Top 10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World

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You know I like cats especially the one that plays and gets intimate. It is said that a time spend with cat is never
wasted. Now there are cat priced more than 100K $ and
a cat breed exist with allergy causing gene being removed to prevent cat allergies with
some cat owners due to the protein made by this gene. Also an article on internet says that cat
owners are mostly losers?. This and much more coming up in this video
about the Top 10 Most Expensive cat breeds in the World that people keeps as pets and
are priced based on their purity and rarity. So stay tuned and keep watching till the end. Number 10, British Shorthair
Costing around $500 to $1,500 British Shorthair has a chunky body and a board face. British Shorthair is a cat breed that has
a stable character and many people keep it as pets in their house. This cat breed has been shown in many viral
videos and movies like Alice in Wonderland. It is believed to be first bought by Romans
which thereafter interbred with other cats in Europe and got evolved over years. Number 9, Scottish Fold
Scottish Fold has a price of around $200 to $3,000 and their kittens are more costly than
kittens of common breeds. It is well known for its deformity in the
cartilages which make its ear fold. Originally Scottish Fold had a mutation at
its ear and when their kittens where also born with same condition it was recognized
as new breed. This cat has good reputation of being an unusually
loving cat. If you want this cat as pet be aware that
it is bit more prone to mites and deafness and need special attention. Number 8, Sphynx
Costing around $300 – $3,000 sphynx is old looking cat that is hairless making them shed
more body heat than usual. This car has more of extrovert character but
has an affectionate and loyal relation to its owners. They also greets the owner and are friendlier
with strangers. These popular cat breeds need special treatment
from cold and other factors that can take advantage of their hairless body. Number 7, Russian Blue
Russian Blue cats cost around $400 – $3,000 it is curious and intelligent as well as very
playful that gets along with elders, young and children. It is characterized by a beautiful fur with
slate grey colored dense coat and has lifespan of 10 to 20 years some of them living more
than 25 years. So this is cat that can get old with you. Number 6, Peterbald
Costing around $1200 – $5,000 Peterbald is a cat with the hair loosing gene. It was result of an experiment on Sphynx mating
with Oriental Shorthair. This cat is curious, smart and energetic and
has elegantly slim graceful and muscular build. It can live in harmony with most other pets
and its good idea to include this cat in your home but the hair loss may be bugging sometime. Number 5, Persian cat
Costing around $500 to $5,500 Persian cat are once ranked 2nd the most popular cat breeds
in USA and number one exotic breeds. It is a long-haired breed of cat characterized
by its round face and short muzzle. It is also known as the Persian Longhair. The selective breeding carried out by breeders
has bought a wide variety of coat colors and breeding also led to the creation of increasingly
flat-faced Persians. They are many variants of Persian cats but
the snowy white are more costly. Number 4, Allerca hypoallergenic cat
This cat breed cost around $6,000. It is a genetic modification of a former Lifestyle
pet called Allerca, the scientist behind its creation disable a gene that causes the creation
of a certain protein which has reports of initiating allergies in human. So cat owners prone to cat allergies can try
this cat breed. At Number 3 is Bengal
Priced around $1,000 – $25,000 Bengal cat breeds are hybrids they were obtained by crossing
domestic feline and an Asian Leopard Cat to study the immunity against apparent feline
leukemia. Though it has look of wild cat it has the
temperament of domestic cats and can be kept at homes. However caution should be carried out in case
of F4 generation which should be removed from leopard cat before crossing to get calm and
domestic Bengal cats. Number 2 is Savannah
Cost $1,500 – $50,000 Savannah are another hybrid obtain by crossing the serval and a
domestic cat. This cat breed are found to be exceptionally
intelligent with bolder outlook. They are also having loyalty behavior as compared
to certain breeds of dogs so having them is like keeping a cat as dog or vice-versa. And at Number 1 is Ashera
These hybrids cost around $15,000 to up to $100,000 in some case and they were formed
by the cross mating of Asian Leopard Cats, Serval and domestic cats. With the leopard like appearance and temperament
of domestic cats Ashera are one of the rarest domestic cats and hence priced so high. They seems to get along and can be taken for
walk on a leash and becomes friendly with children. So according to the recent post in Huffington
it was stated that cat owners are losers and less income earners compared to dog owners
as per the post the studies do showed signs of less income but there are no supporting
theory or factor to it. So what you think about it let me know in
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