Welcome to Top10Archive! We’ve already ran
by the list of the smallest dog breeds, so why not going over a list of their over-sized
companions? From the famous face of the French Mastiff, to the Goliath sized Great Dane,
here is our list for the top 10 largest dog breeds still alive today.
10. Dogue de Bordeaux To start the list off we present you the Dogue
de Bordeaux, commonly known as the French Mastiff. They are prized for their rich, autumn
coat, and loving demeanor. This breed of dog is friendly, lovable, and massive; reaching
heights around 2.5 feet or just shy of 1 meter and plumping itself up to 100 pounds or about
45 kilograms. This amazingly passive dog got its start of fame after one co-starred with
Tom Hanks in the movie, Turner and Hooch back in 1989, and has been a rapidly growing breed
of choice ever since. The Dogue de Bordeaux would become recognized by the AKC in 2008.
9. Scottish Deerhound The “royal dog of Scotland”, a noble, dignified
dog, bred to assist in hunting and bringing down the Scottish roe deer. Considering what
it was bred for, it would have to be relatively large, growing to heights or 2.5 feet or about
1 meter, with the heftier sized Deerhounds weighing in around 110 pounds or about 50
kilograms. Affectionate and gentle with people, the wiry coated dog makes a wonderful pet,
usually being non-aggressive to all people, children and strangers alike. The AKC would
first recognize the Scottish Deerhound in 1886.
8. Kuvasz Possessing a lush, white coat, the Kuvasz
is largely considered to be highly territorial and is overly protective of their owners.
Fiercely independent and equally as difficult to train, this lovable lummox reaches heights
of roughly 2.5 feet or about a meter tall, and can reach maximum weights of around 115
pounds or around 52 kilograms. Probably the oldest of the three ancient dog breeds from
Hungary, the Kuvasz has a long rich history dating back being the 15th century, but would
become recognized by the AKC much later, in 1931.
7. Black Russian Terrier Noble, intelligent and assertive dogs, the
Black Russian Terrier are a relatively new dog breed, first being recognized in 2004
by the American Kennel Club, or AKC. Sturdy build and solid work dogs, the Black Russian
Terrier grows to heights of roughly 2.5 feet or just shy of a meter tall, and bulking up
to weights of around 140 pounds or 64 kilograms. The breed at first suffered from many health
problems, but over time the black Russian terrier would have its problems bred out and
is considered to be a very healthy breed that was fully recognized not that long ago by
the AKC, in 2004. 6. Newfoundland
The Newfoundland is a sturdy, large, work dog, bred in – go ahead, guess – Newfoundland,
Canada. Originally used to help pull the nets of fishermen, the breed is very capable of
working both water and land. A large dog all around, it can reach reported heights of again,
2.5 feet or a little less than a meter tall, and able to bulk up to weights around 150
to 160 pounds, or about 68 to 73 kilograms. Loving, loyal, and an overall pretty easygoing
dog, the Newfoundland still requires some basic, daily, exercise to keep him from porking
out. The AKC would officially recognize this breed over a century ago, back in 1886.
5. Leonberger The Leonberger is a breed originating from
Germany, as a mix between a long haired Saint Bernard, and the Newfoundland; possessing
traits of both breeds. The Leonberger stands at 2.5 feet or roughly 1 meter, can weigh
as much as 170 pounds or 77 kilograms and are a working class dog with large amounts
of energy, and a strong fondness for being around familiar people. The long, semi-puffy
coat also makes the Leonberger water-resistant. 4. Saint Bernard
Enjoying the luxurious lifestyle of a family dog, the Saint Bernard was originally bred
as a rescue and guard dog for Switzerland’s Great Saint Bernard Hospital. Bred to be large
and intimidating, today they are more of a giant lovable teddy-bear. As most giant dog
breeds, the Saint Bernard stands to be around 2.5 feet or almost a meter in height, and
weighs close to 180 pounds or about 82 kilograms. The Saint Bernard was officially recognized
by the AKC over 100 years ago, in 1885. 3. Irish Wolfhound
Originally used as an Irish war dog and their use as a wolf hunter, the Irish Wolfhound
was tasked with ripping men from chariot or horse alike. Today, though, they are an extremely
loyal and obedient companion, albeit a rather large one. Standing just shy of 3 feet, or
1 meter and weighing up to as much as 180 pounds or 82 kilograms, this ancient breed
from Ireland would come close to being extinct during the 19th century. Now considered a
highly intelligent and lovable dog, they became recognized by the AKC in 1897.
2. Great Dane Coming in the #2 spot, we give you “Marmaduke”,
well, at least his breed, the Great Dane. Large, stout, and majestic, and evenly as
gentle. Easily recognizable for its large size, reaching heights of 2 feet 10 inches,
or roughly 1 meter tall and weighing in at a muscular, 200 pounds or 90 kilograms, this
large dog was bred first in Germany to hunt wild boar; though the breed today has had
the ferocity bred out of it, making it one of the many gentle giants on our list. They
would first get its AKC recognition it 1887. 1. Old English Mastiff
Easily one of the oldest of ancient dog breeds, the Old English Mastiff towers over most dogs,
coming in at just under 3 feet or 1 meter tall. It is as large as it is tall, though,
and is considered to be the heaviest of all dog breeds, reaching weights of 220 pounds
or right around 100 kilograms. This dog gets the number one place, because it is considered
to be the all around largest breed in the world, with a record holding mastiff, Zorba,
holding the Guinness world record, weighing in at an astounding 323 pounds, or just shy
of 150 kilograms! The Mastiff would come to be recognized back in 1885.

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