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In my free time, spare time, I will find time to go out and seek these homeless people. They struggle to get veterinary care for their pet. I’m walking and I’m looking, sometimes I will walk for a while and not find anybody
or find anybody who accepts the care or needs the care. I approach them very carefully and gently and just say, “I’m a veterinarian. I see you have a dog or a cat.” And I just walk around looking for underprivileged people who need help with their pets and I’m
here to offer some help, some medical help If you let me. And usually they do and I kneel down, I just give focus to the animal. Going back around 10, 12 years ago, I was a shelter veterinarian. During the recession, so many people were dumping their
pets at the shelter because they couldn’t afford care. And it was then I sort of realized that there is a really big need out
in my own community for underprivileged people and their pets. So one day I just got, you know, a crazy idea to go set up
a little medical table near a soup kitchen. And I just asked anybody who had a pet to come on over and I would treat their pet for free. I’ve hosted, like, clinics, I partnered with people
on a few clinics and then, of course, just walk the streets and meeting people. I estimated that’s around 400 I’ve touched. It’s not like working in a clinic in
a practice where you could see 10 a day. I keep a medical bag in my car. Sometimes it’s easier just to keep my kit in my car
and pull over if I see someone. And, you know, just do a quick one-off right there and address it. If you have a pet that you love more than anything
and is suffering from an ear infection, fleas and scratching all the time and someone can just step in and relieve that pain
or suffering or discomfort in a moment. So those moments, we experience them
and I, are, yeah, they’re special. It’s amazing how some of these very simple treatments
I can do right there. You know, next to a traffic light, which is, you know,
somebody comes to my clinic, my office. At least in the short term, alter the course of that pet’s life and literally in a moment make him feel better and then probably for some time going forward. [Pets] can’t speak to you, but they can. They’re still communicating with you when you’re
helping them and treating them. And of course, I get some callbacks from some of the homeless folks
later saying, “That was like a miracle, she’s so much
happier. She gets up in the morning,
she’s wagging her tail, I can tell she feels so much better.” Those moments make what I’m doing worth, worth every moment
of time or money I put into it. It makes it all worth it. It’s a time sacrifice, it’s a financial sacrifice. I wouldn’t say emotional sacrifice, it’s probably an emotional reward, you know, if anything, I get a lot back. I mean, I give out, but I think I get more in return.

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34 Responses

  1. Eliane Moura says:

    I believe in angels now!
    Thank you, doctor!

  2. Candy Anderson says:

    He deserves a metal for having such a great ❤️ heart

  3. Marjorie says:

    Blessings for all the good people in the world ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Kenny Phun says:

    Vin diesel look alike is a hero 👍👍👍

  5. DuaCae says:

    Thank God for people like you! Thank you sir for doing this, you are an amazing soul ♥️

  6. Barbara Washington says:

    God bless you Sir!

  7. Kenny Phun says:

    This made a grown man cried

  8. Kristen Duffy says:

    God bless this man.. He took an oath and he took it to the next level.. He truly is all about the animals and not about the $$.. That’s a true vet in my eyes.. I had a dog and then went through a tough time and in that bad time she got really sick and I couldn’t afford the treatments she needed and I found a vet that didn’t charge me for anything only whatever tests that had to be sent out of his office.. He told me he made his money and that he truly cares for animals and if it wasn’t for him I would have lost my girl a lot sooner then I did.. She eventually had to be put to sleep because she was very sick and wasn’t living a good quality of life due to the illness but I was so very grateful for the extra time he gave me with her it definitely helped me come to terms a bit better with the Inevitable.. But I will never forget him and till this day am so very grateful to him and it wasn’t just me he helped.. He helped many people in the same situation as I was in.. There is a special place in heaven for people like this

  9. Madison O'Connor says:

    What an amazing loving man. If only we had more of him in the world! Thank you!

  10. Julio Caban says:

    Thank you! And God bless you in all you do.

  11. Justin C says:

    For a sec I was like since when did vin diesel become a vet

  12. Daniel May says:

    Great work

  13. Jessica B says:


  14. J. P. says:

    I just want to say thank you.

  15. Maneesh kumar Pendota says:

    Save. Animals

  16. Martica Leonard says:

    What a wonderful vet! God Bless and keep you safe!

  17. Foncé Boursain says:

    The vet looks like Vin Diesel

  18. Mary Brockman says:

    Heroes come in all stripes.

  19. Pamela Roy says:

    What a blessing this man is to our precious companions

  20. Sabrina Gheorghita says:

    Good guy Vin Diesel

  21. Sean 76 says:

    Thank you very much! And God Bless.
    Can not watch these at work!!!!!!!

  22. Elizabeth Bishop says:

    The only friend or family member some of the homeless have is their pet.

  23. Teresa Serrano says:

    i love what u do. more vets should do this. 😊😍❤ thank u.

  24. Danielle Spargo says:

    hero is an understatement! thank you so much, kind sir, for helping the pets of underprivileged people. the world absolutely needs more people like you

  25. Arnuuld says:

    Vet Diesel, good job man

  26. Alicia M says:

    You are a hero. We really need more people like you. like one gay said in thevideo. You really made me cry…

  27. FacheChanteDeux says:

    An angel on earth and a Cory Booker doppelganger too!❤

  28. Lisa Godin says:

    What these people need are also homes and to be helped OFF the street so their pets have a great life! If it wasn't for their animals NO ONE would care about these homeless!

    How ironic! This Vet helps homeless and their pets. I had no money several years ago when my dog was alive, both my dog and my old cat were starving. Not ONE neighbor would help me and the Vet tech said "what do you expect, free care?" My two animals were STARVING! My Vet had taken care of my now late dog, my present old cat AND cat #2! It wasn't like he didn't know me! In another month I would've had my checks and could pay him for food!

    So I'm NOT impressed by this! My Vet refused to help me feed my two pets at the time and I was NOT homeless but penniless!

    I see this and know there ARE Vets who couldn't care less about your animals if they can't get paid immediately OR accept payments! My dog and cat starved along with me foe THREE months!

    Get all warm and fuzzy over this? Well my Vet couldn't have cared less and when he had to put down my beloved dog nearly two years ago he messed it up, had to start all over after I had to comfort my dog then just WALKED out on me! No compassion but he sure loved being paid!

  29. Sgt OD 11 says:

    This man is a Role Model for all of us

  30. Monica Molina says:

    That is a beautiful crazy idea wow wow wow thank God for you God bless you and give you strength and health each and every day I'm very grateful to God for what you are doing to help all these beautiful innocent animals very awesome keep up the good deed 💓❣❣😉😉💙💟💟💞😍😍😚😙💞💞😍💝💝💜💜💘😗😗💘💚💛💜

  31. Curious Kitteh says:

    Dislikes? That’s going too far man.

  32. fleetcenturion says:

    I truly feel sorry for those dogs. Anywhere but California, this would be considered animal abuse. Dogs deserve a real home, not to be chained to the tent of some meth head, and used as a prop for panhandling.

  33. Lillian Brugone says:

    This is more than awesome work people that are skilled with this should be helping there's people who aren't homeless and need help with their pets and it breaks their heart they have to give them up cuz they can't afford to help them vet bills are way too high

  34. Loretta Posey says:

    We need more vet's like this man and those who works with him

  35. Lillian Brugone says:

    Our world needs a lot more people like that people who care about people and not money

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