Thriller (Hyderabadi) Hindi Full Movie Part 1/2 | R.K, Aziz, Adnan Sajid

You’ll die.. You’ll die a nasty death! She is dead, you too will die. Go, lets flee from this place. In the middle of a night I’ll tell a wonder poem,
listen to it. Can an owl tell a poem? Is that it? You need to have
a level to listen to poem. I don’t want to disgrace poetry (sher)
by telling it to you. Get lost. Not just about sher (tiger), but hear to
my saying about whole forest.-ls it? Doves nurtured is half white
and half black Flick it if you’ve guts Friends got the doves Half white and half black
Had guts, hence nurtured Mustached one hacked the other I’ll stab you, never mind
even if hanged to death Trains stops if stared at it At a smile, a plane flies Shammi’s groom
Rukhi’s son-in-law Colour TV watched by kids shakes you Papa tells TV makes noise like.. Was it a poem that you said?
Selling my own goods to me? I didn’t understand what you said.
So repeat it again. Your brain is 3-feet under
Hence, you don’t understand. Move aside.
Let me make my forefathers proud. We’ve to praise her mom.
Has given birth to her at the right time. Pray for her father
to become my in-law When I look to her
I feel pricked in my heart What pricks?
You’ve pricks too. Nikki, give me one Chikki(kiss) What? -You Majnu, what did you say?
-I didn’t say anything. I was thanking your dad for
giving birth at the right time Is it? -I didn’t say anything,
he feels pricked How were you feeling? Wow, what a sexy dress? -What are you taking in this sexy bag?
-Should I open and show it? -Yes, show it.
-I said about the bag. -Yes, show me please.
-Want me to show you? -Do you want more?
-Haven’t you given one, we’ll share it. Don’t act smart.
Do you understand? What a solid slap? I don’t think I can hear
bell ringing for eight days What is the use?
Will you attend classes? Look, here comes the gang. Sandy! I don’t feel coming to college. This is not our college.
This is our house. You said it right.
No girl suits us We’ve not left anyone out Where were you roaming wasting fuel? Look those guys are teasing everyone What is this?
T-Shirt with Churidhar? Attend to them When did this fashion come? What GMD? Have you started bossing
around when we were not in college? Heard about rowdyism
but not bossing around You stupid and chimpanzee from zoo -Worthless penny..
-Chewed mango and spat pan A retired circus monkey. We didn’t say such things! What did you say? You sandy, wait.
We’ll bring your dad Have you heard about Rambo?
I’ll bring him now. Wait here. Don’t move They’ve fled Sandy. Rambo is a big thug.
I’ve heard about him. He is a dangerous fellow.
Let him come. Who ever it may be?
I’ll take care. I’ve seen many Stop. Rambo brother. Rambo brother. -You’ve come again by getting wounded.
-Sandy and his gang smashed us. Guggu’s eyes have been boxed Look here, the condition of my eyes They smashed us severely Where are you going? -Who is Sandal?
-Not Sandal, he is Sandy! He and his friends smashed us. Ok. Go and message him
that his father is coming. -Go. Go from here.
-Come before he cuts our limbs. Come. Rambo brother. Who is that wolf who
hit my goat like friends? Is it him? Is he that guy? Aren’t you ashamed
to place your hands on children? He didn’t hit us.
Why do you hit him? He is there. Is he the one? Do you know about me?
Do you know when I murdered first? When I was in L.K.G, a child pulled
my slate, so I cut him with a blade! Do you understand?
I’m going to kill you. -He didn’t hit.
-Who the hell hit you? lts him who hit us.
Come. It’s him. Is it him? We’ll talk and solve. What, brother?
It is a Question of our dignity We are your darlings -Why do make me confront a WWF guy?
-It’s a matter of our dignity. Wait, I’ll go.
Here I come -What are you saying?
-How well have you built! To which gym are you going?
Did you get a tip from Bruce Lee? I asked you to take food from
Maggu Bhai but you don’t heed Had you eaten
you would’ve been like this This is my card. Call me whenever
your vehicle breaks down. I’ll come to your house and repair it.
Come here. -What?
-Come. Listen. Henceforth don’t call me
for any trouble in college. Call him. He is my elder brother.
These three guys are troublesome I’m leaving them with you.
Take good care of them. I’m leaving. No problem, see you.
My BP is descending They’ve fled You’ve done a mistake of bringing
him here. I want a strong tea. Order soon. Bring 3 cups of tea
and let one be a strong cup. Are you coming straight from U.S.?
You keep on drinking teas Pay me your dues first
