Top 10 MOST Dangerous Dog Breeds in the World (2019) | इन कुत्तों से सावधान

Hello friends.. how are you? Hope you are fine. In the last several videos we have given you the top 10 of the country and Traveling. But today our video is different By the way, all people have a passion to keep pets, and dogs are considered to be the world’s favorite pets But do you know that there are many Dog Breeds which are very hard and they have been banned in many countries. Let’s know about them. 10.Wolf Hybrid It tells it’s identity only by its name Yes,friends thesedogs are crossed with Wolf breeds and hence there are many characteristics of the Wolf. Usually they are found in Germany and European countries and by nature they are very aggressive. By the way, they can be trained, but this is a very difficult task If they feel that something is their’s and it is being snatched, then they become very aggressive and do not recognize their owner. Wolf Hybrid is required to exercise at least 1 hour in a day. 9. German Shepherd The name of the German Shepherd comes in the world’s most dangerous dog breeds. They are most loyal to their master but if they are threatened by someone, then they do not stop at all to attack him. They are seen in every corner of the world, but if you do not treat them properly like a pet, then it is a very aggressive. Their height is 65 centimeters and weight is up to 40 kilograms 8. Boxer Boxer dogs are often used like guard dogs. And this is a sign of them being wise Extremely loyal and hoarse boxer dogs have 60 centimeters and weight up to 30 kilograms Not only their food is very expensive, but they have to exercise for more than one hour every day. If this is not done then this dog breed becomes weak Boxers are asked to keep away from the children. Because its nature is very aggressive and it does not recognize anyone in anger. 7. Great Dane The Dog Breed Dogs are the largest in the world. and its huge body makes it powerful and invasive Their height is 85 centimeters and the weight goes up to 90 kg. By the way, these dog breeds are not so aggressive by nature, but they attack as soon as the danger appears. Their training is not so difficult and they can easily be domesticated. Because they are only in some countries of Europe, so their prices are also much higher. 6. Chow Chow Chow Chow when looking seems cute but if he is not given a proper attention then he becomes angry . These are hungry for attention and do not leave anybody when in anger. This is one of Europe’s most favorite dogs, especially due to its beautiful hair. Their height is up to 55 cms and weights upto 32 Kg. 5. Dogo Argentino One of the most dangerous Dog Breeds is dogo Argentino, is banned in UK and many countries around it. These dogs were used for hunting in ancient times and the games of mutual fighting were also fed They are so dangerous by nature that it is very difficult to pet them. Dogo Argentino has so much power that he alone can hunt for a junky pig and used it for the first time. Their height ranges from 70 centimeters and weight 45 kgs. 4. Doberman Friends, if you are around Doberman, then you should take care of your safety because they are most loyal to your employer and attack them even when you are in danger Due to their faithfulness, they are used in many places as guard dogs. They are quite muscular and agile from the body. The total height is up to 70 centimeters but they are weighed low. Due to low weight they can run very fast and are agile. These have been banned in many countries, and special arrangements have to be made before moving to many countries. 3. Rottweiler The Rottweiler as seen in the photos is a lot more dangerous than it is. It is said that its teeth and body are the most powerful in all dogs breeds. If this is catching something from your teeth, then it can swing your body in its way but does not leave it. Because of the Rottweiler, 47 people have died in the US There is no dearth of the number of shepherds who have taken care of them If the owner does not take care of Rottweiler, then he becomes aggressive. Their height is 70 centimeters. But friends also weigh 60 kg in such a low height. This can be show how strong it is. 2. Japanese Tosa Friends These Dogs are used to play in blood games in japan. And therefore it is very difficult to domesticate them. This is a massive breed dog and famous for fighting. The sound of these dogs being boring is also very scary. These have been banned in the UK and Ireland. Some special precautions have to be taken even when you move to other countries Many kilos of meat has to be eaten in one day so its maintenance can be heavy on your pocket. The Japanese Tosa is 82 centimeters height and weighs 60 kg. 1.Pitbull Pitbull is the world’s most dangerous dog breed to which took many lives of people of America. Its name was named Pitbull because it was fought in the Pits. These are great for both hunting and watchdog, but it is not easy to pet them 257 people have died in the United States due to pitbulls, which is the highest in any dog breed. Their height is 50 centimeters and weight is up to 30 kg. Well, its height and weight is less compared to others, but this does not make it less dangerous In America it is forbidden to domesticate and it is banned in many countries including the UK. Although these dogs breeds are very scary, they prove to be great loyal on keeping them in proper care and love. In many countries of the world, these are used as pet dogs So would you like to bring any of these to your house Please let us know your thoughts and watch our next videos also. That’s it for today. Like, share and subscribe. Meet you friends in the next video.

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