TomKings Puppies’s mission

It’s a
proven fact that the first few weeks of a puppy’s life are crucial to their development.
This is the period that they usually spend with their breeder, who has a great responsibility
for their life. My name is Geri, the co-founder of Tomkins
Puppies, and it’s our mission to reduce the number of scams and support ethical breeding.
Not everyone knows what ethical breeding is so let me explain here how we do it. Many people leave a fortune at the vet, because
they have chosen a cheap puppy from an unethical breeder, who hasn’t made health tests on his
dogs before starting to breed them. Because of the low selling prices they can’t
afford the best quality food, vet, vitamins and shots for his puppies, which are kept
in a tiny place where they are not even able to learn how to run. My brother Tomi and I have been breeding healthy
and happy French Bulldogs on our farm for more than 10 years. We do it because we love
them. My brother majored in animal breeding at university, and I studied in the US. The puppies are like family members on our
farm: they can freely run in the huge backyard, or come into our house and play with each
other all day. We believe that this helps their muscle and body grow better and be social
with each other and us humans. Because they are not squeezed into a small space, we can
radically decrease the chance of infections and diseases. They are our children, we are there when they
are born, we wake them up, and feed them every three hours in their first 4 weeks of life,
we know them not only by names but also by their personalities. We fly every month to the US with our puppies!
More than 200 of them live already in the States or all over the World.
Our puppies are usually flying to their loving new homes when they are 3-4 months old, at
that age they have already had all the shots needed, so you don’t have to pay hundreds
of dollars to your vet. We start potty training as soon as possible for you to have an easier
job when you get your little angel. I believe in waiting for a few more weeks is worth the
while in knowing that your pup is healthy and has gotten all the necessary shots.
We have a closed Facebook group with our puppies new families where we answer their questions
to help raise their TomKings Frenchie, they share pictures and experiences and help each
other too. It is called Tomkings Frenchie Family since
our puppies are probably related to each other!

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