Give them 3 cups of tea Go and bring tea
Don’t irritate us Give me a lollipop (kiss)
-Do you want a lollipop? Have it. What happened? Did he? Do a thing? Come with me
to garage. He won’t come there. I’ve told you many times not to
tease girls from good homes -Always getting me into a fix
-Leave it Don’t you look at your faces
in the mirror at dawn? -Have it
-Why do you keep like this? -Don’t you take money?
-Go Don’t call me for small issues.
Call me only for big issues. Do you understand? I’ve links with many big shots
Here is one He is an MLA
Look at the respect I get -Greetings madam. -You foolish dog,
each time you bring my car empty in fuel. Where did you go taking my car.
Are you using my car for your propaganda? -You rascal
-Where is he? He fled like donkey’s horns
Who’ll pay money for the tea? If you don’t pay me,
I’ll pour hot milk over you. Don’t worry. Joker is gone.
But our king will come. -But where is he?
-May be with his heartthrob! Come soon. You didn’t bring accounts note book
You’re absent minded But you never forget to pick me up
You would forget that also someday As usual, don’t stop
the bike in front of the canteen I don’t want to meet
your useless friends I want to go straight to class room Can’t you live without your G.M.D.? Top most problem
That girl Nikki Stay away from Nikki
I won’t repeat it again Or else you stay away from me What’s this? What did you say? I didn’t hear.
Tell it again. Didn’t I tell you not to stop
your bike before the canteen? -You’ve done the same mistake? -Don’t be
like this, at least greet our friends. They may be your friends.
But they are just garbage to me. How are you? What happened to you over there?
Why do you all look battered? -Sandy and his friends did this to us.
-We brought Rambo to do something, But he did nothing and got us into this Why do you confront unnecessarily?
Has Rambo gone into settlement business? Here she comes like a sticker
to stick to him Come to class room in 2 minutes.
Else, you won’t be seen here. -You’ve spoken enough. Get lost.
-You get lost -Enough, stop it. Sit You said ‘sexy’.
Was it me? You ice cube.
I didn’t tell you but him You flour plate, why do you laugh?
You want me to close other eye lid also? Why is this fool sitting silent? See you my sweety.
I’ll meet in the class room. It’s time for the classes.
When are you going to study? You go. What’ll we do attending classes?
-This is your daily pretence It’s that professor’s classes.
Think well. In life none becomes big
only through studies Don’t do this daily.
Get back to your seat. Get me item no.625 Quickly No one is.
Who is he calling? -Not me but him. -You’ve
shown your extent of friendship Tell me, what is it? You sinner.
Why do you come to college? Why do you waste your
parents’ hard earned money? One student like you is enough
for the class to get spoiled You stupid. What’s in your hand?
Remove it from your hand. Show it.
-Tsunami might come if I leave it. It’s ok even if Tsunami comes. Leave it Leave it you rascal.
-I’ve left it. Go, we’ve two more -Why do you do these
dirty mischiefs? -Let’s go How do you invent all such new tricks? Do you know what punishment
will the principal give? Is punishment alone left?
We don’t know why we were born They should feel ashamed Listen to me,
I’ll tell a poem on friendship. Proceed. -A true friend is one..
-A true friend.. ..who holds the friend’s.. ..Friend’s hand at miserable times -I too will tell a poem
-Proceed. One second. -Come here.
-Call him also -Come
-Let him also hear Come, listen In my spicy life.. In every paths of my spicy life.. ..there are thorns many
-Wow Listen carefully In every paths of my spicy life
there are thorns many Buddy, fishes in the pond there
also had thorns Wasn’t I right? The poem was great Great poem You go boy If your chatting under the hot sun
is over then come, now is principal’s class.
Come. Else he’ll punish you. -Ok, come.
-Where are you going? -It’s principal’s class. -He’s the
principal for you. For us he’s a drunkard He was sitting like a born drunkard He was smoking every brand At the bar we saw him fully drunk Do you know what cigarette he smokes? -He smokes cha..!
-You forgot? He smokes charminar brand! You’ve put me in a fix
Where did he come from? No, who said so?
You smoke a good brand What will I do?
No one called me Should we pay fees and
listen to this also? Look at you tummies. You’re failing in exams for past 3 years.
Why do you waste your parents’ money? I became a lecturer at your age.
Now I’ve become a principal to this college. Exams are scheduled in a month.
