TOP 10 Irish Dog Breeds List

Ireland is known for green hills and wild nature So it’s no wonder most dogs originating on this island are hunting dogs In this video I will show top ten Irish dog breeds Quick quiz before this video which one of these three terriers is from Ireland? A. Dandie Dinmont Terrier B. Smooth Fox Terrier OR C. Kerry Blue Terrier? Watch the video to find the correct answer Number Ten: Irish Water Spaniel Ancestors of Persian dogs that were brought to Ireland from Spain. They are considered to be rare today. There is not many Irish Water Spaniels registered. It’s one of the largest of all spaniels and as you can guess from their name, swimmers. It’s also thanks to their webbed feet And the right build. Number Nine – Soft coated Wheaten Terrier. In Ireland They were sometimes referred as ‘Poor man’s war hound’ It’s very work as farm dog (?) They were used as herders, lifestock guardians, or vermin hunters. Soft coated wheaten terriers are playful and energetic dogs. They are definitely not aggressive But they are very protective of their family Number 8 – Irish Wolfhound (Woo) The great dane, this is the oldest (?) of all dog breeds And it’s one of the oldest of the Irish breeds as well They were originally bred to hunt wolves and they were very popular among Irish nobility But once the wolf went extinct, they had no purpose (*Sad*) And what the Irish wolfhound almost went extinct as well (Oh no!) But in the 19th century, they were revived (Yay) And today they are one of the most recognizable symbols of Ireland Number 7 – Kerry Blue Terrier *THE ANSWER TO THE QUESTION* *I can’t understand* The Kerry Blue Terrier was bred to hunt rats, rabbits, foxes, badgers, and other vermin. *hunting boi* They are typical terriers And have strong will and high spirit They are very affectionate *cuddle boi* and loyal towards their people And do you know why they are named ‘Kerry?’ Is because they were first observed on the Kerry Islands (Neat) Number Six – Irish Setter If you were to ask me to name a dog from Ireland Irish Setter would be the first one on my mind. They are very popular outside Ireland, for example In the USA (‘Merica) They are amazing, outgoing, and playful dogs and they are great with other dog or children The only problem might be if you have a cat in your home (No! Not kittie…) Because Irish Setters is a hunter after all. (Ah yes, of course.) Number 5 – Irish Red and White Setter (Same thing, right?) If you are not counting the color, this breed looks Almost identical to Irish Setters. And their personalities are almost the same as well. (So, same dog breeds?) (Nope.) But if you look at Irish Kennel Clubs say The Irish Red and White setter Is the alter(?) from these two purebred dogs. Their orginal Purpose was to be gun dogs *pew pew* And they are great at it. (Good boys?) Number 4 – Kerry Beagle For me this is the least known dog from Ireland. It’s a very old scent hound and it’s believed they were brought to america by Irish migrants and they are one of the ancestors of Coonhounds. They still have their strong hunting instincts which means they are not for everyone (Follow this guy. He’s pretty cool.) and they definitely need a lot of daily exercise Number 3 – Glen of Imaal Terrier Most of them are simply called ‘Glen’ This dog originated from Glen of Imaal in counter wake (?) They are HARD workers and really love to work And you should give them some work to do to be happy. 馃檪 As all terriers on this list, They have their livelyhood, high prey drive, and they are very affectionate And guard their family and owners. Number 2 – Irish Terrier. I already mentions three other terriers from Ireland, So how do differentiate the Irish Terrier from the others? Well, Irish Terriers is the only one with an all red coat. As with all Terriers on this list, They were bred to hunt vermin And they were messenger dogs during the world war Nowadays they are great companions 馃檪 (Happy bois) NUMBER ONE (woo) – Celtic Hounds Celtic Hounds are already extinct (Oh no…) but they are possible ancestors of dogs like Irish Wolfhounds, Scottish Deerhounds Or Greyhounds. They can be found on elderly paintings or jewelry from the past and they symbolize healing and guarding. Please comment what dog breed from Ireland is your favorite. And if you were new on this channel, consider subscribing Turn the notifications on and check out our Instagram, Facebook. Links are in the description. Thanks you for watching, see you next time! (PAUSE) Hey guys! It took me a long to make these. If you see these, please let me know in the comments. This is my first caption work. Let me know how I did! I hope I did okay.

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  1. Rocadog says:

    Which Irish dog breed do you like the most?

  2. Jessica Ev says:

    So many good Breeds for different reasons but got to Love those Gentle Giants馃惥 They love you with a fierceness (like the Irish people) Irish Wolfhound鈾ワ笍

  3. Paul Hill says:

    Good video,like the Irish setter.馃槉馃槉馃槉

  4. JoannahMor76 says:

    I went through a slight obsession with Glen of Imaal Terrier and Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.

  5. Nancy Doyle says:

    Beautiful country – beautiful dogs

  6. Karl Convey says:

    this guy can't be from Ireland .

  7. Charlie Mcdonagh says:


  8. Peter Parker says:

    I have a 4 month old Irish Terrier. Wonderful dog..

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