This Cat Looks So Cute But He Is Actually A Bully!? | Kritter Klub

Out of my way! American Shorthair cat “Kano” A bully Pathetic The 1st rank among the cat is not Kano Julie is the first rank Peeing? Usually captain cats do this But I’m the boss among the cats Why are you the one going around and peeing everywhere Kano? Since last week Kano has been following around Julie to provoke Julie into a fight To be honest, I think Julie is just avoiding Kano because she’s too lazy to fight, not that she’s scared But Kano thinks he’s stronger Kano is having a delusion I’m not having a delusion! Let’s make things clear now You’ve come a long way, baby. Kano starts sneezing because he’s scared Grow up dude You’re nothing I feel guilty being such a loser cat

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