You wouldn’t have even studied a little. Those boys would be
getting scolded at office Come out -Come out
-Come on man! Oh boy! Today I’m gone. Damn! Either you should feel ashamed
of what principal said.. ..or your friends Exams are scheduled in a month. They would never come good
-Dear, try to make me Qualify also One more thing. Do you know what
is the big black spot in your life? -It is she!
-This is too much, get out. Let her go out Why are you behaving like this
in front of her? Now have you started?
I enjoy teasing her. Tease us also please. I had slapped all of you
Have you forgotten my last hit? Make them understand. How far should I make you understand?
Exams are nearing, study some. I’ll leave for Mumbai after that Don’t know what will happen after that Why do you talk about leaving? I’ll go when I have to.
Now you concentrate in studies -Your shirt is nice
-How do I make you understand? Come to canteen.
I’ll make you understand. This is nice Look this side, my love
-Which beggar is singing here? You’ll get in love
-Today you’ve come here before us. Come my buddy. My friend.
Come, sit down. -Why did it get late to come out?
-I studied more today, so I’m tired. -Our hands are worn out of writing more.
-Eyes have gone tired. Why haven’t you been to garage?
Is there no work in garage? There’s no girls like these in garage.
So, I come here whenever I can What’s up? Where is your
opposition in the parliament? -Where are they?
-They’ve come. -Devils descend to earth
-What a mouth you have? You mentioned just now and they’re here What’re you doing here
without boy friends? Come Sandy.. You dove, clean the table. Look, Sanju and his group. I am thinking of changing his name
from Sandy to itchy Why are you telling like that?
-Because he itches us a lot Stop, leave them.
They didn’t mean it. Sit down. -Learn to be within your limits
-How dare.. -Sit down Don’t mind him. Calm down. There’s no hospital nearby. No need for you to pay.
I’ll pay your bill. Did you pick the pocket of blind man? No today I vowed to God that
I’ll feed 5 beggars My dad feeds 100 beggars like you. -Today only I came to know that
his dad is a cook. -You said it right Ignore them
Sit down Have this 1000 rupees and
feed them in my name. Have the remaining as your tips. Eat. Whatever you had on charity is enough Now take this money and enjoy in a hotel Since you’re roaming around
with him that I am sparing you Go Buddy. You are acting too much.
You shouldn’t torture him too much. Many times I’ve told you to
confront with guys of your size Your morning bruises and still fresh.
Want to go to hospital again? -Bring the sum that guy gave.
-I am coming You’re earning well daily from him. Give it to me.
You shirt pocket is small I say a word. Every fool’s money
has a share of a smart guy. Understood?
Shake hands and go How smart he is? He hit the snake
as well as the charmer. He’s great. I’m leaving for home,
my dad would’ve returned from Goa. How are you doing today? Where were you? Staying in
one house, I’m unable to meet you In your busy schedule you’ve time
only for making merry with girls Where will you find time
to talk to me? From your talk it is evident
that your studies are going well Not everything is learnt from books
Life also teaches him many things Nowadays education is sought for making
money but not for gaining knowledge. I’m going to our Goa farm for a month. If you want you may enjoy there
with your friends after exams. You may make merry there. Come out soon.
It is time for us to make merry -Look.
-Nature’s new gift! A lady servant in Sanju’s house. Doesn’t make a difference In ‘noukrani’ (servant) remove
the ‘nouk’ and see the ‘rani’ (Queen) Go, why do you give amorous looks? There is a flower in your garden
and you’re not smelling it She is not a fragrant flower
but a cauliflower. Cauliflower is good to eat.
I like it. How lowly you would become? Those who stay high only fall down
but we never reached the heights Disgusting, leave it.
Where is Rambo? He will be in he garage
kicking at his fortune. Ok, lets go. Come on.
Start up. Now I understood
the problem in the vehicle. -Rambo brother.
-Who is that? You’ve come as
a jewel in the ring Is it you? -I heard just Rambo
-I called you as Rambo brother. Call me just as Rambo. My vehicle is again troubling
because of the old oil leakage. I repair it now and stop the leakage. Why such a big tool? That is the tool to repair this vehicle Sit down please.
I’ll repair the vehicle. It is a nice movie in that theater Name of the movie is Kamvali Pasha is there
