Top 10 Fastest Dog Breeds In The World

Great Danes are actually not Danish but date back some 3000 years to ancient Egypt where similar giant dogs have been depicted on monuments and throughout various civilizations in history! The name Great Dane was changed from German Boarhound due to Germany’s tensions with other countries. Great Danes are big, affectionate dogs who absolutely love children. Known for being an attack dog the Doberman is the hands down choice for security personnel. Doberman have feared reputations but are a loyal, very intelligent and protective breed. They are rarely aggressive without cause or provocation. This svelte dog weighs 60 to 80 lbs of mostly muscle! The Border Collie is a highly intelligent dog which craves stimulation, which is why it is such a great working dog. Border Collies are black and white with medium length coats and they’re easy to train and eager to learn. Border Collies are energetic dogs that need lots of space to run. If you have no herding or other work for this dog, then you’d better figure on some activities to tire out this breed! Without exercise, these dogs become very excitable. Originally bred for hunting these long limbed dogs keep up with the chase by running! Their coat can be either grey or brown and their eyes are beautifully pale, ranging in color from brown to blue to green. Whippets were originally bred for hunting and were popular with poachers because they’re small and fast. These gentle animals are eager for human interaction and are known for their playful and curious nature. Being a sight hound Whippets track visually instead of by scent. A delicate and graceful hunting dog, originally bred in Russia. Borzois have very strong chasing tendencies and should never be left off the lead unless you’re certain no temptations are nearby. If you’re in the market for a watchdog the Borzois is not the dog for you as they seldom bark. A silent dog? right! Dalmatians are very attractive white dogs with black spots. They make great, good looking pets and are known to be quite intelligent. This would be a perfect dog for me because they’re known for their sense of humor. Dalmatians have been found working in circuses, as shepherd dogs and guard dogs but are known best as the firehouse dog. The Saluki is another breed of dog with chase instincts that oftentimes get them in dire trouble as they tend to run fearlessly into traffic. In the country they’ll chase anything without hesitation! Oftentimes they’ll ignore human commands and continue on with what they want to do. They make very loyal pets but perhaps not the best family pet due to their stubborn independence and chase tendencies. The Vizslas are easy to train but require plenty of exercise each day! This is a great hunting dog that stays close to their master. Used also as sniffer and security dogs, the Vizsla makes a good family pet but they tend to become clingy, following family members from room to room. They’re not good ‘home alone’ dogs and become quite upset when left alone. Greyhounds make great pets, especially if you adopt a retired racing Greyhound. Most greyhounds are available for adoption after their racing careers end and adoption assures they’ll have a good home which saves them from being euthanized! Greyhounds are known nippers and have a strong chase instinct, so they should be kept on leash and muzzle when out for a walk… or a run!

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  1. The Latest says:

    Dogs love to run, and it seems that some can chase a ball for days straight.

  2. Elliott Cowell says:

    um… how is the vizla that high on the list?

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