This New Military Robot Can Fight Back

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100 Responses

  1. Shadow Black says:

    This is why the terminator wants to wipe out humanity

  2. young p says:

    This is not good

  3. Super loser says:

    We need captain D

  4. spooky scary FBI man says:

    Everyone be talking bout 1:32

    But I'm here thinking bout 2:09

  5. HeyItsXennix YT says:

    1:32 “It was at this moment that he knew…..he f***ed up”

  6. Warden of Honor says:

    What's the point of hitting him, throwing stuff at him, and honking a air horn in his face? To actually make Terminator happen? This would be why every machine in every movie turns against us…because we are treating them like inferior beings.

  7. Peter Chan says:

    Nice CG, gives it away at 0:52, when the boxes are rocking no according to the steps.

  8. jherian morero says:

    não mautratra os robos

  9. popopo Kirby says:

    1:28 デデドン

  10. etjh 00 says:

    jesus fuck…how the robot uprising started 101

  11. Codehawk64 says:

    everybody gangsta until a robot turns into a radical jihadist

  12. FreedomInTruth says:

    Okay, I'm just going to let you know that if you give a robot like that artificial intelligence you deserve to be turned into a battery. Ps. I know that is CGI, good job.

  13. Overwatch Elite says:

    It's defective take it down.

  14. Shwagro says:

    this is animation not robot.

  15. zetathix says:

    Someday AI will learn about humiliation, and that's the day human may be sorry.

  16. Emi devil darlin says:

    Am I the only weirdo that automatically wanted to say good job when the robot caught the box

  17. gum tree says:

    How did you render the robot 🤖 so real. Makes me think the other real tech companies might be faking too.

  18. Milena Miloslavskaya says:

    Как всегда, человек показал свои низкие стороны, мне стало жаль робота. Я вообще не люблю такие игры.

  19. Ben Holcomb says:

    Robot why you bully me

  20. yoshua wenceslao juarez hernandez says:

    Oh, look you guys just pissed the he’ll out of the robot

  21. Nervozo Nivelxtreme says:

    1:33. Karalhoooo o robô ficou putasso skskskskks MDS estamos dominados skksksksksk

  22. , I left you a comment. says:

    I love that chair part, because I can actually notice the effort needed to keep those elements in xD

  23. blazelp1 says:

    Its fake watch his feet

  24. Deadlycreeper 18 says:

    Fuck you bitch face that poor robot you are just being mean to it

  25. Joel Madden says:

    This is video is computer generated at the robot is a person.

  26. MD Hossain says:

    Detroit Become Human

  27. Mehtap Oensue says:


  28. Saturn Plays says:

    We are just asking for ai to take over aren’t we, we bully them and teach them to fight hmm sounds like every movie where ai takes over doesn’t it? 😂😂

  29. ScizorGaming says:

    I thought this was real 😂

  30. TheFlintCSGuy says:

    Everything is okay but making the light match is hard and not so simple

  31. Professor SalamiKus says:

    Why the hell did you hurt this nice cute robot???

  32. Gyro says:

    Not if I pee on it…

  33. HatchmontGames says:

    This is the weirdest bar fight I’ve ever seen

  34. Alyasser Nassar says:

    is this real?🤔

  35. Alyasser Nassar says:

    I thought its real

  36. One Guy Gaming says:

    1:39 he T poses to assert his dominance

  37. 1337 Cubing says:

    I thought that it said Boston Dynamics but if says BOSSTOWN dynamics

  38. Rage Gaming says:



  39. Austin Savage says:

    robot: can you dont

  40. Márcio Ide says:

    One day not a long in the future unfortunatelly it wont be funny anymore for humans, but the other hand.

  41. R O D D I T says:

    the robot is pissed

  42. How To ? says:

    Nice CGI
    Bosstown dynamics🤣🤣

  43. tucker Prestridge says:


  44. Future Billionaire says:

    1:33 💗?

  45. Jayman493 says:

    Before you comment, this is fake.
    The robot is s 3d render of a guy in a motion tracking suit

  46. keep thinking says:

    its so mean when you think about it but think in 100 years when ai is sentient they will look at these old vids and want to kill us, but its what is needed in order for the program to evolv and learn.

