Top 10 Dog Breeds That Love Hot Weather

A hardworking breed that loves having a job to do, the Australian Cattle Dog has worked as a sheep herder in a variety of dry, arid places over a very long period of time. Known for its intelligence and success in agility training, the Australian Cattle Dog is a robust, muscular breed that can seemingly deal with anything that comes its way. Originally called the bush or Congo dog in reference to the area of Africa from which the breed hails, the Basenji evolved in warm weather and has been known to seek out warm, sunny places in a person’s home. With a very short coat and long legs for their size, the breed’s build allows heat to escape their bodies in every way possible. The only breed native to the country of Israel, the Canaan dog was originally discovered living with nomadic people in the desert. Because it has adapted to living in such a warm, dry climate, the Canaan Dog can generally do well in hot weather. A larger dog for this list, the Canaan Dog can be up to 50 pounds in size and have a dense, moderately heavy coat, which can help keep heat off. The smallest of all dogs, the Chihuahua does well in warm weather because of its pint-sized build and short coat that’s generally light in color. Although the breed can handle summer months without a problem, they tend to suffer in cold weather because they’re ill suited for winter conditions. Chinese Crested dogs prefer summertime and are known for cuddling as close to their people as possible in the winter to keep warm. This friendly breed comes in two varieties – hairless and powderpuff, with the powderpuff having a coat of fine hair all over its body and the hairless having light hairs only on its paws, ears and tails. With a small build, long legs and a fine, short coat, the Italian Greyhound is well equipped to cool down in hot weather and comes in a variety of colors. Kept by royalty throughout history, the Italian Greyhound still believes it is royal and should be treated as such, and will often be found sleeping in window sills or sunny spaces like cats. Depicted in artifacts from ancient Egypt, Pharaoh Hounds have very short, coarse coats that are low maintenance and light colored fur that help reflect sunlight. Because of their natural hunting abilities, the Pharaoh Hound may chase after small animals and requires regular exercise in high-fenced spaces. Though it doesn’t make an excellent swimming dog – like the other breeds on this list – Toy Poodles have been known to take a dip in the bath or a small pool in warm weather and the light-coated varieties do particularly well in the heat. Miniature Poodles can also do well in warm weather, as their size is not that much larger than their Toy-sized relatives. Xolos come in three sizes, including toy, miniature and standard, and can weigh from five or six pounds up to 40 pounds. The smaller sizes, are generally more adept at handling warm weather than the larger breeds. Spunky and alert, Xolos will be sure to let you know when something is going on and may be good choices for people with allergies to dog dander, as their lack of hair produces less allergies than dogs with heavier coats. Hailing from South American climates and dating back to cultures that have long disappeared, these ancient Peruvian dogs are very rare breeds. With a variety of color combinations, both the Peruvian Inca Orchid Dog and Peruvian Hairless Dog have very little hair, making it easy for them to keep cool but exposing them to sunburn more easily than other dogs.

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    Here are dog breeds that can weather the hot temperatures.

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