This Cat Is So Fat She Looks Like A Giant Bread | Kritter Klub

Chubby The 10 kg Garfield Cat ‘Geumy’ It looks like a big loaf of bread I’m hungry Give me some food Sees the food and comes out its house What if she pulls the plate? It can’t be bothered to move to the plate Aw never mind Just licking its paw dragging Forcibly taking a bath The cat is served like its owner’s master Gets a massage and takes a stroll Give me more food! barely moves its paw burying its face in the food Feeling full about to get some water He used to be fatter before Lost for words That’s not your problem

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100 Responses

  1. Pump O Gamer says:

    American cat

  2. The Shadow of Ghost says:

    Garfield? xDD



  4. Niko - Gaming Videos says:

    Poor cat. Shame to her owners

  5. Meme Cat says:

    Thy're so mean to it

  6. Flowering X says:

    1970: there will be thicc cat in the future
    2019: flying cars

  7. EvilJohnDoa _ says:


  8. Joe Lopez says:

    He look like a carpet

  9. Георгий А says:


  10. Sabine Reimann says:

    How dare you to feed this cat tooo much.
    What a bad music behind this cruel video
    Shame on you 😡👹👹👹
    Badest video ever

  11. Dovah Cat says:

    My cat was no where close to being as thicc as her my cat was pretty fat

  12. Crystal Productions says:

    This is big chunguse pet cat

  13. Jacob Alvarez says:

    He’s the big daddy

  14. Libby Hathaway says:

    C H O N K

  15. Haydee Fresco says:

    Pobrecito …..el.sobrepeso le.puede acarrear intolerables complicaciones es inaudito que lo filme y.tomen " Un.tema.grave"ChAcota" ….

  16. Thu Hien Doan Truong says:

    Can we eat it?

  17. Shaheenna Dinie says:

    Omggg 😂😂😂 my cat is 7.5kg i can’t imagine if he is 10kg like how is he going to be 😂

  18. Bread Scout says:

    This is me if I was a cat

  19. Rainbow Star Productions says:

    Big gorl

  20. maxgenadiy says:


  21. *줄여서 만듀*만능듀머니 says:

    설마 했는데 진짜 한쿸말이었네

  22. SURUME「イカ」 says:


  23. Kochu TV cartoons Unofficial says:

    Poor cat😔

  24. ChloeYTplayZ And Animates says:

    Aww > w <

  25. Даниил Потапенко says:

    Котяра кабан.

  26. 祇王あかり says:


  27. Spectr X says:

    People : Wow he's so fat

    Cat: Get Meow

  28. Asuran Strengt says:

    the best video is about cats!

  29. Danilo Z says:

    Look at the girth on that fucker

  30. Minato& TFK says:


  31. Jari Varjosola says:


  32. Ian C says:

    No se si esta bien o mal pero los gatos gordos son mas felices y cariñosos.

  33. Music Hero says:

    That dog though 😂😂😂😂

  34. JD TGM says:

    That cat seen heavy that 4 years old kid

  35. Lenivelita cinta says:


  36. ninjababoy says:

    I think they " well-bread " that thicc catto

  37. Madiha Khalid says:

    Sorry but the dog is very cute even the cat

  38. vagon necmi says:

    Yemiş yemiş sıçamamış kodumun kedisi

  39. Eymen Elli says:

    Bu kediyi bu hale getireni cezalandırmak lazım😤in reality, the owner of this cat must be punished. İt is so clear that he could not look after this cat, ☹️😤

  40. eskerabbi mohd says:

    Mah mom watching beside me: wow… That's a big cat…its so cute though…

    Meh:um…. Are u saying it's fat?!

    Mom:well yea-


    Mom:*slaps meh*

    Why u… Why u bully Meh? ;~;

  41. p cp says:

    It is sick.not seems to be narmal

  42. p cp says:

    Please do not laugh at it.It is suffering.please bring it to doctor

  43. Sharon Jarrell says:

    Allowing a cat to become this obese is abuse. You also hit the cat at 0:21. Everyone unsubscribe.

  44. Daniel P. says:

    He is just big boned

  45. Aza 2345 says:


  46. rainbow unicorn kitty the cat lover says:

    Aww adorable!

  47. rainbow unicorn kitty the cat lover says:

    Stop abusing this cat or i'll slap you!

  48. lucival ferreira says:

    muito fofinho.mas ele precisa emagrecer.

