Top 10 Most Difficult Dog Breeds to Train (This Doesn’t Mean They are Stupid.)

Top 10 Least Intelligent Dogs 10. Basset Hound At the top of the list is the Basset Hound.
You can find this breed sporting droopy eyes and long ears that drag on the floor when
it walks. These dogs have a very keen sense of smell and can pick up odors most dogs can’t.
Though this breed of dog lacks intelligence, they are very gentle dogs and are devoted
to their owners. Basset Hounds aren’t the brightest dog in the bunch, but they have
great tempers and are great around people. Even though you might be stuck repeating “sit,
speak” or other commands to a Basset Hound, this breed of dog is perfect for an owner
who is looking for a dog that is well behaved. 9. Beagle Another breed of dog that has been proven
very challenging to train is the Beagle. Though these dogs are very cute and cuddly, they
can easily drive you up the wall, especially when you are trying to train them to do certain
things. Beagles can’t be necessarily considered stupid dogs, but they are very independent,
which makes training much harder than it is with many other breeds of dog. This breed
is always sure to provide its owner love and attention, especially after the long day of
learning how to heel. Beagles are generally small to medium sized dogs and are great with
children and other breeds of dogs, just not cats. 8. Mastiff Does bigger breed always mean bigger brain?
Not in this case. The Mastiff is one of the biggest dog breeds available, but they have
proven to be extremely stubborn. The Mastiff can weigh up to 130lbs. It’s like you have
another person living in your home with you! Though they have always been great guard dogs,
training a Mastiff to do certain things is most definitely a task at hand. If you plan
to train a Mastiff, you want to have previous dog training experience. You also want to
be sure that you speak in a kind, soft voice since these big-bodied dogs are a little on
the sensitive side. When training a Mastiff, it is important that the sessions are short
and sweet. 7. Pekingese What a name, huh? The Pekingese has proven
to be a very difficult dog to train. You might be able to blame it on the fact that these
breed of dog has so much hair everywhere. Maybe it’s so hard to train because it can’t
see or hear properly because of all of the fur! Though this would be a great excuse for
the Pekingese, this breed of dog is simply very independent and dominating. Training
a Pekingese can be like training a very stubborn child. In order to successfully train this
breed of dog, you have to be firm and you have to be consistent. This is the perfect
example of a small dog with a big heart. Though ranging from a small to medium sized dog,
the Pekingese has always been a great breed to have as a watch dog. They are extremely
loyal to their owners, but stubborn at the same time. And with such tiny legs they need
a ramp just to get into your vehicle. 6. Bloodhound This may come as a surprise. The Bloodhound
is #6 on the list. If you’ve heard anything about this breed of dog, you have probably
heard about how great of a nose it has. Though not the most intelligent dog, I think it’s
safe to say that the keen sense of smell this breed of dog has is enough to reconsider its
“low” intelligence. The Bloodhound can track any scent that is needs to. Amazingly, these
dogs are able to trace and follow a scent trail that is hundreds of hours old. Could
your dog’s nose do that? Probably not! When it comes to training the Bloodhound, you need
to be firm and be extremely patient. They are independent and determined dogs, so they
kind of follow their nose more than they follow your training commands. 5. Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound) If you have ever had a pet cat, you can relate
to owning a Borzoi. This breed of dog is extremely cat-like, especially when it comes to the
independent and free-thinking nature of the dog. Though not an extremely popular dog,
many people enjoy this breed because of the affection they bring. The Borzoi can be seen
as one of those “stuck-up” dogs. As silly as it sounds, these dogs are generally more
concerned about themselves than they are their masters. You can probably find a Borzoi cleaning
itself. If you are willing to spend hours upon hours training this type of dog, good
luck! Again, this dog, despite its hardships when it comes to learning training commands,
is a very loyal dog that is extremely affectionate. 4. Chow Chow No we’re not talking about food. This is another
breed of dog that has a personality that is very similar to a cat. The Chow Chow demands
attention, especially when there is a new visitor at the home. They are a very jealous
breed of dog and like to be at the center of everything. Any owner who has a Chow Chow
must be firm and strong-willed. This breed of dog is very dominant and can easily take
charge of its owner if the owner isn’t firm enough. Again, this dog isn’t stupid, it has
proven to be very hard to train because of the nature and personality of the dog. Remember,
stubborn doesn’t mean stupid. In any case, the Chow Chow is a great dog to have around
the house to snuggle with. 3. Bulldogs Despite the name, Bulldogs are one of the
most gentle and affectionate breed of dog that you will ever come into contact with.
The Bulldog is a very courageous dog that sometimes seems to have a mind of its own.
Don’t let the name fool you. Yes a Bulldog can guard, control, and bait a bull, but it
takes time and patience in order to train a Bulldog to do so. These dogs are very dependable,
but it’s getting past the training part that becomes a hassle. Bulldogs are extremely great
dogs when it comes to guarding the home. If you’ve ever seen a Bulldog, you’ve probably
noticed that its face isn’t the prettiest one around. Who would want to mess with a
dog with such a mean face? Bulldogs are very affectionate and time consuming, especially
with training. 2. Basenji Another not-so-popular dog, but let’s bring
it to the spotlight. The Basenji is known for its bark. It is so unique in the fact
that it sometimes can sound like a human being either laughing or crying. If you’ve ever
been around a Basenji, you’ve probably looked around for a baby or a chuckling human. This
breed of dog is just another breed that has cat-like characteristics. These dogs can spend
hours grooming themselves, much like cats. After grooming, you can probably find a Basenji
looking out the window, watching everything outside. These dogs have proven to be very
temperamental as well as independent. This is what makes the Basenji a hard breed of
dog to train. 1. Afghan Hound The Afghan Hound is one of the oldest breeds
of dogs known today. They were around during ancient times and their personalities haven’t
changed much. They are affectionate and love being around their owners. They are also extremely
sensitive and don’t have a high dominance level. Though these dogs aren’t looking to
rule above you, they have an extremely low obedience level. You may need to call for
your Afghan Hound a few times before it comes back inside of the house. Many say that the
personality of the breed makes up for its lack of intelligence. The Afghan Hound has
also been said to be cat-like and prefers to be on its own instead of listening to an

