This German Shepherd Was In Desperate Need Of Aid, But A Pit Bull And Her Friends Had A Genius Plan

by the time the dog rescuers reached the
straight German Shepherd in early 2016 the pitiful pupper was so traumatized
that she was unwilling to trust her human saviors even though it was obvious
to the California rescue party that the dog Oh desperately needed their help
nevertheless she refused to go with the animal altruists but that was when one
very special member of the mercy mission sprang into action a pitbull called Lucy no kill Kern was an animal rescue
charity based in the city of Bakersfield in Kern County California before closing
its doors in December 2017 apparently the anti animal euthanasia organization
had been responsible for saving the lives of some 400 dogs most of these
unfortunate creatures were either strays or at risk of being put down in a local
kill shelter and among the 400 canines that no-kill Kern successfully helped to
give a second chance to was a German Shepherd who volunteers for the charity
dubbed Queen the poor girl had been exposed to the elements living in a
field when the organization first heard of her in April of 2016 as a result it
wasted no time in arranging to visit the site and come to the young dogs rescue
to assist them in their efforts the no-kill current crew had brought along
the charity’s beloved pitbull Lucy this special little dog was a huge part of
the organization even acting as the not-for-profits mascot however on this
occasion the clever canine was about to prove herself to be more than just the
rescue teams lucky charm when the squad arrived at the field Lucy was the first
to spot Queen hidden among the wild grass the pitbull led her human
companions toward the stray but as they got closer the German Shepherd turned
tail and fled it was clear that the poor pup er was almost petrified in fear of
the strangers however the no-kill Kern party was well
used to upset animals and the volunteers were in no mood to give up on Queen that
easily in an attempt to coach the canine into
their grasp the team members set up a cage in the field and placed some tasty
treats inside however whether the food would succeed in luring the canine to
safety was another matter the rescuers then left the area where they’d set up
the trap they hope that Queens curiosity would get the better of her if there
were no scary humans around and soon it appeared that their plan had paid off
because when the no-kill Kern personel and Lucy returned to the cage they found
the sad ID stray inside as rescuers approached the distressed dog it was
clear to see that she was both young they put her at about nine months and
extremely frightened the German Shepherds legs quivered as one of the
team reached inside her cage and attached her to a leash with Queen now
in their care the team freed the popper from her temporary prison and led her to
an awaiting car now that the rescue team had successfully captured Queen they
were able to deliver her to the sanctuary of their shelter at Baker’s
field and it was there that Lucy the pitbulls job really began because it was
the tawny coloured dogs duty to help new arrivals settle into their fresh start
at no-kill current indeed volunteers at the centre had identified little Lucy as
having the perfect personality to care for her kennel buddies the pitbulls
patients came in handy when helping fierce or fearful canines to socialize
the facility so needless to say the rescuers new queen was in a very safe
set of paws indeed and Lucy’s hard work must have made a difference because once
Queen had built up her confidence around humans she was transferred to the tender
ministries of Marley’s mutts dog rescue and animal welfare charity based in the
nearby city of tat choppy California once at her new home Queen was named
Rina she also took part in the shelter’s positive change program which matches
former death row doggies with Californian prison inmates to help
rehabilitate both parties and give all concerned a second chance
after graduating from the positive change program a rehabilitated Rana was
finally ready for her forever oh well Rana was still shy she had proven
herself to be a clever girl who wanted nothing more than a best friend to
journey through life with consequently Marley’s mutts dog rescue announced that
Rana was up for adoption on its official Facebook page the post from January 2017
read one of the late additions to the program is this pretty girl Rana at only
a year and a half this young easygoing girl is sure to be popular as soon as
her bio is up on the website within the next few days the update underlined what
a well-behaved dog the German Shepherd was it went on to say that Rana is a
very sweet girl that has excellent manners she loads up at her crate with a
simple verbal command and happily sleeps on her soft pad all night she adores
running around playing with other dogs and isn’t an overly rough player the
glowing reference continued Rana is gentle and sweet with kids and just
wants some love like many Shepherds she’s cautious in new environments and
takes a couple days to really settle in and relax there’s not a mean bone in her
body though and she simply will hang back and observe until she’s ready to
participate next the Marley’s mutts dog rescue post turned its attention to what
Rana would require from her adoptive new owners the update continued this petite
young lady will make someone an amazing addition she would love an active family
with another pup playmate the update concluded by advising potential owners a
daily walk and game of ball will keep Rayna content as she’s not overly
intense teaching her tricks and expanding on her basic obedience would
surely boost her confidence and help establish an unbreakable bond with her
new family with such sweet words thankfully it did
not take long for the perfect family to snap the prize popper up by the end of
that same month the German Shepherd had found her forever home happily
judging by another social media post it now looked like Reina had all she needed
she was pictured with a human mom a brother and sister plus another
four-legged friend to keep her company in one final update
Raina’s new mom Nicky Styles shared an image of the lucky girl in late January
of 2017 the once homeless hound appeared content
cuddled up on a couch alongside the little girl indeed the German Shepherd
looked perfectly at home as though she was always meant to be there here’s
hoping that someone showed Lucy the pitbull the picture and it set the
animals tail wagging in approval I hope you liked this video if so please hit
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11 Responses

  1. Ben g says:

    Sweet doggie you found your forever home : )

  2. Today Now says:

    Thanks our organization for all the hard work you to do to rescue dogs in need, get them to foster, and then to forever homes.

  3. Monica Schubert says:

    What a difference! This dog turned out to be wonderful! Such a sweet dog…and lucky too.

  4. Nola Roden says:

    Great video. Thanks for rescuing her. Aren't German Shepherds normally shy around people? We had one when I was a child that my sister nor I could even pet. He just didn't like anyone but my mother and brother. LOL I am so happy she is rehabbing well.

  5. Judy says:

    lov,I'm so touched ,very sad for the,happy she was adopted,to see that theres,lov,HAPPY ♥️♥️♥️

  6. Alisa Klein says:

    I’m crying happy tears for that sweet boo bear!

  7. Dave Boerema says:

    I all ways that pit bulls, we're mean. Lol. German Shepherds are mean to? LOL. No dogs are mean or assholes just people.

  8. Erin loves Eric says:

    Ty too for adopting her too,I love a happy ending

  9. Erin loves Eric says:

    Beautiful dog

  10. Rena Smith says:

    Did they close this organization?hope not.

  11. Marcia Humble says:

    What a FANTASTIC ending!!!!!!!! YEAH……. ty everyone for helping Rayna!  She sure enough deserves a FUREVER HOME!  And a BIGGGGG TY to LUCY! She is a REAL GEM toooooo………………………

  12. Kath Jacquier says:

    I love these happy endings for dogs.

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