Don’t worry Me too Why’re you roaming around with
these guys? Discard them somewhere. -She doesn’t know whom
she’s speaking with. -Damn! When did you all come?
I’ve been waiting for you from morning. -For whom does this spanner fit?
-Shut up! -Your vehicle is ready.
-What was the problem? Nothing, just a block in
the fuel line. I cleared it. Now it won’t have jerks. Understood?
Now you may drive smoothly. -How much do you charge?
-I don’t charge for little works. Did you see him? I don’t take for big work also Tighten the nuts of these 3 fellows
They’re out of bounds Move. Watch your face in the mirror.
You’ve ridiculed enough -How is it going? -Why is your
garage looking romantic today? Let’s have a cool drink to celebrate this Along with samosas (savoury) Debtors can’t even drink water
but can you guys eat samosas too? -We’ll repay
-When will you repay me? -When will you give me?
-32nd -We’ll give on 32nd One minute. They are fooling you.
Is there a 32nd day in a month? Think well and come. How dare you? Doing like this, I’ll sell
his garage one day. Use your brains. If you keep on lending
them then you’ll have to sell everything Quickly bring 150 samosas. -Sit down, why are you tense?
-Do I look like a fool to you 3? Say something new Is there a 32nd day in a month?
When will you give my money? -We’ll receive the money order
on 5th. -Which 5th? -5 that follows the 4!
-You tell me, which 5th? -August 5th.
-Sit. Make it more cooler and bring it for him. -Is gang war going with Sandy till now?
-Not with me, but these 3 are mocking him. He too is arrogant.
He think himself as a great hero. He has come. It seems they spend
50 Rupees daily to wash this vehicle This is our place. Go away.
-Share the tomato sauce In this generation of pizza and burger,
you’re eating Samosa of old generation! Is it with Chutney or sauce? Look, this daily fight will never stop. Prove that you’re smarter than me. I’ll accept my defeat.
What do you say? Come lets fight and decide. You won’t come good Look, …this is not a generation
of thugs to compete in fights. Can you come for a Quiz? Come, I’ll compete and prove it -Who will be the Quiz master?
-A person of your choice. Welcome you all to this Rambo Quiz.
This is a very simple and easy Quiz ..between two youngsters of college. Today it’ll come to prove who
is the king and who is monkey. Listen to the rules of Quiz.
4 or 5 options will be given. Those who want to answer first
should immediately ring the bell. Now comes the first Question. Proceed In the film Dharam veer,
Dharmender was wearing a brief Which material it was made of? Options to this are.. Cloth, Leather, Rexine or Velvet Rexine. Right answer. Because of wearing rexine
his back became scorched Hence he couldn’t continue
the film shoot for long Applause for Dharmender Here comes the next Question What did the public tell the director
after watching the film Savariya? Insane, fool, Crazy or cheat Cheat
-Right answer. Because Bhansali made a dream story Next is the 3rd Question. Which organ of Thakur did
Gabbar cut in the film Sholay? Thakur’s hand First listen to the options. The options are Eye, Leg, Hand or nothing. Listen, it’s Thakur’s hand. -Wrong answer.
-He’s cheating. You tell the right answer. Thakur was holding his Pajama
with both his hands, ..he hid his hands
inside the pockets to do so! -So this is how his hands were not cut.
-He makes a fool of us by such Questions. Don’t misbehave or
else I’ll dismiss you all. Let’s proceed to the 4th Question. Who is the villain who has done
many rapes in the field of cinema? The options to this are: Shakti Kapoor, Gulshan Grover Prem Chopra or Raza Murad Shakti kapoor. Wrong answer. Sandy is not able to
identify people of your type It’s big mistake of selecting him
as the Quiz master. Because, the right answer is Gulshan Grover, ..because when he attempted to rape
in last movie, police prevented him. So he had to leave the attempt. So Gulshan
Grover is 1 rape ahead Shakti Kapoor. I’ll teach him a lesson later Now we’re in the final stage.
Fifth and the final Question There’re no options for this. After this Question we’ll come to know
that who is the king and who is monkey! So listen to the final Question. Whose film was shown
in the aspect of torture? Ram Gopal Varma’s AAG. Right answer. Sanju has
won the Quiz today. -Damn you idiots
-Why are you removing your dress? Want to wrestle? Beat Sandy and his gang. -Principal has come.
-You’re saved because of Principal. Go -Where is the principal?
-I was just joking. We won. Here, below. What’s this brother?