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100 Responses

  1. VA Railfan says:

    number 3 is pure wrong English bulldogs are blood thirsty they attack other dogs I do not recommend them

  2. steph says:

    So you mean they're stubborn?

  3. Hugh Jazz says:

    Where are dalmatians? Those dogs are very likable and great friends, but holy cow they're thinker than the cast of Jersey Shore…

  4. Olaff Bog says:

    noticed how you mentioned a few of the hound breeds. It's not stupidity, it is just other interests. Their world is very much based on smell rather than sound. Saying that, my basset walks of lead and crosses roads perfectly well. Just got to put the time in. On the other hand, he doesn't roll over over or beg…again, didn't bother asking him to do that.

  5. Damir9728 says:


  6. Chase Martin says:

    Number 1 pitbull for sure

  7. The Original Gamer says:

    Love how the thumbnail contrasts with the title. Or directly contradicts.

  8. Lena says:

    Maybe dogs, just like human or other beings were not designed to be "trained" to serve their masters. I would LOVE to have afghan hound to treat this beautiful creature with respect that it deserves. 🙂

  9. WhatEverMan says:

    Great my dog is a mix of beagle and basset hound

  10. Joseph West says:

    I have a blood bound and she scares vary easily it's hilarious

  11. pretty selected says:

    you cannot base intelligence on training

  12. John Espinosa says:

    this guy is stupid …the dogs are not stupid i have 2english bull dogs they are super smart they just dont care about no commands…

  13. Kent Peterson says:

    Beagle dose seem ture. My friend has one and it doesn't do anything. It's hard to train

  14. K Kr says:

    Despite the challenge it would be wonderful to see an Afghan Hound or a Borzoi zooming around doing agility or flyball, at which Whippets and Lurchers excel. I imagine they are as hard to train for that as Greyhounds. How about a cross with Border Collie? That might work. 🙂

  15. A and H's Animals says:

    I have a beagle and he can do sit,paw,lay down and rollover and he's only 12weeks old

  16. TJ Anderson says:

    Bulldogs always make these lists because they are so incredibly bullheaded, but I have owned a lot of different breeds of dogs and I would put the intelligence of bulldogs quite high on the list. As others have pointed out, stubbornness should not be confused with stupidity.

