This 9 Year Old Dog Was Diagnosed With Cancer, But Then A Mystery Man Entered His Life

This nine-year-old dog was diagnosed with cancer, but then a mystery man entered his life Time was running short for donuts the rescue dog. He was a senior and his medical tests came back as positive for cancer Despite the shelter’s best efforts The poor guy was miserable without a family and then one day donuts had a visitor who turned his life around Life is tough for street dogs, but even when they’re rescued they still have to find it forever home That’s not such a problem for younger animals such as puppies However, if you’re a senior dog, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd Take nine-year-old donuts For example the boxer dog Labrador Kraus has a name to match his sweet nature Get through no fault of his own. He ended up living at the arc Valley Humane Society a VHS shelter What’s more the lifestyle wasn’t a good fit for donuts? Suzie’s senior dogs SSD an associate of a VHS featured donuts on its Facebook page It open exposure would help them to find a home this handsome Fella doesn’t have time to waste living all by his lonesome at the shelter it wrote on December 16th of 2016 SSD went on to describe how poor old Donuts health wasn’t up to the rigors of shelter life Apparently his senses were failing him He has vision and hearing loss in the concrete cell is hard on his bones SSD reported as it was donuts needed to find a home pretty quickly Because it turned out that he had not seen the end of his health issues as his medical tests reveal Veterinarians found a growth on donuts leg that turned out to be tumorous Although a VHS had to wait for tests doctors hoped that the tumor would be benign scar tissue called fibrosis on the other hand They speculated that the lump might also be cancer When the results for the growth came in there was good news and bad news The tumor did indeed turn out to be cancer, but because vets diagnosed it relatively quickly SSD reported that donuts still had a fighting chance of recovery To be more specific the cancer was a form of sarcoma called hemangioma recite Toma SSD described the tumor as grade 1 meaning it was still in its early stages Nevertheless it broke his carers hearts further to see the adorable doughnuts without a human With doughnuts health in mind the search for his forever home became even more desperate Unfortunately, he does have cancer and has not been adopted a VHS reported We put another plea even just a foster but none of our Fosters are able to take him in at this time in Addition to donuts help the shelter couldn’t see why no one had adopted the adorable dog by all accounts He was gentle affectionate and caring just like younger dogs Donuts wanted a human of his own someone to shower him with love and belly rubs Doughnuts is an easygoing dog who has a ton of love to give SSD elaborated He’s a simple guy in that he doesn’t ask for much. Just a loving family and a warm place to rest his head Oh, yeah, and maybe an occasional treat here in there Moreover even after all veterinarians visits and medical tests. Don’t let’s remain the perfect gentleman He didn’t growl or snap at the doctors and he didn’t make a fuss when they took his blood test and then one day someone came to see Donuts on January 15 2017 a young Colorado man named Matt Evans collected Donuts to whisk him away to his forever home the two got on famously in what a VHS described as a match made in heaven and Overjoyed the dog’s carers to see donuts handy In fact, they weren’t the only ones who were ecstatic to see donuts Go to a good home during the campaign to find him a human He’d gathered quite a social media following so much so that his adoption went viral Not only did Donuts make an impression on the Internet He also made a media star in the USA Today But for his good deed and his good looks Evans rode the waves of popularity. The singles crowd couldn’t get enough of the big-hearted hunk Not a picture of heavens and donuts one viewer commented is he taking girlfriend applications another wrote I’m pretty sure if you aren’t already taken there’s a line of ladies myself included on here. That would love to meet you Whatever Evans relationship status, no doubt the most unconditional love he received was from donuts And it looked like a new home was just the thing to ignite the fires of life in the scene your dog According to Evans Donuts found a new enthusiasm for life after his adoption He’s doing great and getting comfortable in the house Evans wrote regarding donuts. We just went on a walk in Cheesman Park He doesn’t act old still chasing squirrels and full of life. He’s the new mayor of Cheesman Park Evans reported the donuts had some trouble adapting to car travel But perhaps old dogs can learn new tricks on March 26 2017 Evans provided SSD with a picture of donuts at the Colorado Red Rocks Amphitheatre He looks like he’s having the time of his life

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8 Responses

  1. Karl Tadlock says:

    Cheers and love for donut

  2. Thomas Ayer says:

    That is so touching I fell in love and the moment I laid my eyes on him, a 9 year old dog has the right to a good life, and lots of love and, he will
    Give that back God bless that man who adopted him!

  3. Barbara . Hagofsky says:

    I love happy endings

  4. TBCJ XL says:

    I love dogs. I want to be a foster parent when I can get my own house and live a good life.

  5. Faye Brown says:

    WOW!! LOOK at Donuts' "EYES of AMAZEMENT," while thinking, "IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING to ME??!!" And just LOOK at THAT SMILE, while attending that Colorado event. Donuts is SURELY making up for lost time WITH his new FOREVER PERSON in his new FOREVER HOME. THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving this dog HOPE, LOVE, and HAPPINESS, again, something that EVERY old dog deserves (and every dog, and every animal, also, deserve).

  6. erkheth says:

    He almost looks like a pup cos of those eyes. Thankyou for giving an old boy a new lease of life, he's a beauty xxxx

  7. sunny * says:

    Fantastic news hearing that sweet Donut is finally living the good life. Thanks to Donut's human adopted Dad+everyone involved in his care. Lovely vid+thanks for posting.

  8. Great American Culture says:

    Awesome story!

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