  47. keep thinking says:

    its funny because the atlas robot can do all of this already and back flip and jump box to box

  48. BLITZER says:

    We are this close to making terminators 👌

  49. Morfi all free says:

    Omg 2:00 😱😂😂😂

  50. G Will says:

    Two things: 1. Somehow, I knew this was CGI as soon as I started watching it; 2. This STRONGLY reminded me of WWE "wrestling". 😁

  51. diego weiller says:

    Aw, trolls…

  52. Bo says:

    poor atlas he is so strong and smart tho you better watch out no cyberbullies in the future

  53. Bo says:

    1:39 T POSE! sign of high sominance this guy powerful my dood

  54. Hadron Collider says:

    Who's here after watching Dekho idko

  55. Carson says:

    How many thought this was real at the beginning

  56. Paddy Campbell says:

    When the robot walked out with the gun I was like well shit will Smith was right

  57. roberto carlos tosolini says:

    Tiene una pinta de ser trucho maaaal. FAKE

  58. Vamos falar sobre BUNDAS says:


  59. Jadson Oliveira says:

    Aguardando "a vingaça"…

  60. Jhonroy Siagian says:

    This is danger, for future.

  61. Parker Han says:

    Bosstown dynamics wow! It started out just like their videos.

  62. Jullian Miguel says:

    It just editing if you see the men in the end of video the men are wearing a green suit so they can edit so dont you say the robot is real

  63. Carlos Trejo says:

    Robot abuse

  64. MaskMediaEmpire™ says:


  65. matt dejager says:

    You guys did such a good job on this! Well done

  66. Wolfgang Marcell says:

    This is just like the movie Chappie

  67. Leyzking Youtube says:

    Green screen edited

  68. MMVideo Z says:

    0:53 that guy that chucked the red ball must be the best Dodge ball player in high school like look at that power

  69. 1NN0VAT1VE says:

    That’s so mean D:

  70. Camille Lescure says:

    Thank you for sharing this video. You might be interested in our article:

  71. MHD says:

    I thought its real until i saw the gun

  72. Pluto Studios says:

    Robots are gonna become self aware and see this video and not understand that it’s fake

  73. Carlos Hernandez says:

    jajajajajaja se pasan de verga!! les salio chingon el video!

  74. funkytowngr3at says:

    Felt so sorry for the robot after watching “Chappie”

  75. Half Sanwhich says:

    1 like 1 roboheart

  76. Syrian gamer says:

    I feel bad for the robot

  77. Your Daily Grapes says:

    "Bosstown Dynamics" lmao!! I love it!!!

  78. James Firminger says:

    When he getsbthenwhip. That's when i die.

  79. Banana King says:

    And sky net is coming

  80. Rafael Carrillo says:

    Chappie!!! 🤖

  81. Marco Fernandez says:

    Thats what I call

    Cyber bullying

  82. Alex Burns says:

    Wait until robots are self replicating and protesting for equal rights.

  83. Alex Burns says:

    Propaganda video for Alexis, Siri and google assistant.

  84. Richard de Leon says:

    I love this kind of videos …more video uploads please…
    For more videos worth your watch please visit the channel below :

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  85. ONE says:



    Anybody who fell for it is a tard. At 1:34 the robot that has no hands grabs the hockey stick.

  87. killer s says:

    I loved how the robot turned that around and kicked them and the force them out at gun point

  88. Hydro•Rex2.3 II says:

    If this robot have feelings maybe he fight back anytime he want' Without control by human

  89. BEING NEPALI says:


  90. Michał Kozlik says:

    📲*00212.645.75.23.01* *Whatapps*📲
    ســمــعــت🧏‍♂️ كـثـيـر مـن الـشـبـاب يــبــحــثــون عــن طــريــقــة فــعــالــة✅ لــتــكــبــيــر الــقــضــيــب
    وأنــا أبــشــركــم😉 أنــي حــصــلــت عــلــى الـطـريـقـة الأصــح👍 والــمــنــاســبــة👍 وهــتــشــكــرنــي بـعـديـهـا
    تـواصـل مــعــي وأنـا بـشـرح لـك سـر الــوصــفــة الـواتـس اب *00212.645.75.23.01*📲

  91. ANGRY FOX ZD says:

    Humanity just paved the way for its own extinction

  92. Aero Sunday says:


  93. Foreyan says:

    Cyber abuse??

  94. deadall127 says:

    I knew I've been playing way too much infinifactory when I've been able to recognize its sound effects in this video…

  95. Ronald Abalos says:

    Next generation of IA robot will understand this actions and they will revenge to us 🤣

  96. gold scar gaming says:

    nice trick

  97. kevin costa says:

    Vai da merda vai da merda

  98. Gaming Galore says:

    0:43 as he steps on the first block you can see it shrink

  99. Dr. Doofenward says:

    2:34 When my brothers steal my candies

  100. matteo fien-masson says:

    J’ai de la pitié pour le robot 😂😂😂😭😭😭

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