Top 10 Pet Animals That ATE Their Owners

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Do you have a pet that you entrust with your
life, an animal that’s been faithful to you for years? Maybe a dog or a cat or even something more
exotic who’s face you have no qualms snuggling up to? Well, keep them in mind as we sink our teeth
into our latest Archive and count down these top ten pets that ate their owners. Before Fido takes a big chunk out of you,
why not subscribe and click the bell to be notified of our next pet-lovers video! After watching this, if you feel your life
may be in danger, don’t hesitate to leave a comment about that family pet that may chew
your face off! 10. The Monsters of the Nile
After failing to appear for work, concerned family of Ronald Huff sent police to check
on him in his Newark, Delaware apartment. Authorities found it wasn’t a case of Huff
playing hooky when they discovered the body of the 42-year-old serving as a food source
for his seven Nile monitors. Of the seven exotic lizards, one measured
upwards of 6’ (1.8 m) long. At the time of discovery, it was unknown if
Huff’s death had anything to do with his collection of potentially aggressive reptiles. 9. A Late Night Snack
In “News To Make Men Cry,” a small, white, adorable little pooch was euthanized in Trumann,
Arkansas – Oh, no, that’s not even the saddest part – as the dog was put down after
having eaten one of his owner’s testicles. The 39-year-old owner had been paralyzed from
the waist down and adopted the pooch to keep him company, but as he slept in the nude one
night, his new canine companion went straight for the family jewels. 8. Starvation Frenzy
If you plan on going on an extended vacation, maybe consider asking a neighbor to feed your
dogs. Had Andre Lumboga thought to have his dogs
fed in his absence, chances are he’d not have come home after two weeks away to a pack
of starving canines. After authorities were called by a concerned
neighbor, Lumboga and two other dogs were found to have been devoured by the ravenous
pack. The owner’s body had been found tattered
in front of his house while his skull was discovered in the kitchen, picked entirely
clean. 7. The Duxbury Tragedy
Though Cynthia Lee Gamble had plenty of experience with her 500-lb (226 kg) Bengal tiger, that
didn’t stop things from going horribly awry one day. Known in her hometown of Duxbury, Minnesota
as being a huge animal enthusiast, Gamble owned an 80-acre property stocked with all
manner of exotic wildlife, including the offending tiger. While working in the tiger’s cage, it’s
believed that a drop door that gave the feline access had been inadvertently left open, allowing
it to strike Gamble for a snack. 6. Survival of the Fittest
It was a sad story that started with the suicide of a 51-year-old unnamed man, but when police
showed up to the Papillion, Nebraska home, they were met with a gruesome sight. Living with the unstable or unhappy individual
were two pugs, Harry and Sally. After their owner’s suicide, the pups were
forced to turn to the only food source available – his body. For two weeks, Harry and Sally feasted on
their owner until police were called when a neighbor suspected something had happened
to the owner. 5. Feasting in Valencia
After the death of his 72-year-old owner, a German Shepherd resorted to the only thing
available to him in order to avoid starvation. When neighbors complained of a foul smell
emanating from the Valencia, Spain apartment, authorities arrived on the scene and found
her half-eaten corpse and the dog with blood matted on its fur. Despite the canine’s taste for human flesh,
he remained calm even when strangers arrived and was moved to a local city animal shelter
to avoid having to be euthanized. 4. The Circle of Life
In 2004, Illinois resident Al Abell met the wrong end of the lion king’s personality
while cleaning the cage of his 379-lb Barbary lion named Simba. When Abell’s wife Kathie left to take care
of errands, he was given the task of cleaning out the lion’s cage – something he had
not done previously. In his inexperience, Abell had forgotten to
lock the cage behind him, allowing Simba the chance to escape. When Kathie returned home, she found the lion
roaming free and both her husband and dog missing. After authorities put down Simba, Al’s body
was found, cold and lifeless, with a gaping wound in his thigh. 3. The Felines of Janet Veal
Months prior to her discovery on April 4th, 2013, Ringwood, New Hampshire resident Janet
Veal collapsed in her home and died from a possible heart attack, leaving her amassed
collection of cats to fend for themselves. With no other food source available, the felines
turned to gnawing on their deceased owner. When police were called to the scene after
neighbors noticed mail piling up, they discovered several dead animals, including a dog, and
Veal’s body, which showed signs of having been eaten. 2. Hog Wild
How 70-year-old Terry Garner died in 2012 is still unknown after his body was discovered
on his pig farm in Oregon, but we have to hope he was long gone from natural causes
when his hogs grew hungry. When a family member of Garner visited the
farmer’s pen, they were met with what looked like a horrid crime scene. Body parts of the pig farmer were found strewn
about, leading authorities to believe that Garner’s hogs had devoured him. The local sheriff’s department speculated
that Garner either had a heart attack in the pen or was overwhelmed by the oversized swine. 1. Mark Voegel’s Exotic Collection
Pulled straight from a horror story is the tale of Mark Voegel, a man who lived with
an eclectic collection of exotic pets, some more unusual than others. Amongst them was a black widow named Bettina,
which had bitten Voegel one day, eventually killing him. In the days following his death, Voegel’s
collection of creepy crawlies, snakes, and lizards allegedly started feasting on his
body. Police were said to have found his body draped
over the sofa, spider webs spun all around him and all manner of many-legged creeps coming
out of his orifices. Thanks for watching! Ready to send your pets away now? Don’t worry, just keep them fed and feeling
loved, but don’t forget to lock the door behind you when cleaning up after them. And remember to subscribe to the channel,
and don’t hesitate to give it a like and leave a comment with the family pet that may
chew your face off!

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