few dozen people who click or tap the dislike button, whereas thousands like it. What kind of person would take the time to watch a cat animation video just to dislike it? What did they expect?

  29. Sean Parker says:


  30. Handsome_Hero says:

    I like Nicky 😉

  31. Matt Yaqin says:

    Nak man-kan 'nak makan'

  32. Timberwolf_ says:

    My cat is very fat and eats any type of food

  33. ezin20 Айна says:


  34. Miranda says:

    My cat wakes me up at 6 am (sometimes at 4) when she's hungry. She makes this really loud swallowing sound, over and over again. If I don't respond she starts head budding me and if I still don't get up to get her her food, she stamps all over my face with all fours.

  35. joy bergemann says:

    My rabbit knows the sound of her food bags. She also knows the words for her different foods. I ask please don't buy pet food that has rabbit meat in it. Rabbits are pets and friends. They are not food.

  36. Marcelline Choisne says:

    ahahaha,i have seven cats! you can imagine the food time,lol

  37. Isabella Nash says:

    My cats like it when I show them exactly where their food is because otherwise they meow like crazy.

  38. Cerinaya says:

    One of our cats will actually lightly bite your knee if you take too long to feed him.

  39. Irrelevant Person says:

    Tuffy likes to climb up onto my shoulders while I put his food into the bowl. But he doesn't get on the counter because he knows he isn't supposed to. He just likes to watch. Though sometimes my sister gets his food while I'm at work and she's told me he doesn't climb her shoulders and sometimes even tries to get on the counter to see what she's doing.

  40. Heidi says:

    🌟😁 thank you!!! 😸😽

  41. Pass The Butter Robot says:

    Cats are brilliant at association, it's like a super-power. And once a useful association has been made, they never forget it.

  42. Michael Coulter says:

    The ending of this video literally made me LMAO!!!

  43. Arylwren1 says:

    to stop my younger cat from stealing my other cats food, i had to put both helpings on a dinner plate. Can't believe how well it works.

  44. Phil Turner says:

    All very well, but how do our cats know when we're opening a can of tuna, when they're upstairs, the TV is on and the kitchen door is firmly closed? Within two seconds of the tin opener connecting with the tin, they're there, scratching at the kitchen door and meeping loudly! Surely they haven't heard it?

  45. Linda Ursin says:

    I have to keep my cat's bowls on the counter or my dog will eat everything in 2 seconds

  46. j borrego says:

    My cats will eat food for a while then for week barely touch dry food ( I keep 3 different type) An wet food they like it then hate it . I just don’t get it . I have 9 lb cat, 15 lb cat an 35 lb cat . They all do this ( 9lb cat misty eat wet food the other 2 like dry food sometimes lick gravy off the wet food )

  47. Galaxius says:

    You always say."EGG-SPERT"

  48. Brittany Rabatine says:

    +Simon's Cat
    I have a few questions regarding my own cat that I hope you can help with. When she gets fed, she'll be all excited of course but after she eats a few bites, she'll walk away. This is hazardous as we also have a gluttonous dog. She'll do a lap around the house and come back to her food dish. We've tried getting her to stay but we just can't. And we can't really figure out why she insists on doing a perimeter check only during meal time.

    The other question is regarding weight. Now, I've had my Cupcake since she was a kitten which is nearly 16 years ago. And earlier in this year, she had been very fat (and she knew when you mentioned her weight). I've taken her to the vet and he's declared her healthy, though he always remarks on her huge bladder. Now though, she's extremely skinny and we can't figure out why. I'm a bit worried, but again the vet hasn't said anything… Do you think it's just because she's old? Or am I doing something inadvertently that is causing it…?
    Please let me know if you have any insight into this cat-tastrophe.

  49. Donald Kline Media says:

    when I had cats they dictated my waking and morning routine, they don't know 5am Sunday from Monday, the morning kneading, rubbing and purring was something I never got tired off. 
    Although wearing black dress pants for work and having a white haired cat rubbing your leg while you open their can of food was interesting.

  50. Human Guy says:

    I have a hungry cat.

  51. James Briggs says:

    Our coffee table is also our dining table and we have to spray our cats with water (they hate it) to get them to leave it alone. They all come out in the kitchen when I'm cooking even though I NEVER give them any food.
    Kathy B.

  52. Lisa Saddler says:

    You should design a coloring book! Just put together some of the story boards.

  53. beatrice stephenson says:

    how about some advice on having cats and dogs??