Why haven’t you delivered my vehicle yet? Today is 5th. -What did you say? -Is today 5th?
Sit. Which month? -August.
-August? -What about my vehicle? -You’ll not get
your vehicle, drink tea and leave. Hey small.. Now watch.
He has come. He’s taking the hand If today is August 5th
then its doomsday for them They keep on postponing Who’s that? Go and see. How long? Are they alive or dead? -Who’s that?
-Pause it till I return. Oh my god! Rambo has come.
Toilet is vacant for me to hide. These buggers aren’t opening. Now you guys will open. Am I dreaming? Keep Quiet. Do what I say, understand?
Else I’ll pluck your teeth. -Tell loudly that Rambo has gone. Tell.
-Rambo has gone, come out. Get lost. You dacoits are making merry It’s ours only.
Come. Why did that Rambo come?
Had you told my name he would’ve fled Why did he come before 32nd? If he comes before 32nd,
I’d have smashed both you and Rambo. I’ll hit him severely That guy is mad. He’ll get
scared if he hears my name Is it so? You’ll have a long life! In bathroom
we were thinking of you only now. What were you doing? Were you
washing him?-No, I was just bathing He doesn’t seem like to
have had a bath at all Because we haven’t paid your debts
we look like otherwise to you I can see everything Are you having pizza, burger
and beer? What is all this? Where are you taking all this? Are you making merry? Take it out. What are you doing? Are you tasting it with this? -This is the only item.
-All items have expired. I’m taking them all not to eat
but to feed to dogs Brother… Am I guileless? Assume as beggars and spare something Why are you disturbing
in this late night? -Can you guys come to
my house now? -Why? I don’t know why.
Today I’m feeling scared. Is it so? -Bring all of our friends including Rambo.
-I’ll bring all, if you arrange for liQuor. I’ll arrange, but you all come immediately.
I’ll wait for you at the garden. What happened? Already I am scared.
You’re making me tremble. Prepare the drink Quickly -Oh wow!
-Don’t delay Don’t mix water in my glass.
What happened to you? Hey cut the line. Pour in it. First listen, why I called you here? -Stop.
-Why did you call us this late night? Since my dad left, I’m getting
bad dreams. I don’t know why. Today I had a scary dream
in which a dreadful lady was there. I got very scared.
I don’t know if it’s a dream or real Is it? Do you get such dreams? I hid a matter from you. I too am having such bad dreams
for past many days. My horoscope is also not proper
Now too I could see it. Black, tall and stout.
He is sitting on Dabloo’s shoulders You stupid guy! I was making fun. -Have you gone crazy?
-Would you get so scared? I’m talking seriously
but you guys are making fun. Allow him to talk. The truth is that his dad has gone out 2
days back, so there’s no one in his house. So this loneliness is killing him.
Understand? What Sanju…? -Is there no one in your house?
-Why did you tell them this? Why did you hide this happy fact?
Are we all enemies to you? Set the plan.
I’ll bring the Mumbai doll. Assume that it is set There is a beautiful girl
You’ve to be strong to tackle her -Is she so pretty?
-This is my first opportunity. Do what ever you want,
but I’m not getting involved in it. Don’t know why I called you
Go and drink milk. He has left this house for our use Let’s camp here.
Leave it to us. Looks, they’ve brought a girl so early. Hey Nikki! What? Was Nikki about to come here?
I’m leaving. No, why do you mistake me? If I see her with you,
I’ll kill you. -Come in, we’ll talk.
-It’s ok My God! Why are you here? I came to meet you.
But now I think it’s a mistake. Why’re you short tempered?
You repeatedly utter Chikki, Nikki.. Because, she always roams around you I feel distressed whenever
I see any girl nearing you. How many days are there
for our college to get over? There’ll be no Nikki or Chikki in my life.
Sit here, I’ll come now. Stop. None could understand.. None in the world
could understand.. Love only knows the ways of love Games of the world
are devised by God for love -See, who has come.
-I’ll see now and come. It should be the milk man. -Hey handsome!
-Who are you? -You only called me
-I’ll go first. You..! -You’ve gone to this extent?
-No, I’ve not Move away you junk heads! -Why have you come at the wrong time?
-You’re lucky First one left and the
second one is here. Let’s go. Whatever you do, do it fast. Ask me if you want anything,
I’ll be upstairs. First I’ll go, then all go Why are you into this? It is all over for you.
