This Game is Way Harder Than It Looks • Let’s Play: Beagle or Bagel

– One, two, three. – [Group] Oh, Bagel!
Bagel! No, it’s Beagles! – Welcome to Let’s Play IRL, where you join Vat19 as
we play a party game. In this episode we’re
playing Beagle or Bagel? Where you have to decide
if you’re looking at a collection of canines or carbs. The winners will get to
enjoy some puppy playtime, while the loser will
have to sit in the corner and think about what they’ve done. – [Announcer] Let’s play! – Okay, I have dealt you each some cards with beagles and bagels on the cards. Now, on three, you’re gonna
flip over your top card and then yell out whether there
are more beagles or bagels facing up on the table. Here we go! One, two three. – Beagle!
– Bagel! – It’s deceivingly hard. We’re gonna find this out as we go along. All right, Cara wins that round. That means this time not everyone is gonna throw in their cards, only Cara. Only the winner of each little mini round is going to throw down the cards. She throws down a new card from her stack on any one of these and it replaces it. One, two, three. – [Group] Beagle! – Nice, it’s still more
beagles than bagels. Now, I think everyone said
that at the same time. – I think so too. – Okay, so what this means is that the three of you who did
get the correct answer, you’re gonna throw down your top card and again, yell out beagles or bagels. – Ugh, this is gonna change it all up. – Ready? One, two, three! – [Group] Beagle! – Let me explain the special card here. Hot Dog basically means
that nothing else matters except the correct answer is beagle. Ben and Jamie tied for that one, so you guys both throw
down at the same time. Ready? One, two, three. – [Group] Beagle! Oh,
you covered it! Beagle! – [Cara] Bagel! Bagel! Bagel! Bagel! – Jamie thought he was being clever, thought the hot dog card
was still gonna beat them. – You just screamed it! – Yeah, I did. – The correct answer was
bagel. Adam got it right. Ready to go? – Yeah! – Here we go! One, two, three. – [Adam] Bagel! – [Cara] Bagel! – [Host] He was on it!
Okay, one, two, three! – [Group] Bagel! – [Cara] Beagle! – [Host] Adam had the
correct answer with Bagels. Are you ready Adam? One, two, three! – [Group] Beagle, Bagel! That’s Bagel. – Jamie, Jamie got it. – Yep, Adam started to say
Beagle which is incorrect. One, two, three! – [Group] Bagel, Beagle! – [Host] Adam got it right! – That’s a Beagle. – Oh, that’s a dog. – When there was a Beagle
that is upside down, I swear to you it looks like a Bagel. – It’s a tricky game. – It doesn’t happen much in real life. – Ready Adam? One, two, three! – [Group] Beagle! – I think that’s Ben. – Ben, Ben. One, two, three! – [Group] Beagle! – Benji, one, two, three! – [Group] Beagle! – Bagel! – [Host] There are three
bagels and four Beagles. Cara sneaks in on that one. – Why is my heart racing? – [Host] One, two, three! – [Group] Bagel! Bagel! Bagel! – [Adam] That’s a double bagel! – [Cara] Yeah, someone over there said it. – It was Ben.
– I got it. – You got it? Okay, all right.
I’m gonna give it to Adam. – I saw the double bagel. – The double Bagel card basically means it’s worth two bagels. So you gotta do some
quick math on that one. But that’s more Bagels
than Beagles on the table. – Oh, where am I gonna go? – Okay, one, two, three! – [Group] Bagel, Beagle,
Beagle! It’s still a Bagel. – He could cover up the
double bagel or not. One, two, three! – [Group] Bagel! Beagle! Dang it! – [Host] I think Ben snuck in on that one. – Even if I tell my mind what it is the second you put it down, I don’t remember what anything is. – Count them up. – One, two, three. It’s terrible! – I’m out of cards. – Wait, what? – You won? – The silent win. Okay,
so Adam has gotten rid of all of his cards which means that he’s the winner of this
round. Congratulations! – Thank you.
– You know what? – Good job! – It’s your birthday so
double congratulations. – Good job. – Thank you. – Here we go, everybody ready? – Yeah. – [Host] One, two, three! – [Group] Oh! Bagel!