  54. TedBronson1918 says:

    I used Pavlovian conditioning on my cats. When it's feeding time I ring a triangle, just like a cowboy chuckwagon at beans n' fartin' time. Even during the summer when the cats are running around the neighborhood they'll come running when they hear it ring. It's actually fun to watch them come running from all directions.
    WARNING – Do NOT condition your pets like this if you live in high traffic area and allow them outside. When they hear the bell (or whatever you use), they'll immediately run to the feeding place, just running across the street heedless of traffic. I have to listen for cars/trucks before I ring feeding time just for that reason. I only realized that when I saw one of my cats almost hit from running in front of a car after hearing the triangle. Damn near gave me a heart failure. Thankfully my cats are well known and liked in the neighborhood, and the drivers seem to be extra careful knowing there are a lot of pets in the area. It could have been a disaster if he hadn't been alert. So be forewarned and don't let your feeding signal become a reminder of a tragedy.

  55. Mochibi says:

    One of our cats seems so have some kind of food-radar. Everytime we prepare food in the kitchen he appears. He either runs into the room or sits in front of the door when he's outside. Even when he was somewhere out in the garden or the fields behind our house. He also likes to eat with us (preferably our food) instead of using his bowl. He loves it when we put some food for him on a little plate on the table, so he can sit there with us. 😀

  56. Estradajustdoit says:

    So on the money on this one💁🏼‍♀️🤙🏼🤙🏼👍🏽👍🏽

  57. GlicelGlicelMorales Morales says:

    My Lord… I Love your drawings,… their so loveable…

  58. heartbreak71 says:

    outstanding as usual  would love to meet Simon in person–that lovely accent 🙂

  59. Liam says:

    My cat Mittens knows the sound of a wet food can being opened, and he always comes running for it. But sometimes, it’s not wet food. It’s a can of something else.

  60. williamgeorgefraser says:

    I decided early on to give my kitten a wide range of foods to prevent him being difficult. However, he will not eat any meat that is in his bowl, I have to put new meat in front of him. He will not eat anything that comes from a tin but will eat it if I transfer it to a packet. He will not eat biscuits already in his bowl: I need to put them back in the packet and then fill the bowl. Trying to work out the mentality of a cat is surely beyond anyone on the the planet but that is why we love them. They have a personality as complex as our own.

  61. Timize354 says:

    Buddy looks exactly like my cat, Snickers. White cat with 2 black spots on the forehead and a black tail. Interesting.

  62. Martha Johnston says:

    This series is fantastic. I particularly enjoy the rough sketches and process of your creations. As an illustrator, I am curious about the circle on your table. Is it a lightbox?

  63. 23DeftonesFan says:

    Buddy is so cute!!!

  64. THE Berrby says:

    You must do good cat sounds (which, thought so already ^^) because my dog's ears were pricked up until the film ended! haha

  65. Alexzandra Cantu says:

    I got a hungry ragdoll 🐱 cat a my house and other cats from outside

  66. Kari Fredrikson says:

    I had two mice this winter. I ran around the room a couple of times, with the first,then I gave up because I was tired. After I backed off, Tess got busy. I watched her as she expertly caught the mouse. Then she let it go. A small distance though. She would let it get away,catch it, let it get away. Once she laid on it. Another time she put it in her mouth,but didn’t chew.(That was a pretty sight. The tail was out of her mouth.)She just amazingly, wore it out. I don’t think it even caused her to sweat! Anyway, when I saw the second mouse,I just let her have it. I knew who the Expert was!

  67. Margaret Albrecht says:

    Cats have an aversion to citrus? Tell that to my cat who adore lemon cake. One night when I left the cake I bought out on the counter, in the middle of the night I heard a noise.

    I knew immediately what it was.

    Sure enough, the cat had knocked the cake to the floor which had popped open the container and was happily munching away at the lemon cake.

  68. Professor Rosenstock says:

    I'm thinking people should clean things they don't want cats touching with citrus.

  69. Nastasja Zecevic says:

    I have to prepare the food in the kitchen, otherwise my old chap will run in-between my legs and cause me, eventually, to fall down…

  70. Zonra says:

    We have a kitten who figured out feeding time super fast. We keep the small food bowls in one of the lower cabinets, and kitten knows that when anyone reaches into it, it means food time!!! Thankfully she is a good baby and knows to wait patiently while we prepare it on the counter, and even knows where to wait for us to go put it down on the floor. If we take too long, though, she starts meowing at us, and her meows are so cute and squeaky!!

