Top 10 Quietest Dog Breeds

Hi, welcome to Animal Fa [barking] Animal
Fac … Hey hush, I’m trying to do a video in here. We love dogs, but there are times when constant
barking isn’t desirable. Say you live in an apartment or let’s face
it, barking can drive you insane. Let’s explore some quiet, cuddly companions. Let’s get started. But, before we start, take a moment to like
and subscribe for more fun, fauna facts. 10. Whippet Sometimes called the “poor man’s Greyhound”
the Whippet is an elegant couch potato, who happens to be able to run at speeds up to
35 miles per hour. He’s intelligent, and rarely barks, as he
rarely feels the need to expend the energy. His lack of barkiness and overall laziness
make the Whippet an excellent breed for apartment dwellers. If you like this video, check out how to support
us down in the description. 9. Saluki Like the Whippet, the Saluki is a sighthound. The Saluki is a social dog that doesn’t
look for reasons to bark. Sometimes called the Persian Greyhound, he’s
quietly reserved with strangers. Indoors, the Saluki will make himself at home
on your soft sofa or bed. He likes his comforts and needs cushioning
for his somewhat bony body. Outdoors, well, he’s not to be trusted off-leash. He has a strong drive to chase other critters
and at speeds at up to 43mph, your chances of catching him are slim. 8. Saint Bernard Say ya wanna big dog that feels very little
need to bark. The cuddly Saint Bernard might be the social
and affectionate dog for you. He may bark at strangers if not socialized
as a puppy, but generally, he grows to love everyone he meets. He doesn’t bark much, but you’ll know
when he does. 7. Newfoundland The Newfoundland is another giant breed that
is known for his calm, collected temperament and for not barking without reason. The Newfoundland is a large, strong dog breed
from — wait for it — Newfoundland, an island off the east coast of Canada, where
he was originally bred to pull fishing nets for fishermen and to pull carts. Sweet-natured and responsive, he makes a wonderful
family companion. If you’re looking for a friendly dog that
can still act as a deterrent due to his massive size, the Newfoundland may be for you. 6. Italian Greyhound Yet another sighthound on our list. I think we might have a trend here. The smallest of the sighthounds, the Italian
Greyhound is a nice smaller breed that is not known to be a nuisance barker. In fact, Italian Greyhounds are somewhat easily
stressed and prefer a quiet household themselves. Probably not the right dog for my home for
his sake. Despite his mild nature, he has a surprisingly
deep, big-dog bark, making him a good watchdog. Although he lacks the size to back up his
barks. 5. Collie The beautiful Collie is very rarely a nuisance
barker. In fact, even Lassie only barked when she
really had something important to say. “What’s that girl, Timmy fell down the
well? I get back with ya on that.” The Collie is a sensitive and intelligent
dog, known for his undying loyalty and amazing ability to foresee his owner’s needs. He is a great family companion and is still
a capable herding dog and quite the actor if ya ask me. 4. Chinese Shar-Pei The wrinkly Chinese Shar-Pei is generally
lazy, although he was originally bred as a guard dog in ancient China. He rarely barks without purpose. If he feels worried or threatened, he’ll
let you know. Otherwise, it’s just not worth the effort. He’s calm enough that he can live in an
apartment. He’s not overly affectionate and sometimes
aloof. 3. Borzoi Ahh, another sighthound. The large Russian Borzoi is a relatively ancient
breed of dog. Fortunately for those looking for a quiet
dog, the Borzoi is relatively complacent around the home. He can’t be trusted for the duty of barking
at strangers, so you should probably look elsewhere for a guard dog. He also tends to be nervous around children
and will chase anything that moves. So he might not be the right breed for those
with small children and small pets. 2. Bernese Mountain Dog A giant breed, the Bernese Mountain Dog is
a mostly silent dog. He’s quite docile. He loves to meet new people and spend his
time as a social butterfly. But, his not so small size is often a deterrent
for strangers. We publish every Monday and Friday. So, hit that notification icon to not miss
a single fact. 1. Basenji Guess there is no better dog to finish this
list than a dog that doesn’t bark at all. The Basenji is actually known for his inability
to bark. That’s right. He doesn’t bark at all. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t make any
noise – he yodels. Yup. But, he only yodels when there is a good reason. All that sounds attractive, but research the
Basenji before acquiring one or you may be disappointed or frustrated when you aren’t
prepared for the Basenji’s unique temperament and personality. He’s intelligent, but stubborn – very
stubborn and he is not a dog that can be described as “aims to please”. The Basenji is also a notorious escape artist. He is not a dog for anyone less than a highly
experienced dog owner. All this said, most dog breeds can be trained
not to nuisance bark. Most dogs that bark for no reason do it out
of boredom. Hey there guys, thanks for checking out the
video. If you’ve made it this far, make sure to
give me a high five in the comments section and hey, why not a thumbs up too. If you’d like a shout out in future videos,
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46 Responses

  1. Animal Facts says:

    A no shock anti-barking collar:

  2. Lily Seven says:

    Dogs can be taught not to bark a lot, especially when they are young.

  3. Grandma P says:

    My Great Danes are lazy and only bark when a stranger comes up.

  4. Janus Loggins says:

    You might not believe it, but my Chihuahua seldom barks.

  5. Nana efua Neffie says:

    what about a Maltese

  6. Tg Green says:

    Can you do a video about raccoons pls

  7. Tg Green says:

    Btw good video I enjoyed it

  8. Joyce Hindelang says:

    What about the Japanese Anita? And there is another Japanese dog that does not bark but I cannot remember the breeds name?

  9. PugSaysMeow says:

    Lol, I love of how the first video of that Whippet shows it barking.