Allow us youngsters to enjoy. He is misbehaving with me. Allow him, he’ll
come in just 5 minutes. Sit down. -I’ll go after he comes out.
-Go and guard the entrance, I’ll go. -I gave money and brought her.
-But you got the money from me. That doesn’t matter Who is calling at this time? I’m now in combine studies.
It’s exams time, study! -Why’re you pushing me and going?
-Move aside Can she still do it? -I wish to go next.
-Just wish, don’t go. I’ll hit and send you out
Shut up and sit How is the girl? You’re a fool.
I’ll go and perform nicely. It is almost an hour
but he is yet to come out. Move -Welcome my king.
-I’ve come, my Queen. -Come -Where is he?
-He has gone in. -I told that I’ll go in.
-Can your vehicle start by self? -My battery is in full charge.
-Do one thing. -I’ll tell you an excellent idea
to pass the time. -What? Go out and count till 100,
he’ll come within that. Go. -Really?
-Go. Always they do this to me.
Asking me to count till 100! 1, 2 3, 4 I’ll play for the second time.
Great, I’ve to bathe in hot water. Are you sleeping?
Where is he? lt’ll take 2 hours being his second time.
Come lets go out and have a puff. -Come
-Come, let’s go. -Get up She was a hard nut to crack
She is like an old lorry My hip really aches -What an health condition!
-Take out the cigarette. -Is it in back pocket -Who are you?
-Is Sanju in house? He is there inside. Go. Who are they? There is a game going inside. Go. Let’s go. Come down soon. You didn’t allow me to
play the 3rd test match. We’ll play in another ground, go. When did you come? I’ll come down. What’s happening in the house? When did you come? Aren’t you ashamed?
What dirty work is going in this house? No, its not my..!
They are such friends.. in college. -You’ve come tired. So take rest.
-Let your dad come, I’ll tell it to him. -Mistake has happened.
-Ok, where’s the guest room? It is there. No one is there.
I’ll become the real villain now -What is this? Wake up.
-Who the hell are you? -Why are you sleeping at this time?
-You dog, scoundrel Where are you coming from? Dear, a stout man has come
Hit him. -Beat him.
-No, don’t What’s happening? We’re getting
odd noises from the house I’ll hit you.
Look at this paunch. Get lost before I thrash you. I know that your exams starts very soon. And you’re all prepared for it. But today is Independence day. I’ll ask you a Question in this
connection and you answer me, ok? Truth resides in lips
and the heart is clean. Which nation do we belong to? In a nation where people
are nude and starving -Nude and starving people?
-What she means is that.. Nation was nude and
starving due to poverty. Now they are almost nude
on pretext of fashion.. and starving in the name of dieting. Now answer this Oh children, take the path of justice This is your nation and
you’re the leaders of tomorrow What do we infer from this song? In the past this song was to preach the
children about justice and allegiance But the now the same children
have become leaders.. And everyone knows
what are they up to It is boring. Why is Rambo calling now? -Where are you guys?
-In college. Why are you bringing a bad name to
forefathers by going to college daily? Devil hindered and
so we come to college. -Are those 2 stout fellows with you?
-Yes, with me. -What are they doing? -One is
sleeping, and the other day dreaming. I’ve come to buy shirts in white house.
I’m going straight to Lamba theatre. A nice hot movie is screened there Mechanic boy told that they’re
showing hot scenes before the interval.. You 3 guys come at once. What excuse to give? I’ve taken
4 times leave killing all my relatives Think well. Just 30 minutes for
the film to start. Then it’s your wish. What doctor? Confirmed? Check the report again. This is a classroom,
not a government hospital. -HIV positive?
-To whom is it? -What happened? -Rambo has
booked movie tickets for us. Come I’ll bring him in 5 minutes.
We’ll check in person Go Quickly We’re going to the hospital Go -When did he get AIDS?
-I know every inch of them They’ll never reform. These buggers would be going
to watch obscene movie. Will you come till college? Don’t you have work in garage? Go Are you driving me off after movie? After movie only we’re driving you off The girl over there is really luring I wanted to lure her
but I couldn’t catch her He has to shout for everything That scene was really excellent English movies are not that interesting.
We should watch Shakeela movies Let’s go
Sanju will scold us We had gone to a doctor
for a checkup. He has AIDS.
They put an injection at the back We’ll meet later.