  49. Mr oofer The memester says:

    The sound affects are giving me tuberculosis

  50. colonodemarte2014 says:

    He needs a diet food and exercise 🐈 😍💪😊♥️

  51. Zekuos says:

    trabzon ekmeği

  52. Rezal Pingerestil06 says:

    Sigendut kebanyakan molor

  53. Gaz MazkyRBLX says:

    thats a mega chonker right there

  54. Rohamah Ahmad says:

    So cute

  55. Rohamah Ahmad says:

    So cute😍😍😍😍

  56. Fire Noname says:

    Anyone can think about its pain because its size?

  57. Ирина Дормидонтова says:

    Бедный кошак 🙁

  58. Sancha Mezz says:

    This cat looks like americans

  59. CanlSnagVC says:


  60. Soul Snack because I don't eat much says:

    Poor cat that's torture

  61. evanbourne12310 says:

    Overfed humans dont live long dont overfeed them

  62. K J says:

    I like it. The cat is like my mind.

  63. Kobe Playz says:


  64. Amirhossein Nikfal says:

    Let him to be even fatter. He's so cute.

  65. 김망고 says:

    애니멀봐 아님?

  66. midnight blue says:

    This cat looks like just got out of the bakery.

  67. Tasnyta Z. says:

    The poor cat can barely move.

  68. Londres Berlin says:

    😳 la puissance de la chatte ! Longue vie à elle.

  69. ٰQuality ْEarrape Videos says:

    I hate every sound existed in this video

  70. xLeLeKEI says:

    How cute! · ◡ · <3

  71. I don't know says:

    I feel bad for her…

  72. Lime Freshkov says:

    Собака: О боже… ты такой жирный , словно ты диван.
    Жирный кот: Заткнись или я тебя сьем , придурок!!!

  73. wree back says:

    #YourBodyYourChoice 😼

  74. Christian The legend says:

    Wow cats have feelings too

  75. 瑪賈賈MAJaJa says:


  76. Ken Marko says:

    It's not funny for me… the cat will eventually die because of sickness… the owner should try to let her on a diet… poor cat can't even walk properly…

  77. Gerald Post says:

    Look at him loafing around.

  78. KDuckly says:

    I bet this is the thiccest cat in the world “psst i mean the fattest modern cat”

  79. Culo Nudo says:

    You are so lucky to be owned by this cat

  80. Elinoelma Jesus says:

    Esa gata e tão fofinha que eu ia dar carinho nela até de noite😺😺😺😺😂😂

  81. Petra Benko says:

    Eh my cat is faterr his 1000 pounds

  82. kaylee castillo says:

    This is a shame how big that cat is. This is abuse🤦🏽🙎🏽🙍🏽

  83. KATIE HEWITT says:

    Lol 😂 it looks cute!

  84. KATIE HEWITT says:

    It’s not healthy though I hope for kittie’s sake the remedy her rotund physique

  85. antje schmidt says:

    arme katze…

  86. neuerntzer neuernutzer says:

    Poor cat shame on the owner that didnt pay attention to her diet ever

  87. Dragzilla 66 says:

    Those Ed Edd n' Eddy sound effects. 😂👌

  88. Ken Lee says:

    Not cute, not adorable, not funny, a pain to watch 🙁

  89. ピンク日本の says:

    You should rename her loaf nuggie eeeee >-<

  90. can I get 1000 subscriber? CaN i? says:


  91. Jarrod A says:


  92. Jarrod A says:

    I know cat unhealthy but

    God I love fat cats they cut to me

  93. Genuwine6799G says:

    Cats are like most women……eat, sleep, poo,eat, eat eat and eat, sleep.

  94. Pink Droid says:

    I hope she loses weight and lives a happy long life

  95. BJ _youngboy360 says:

    I blame this on the owner

  96. Skøt says:

    A little offensive title but a little bit funny at the same time…

  97. team zola zola says:

    Way 😂😂😂

  98. Scarlet Ginger says:

    Once my grandfather was touching the cat the cat was hissing and got his paws ready My dad laughed my grandfather laught and i laugted 🤣

  99. Scarlet Ginger says:

    Cat looks like a bread
    Baker: oh look a bread!
    Cat: Are you dumb im not a bread, bitch
    Cat: never mess with me

  100. 2 quinquadrillion subscribers with no videos says:

    Wheres my lasagna jon i require the lasagna jon

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