Top 10 English Dog Breeds

A solidly built dog, the Beagle was originally bred as a hunting dog. A great family dog, the Beagle thrives being in a pack and are also playful and friendly. Their hunter’s nose can sometimes get them in trouble, however, as their natural inclination is to follow a scent wherever it may lead them. A Beagle will need some good training, as well as space to run around to get out his energy. The English Cocker Spaniel is an enthusiastic and energetic worker, Cockers enjoy time with their owners whether it’s going on a brisk walk or relaxing at home with the family. A sensitive breed, it is important to use positive reinforcement and gentle training to maintain the merry and responsive Cocker nature. English Setters have a speckled pattern coat that is called “Belton” pattern. It should be noted that despite their agreeable and mellow temperament, English Setters may be boisterous when playing and working, so supervision is required with younger children. Full of energy, an English Setter needs plenty of space to run. English Springer Spaniels have stamina, energy and brains. A bird dog, this spaniel has a steady temperament and requires regular exercise to keep her physically and mentally stimulated. Weighing up to 50 pounds, the Springer Spaniel is an excellent house pet but thrives on socialization. A true family dog, they stick close to their owners and are cheerful and affectionate. Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular breeds in America, but actually hail from across the pond. The Golden is a great family dog and is an intelligent, friendly and devoted member of their pack. Eager to please, it is important to train your Golden so they are a happy member of your family. To keep a Golden in tip-top shape, you should take daily walks and play in a secured area. A terrier through and through, the Fox Terrier is a friendly and family-oriented breed. An active dog, the Wire Fox Terrier is not shy about voicing his opinion but will respond well to training. Like other terrier breeds, this breed can be independent strong-willed and prey driven. Due to this strong need to chase, it is recommended they are kept on a leash. These streamlined beauties come in two sizes – toy and standard. A toy Manchester Terrier weighs about 12 pounds, while a standard Manchester Terrier weighs about 22 pounds. They are a spirited, intelligent and active breed that is extremely loyal. Today this friendly terrier can be happy at home in the bustling city or quiet countryside. Floppy hair, a square build and great strength are what the Old English Sheepdog is best known for. An intelligent and agile breed, one shouldn’t be fooled by their clownish look. These smart, gentle giants can weigh between 60 and 100 pounds. Known to be sweet, mellow dogs that are dedicated to their family the Old English Sheepdog responds well to training. The English Bulldog is friendly, calm and courageous. Strong and compact weighing in at about 50 pounds, Bulldogs are generally quiet and will not demand a lot of exercise. However, they should be taken out for walks and a romp in the park. Overall an independent breed, they are intelligent and may be a bit stubborn, so obedience training is strongly recommended. One of the smallest of the working terriers weighing just 12 pounds, the Norwich is a plucky, loyal and affectionate terrier that hails from East Anglia, England. Unlike some of his more stubborn terrier cousins, the Norwich responds well to training with a yummy food treat. The Norwich thrives being with his family and enjoys regular brisk walks.

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