  17. Trever Combs says:

    Was this guy drunk when he made this video

  18. Leong Li Yang says:

    Pekingese and Beagle had their own day and own world

  19. Scorpio rising says:

    I have a Greyhound – sighthound! They can be very stubborn and will not do something just to please me, unlike other breeds. The sight hounds can be aloof and independant but I think they are intelligent Dog's. Of all the Hounds a believe the Irish Red Setter is the most difficult to train but beauttiful, loving Dog's.

  20. Jerry Miller says:

    maybe the Vietnamese have got it right.

  21. Vanessa Centers says:

    My bloodhound is so so surprisingly smart. He is independent though so he would rather do what he wants to do.

  22. James Tufaner says:

    Humans should be at the top of that list

  23. Steven Venske says:

    i own a chow mix lab, great dane mixed mastiff, and a great dane mixed saint Bernard

  24. Slimedkamari Fletcher says:

    Is this fake

  25. Robin Debidayal Nankomar says:

    aw your making a cute dog look bad

  26. Dylan Johnson says:


  27. Vape_Possum _578 says:

    My dog

  28. TheCrazygroover says:

    lost me when talking about "mastiff"s are you talking about english mastiffs, neo, tibetan, boerboel…etc and blood hounds are extremely capable dogs to train.

  29. Dre' Thomas says:

    They're stupid. It's titled, "Least intelligent". They're stupid compared to others.

  30. Liu says:

    Why isn’t Donkey dog on the list?

  31. Ian says:

    all these dogs are ugly af

  32. Julie Enslow says:

    Just a thought. When you show a new behavior then ask your bulldog to do the new behavior – and your bulldog stops – looks at you and asks (in bulldog body language) "whats in it for me?" – does that prove the bulldog is hard to train – or just plain smarter than you?

  33. Ronnie K says:

    Typical dominant human take on what is 'intelligent'. Just because a dog is difficult to train doesn't mean they are not smart. Some dogs just have different motivation factors. I have a Basset and he is anything but stupid. Why do I know this? Because when he has been motivated (usually on his own) to do something he will figure it out. Such as pushing a chair across the room to jump on to get to the counter to get to some food on the counter. Or how he deals with my other dog who likes to hog all the toys. The Basset will wait for my other dog to become distracted then quietly take a toy and go to the back room. It's hilarious because you can clearly see him 'planning' this tactic out. Basset's like to do what they like to do when they like to do it. It's part of their charm. However with a lot of persistence and patience they can be trained. They just may not always do things 'on command' like some other dogs.

  34. SR1Records says:

    I love Basenjis! I really want one but can't find one 🙁 My favourite dog was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier until i was made aware of the Basenji.

  35. Tarbo Gamer says:

    I wonder if any of these dogs are easier to train than my cat

  36. TheCynicogue says:

    Eh, being the least intelligent breed of one of the most intelligent animals isnt to much of a negative

  37. Saul Contreras says:

    I love beagles

  38. jessie coleman says:

    I diagree with these commits

  39. cemetary mama says:

    English bulldogs are very smart they are just very independent.

  40. xAlphee says:

    The title of this video is very incorrect. It should be the most stubborn dogs not least intelligent. Many of the dogs on this list are actually very smart. Maybe they are stubborn because they know there is nothing you can do if they don't listen which actually makes them smart. Confusing?

  41. karl milton says:

    The rather ridiculous notion that dogs that are easy to train are more intelligent than dogs that are more resistant to training is widespread , in actuality the reverse is generally true , dogs that are more compliant generally are of lesser intelligence. Stubborn dogs and those that show a deal of independence and spirit are almost always of a higher intelligence . This post should be dedicated just to dogs that are easy to bully into submission , I know which type I would and indeed do have , i.e. independent and full of spirit , and oh yes intelligence.

  42. Max Attack says:

    hahahah all dogs are stupid lol

  43. Redskin Fan says:

    Technically not intelligent means stupid

  44. Nerdy Nutcase says:

    Basset hounds are so cute tho

  45. Marian Oliver says:

    but my beagle kiko is smarter

  46. Katarina Tikka says:

    Dogs arent stupid only owners can be bad

  47. Naomi Bousson says:

    Note that most of these breeds are either independent guard dogs or independent hunting dogs (mostly hounds). If you are a person who is looking for a very obedient dog that learns things easily, get a breed that has a history of having to work close with humans like herding breeds (not cattle guards!!!) or gun dogs. But beware, a highly trainable dog can be a curse aswel.

