Titus Andromedon Stars In Cats The Musical | Netflix Is A Joke

– There you are. – I brought everything you asked for. Your make up kit, all your wigs, my weirdest coats. FYI, they’re covered in cat hair. – Perfect. – Alright. (upbeat music) (funky music) ♪ The cats had more babies ♪ ♪ And these are their babies ♪ – Scoot. Scoot over. I’ll show you who
belongs up on that stage. – Is all of this just to
impress a 12 year old? (scoffs)
– Only 60%. The rest is about achieving my dream. (funky music) ♪ I am a kitty cat ♪ ♪ My name is Turblebrop ♪ (funky music) ♪ Frumbumbly is a silly cat ♪ ♪ He frumbumbles all the day ♪ ♪ Frumbumbly is so silly ♪ ♪ In fact, he dies if he
doesn’t get applause ♪ ♪ And he always proves
his point to Olivers ♪ (cheers and applause) – [Rumbleshanks] Frumbumbly. – Me? No. I’m Tony Ravioli, I’m supposed to fix the electrical pipes. Forget about it. (hisses) (intense music) – So you thought that you
would go up on that stage in your homemade costume,
sing a bunch of nonsense in the middle of a Broadway show. Well, good for you,
’cause you just discovered the secret of Cats! (laughter) My kittens, the great mother cat has eaten another placenta. A kitty is born, his name is Frumbumbly! – [Cast] Frumbumbly! Meow, Meow, Meow. – Um. – I know this is a shock,
but do you really think that you’re the first
actor desperate, delusional or narcissistic enough to think that should me up there. – Are you saying Cats– – doesn’t exist! It all started in 1980, when a New Haven
production of Hello, Dolly! got Legionnaire’s disease
and didn’t show up. A disgruntled actor in the
audience saw his opportunity, and shall we say, pounced. Inspired by his day job as
a Times Square Garfield, he delivered an impromptu
2-hour monologue about cats. He called himself Mr. Mizzlemitts. – [Cast] All hail Mizzlemitts! – So the whole show is made up? – We just do some poppers and
say whatever comes to mind. Jellicle, Griddlebone,
Mungojerrie, Jimmy McCracklins. – But I thought the show was based on some poems by T.S. Eliot. – And what is Eliot an anagram of? To lie. – What about Andrew Lloyd Webber? He wrote the show. – Did he? Look carefully. – [Titus] Andrew Lollo Baloney. – The mind sees what it wants to see. Also, a lot of people can’t read cursive. – So am I like, in Cats now? – To the extent that
anyone is in Cats, yes! Welcome, Frumbumbly! – [Cast] Frumbumbly!
(hisses) – I regret the name. – We all regret our names. But we don’t regret the Broadway credit, the applause, or the pile. – [Cast] Pile, pile,
pile, pile! Jellicle pile! – The overhead on this place is insane. That’s why we go into the audience. It’s all kids and old people, the two demographics
that drop the most stuff. Ooh, a phone. Nice! Rumbleshanks dines first. And now, my kitties may feast. (claps) (clamors) (light-hearted horn music) Cats only has one rule. Tell no one. No one. – Ooh, a Life Alert! I can
finally shower with confidence. (jazzy music)

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