  10. Candice W. says:

    my neighbor's puppy yorkie barks a lot….

  11. Candice W. says:

    my puppy seldom barks…she is so cute!!!

  12. King 101 says:

    The first 1 barked in the video

  13. Tg Green says:

    Wow great video. Is it illegal to own a pitbull because I love them and I just want to know.

  14. Mariah Davies says:

    Pitties should be on this list! I've had a few and almost never hear em bark.

  15. ImaNerdANDaGeek says:

    For once this is a list that I am not disappointed my dogs aren't on, because I know they are yappy little loudmouths.

  16. Jim Greene says:

    Very strange that you included the whippet, Italian greyhound, and salukie, but did not include the standard greyhound, which is just as unlikely to bark, and even more mellow. Contrary to popular misconception, they don't need to run to be happy. For most, as daily walk is just fine. And remember, retired greyhounds need a home after their racing careers are over.

  17. Kmyong Q says:

    My French bulldog only barks when there's a person rings a door bell.

  18. Wanda Morales says:

    Lol 😂🤣. My one year old is a mix of bichon frisee and maltese, he will never make this list 🐶🐶🐶🐶

  19. Al Vela says:

    You are missing the Siberian Husky. I have beautiful Sibei that rarely barks. He howls from time to time, but is quiet.

  20. Michael Anderson says:

    big dogs don't bark small dogs don't shut up

  21. Jenna Hilton says:

    Yay the collie made it! I want to adopt one but I just can’t do it right now.

  22. alien_invation :3 says:

    Standard poodles are also quiet only bark when someones at the door

  23. Bluzette says:

    Why are there few if none small size? Can’t training help barking or no? Thanks!

  24. APG 1219 says:

    Bullmastiffs were bred NOT to bark.

  25. Riko Aida says:

    Why are pugs not in this list?

  26. TechnologyKid says:

    How about a caviliar King Charles spaniel?

  27. Maria Alexiou says:

    you forgot the French Bulldog.

  28. Bea Salt says:

    Borzois are very quiet, I get a shock when ours barks every once in a while, she doesn't bark at strangers, only if something outside is really freaking her out. We have ducks and cats that she won't chase so it depends on how you raise them. But… Borzoi is pronounced Borz-oi, as if you are saying oi to someone to get their attention, there's nothing French sounding about the pronunciation 😂

  29. Aviendha says:

    A lot of people seem to think bigger dog breeds dont bark. Apparently nobody's ever seen a German Shepard, or a lab… some of the worst barkers.

  30. Aviendha says:

    You've got two really hard to find sight hounds on this list (that look identical) but not one of the most well known quiet pups?? Wheres the blue or red heeler. They're really quiet dogs. If they need you theyll cry for hours before giving in and barking.

  31. Shadow Wolf says:

    Great video do you plan to do a Cocker Spaniel fact video in the future keep up the great work with your videos

  32. junito1957 says:


  33. sara nunyah says:

    I have a goldendoodle that refuses to bark. Ive only heard him bark about 5 times in his life!!

  34. Signe Weilander says:

    My neighbor has 5 saint bernard, barking as soon wind is blowing.

  35. Michelle Anne says:

    Why no Greyhounds?

  36. Bill Kotch says:

    Love the Basenji!

  37. Silver Chopsticks says:

    My two rotties are the quietest dogs I've ever owned. You have to call them to find them on my 1 acre, chain linked lot. They have access to 2 rooms in the house so you never know if they're in or out. I've owned 5 of them in the past and all were the same. When people come to the gate they walk up slowly and sit watching intently with no sounds. If a stranger is stupid enough to try to breach the gate, there is a sudden burst of activity that only a fool would continue. When they play with toys outside they might bark once or twice. Their happy play sound is awfully intimidating. It sounds like they are tearing each other up when they just are fooling around. They didn't even bark much as puppies, that I can recall. But they have their low growl down to perfection. Want a quiet dog who's infrequent barks really matter?

  38. GrnXnham says:

    There are, of course, lots of exceptions. The Saint Bernard living next to us barks it's head off every time I'm in our back yard. My labrador, on the other hand, refuses to bark.

  39. Roberta Lee says:

    Basenji's don't bark.

  40. Roberta Lee says:

    Are you kidding, collies bark their heads off. Basenji's don't bark, but don't really make good pets as they are a hunting dog. They they can climb trees. You just can't keep them in.

  41. Julia Kovalenko says:

    Why are you pronouncing Borzoi so weird? That's not how russians say it, you make it sound french.

  42. CottonCandyBoi says:

    What about Japanese chin? I have one and he barely barks a peep!

  43. peachees says:

    U ask for subscribers 4 times in the video … that doesn't work and is annoying. Please stop it. If u make good videos, ppl will subscribe. If u beg beg beg, it just turns ppl off. You beg too much. Ever hear the law of attraction, if u beg too much, it pushes ppl away. Just stop. 4 separate times in 1 video is shameless. 1 time is annoying enough, 4 is a definitely no.

  44. Kodi Coulter says:

    I agree my 8 year old Rough Collie hardly ever barks, only when someone knocks on the door, and once the door opens she’s fine, she has never met a stranger dog,cat, human.
    Wonderful dogs, not for you if your looking for a guard dog though

  45. Katie Rosa says:

    So, sight hound breeds, mastiff breeds and the collie? Honestly, I'm a little surprised Collies don't bark much seeing as they're herding dogs, but the others make sense. Low energy tends to equal low barking.

  46. hj r says:

    YOU FORGOT STANDARD GREYHOUNDS !!! my greyhound barely barks, she only barks when she's wants to play or go to the toilet

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