Bagel! No it’s Beagles! – There are more Beagles
than Bagels on the table. There are also two opposite cards which cancel each other out. So that means Jamie said Beagle first with the correct answer. – And I knew why too,
it wasn’t just a guess. – The opposite card
takes the correct answer and inverts it, so if the correct answer is Beagles then you should say Bagels. That was a mind melter. – My next one that I throw,
I could cover up an opposite. – [Cara] I know, or you could not. – Or I could not cover up an opposite. – The strategy. One, two, three! – [Group] Bagels! No
that’s opposites, Beagles! – Oh! – Jamie threw down a Bagel Dog card which basically means
similar to the hot dog card, that the correct answer
no matter what is Bagel. However, the opposite card,
which there’s only one now, cancels that out, which means
the correct answer is Beagle! – So proud of myself
that I recognized bagel. – Cause you guys said bagel
and then I said Beagle. – I was like bagel dog, oh
wait that’s the opposite. – This round is intense. – It’s very intense. Here
we go. No thinking about it. One, two, three! – [Group] Bagel! Beagle! Oh, tie! Oh but wait, what’s the opposite of a tie? A tie, it’s a tie. – The opposite of a tie, is a tie. As you’ve learned today folks. Cara is the winner again.
Are you ready to throw down? One, two, three! – [Group] Oh, Beagle! Beagle! – [Host] It was Cara, she said it first. – Shoot! – Now that was a very strategic play, she covered up the
opposite card knowing that all she had to do was
say what’s on her card that she laid down and it was correct. Are you ready? One, two, three! – [Group] Bagel! – [Host] It was Cara. – Got it again. She got it again? – [Host] The correct answer is bagel. – I’m sweating right now. – Drop it, drop it, drop it. – [Group] Beagle! Bagel! No,
tie! No, it can’t be tie. – [Host] I heard Beagle. – Yeah, I got it. It was Beagle. – I thought that was a Bagel. – I was confused. – Did you scream Bagel? – I screamed Bagel and
I screamed it defiantly. – I almost called Adam
out for being incorrect and then I realized I was incorrect. Like, there’s gotta be a
dog in there somewhere. Okay, the correct answer
was gotten by Adam. So, ready? One, two, three. – [Group] Beagle! – [Host] The correct answer
was Beagle and Jamie and Cara shouted it out at the same time. One, two, three. – [Group] Oh, Bagel!
Beagle! No, it’s Bagel. – [Host] Correct answer
is Bagel because there are more Beagles on the table
but there’s an opposite card. Who knows what could happen?
The power is in Ben’s hands. Ready? One, two, three. – [Group] Bagel! No, Beagle! Tie! – As we learned earlier, the
opposite of a tie, is a tie. Cara thought it through and
strategically just boom. – Smart move. – Cara’s play. One, two, three. – [Group] Bagel! Tie! It’s a Beagle! – She said tie first. – [Host] She covered a Bagel
with a Bagel, it stays tie. – Oh, dang it! – Wow! – Oh, my heart is pounding so fast. Does anyone else experience that? – [Host] One, two, three. – [Group] Bagel! Bagel!
Bagel with a temple! – [Host] Cara wins that
round, ladies and gentlemen. The winner of the first round was Adam, the winner of the second round was Cara, so really it comes down to Jamie and Ben for who is going to be the ultimate loser. All right, we’re gonna play one more round and the game play is
actually pretty different. – [Host] There’s puppies on the line. Remember there’s puppies on the line. All right guys, for this
round you’re gonna flip over the top card from your stack
and then all eight cards are gonna be in play, and
then whatever your answer is, Beagle or Bagel you gotta grab that token. Now, notice there’s four of
you and there’s only three tokens for the correct answer
so one of you will not get it. Here we go. One, two, three. – [Group] Oh, bagel! Bagel! Bagel! – Ben, you like blocked him out. – This isn’t basketball. Okay, the correct answer was Bagel. – Bagel dog, double bagel, oh that’s a double beagle. Oh my gosh. – The person who does not
have a bagel token is Adam. – Yeah. – So Adam you need to give
up one of your treats. One of your four treats
there. I’ll take it sir. Let’s get our table back in order. – That was rough, things were
flying, elbows were flying. – Wait, wait, it was rough. Are you ready for another
try? One, two, three. – [Group] Dog! Beagle! – [Host] The hotdog card trumps all. These three; Cara, Jamie and
Ben got it, grabbed the tokens. Adam was a little slow
on grabbing the token. Gimme one of your treats. Ready to flip. One, two, three. – [Group] Oh, it’s opposite.
