Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint – Deep State Teaser | PS4

Husky, this is Deep Blue. Copy, deep Blue.. It’s been a while. I’m finally getting Intel on the Aurora situation. It’s a real shit show. I’ve been told. Drones everywhere apparently. Like anyone would want to fight the damn things. Ever heard of something called a “terminator”? Never. I keep seeing mention of tiered weaponry. Yeah Seems like they already took care of that though. Anyway, I might need your help for way in. That can be arranged, pal. Excellent. Something needs to be done about all this… before there’s nothing left but ghosts and shadows.

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44 Responses

  1. tomss says:

    Pónganse las pilas o les mandamos a tulio para que les haga kjuaj

  2. Guy Emu says:

    I dont think this can save the game

  3. DastardlyDeviant says:


  4. AdamWV says:


  5. Ez says:

    Came for the Splinter Cell, left because of the Breakpoint.

  6. Duglife says:

    This is cool because Sam Fisher, but. We need a new Splinter Cell game, and make it in the style of the older ones too.

  7. Aussie Stud1 says:

    Splinter cell ps5?

  8. Anthrax 257 says:

    Don‘t do this. Don‘t give us hope.

  9. Rodrigo Araújo says:

    Ghost Recon 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
    Splinter 💚 Cell 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  10. Rodrigo Araújo says:

    Splinter Cell Blacklist >>> Ghost Recon W. >>> Ghost Recon B.

  11. Mistah Opinionatah says:

    Whats up everyone. I'm always looking for new battle buddies to game with on ps4. I have 423 games so hit me up.

  12. Fuze The Real Gamer says:

    The DLC must have Sam Fisher as a playable charcter

  13. Im_Am_Rumii says:

    Hey @ubisoft stop using Splinter Cell as "Events" in Ghost Recon and make an actual SPLINTER CELL GAME!!!

  14. harrisonrg777 says:

    hopefully this will be a side mission that ends with sam leaving the island going to his next mission “new game” -:D

  15. Christian Fox says:

    Like playstion crash bash remastered please

  16. Fritz The Cat says:

    Lazy cucks this gAme might as well been splinter cell

  17. Name says:

    I love how Amon Tobin's soundtrack still is referenced in the music of this trailer only

  18. Apex_WhiteOut says:

    Breakpoint lost my interest a long time ago. me and a friend loved wildlands through all its flaws and were hyped to see breakpoint. but we were every dissapoited when this was what we got

  19. TravelMate242 says:


  20. MIR says:

    This is just another shitshow

  21. vaangesnce says:

    Ubisoft keep disrespecting sam

  22. Patrick Garrett Boyd says:

    Tom Clancy’s mental breakdown is a real $h!* show lol

  23. Leonardo R says:

    So awesome, looking forward to it.

  24. FewFriesShort says:

    You wanna mane money Ubisoft? Make splinter cell with Ironside and I’ll pay 200 bucks.

  25. Junior C.A. says:


  26. ياسر هنا says:

    Ohhhhh yeah the legend comes again

  27. TBAG [Epic Gaming] says:

    okay so they use Splinter Cell Chaos Theory soundtrack (awesome), they use Ironside's voice (awesome).. but he doesnt talk like Sam Fisher at all and this is stupid Breakpoint again…. lame

  28. Jonathan Neal says:

    Why isn’t anyone pointing out that’s Michael Ironsides voice !!!!!!! He’s back baby!!!!!!

  29. Arthur De Montcalm says:

    ''Nothing left but ghosts and shadows'' I am scared…

  30. freethinker says:

    That's right, let's bring a most hyped franchise into an already dead franchise

  31. RavenCrossguard says:

    I'm just gonna join in. GIVE SAM HIS OWN GAME AGAIN!!!

  32. PaRappa Rapper says:


  33. Scorpion Hasahi says:

    Splinter cell HD collection or at least maybe a reboot

  34. Kazimír says:

    Ubisoft please make another Splinter Cell. And I'm not talking about mr. Ironside or Sam Fisher. None of it. Just please bring back gameplay like Chaos Theory or Double Agent with new graphics and options, new story… something. MGS is dead like every other stealth game. And a new generation needs this. Make Ubisoft and SC great again.

  35. HITMAN says:

    common UBISOFT make a chaos theory like splinter cell game again.
    🟢 🟢

  36. Private Frizz says:

    Ubisoft, the people want a Splinter Cell game; Not a cameo. Heck I don’t even need to say this.

  37. etl1234 says:

    I was kind of hoping for a new Splinter Cell game though after seeing the thumbnail! Regardless of what other people say, I really enjoyed Blacklist and would love to see a return to form in the franchise.

  38. Just Josh says:

    I want new game, not sayin havin him as dlc aint cool, but it should lead to a new splinter cell game, kinda like how predator getting a game after it was dlc, and terminator was probably cos of dark fate or the fact it had a game that came out to, whether im right or just bringing up coincidences, i still want a splinter cell game

  39. TheBeejAbides says:

    Ubisoft: "We dont make games. We make monetizable proof of concepts."

  40. Manuel Savi says:

    Wow this song awesome in splinter cell chaos theory 🤩🤩😍😍

  41. Ojaybeatz says:

    We Need Syphon filter

  42. Screen Apple says:

    call of duty warzone…

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