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  1. Maddu Mohd says:

    So cool man

  2. Mohammed Wajid says:

    not gud

  3. Md Imran says:

    ham aap ke dil

  4. m touqeer says:

    I like that

  5. babu koizer says:

    jahelon ki jahel film

  6. babu koizer says:

    cheap mentality peoples cheapest direction

  7. suhaael ahmed says:

    nice movie

  8. Farukh Shaikh says:

    not bad

  9. shashi g says:


  10. Chloe Harvey says:

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  12. rahul kumar says:

    So naic

  13. Mohammed Rafiuddin says:

    Vvv nice

  14. Jaffar Khan says:


  15. Tafzzlu Alih Sayyed says:


  16. namra fatima says:

    also watch kamran directions like share comment and subscribe

  17. Imran Sk says:


  18. Syed Syed says:

    syed m

  19. Kalim Ahemad says:

    very very nice

  20. Jasim Khan says:

    jasim kahn

  21. Sajid Qureshi says:

    Bhai.or new movies banao.yaar,??
    Aziz miya kaha ho yaro.,?

  22. Waseem Pasha786 says:


  23. Mohd Shanawaz says:

    fast eueufhdidiebdisbdjdbdbdid did xie ifd du jdsicididjdidjdjdjdifjdnifjefididbf

  24. Rahim Shaikh says:

    Really nice

  25. Dadapeer Khan Dadapeer Khan says:

    Gu loo dada

  26. Javed ali shaikh says:

    I love hedrabadi movie i m full enjoy see evrey movie

  27. Rahil Sheikh says:


  28. WhatsApp bro says:


  29. Sohail Aashiq says:


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