Top 10 Couch Potato Dogs

With their sweet disposition and calm manner, bulldogs easily adapts to a slow-paced lifestyle. Low maintenance in every way, this lovable couch potato with the formidable expression on his face, is known to be an exceptional companion. Bold, fearless and courageous, the bullmastiff is also surprisingly docile and easygoing with his family. This massive, dependable guardian keeps fit with regular outdoor exercise, but he is not a high-energy dog, making him a relaxed, calm companion in the home. A marvelous combination of protector and couch potato, the bullmastiff is the ingenious cross between a mastiff and bulldog. A born lapdog and couch potato extraordinaire with minimal exercise requirements, the Cavalier King Charles exudes tranquility. Along with his calm demeanor and endearing appearance, especially those soulful eyes and feathers of fur on the ears, legs, feet and tail, this spaniel requires minimal grooming, with only a brushing to keep his long, silky coat looking its best. Perky and fearless, the Chihuahua is a little dog with a big personality. Tiny but mighty, the world’s smallest dog is quite naturally a lovable lap-dog. Although this swift-moving pooch likes to run around inside his house or apartment in short bursts, the rest of the time he loves to snuggle up on the couch with his favorite person. With their lordly scowl, wrinkled brow and natural instinct to protect their home and family, the dignified Chinese shar-pei is well-suited to leisure. A little stubborn, he may not respond as well as some breeds to obedience training, and he does require daily exercise. However, inside the home, the shar-pei is affectionate and engaging, and more than happy to sprawl out on the couch next to his best friend. For a chow chow, family is everything. Fiercely loyal, this dog with the permanent scowl is a proud, independent, natural watchdog. Although she needs a walk or other outdoor activity on a daily basis, inside the home she’s content to be a furry couch potato. The appealing, bat-eared French bulldog is a quiet and well-mannered dog. Originating in England, standard-sized bulldogs were bred with miniature versions to produce the first specimens of the breed. The ideal dog for the less-active owner, Frenchies are quick and easy to groom, require only moderate exercise, thereby ranking as one of the top ten couch potato dogs. While a greyhound does need a large, fenced-in area to stretch his long legs in great bursts of speed, he is content to curl up on the couch when he’s inside his home. Revered for its hunting prowess, effortlessly chasing down stag, gazelle, fox and hare, the greyhound was a natural participant for hare coursing when the sport was introduced in Britain in the 16th century. This gentle, satin-coated dog, its beauty and elegance captured in oil paintings by the old masters, is the epitome of lapdogs. Yorkshire Terrier size genuinely entitles them to be lap dogs, thus natural couch potatoes, especially if their people like lounging around. Although most toy breeds are lively and upbeat, and run rather than walk, they all snuggle in quickly when it’s couch or bed time. Perhaps the most popular toy breed is the Yorkshire terrier. Small enough that a whole pack doesn’t take up much space, there’s nothing quite like cuddling up on the couch with these sweet, little critters.

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  1. The Latest says:

    Couch potato dogs so cute!

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    You got that right, Cavalier King Charles are notorious couch potatos lol

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