Beagle! One, two, three. Bagel! One, two, three,
four. Bagel! Bagel! Bagel! Wait, no I think it’s…
wait, one, two, three. Oh, but opposites so it’s bagel. – Dang it! I made my choice. – Oh! – There was plenty of time to make a deliberate decision
there but Ben had already made his choice, which was wrong. – Failed quickly. – Thank you for your treat Ben. Now the key to this round is
to keep all of your dog treats. Adam and Ben are down some.
We’ll see how it turns out. There’s puppies on the line. One, two, three. – [Group] Bagel! Bagel! A lot of bagels. – It looks like there’s a
lot of dogs but no there’s still more bagels. – There’s a lot of cream cheese, That’s what they’re a lot in. – I’d put cream cheese on my dog. I don’t know, what’s weird about that? Adam’s down to one dog treat left. – You could say I’m the underdog. – [Host] One, two, three. – [Group] Oh, but it’s opposite. Beagle! – I can not grab these tokens. – One, two, three, four. – There’s an opposite card on the table that means the answer was beagle. Hand over the treat. Thank you. One, two, three. – Oh, I’m sorry guys. – Just fix it up! – I can’t! – Lay it down! – I can’t! – [Host] It is? – [Group] Bagel! Tie! Oh, I
made my choice. It’s a tie! – Oh, Cara had it right!
The tie comes in to play. – I knew it would! – Everyone who grabbed
a token loses a treat. Adam is out. (Wah-wah-wah) We’ve also taken away a token from each of the beagle and bagel piles. Ready to flip. One, two, three. – [Group] Bagel! Bagel! – We’re gonna have to go
to the judges on that one. Jamie grabbed the right token
but he didn’t say Bagel. Cara said bagel but didn’t
grab the right token. Now. – What does that mean? – I don’t know. – I think the token is
the ultimate decider. – I think so too. – Well, Jamie and Ben got
the correct tokens so, Cara can I have one of your treats please? – Yeah. – [Host] One, two, three. – [Group] Bagel! – Ben grabbed the wrong token. The correct tokens were
grabbed by Cara and Jamie so that means Ben. – I was blocked. – Ben gave it up. – [Host] One, two, three. – [Group] Beagle! Oh shoot! – I’ll take one of your treats please. One, two, three. – [Group] Tie! Ah, no, it’s Beagle. One, two.. there’s four
beagles. It’s that one! – Guys, this is a close game. – Yeah this is close. – Ready? One, two, three. – [Group] Bagel! One, two,
three. Tie! No, it’s a tie. – Oh, they’re right! That one tricked me. – Oh, that’s a dog! – [Host] That’s a dog! Ben is out. It’s down to Cara and Jamie. Now this is not an even
match up. Jamie’s up by one. Here we go. One, two, three. – [Cara] Beagle! – She said it and grabbed it. – Ladies and gentlemen it’s
a tie. Tie game for the win. – Aw man! – [Host] Here we go. One, two, three. – [Jamie] Double beagles, so beagles! – Okay, Cara. – Okay. – These three; Cara, Jamie
and Adam are our winners and that means that Ben
is the ultimate loser. You need to go stand in
the corner with your nose in the corner in time
out and the rest of these three guys get to play with some puppies! [clapping & Cheering] – Congratulations to the
winners of Beagle or Bagel. They get to snuggle with
these adorable puppies from Stray Rescue, St. Louis. Ben, you get no snuggling. You don’t even get to watch the snuggling. As the loser of the game,
you have to just listen and imagine what it would be like. – Are they soft? – They’re so soft. – There’s no word for it
Ben of how soft they are. – Cute is not enough. – They smell like puppies. – You can find Beagle
or Bagel at and you can find adorable puppies
at Stray Rescue, St. Louis or your local adoption center. – You gotta share the puppies. – I can share, I can share. – Take me home. – Bye bye. –!

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