Top 10 Dog Breeds – Maria’s Top 10

Maria’s Top 10 Dog Breeds Well I have to say my tenth favourite dog is Maltese because they remind me of clouds from when their hair grows and they look so cute. Next at number nine are sheep dogs and I think they are great to play with and are good helpers for farmers. My eighth is a pug because of their mushed up faces and big noises which are adorable. For number seven I would say yorkshire terrier because they are so playful and very hyper. My sixth favourite is poodles because they can be styled like a bit of artwork which is so funny. For number five I definitely think is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel because they are super fluffy and there ears are so big for their body size. My fourth favourite dog is a Boxer dog because I like their faces because they always look so grumpy. At number of three are huskies because I like the fact they are snow dogs and I like the fact that they can get so hyper. For my second favourite I love labradors because they remind me of my grandparents dog from when my mum was younger and I have heard she was an awesome dog. And my number one dog is a dalmatian because someone who lives near me has one and he is so playful and I have known him since I was about 4. Please subscribe for more videos – yaaay!

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