  48. Nicole E. Jefferson says:

    My Mastiff is very smart &was easy to train. Just stubborn

  49. Lena Martin says:

    Number 1 should be the imported rat every body knows only it can get past the border

  50. willy Star says:

    i have a bulldog and he alwas looks sad???

  51. Robbie berg says:

    bulldogs fart a lot because of all the air they take in

  52. Michelle Turner says:

    Hounds are not slaves. You don’t class people who just do what they are told as smart. I have owned quite a few afghan hounds. Definitely not stupid. And trainable if motivated to do so.

  53. Burnt Veggie Nugget says:

    Lol the title

  54. Chad Stevens says:

    Hounds are breed to do a specific task… because they won’t roll over for you border line asberger 10yr old doesn’t mean the stupid… it means it’s not interested in your genetic mess

  55. SaltandHoney UT says:

    There’s a huge difference between lacking intelligence, and just being smart enough to know that whatever they’re being told sounds stupid. Trust me I raise Scotties. Crazy smart. Half the time don’t listen to a word I say. With humans if you tell someone to do something they don’t do it is that a indication of stupidity?

  56. John Medina says:


  57. Szimi Nagy says:

    honestly, these dogs all appear ugly to me

  58. PrimeRibGaming says:

    I think my chihuahua is the most stupid dog there is. If you tell him to come to you, he goes to his cage.

  59. Robert Rohde says:

    Mastiffs can weigh up to 130 pounds at 7 months! 200 to 250 lbs is common for males! The record for a Mastiff was 343 lbs.

  60. Neil Wheatley says:

    youre an idiot… beagles are very smart and extremely easy to train, they are keen to please their owner which makes them easier to teach

  61. Pepi 4evr says:

    my dogs aren't hard to train when my DaD is around

  62. Heathen Wolf says:

    Yes, my last dog was half Beagle.. can you say stubborn??? Lmao.. although he was great with my cat and loved cats in general.

  63. Heathen Wolf says:

    The modern day English Bulldog can not bait a bull. The American Bulldog is more suited to that task now. The English Bulldog has issues just trying to breathe, much less hold onto a bull. An they can not guard either. Because of their protective streak being bred out. They may bark but that is all they can do.

  64. Heathen Wolf says:

    The Basenji is actually unable to bark due to it's vocal cords. It can make a wide variety of other sounds though, including a yodeling sound.

  65. Virginia Connor says:

    According to dog expert, Stanley. Coren, the dumbest dog is the Afghan Hound. Ij think that depends on how much the owners even bother trying to train one. My dog has trained me and herds me around my apt. She is a Border Collie, the #1 smartest breed and easier to train.

  66. Anthony Moore says:

    I agree with top tenz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. MorganThorneBDSM says:

    I'm way late but I'm laughing my ass off at your 130lbs Mastiff – while gazing at my 200lbs, 15-month-old English Mastiff. Definately not stupid, but very, very stubborn (and you really should have experience with other giant breeds before considering one).

  68. Donni Zammit says:

    Basically this list is a bunch of dogs who act like cats but better

  69. Alex Tran says:

    Yes it does….

  70. ClassyShows says:

    I had a Basset Hound/Beagle Mix (Bagle Hound). He was clicker trained, knew his name, touch, sit, down, stand, release and come.

  71. Mark zabelis says:

    Number 4 "No,we're not talking about food."Chinise people won't get this

  72. Jaimee Tyrell says:

    Shiba Inu’s are also very hard to train. Very smart. Very independent.

  73. Star Field says:

    Pekingese… A perfect example of a small dog with a big attitude. Haha. 😛

  74. tibb uss says:

    Smh you forgot to add humans :/

  75. Dawn Moore says:

    Saw this title and knew people would be triggered AF.. People are so sensitive LOL

  76. Hapadam says:

    My dog (a Rhodesian Ridgeback) is SO not the brightest. She's super smart but she does have her moments.