  71. scarvalho1 says:

    I love your videos. My cats are just like that. Lol

  72. Monica Chase says:

    my cat loves milk, and I often add milk into coffee. guess what happens when she smells coffee in the kitchen….she throws tantrum so that I give her some milk too)))

  73. Melissa .Garrett says:

    With mine it’s the sound of the butter tub opening. 🙄😂

  74. Adi Paige says:

    If your cat ever starts disrespecting you that much, grab them by the scruff and put them on the ground. With all the cats I know it shows you're the dominant one.

  75. Ripley the Skull dog says:

    My cat comes dashing when he hears me opening the cupboard.

  76. Clara Hanley says:

    She wanted to be fed 10000 times a day😂

  77. bielytulen says:

    did you know

    my grey cat always stole sliced cucomber from the bole

  78. SHOTOT Todoroki Little boy Little Deku cute says:

    Oh yeah your Rite

  79. Federica McLeod says:

    Great video!

    Could you please tell me why my young and recently spayed female cat does the following:
    Nibble at her food and then throw dirt onto the half full plate .

    Is she doing it , so her sister can't get to her food!? … As in … she'd rather waste it than see her sister steal her food? … She's been hissing at her sister a lot and it's been a sudden behaviour from the day her sister came back from her operation ; she was also de-sexed, but it was a much bigger deal for her, because she was pregnant with 7! … Before their operations they used to get on magically, never seen them argue. Now their pattern is: S. starts hissing at N. , especially when I feed them, despite the fact that I put their separate, individual bowls far apart. N. gets annoyed and chases S. up a tree. N. is slightly bigger and stronger than S., but extremely well-natured,playful and affectionate . S. is more quiet and moody. Any help?

  80. Laurie Swanson says:

    The head becomes the bowel sweet

  81. superjet2771 says:

    She is way cuter than my cat.

  82. Laurena Lau says:

    Tried enrichment toy with my cat, she looked at me with indignant, like she was saying “you expect me to work for my food now, do you?”

  83. Nikita Sajjan says:

    My cat gets to know when I open the cabinet where his food is stored

  84. Medic Jigglypuff says:

    My cat Ruby always wants someone to watch her eat. I'm not sure why though xD

  85. Janine Harrison says:

    I tried both, egg carton and tubes…my cats chewed them to pieces.

  86. Shigemi Notoge says:

    A lot of these feeding enrichment ideas work better when you don't have three very food motivated cats all competing to finish first so they can try and steal everyone else's as soon as you turn your back. 🙁

  87. Valerie Mercer says:

    I shake the Temptations cat treat bag and my neighbour's cat appears like magic from next door to get a few. BTW, I don't have a cat or a dog anymore, but I but treats for neighbourhood pets. I ❤️ Simon's cat videos!!

  88. avatar997 says:

    Over the years, I have seen generational changes in the reactions to food-associated noises. All our cats recognize the sound of a pop-top can being opened and a few will also respond to the sound of the electric can opener. But only the most geriatric perk up when I use a manual can opener.

  89. Вера Макаренко says:

    Всё точно так и происходит 😁👍👍👍

  90. JakBaronKing says:

    My cat always asks for food in exchange for affection.

  91. DpwsXD says:

    Im From Future 2019

  92. Ana Maria says:

    "Cat Enrichment Toy"!? So that thing is 'fun' for whom? You, as a human, or that poor cat having a hard time eating? That bullshit this 'expert' claims that makes cats 'use their brains' it's nothing but a fucked up method to amuse your idiotic human useless ass, and stress the animal who just wants TO EAT! How about, you use your brain, and never advice someone to abuse a cat like that?
    Toys, are toys and games are games. If you want your cat to believe they get a reward for some silly thing they do like this cat you have, where it has a hard time eating, maybe try TRAINING for some basic but usefull things. And you can use the rewarding technique.
    What an idiot!

  93. Pocket Sized Viking says:

    When I tap the side of the wet food can with a fork or a spoon my cat will teleport to the counter and now as loud as she can untill I put the bowl down

  94. Hatsune Miku says:

    My oldest cat is always hungry, if u dont see him by the food he is outside

  95. EconMan says:

    Wow. I swear my can knows what sounds cat food cans make … vs say a can of corn.

  96. Victor Mihai says:

    Toy = cat=❤️

  97. its Me says:

    I got a cat name Hoppy and it’s a black and white cat that adopted me when I go out to feed it, it will literally stick his head into the can before I can get the food out

  98. Sophie Styles says:

    My cat spends the majority of her time in my bedroom, but as soon as I shake that food packet she’s down like a rocket

  99. Jean Greenfield says:

    Simon must listen to the vet 😁. Feed on the floor 🐈😍

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