  77. Copper Hamster says:

    Not dumb, not hard to train, specialized: Cursorial hunting dog, Small animal hunting dog, guard dog (attacker), guard dog (alerter), cursorial hunting dog, herding dog, guard and hunting dog (attacker), guard dog, idk what a basenji is used for, sounds like a sight guard, Afgan's are early hunter/guard animals.

  78. Kurt Wagner says:

    You want stubborn? Try to train an Schnauzer XD they are great, but pretty stubborn and challenging.

  79. •BᴜᴛᴛᴇʀFʟʏ Cɪᴛʏ• says:

    You should have put a boxer because mine is sooo dumb

  80. Charlie Cross says:

    After dealing with so many elderly dogs I will never have another dog that I can't carry

  81. Johnny’s Bricks says:

    #1 Black and Tan Coonhound Labrador Retriever mix

  82. Krystle DeVooght says:

    I am a dog trainer for a living and I have trained all of these except 2 and that's just because I haven't gotten the opportunity to do so yet. Those would be the Russian wolfhound and the Afghan hound. All the breeds listed did make me giggle, because they have all given me my training and patience work out for sure. Super smart once you get them going and push through, but each one just takes loads of time, repetition and patience. But I can say the same for even some of the "smartest" breeds. Dogs can be predisposed to being a certain way, but that doesn't mean all in that breed is that way. Dogs, I find are a lot like people, all learn at different paces, styles, and speeds. I haven't had any real failures so far in training any of these breeds, just some take more work then others. But hey I'm a lover of all dog breeds, I love their different levels of drive, and instincts, and abilities to work. I just love watching them all learn and grow with their pet parents.

  83. Felix Ortega says:

    I have a Mastiff beautiful dogs

  84. The Hack Shop says:

    I have a beagle basset hound mix

  85. Chris Morris says:

    Beagles??? They work at airports wtf are you talking about? I take mine in walmart without a leash

  86. Sketch says:

    The blanket inclusion of "mastiff" is a crime against dogmanity. Theres over 20 types from rottweilers, to great danes, to pugs, to english mastiffs which can easily weigh well over 200 pounds. I've only had mastiffs since moving out of my parents house, they're incredibly loyal, and not as stubborn are people think. They'll do anything to keep their owner happy.

  87. Mom Cat22 says:

    I'm assuming the Siberian Husky is not on this list as it's a well-established fact the breed is adept at training – their 'owner' …

  88. Valton Pichette says:

    Bulldogs sometimes seem to have a mind of their own…
    Whose intelligence are we supposed to be appraising by this garbage?

  89. BlueLight says:

    Obedience doesn't equal intelligent, possibly that lack of obedience in dogs means intelligence. Borzois, like greyhounds and whippets are remarkably intelligent. Possibly a lot of these dogs ability to be affectionate towards humans is the best sign you would have of the dogs intelligence. Borzois are the best!!!!!

  90. Deadpool1069 Topazinec32 says:

    i don't like hounds

  91. Hunter Lynchard says:

    My bull mastiff is very well trained she can be stubborn but is NOT stupid

  92. Christian Patriot says:

    Trust me, Bozo, the Pekingese has perfect hearing. When the microwave alarm goes off, you'd better get out of the way if you don't want to get run down.

  93. Christian Patriot says:

    The Pekingese I had for 17 years was so manipulative that if she hadn't been so bone idle lazy, she would have been dangerous.

  94. Christian Patriot says:

    When a dog fails to do what you want him to do, it doesn't automatically mean he is unintelligent. It could mean that he just doesn't care what you want.

  95. russlehman says:

    My basset hound beagle cross is insulted that those two breeds are at the bottom of your list. He can out-stubborn any of the others. He does have an excellent sense of smell, primarily used to find garbage buried in snowbanks

  96. C&S Cockatiels says:

    the beagle is really inteligent, but he is independent and doesn’t like to behave well :/

  97. chincheck73 says:

    Basenji looks so smug

  98. chincheck73 says:

    Afghan hound plss

  99. tsk says:

    Huskies are duuuummmmbbbbbbbb

  100. Rol Einar says:

    The creator of this video lacks intelligence along with the commentator.

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